This is a true story. It happened over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully it will be a continuing story.

So I’ve mentioned my wife Donna in another thread that was titled Sharing Your Wife’s Feet (or something like that) (and I’ve also uploaded some pics of her in the nothing but feet section) and how it turns me on beyond belief to know that other guys are getting off because of her feet. And that a couple of years ago she actually had a “foot” affair with a guy she worked with. That affair was such a turn on for both of us (although I’m sure it was even more so for her coworker).

Well he was dismissed from the company shortly after it started (for reasons unrelated) and was forced to move away to get a new job, so she hasn’t seen him since. She hasn’t said this, but I just know that she really misses him and the experiences they shared together, and I’ve been hoping that we could find a new guy for her to play her “cheating feet” fantasy. Of course not just any guy will do. Donna would have to like him, a lot! And of course I’d have to feel good about him. He’d have to be someone who I felt reasonably sure would be in this for her feet only. Well I think I’ve found one.

The company my wife works for recently brought on 3 college students as interns. Two are girls and the third is a young man named Jim. The three of them work directly for my wife so they spend a lot of time together during the day. A couple weeks after they started, Donna thought it would be nice to invite them over for dinner one night. After dinner we all went to the living room to just hang out and chat. Donna who was wearing a skirt, suntan hose and a pair of black flats sat in a chair with her legs crossed and like she usually does, constantly dangled her shoe.

Well it wasn’t long before I began to notice Jim taking occasional glances at the little foot show my wife was putting on. I thought to myself ah, he’s a foot guy. Then I started painting a mental image of what I thought of this kid. From what I had seen, he was very quiet, almost to the point of being shy. And even though he was a very nice looking young man, there was something about him that made me believe he was probably still a virgin. It wasn’t long before erotic thoughts filled my mind. I started imagining this kid all alone with my beautiful wife and her amazing feet.

And my wife, letting this kid 12 years younger than her do whatever he wanted with them. The sweet smell filling his head, her toes in his mouth. The image I was painting was really starting to turn me on, especially as I noticed that he was glancing more often at the shoe dangling from my wife’s foot. Then I started to wonder if she put him through this every day at work, unconsciously playing with her shoes, not knowing how it turned him on. I really liked this situation. From what I could see, I could picture myself letting this kid have my wife’s feet.

What I really wanted now was to give him the chance to experience the beautiful smell of her feet. If looking at them turned him on, then her wonderful scent would drive him crazy. I’ve done this before when other male friends have been at our house, I’ll put a pair of her worn shoes in the guest bathroom and position them in a way where if someone were to pick them up, it would be highly improbable they would put them back the exact same way. It’s always fun to find out which of our friends have smelled her shoes. Now I couldn’t be sure that he’d even need to use the bathroom, but just in case he did, a pair of her shoes would be there for him. So I got up and went to our bedroom to find a pair. One pair of low heeled shoes that she had worn a couple days before had a very light scent, none had a stronger scent. But even so, the smell was so sexy, he would enjoy these.

The next half hour or so was so frustrating. All I wanted was to hear those magic words “mind if I use the bathroom?” After a while one of the girls asked to use it. Although I really didn’t expect that she would touch Donna’s shoes, I went in after just to make sure she didn’t accidently kick them out of position. It was killing me. I kept thinking to myself, go use the damn bathroom, you won’t be sorry. You may never have this chance again. All the while he was still glancing at my wife’s foot slip in and out of her shoe. Finally the words I had been waiting for.

My wife pointed him toward the hallway and told him second door on the left. Little did she realize she just sent him off to be alone with her shoes. It was driving me crazy, wondering first, would he actually want to smell them, and if so, how much would he enjoy them. Shortly after he returned, I excused myself and went to the bathroom, all the while praying that I would find the shoes had been moved. Sure enough, it was obvious, they weren’t even close to being in the position I had left them in. AND, the insoles of both shoes were slightly damp with what could only have been his saliva. So now he not only knew what my wife’s feet smelled like, but he also knew what they tasted like. I could only imagine what her dangling would do to him now.

After they all left and Donna and I were alone, I asked her what she thought of Jim. She, just as I had earlier, thought he was a very nice but very shy young man. She went on to say that she liked him very much. I said, that’s good because I think he really likes you too. She asked what I meant and I told her about him staring at her feet as she dangled her shoe. Then I brought her to the bathroom. I showed her the shoes I put there for him. Then the reaction I hadn’t quite expected, she said she couldn’t believe I’d do that and she walked away. She gave me the silent treatment for about an hour as we watched a movie. But all the time I had a strange feeling her mind was on something other than the movie.

Probably just thinking about how mad she was with me. Then, she leaned over, put her head on my shoulder and softly said “I’ll bet he couldn’t care less that my shoes were in the bathroom.” Hmmmmmm, she was thinking about it. Damn, she’d been thinking about it this whole time. I had to keep it going. I said, well that’s possible he didn’t care, but how would you explain the fact that the shoes were obviously moved? She said “they were?” Yep I said, and I’m willing to bet the reason they were moved was because he picked them up to smell them. She was quiet for a bit and then said “well even if he did, it doesn’t prove he enjoyed it”. I just said “honey, if he didn’t enjoy the smell, he wouldn’t have run his tongue all over the insoles hoping for a taste”. She didn’t say anything. I said it’s quite obvious he’s a foot guy and it appears that he is at least “interested” in her feet. Again she didn’t say anything but I could tell she was thinking about it.

The next day she got ready for work and I wasn’t surprised at all that she wore the shoes that Jim had enjoyed the night before. I said, you know that seeing you wear them, seeing your beautiful feet in them is going to drive him crazy. He’ll be thinking about the smell, wanting to smell them again, at the end of the day right after you take them off. I could tell that this was turning her on. Then I went for it. I said “Honey, this kid would probably give anything to smell, taste and completely worship your feet. And I can tell, you would love to let him. Am I right?”

She just closed her eyes and nodded her head. Whew, she really wanted this kid. She wanted to rock his world. This was going to take some planning, and will probably take some time to arrange the perfect setting. I told her “you know, in the mean time I would still love to know he’s enjoying your feet. You hadn’t worn those shoes for a couple of days before he had them. What if we give him more time with them? What if he could have them all to himself for hours, not just minutes? What if he could have them right after you’ve worn them all day, or all WEEK?” I said “can you imagine how much he would lust for your feet after that?” She had no clue but I had already thought of an innocent way to let him have her shoes.

Donna’s car was due for some maintenance at the dealer, and I made an appointment for the next Friday. That whole week she wore the same shoes. Oh God, by Friday they smelled incredible. On Friday, she wore sneakers to work, bringing the shoes in a plastic bag, and changing into them once she got there. I followed her to the car dealer and gave her a ride to work from there. She asked Jim for a ride to the dealer after work. At the end of the day, with Jim sitting at her desk waiting to give her a ride, she reached into her drawer taking her sneakers out and putting the plastic bag for her shoes on her desk. She then took her shoes off and put them on the desk right in front of Jim. She would later admit to me that the simple act of putting her shoes on the desk right next to him gave her goose bumps.

She put on her sneakers, put her shoes in the bag and closed it tightly. When they got to the car dealer she asked Jim if he wouldn’t mind waiting until she knew her car was ready. She got out of his car and walked into the garage, leaving the bag containing her shoes on the passenger floor. A minute later she poked her head from the garage and waved to him that he could leave, all the time PRAYING that he wouldn’t be stupid enough to tell her she forgot the bag. He didn’t. When Donna got home it, the thought hit me, what if he doesn’t realize she “forgot” the bag. So I had her call him.

She told him she thought she may have left a bag in his car, and if so not to worry, he could just bring it to work on Monday. You can’t imagine how excited we both were knowing that this kid had those sexy little shoes all to himself for the entire weekend. We spent the weekend pleasuring each other, imagining how much her shoes were pleasuring him. Donna says that on Monday when he gave her the bag, she actually felt bad that she was taking it from him. But I assured her that it was only the beginning.


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