I dated a pretty blonde girl named Michelle for about 6 months and decided to let her move into my studio apt. She was 19 and I was 22 at the time. She started a job at McDonald’s and bought a cheap pair of payless work shoes. They worked her long hours and she always wore the same black flats with or without nylons depending on the day.

It didn’t take long before those shoes became cheesy and rank. She didn’t care about how her feet smelled and wore them everyday to work for as long as we were together. She didn’t like my foot fetish at first because we had just got together and she was self consciious and knew her feet always stunk. I took it slow and would massage her feet when she got home from work until she relaxed.

She would often comment things like “my feet are so sweaty or Peww I can’t stand that smell”.I told her after a few massages that I am turned on by her feet smell and I love her feet. Her feet were size 7’s and her toes were slender and usually painted metallic purple and other colors at the same time. She would ask me if they looked like Skittles and I said yeah they do but I bet they don’t taste like them! As time went on she was very comfortable with my fetish and would get home from 10 or 12 hour shifts and have me massage and lick her nasty feet clean.

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She was cool too because she would say I didn’t bring you any food home but you can eat what’s beween my toes. When she wore nylons they always stuck to the bottom of her feet and were soaking wet of sweat and vinegar. She would sit on our recliner and extend it out for me to service her feet. She always had me pull off her flats and sniff them before I could get to her feet. My favorite times were in the summer months when she wore her flats barefooted inside. She would sit at the kitchen table and I would lay under her chair exposing only my face and she would pry those putrid flats off her feet using my head. She would immediately wipe her slimey and gross soles on my face and spread her long toes and tell me to sniff. She would be reading a magazine or smoking a cigarette and tell me to clean her nasty fucking feet.

If I wasn’t licking good enough she would slap me with her feet and say lick better and clean between my toes. This went on for a few months until we grew apart and she stated she wanted to go back to her hometown and move back with her mom. I helped her pack her things and her mom came over to pick them up. Her mom was 49 with med blonde hair about 5ft6 and 150 pounds. She wasn’t pretty but definitely not ugly.We worked all day packing and loading Michelle’s things in the U-haul. Her mom kept saying lets hurry up my feet are killing me and I want to get these shoes off. Her mom was wearing fake white keds without socks and Michelle was wearing old running shoes without socks.

It was getting dark and late so I invited them both to stay at the apt and have dinner and leave the next day. They agreed it was late and a hotel would be too expensive so they stayed over. Michelle and her mom sat on the couch and that’s when Michelle’s mom said Ryan do you mind if take off my shoes. I said jokingly only if they don’t smell. Michelle said her feet are way worse smelling than mine but don’t worry mom Ryan likes stinky feet. I got a little embarrassed but shrugged it off. Her mom said does he have a foot fetish or something? Michelle said oh yeah! She said Ryan rub my mom’s feet for her. Her mom said no mine are to grimey and stinky right now.

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Michelle laughed and said mom do you want to see something gross? She said Ryan lay down on the floor were going to give you a going away present. I called her bluff and took the kitchen chair and layed down on the rug with the chair straddling my body. Michelle sat down and took off her shoes and placed her feet on my face and told me to lick them. I was humiliated but did what she said. Her mom said oh my gosh and I know how bad your feet can be Michelle!I sniffed and licked them for 4or5 minutes and Michelle said so can he massage your feet now?

Her mom said sure he can rub them but do you mind if he licks my feet first cuz that looks like fun. Michelle stood up and her mom sat down and said I don’t think I can do this. Michelle told her mom to close her eyes and just enjoy how it feels. She said what the hell and took off her fake Keds and planted her incredibly rank and cheesy barefeet on my face. She pulled them off right away and said it tickled but put them right back and began to wipe my face like a welcome mat.

Her feet smelled very strong of corn chips and were rough on the heel area. It didn’t take long for the shyness to wear off because she was spreading her toes and telling me to lick em! There were little black pieces of build up and who knows what on her feet. She asked Michelle if I did this for her alot and Michelle said yes mom everyday after work. Her mom said this is very relaxing and I don’t even care anymore that my feet were stinky.

They talked to each other like I wasn’t even there. After about 15 minutes under her mom’s feet she got up and layed on the couch. She didn’t even say thank you. We all went to bed and in the morning nothing was mentioned of the feet episode and they drove back home. Michelle would call me from time to time and tell me stories about her stinky feet while I jacked off to our fun memories. I moved out of state and lost contact with Michelle but still think about her and her moms disgustingly cheesy feet.


AUTHOR: Ryan Mcgraw

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Special thanks to: stocktons fines

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