Buzzed and at a small party i sat on the couch smoking a camel cigaret. My feet hurt from wearing my tight airwalk sneakers all day and though i was now wearing black furry boots that had been so comfortable when i first put them on my feet were aching to be free. I casually looked around the room and noticed no one paying attention to me and so i quietly slid my shoes off and pulled my feet onto the couch beside me. immediatly i was horrified.

My once clean and white little ankle socks were now dark gray and looked as if i had been wearin them all week and sadly enough for me stuck at this party to say they smelled nearly as bad. I quickly tucked my feet under me but then remembered how they hurt and so taking a peek around i let them out again. First i rubbed the heel of my foot and then i trailed a finger up my sole and began to rub the pad of my foot. It felt so good. Then I spread my toes as wide as i could and wiggled them lettin them stretch out from being cramped in my shoes all day.

I rotated my ankle then grabbed my foot by my toes and i stretched back allowing the tendons in my foot to stretch and then relax. Still i wasnt satisfied and so i slowly hooked a finger behind the inside of my sock and pulled it off my heel. As a rubbed at it with my palm i felt as if dirt were rubbing into my skin too. I knew then how horrible my feet must really be. suddenly my boyfriend was whisperin in my ear “baby your turning me on so bad. stop it…You didnt notice me looking. anyone else could be looking too. I’m too drunk to drive with you but trust me if i wasnt i would scoop you up and devour you and those nasty socks of yours” i looked up at him innocently and then makin my feet look very delicate i slipped them back into my shoes.

“Baby lets just go upstairs. you can tell your friends im tired and iv had a long day and im gonna nap for awhile…ill give you a treat you’ve been begging for and no one will even know” meanwhile no one took enough notice of our quiet little conversation to notice my boyfriend had a quickly grown a bulge in his pants “babyyy” he whined to me. He was tryin not to bite his lip and so i leaned into a kiss and unnoticably bit it for him pulling gently on his lip ring. A move i know always sets his mind on fire…it was all i needed to convince him that we should escape together to a room upstairs. He quietly went to his friend and made up some excuse. His friend lookin worried glanced over at me and i made sure to look extra tired slowly twirlin a finger in my strawberry blonde hair and letting my eyes droop in a way that was more tired then hintin at the very sexual look i had brewing in my crystal blue eyes.

I put my cigaret out and watched his friend subtly pointed directions to my boyfriend the slave in him then came to lead me away. I played the perfect actress and stumbled and held onto his arm letting him support me. His friend luckily didnt know that i could probably outdrink him in my sleep (although i promise im nothing of an alcoholic) and so im sure he never had any suspicians…once in the room i sat on the bed and pointed to the floor. My boyfriend from experience knew this meant i wanted him to sit on his knees before me. Once he did i stuck out one foot at a time and said “darling will you please pull my shoes off” he still hadnt caught a glimps of the look in my eyes either. But he complied to my request. Bad as he wanted to touch my feet he knew better and so he waited for my command.

“Baby can you rub them for me? ” i dont think he realized the game i was playing with him at the time. He began to rub them and though he could absolutly smell them from where he was he was being a greedy boy and pressed them to his nose. I spread my toes over his nose and scrunched them and with the other foot i pushed his face. When he still continued i pushed it harder slapping him with my foot. he looked at me “did i tell you you could smell them bitch?” i smacked him more with them. For the first time that night he caught the sadistic glimmer in my eyes…his eyes lit up with hunger and excitement “no mistress” he replied “im sorry mistress” i smirked at him and said “you will be. put your hands behind your back.” he did as i said “now you are not allowed to use them. The next time you act on your own will you will be punished more harshly.

Now i want you to take my socks off” i was excited at the difficulty he was having with this simple punishment. He tried to use his teeth and start at my heels but he couldnt pull the fabric down enough to get it over. So he started again at my toes. When his teeth scraped my toes i pushed him in the chest with my foot “be careful slave” i scolded “sorry” he said quietly. “Sorry what?” i asked “im sorry my mistress please forgive me” he mumbled with a mouth full of sock. Finally he managed to get my sock off enough so that he could slide his tongue under it and more easily slide it off my foot. At the first salty taste of my skin he let out a moan. i could see his hard on clearly through his jeans. I commanded him to stand up and told him to take off his jeans. he looked behind him to the door “but babe”…”excuse me?” i said. he fumbled “but mistress”. “are you defying your mistress?” i asked with a sick humor in my voice. His eyes narrowed and sparkeled for a moment “no mistress. Your wish is my command” i smiled at him “and you follow my every command like a good bitch does right?” he nodded unzipped his jeans and stepped out of them. At the sight of his huge throbbing cock i think my mouth litterly watered and an electric tingle shot through me to my core. He noticed.

“Would you like a taste mistress?” that snapped of out of my daze. “you spoke out of turn?” i tried to sound angry but his hard penis dangleing in front of me like a sweet dessert was hard to ignore. He laughed feeling a bit more cocky and lightly started playing with it. i stood up and walked to him grabbed his penis and smacked him in the face commandment back in my eyes “you didnt ask to touch yourself. And you spoke out of turn” he had trouble wiping the smile off his face. He loves danger and  knews i could be the most dangerous thing to him.

“My bad, my mistress. will you punish me now?” his attitude was making me angry and that only constitued of getting him hornier. I get a sparkel in my eyes tend to scrunch my nose up and a pout/grin when im mad which he thinks is both adorable and sexy. I laughed a deep throaty laugh. Another sign of my frustration and felt his response through my hand. I cast my eyes down and gave him a sly grin changing tatics and slightly squeezed on his penis then slowly began to move my hand back and forth going from base to tip. Stopping at the tip and gently running my nail across it. His breathing got shaky and his hand moved to the back of my neck.

“You like that. huh bitch”…”oh god yes mistress. You have the softest hands. You know just what to do” his eye lids were Beginning to flutter. “Good im glad you like it bitch” i said and i spat in his face. “You like that too?” i said with more force. He blinked his eyes and humiliated he licked his lips “yes mistress” i smacked him in the face and pushed him to the bed. His penis throbbed with every act of abuse i did to him. His hands went to go around it and i let him fondle him self as i slowly stripped to a cute black thong and bra that matched my nails. I watched his eyes go over every curve on my tone hourglass shaped body. I stood on the bed and pushed him down with one foot on his chest. Standing above him i let a small mouthful of spit drizzle down onto his face and rubbed it in with my foot “now doesnt that feel nice you worthless whore?” he moaned im response and tried to turn his head away. I smacked him with my foot and pressed my toes over his nose.

“Smell that bitch…for being such a defiant slave tonight your going to clean my feet. with your tongue.” His slowly stretched his tongue out and as i rubbed my foot on his face his breathing got harder and faster. I nudge his hand away from his penis with my foot “thats enough of that for now” his hands flew up to grab my foot and suddenly thinking he managed to utter “may i mistress. may i please touch them” i smiled and told him yes. His hands quickly ran over their elegant curves and his mouth opened. He pulled my first toe into his mouth and sucked on it. I giggled because it tickeled and then he went one by one and sucked on each toe eagerly licking even between them. I sat on the bed and gave him both feet at once “how do they smell baby?” i asked him “they smell wonderful. So strong” then I asked how they tasted.

Mouth full he said “amazing. they taste so amazing mistress. i love your feet. I could worship them every day.” I smiled and pulled them away from him and put them around his penis. First just batting it back and forth lightly and then jacking him off. Slowly at first and then faster. He started to moan and i stopped and replaced my feet with my mouth (lucky for me he had cleaned them well enough that i didnt really have to taste my own sweaty feet)… I wont give you many details on how i blew him. Only because i do it in a very special and amazing way. Its reserved for his knowing only lol… But he moaned greater and thrust his hips towards my head with the beat of my bobbing head. Then i had my feet in his face at the same time. I could both hear and feet him coming closer to climax but i didnt want him to cum yet and so i slowed down a bit and then replaced my mouth with my hand again and brought my face up to his.

“Hows that feel little bitch” i panted “so good mistress. God i love you baby. That feels so fucking good.” I smiled and kissed him somemore playing with his lip ring with my teeth. “Where do you wanna cum tonight baby?” i whispered in his ear.

“Any where you want”. “how hard are you gonna cum for your mistress” i began to kiss his ear gently. Nibbling on the lobe and flicking my tongue in and out. “So hard” he was moaning so much he could barely talk now. “What else do i get for letting you cum?” I asked him…trick question. He normally knows whatevr i want when i ask this but i can use it for practically anything. “Anything. anything you want” he was begging for me to let him cum “ill hold you to that like a good bitch” i kissed his neck nipping at his hotspot along his collarbone and then pressed both my feet against his face.

His mouth was open but he was too far gone to do much else besides stiffle his moans with my feet. I slowly circled his head with my tongue and then gradually took more and more of him in until i had the whole length of his penis in my mouth. I used the right combination of pressure and speed and in seconds with his hips thrusting hard he was cumming in my mouth. And like always i swallowed every drop of my sweet and salty delicious treat. Now he was exhausted and i was fully awake and alert. But i put my face near him and happily accepted the kiss i knew was coming and snuggled up next to him. His arms wraping around me. Pulled the blankets over us and closed our eyes…and then i started laughing 🙂 he looked at me like i was crazy and i just simply said “i told you i would give you what you were begging for” he smiled called me crazy and kissed me and then we took a well needed nap.


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