I’ve had a foot fetish since I can remember.. specially for strong, smelly feet. I love feet straight out from flats or any kind of shoe used without socks. Thanks to God, my personality helped me through this because im the kind of guy that doesn’t care too much about what other thinks, so I have no problem on recognizing my foot fetish to my friends and ppl I know.. This has given me some embarrasing moments of course but also many great moments.

Anyway, this story happened when I was 19 y.o. A girfriend of mine, had invited some other friends to come to her house to stay there on holidays. They were staying in an apartment close to the beach and my friend would usually call me to hang around by nights, drink something in the apartment and then go partying. One of those nights, i finally managed to go to bed with one of the girls, named Noelia. She was really hot, or at least hot enough for me lol.. She was spanish, about 1,70′ , green eyes, curly long brown hair, and one of those smiles that shows any single tooth in mouth. I noticed since I first saw her that she had some pretty long legs and big feet with long pointing toes. That day she was wearing a green tight costume, with a black cardigan over it and some black flats.

The night went by and the rum with coke made its effect. She was completely drunk (I was too, but i guess i didn’t made it so obvious). The day before I had told her about my fetish trying to get luck, but she didn’t care about it.. she just said “oh, that’s fine..”. So after coming back from the disco we went to her apartment and we sat on the coach, she took off her flats and put her feet on my lap. I’ve been lucky enough to taste some real nasty feet, but man, those were in the top 3.. she had some very white skinned feet, one of that kind that do not see the light too much.

She had very long and thin toes, turquoise polished nails and the most amazing of all it: her soles. They were not pink or red, they were completely orange, that color that you don’t even need to smell to know that they reek! The brightness on the bottom of her toes made it obvious that she had sweated a lot that night (later she told me that she had been wearing them since 8 p.m. aprox, and I was sitting with her about 5 a.m. so you can imagine..). She also had the mark of the flats, as if they had been making some big pressure over her feet all night long and a thing that I find very exciting too, her veins running through her instep. They were some hot as hell feet actually.


“I guess now you are not so fetishist uh? haha” she laughed. She took her right foot and smelled her sole “Uugh.. this stinks; what do you do when you like a girl’s feet but they stink so much?” she asked “I don’t care about the smell, actually it is part of the fetish I guess, the more it stinks the more it turns me on” “Are you sure? I think you wouldn’t handle mine” she said with a mean look in her eyes “Ok” I said “Let’s do something, I will smell your feet as long as you want, and if I resist you will let me do whatever I want” She loked at me doubtfully..

“Ok!” she said finally smiling “Let’s see if you are so tough as you say” I layed on the floor and I saw her putting her left foot inside her ballerina and smother it strongly against the insole of her shoe, like when you are trying to put out a cigarrette on the floor. “What’s that for?” I asked “If you say you can handle everything I want to ensure that they stink as much as possible of course. This flats are the ones I use for everyday, I wear them to go to university most of the days and you know, they stink so bad! See, I’ll show you” She shoved almost in my face the right flat. Damn.

The inside of the shoe plant was of one of those cheap materials that only had those shoes sold in seedy shops.. It was painted as if it was leopard skin (of course it was not) and I had to intuit it, because it had the part of the heel and the ball of the feet completely grey, there were no colors in there anymore. If you looked inside you could see the grey mark of any single toe perfectly diferentiated one from another. Yes, they were used frequently. The scent hit my nose instantly. I think my face must have expressed it all because she said smiling and looking to my eyes “oh, I think someone is going to suffer a bit more than expected..”

She took a chair and put it over me so I couldn’t escape (I would had never escape anyway). She sat on the chair laughing with that drunken laughter putting her hand in her mouth trying not to laugh, as if she was shy or something. “Wait” I said “How much time do I have to be here above?” “Mmm.. I don’t know.. what about 10 or 15 minutes?” she said between laughts “Sure.. ” I said as if I had no other choice. “Ok, then enjoy it!” she said with the bigger smile I had ever seen her. She slipped her left foot out of the flat and shoved it some centimetres over my face. The stinky, reeky, moisty smell hit my nose instantly. It was even stronger than before. The flat had made it effect.

To be honest I almost passed out and I DO like stinky feet. She spread her toes two or three times, what made the scent come to my face. I could see her smile through his toes every time she spread them. “Are you ready? One.. twooo.. and.. ” She pressed the part between her toes exactly in my nose “Three! hahahaha” I closed my eyes and inhaled as deep as I could but trying to make it not too much obvious. The scent went through my nose to my head and almost blocked any movement. Suddenly I couldn’t think of anymore. There I was, smelling the feet of a girl that had been dancing all night long with her old ballerina flats on, that before that had been having dinner with her friends and that even before had been walking through the city. And all that without taking off her shoes. You can imagine my erection. The feeling when that hot and wet foot pressed softly my nose is almost indescribable.


She smothered her foot all over my face, trying to dry her sweat. Whenever she put her foot away for a second to let me breath I could see the black little spots on her sole, that was it: sand. I don’t know if you have ever smelled the mix of sweat and rests of sand, but it makes it stronger a thousend times. I tried to resist “damn, this stinks!!” she only laughed louder.. “I told you tough boy, you didn’t know what you were facing. My sister always tells me that my feet stink, she never lets me wear her shoes! But come on, you like girl’s feet scent, don’t you? you must be in paradise right now hahahaha” She continued cleaning her foot on my face during like 10 minutes, looking at me and smiling.

Suddenly she put her foot away and told me to sit on the floor with my back to the wall. She put the chair in front of me and slipped her other flat and put it over my nose. “Is it worst than my foot?” I smelled deeply. It wasn’t worst, but it was stronger. The mix of the sweat with the cheap material made a very strong odor. The kind that fills a room in seconds. “I couln’t say..” “Lick the inside” she said. “What? that was not the deal” “Come on, don’t act as if you didn’t like it” she laughed again. So I took her flat, looked inside it and took my tongue out. I licked all the heel first. They tasted salty and strong. I had the feeling that I was sweeping all the sweat left in the shoe. “That’s not the interesting part! Lick the part of the toes!” So I inserted the tongue in the part were her toes had been sweating for almost 10 hours with no rest.

That part was already wet. The taste was still stronger than in the heel and the scent was hitting me so strongly that I couldn’t think in any other thing but on her feet. “Ok, that’s enough” By that time I was already satisfied and I was thinking only in fucking her so I could finally release that hardness. She took my hand and told me “Come on”. She took me to her bedroom and she started kissing me frenetically and to rub my hard cock. I corresponded her and started kissing her neck, then down to her breast, throug her stomach and then finally to her pussy. I took off her black tanga pantie and started kissing and licking her pussy. She started grabbing my hair with one hand and her breasts with the other.

“Stop, stop..” she said. “What? Why?” I asked “Lay on upside down on the bed, hurry” I did as she commanded. She sat on my back and extended her legs with her feet close to my face. They still stinked of course. My cock was hurting because I had a strong hardness and she was sitting over me, pressing my cock against the bed. She grabbed my hair, put her feet under my face with her orange soles looking to my face and pushed my head against her soles, smothering my face against them as she wanted. “You know what? I like your fetish, it turns me on having a guy smothered with my stinky feet” I said nothing. In fact I couldn’t, I had her heel in my mouth.


“Lick them” she commanded. “Lick them until I said its ok” I sticked my tongue out and started licking her orange soft feet. They tasted as bad as they smelled but it was heaven for me. I licked any single spot of sand, rest of the sole of the shoe or whatever she had between her toes. At this time she was already moaning in pleasure. I licked between every toe, licked her nails and under them, licked her instep and the arch of the feet. I finally had that salty taste on my mouth.

She finally grabbed my hair again, and dried her feet against my face and hair. When she was done she told me “Ok, you have done it, now what is what you want?” I wanted everything haha. I fingered and fucked her, licked her pussy, black-kissed her and of course I kept licking her feet while fucking. I guess she ended satisfied. And I did too. “Did you like it?” she asked. “Of course” I said. “Then tomorrow we could repeat” she said “That would be nice” She kissed me one last time, rested her head over my chest and told me “get prepared for tomorrow.. we are going to go shopping and I’ll be wearing the flats all day and all night. I only warn you.” And she fall asleep.


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Special thanks to: erjavix


  1. So I live with my gf and her mom and older sister so I always am being bad by stealing there work socks and shoes to sniff and lick as well lol

  2. I was getting a haircut by a heavy set woman with huge feet sweating away inside her blk worn out flats and sockless so I couldn’t stop staring at her feet till she caught me and asked if I was attracted to her feet or something. I said yes I was and she told me how smelly they get inside her work flats so if I wanted to she’d let me sniff her stinky feet and flats even lick em if I wanted so I thanked her so when she finished she sat next to me and removed her flat to give me to sniff which I did and loved it. Her bare foot was so dirty and stinky I asked if I could lick them clean for her so she said after work of course.

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