I hurt my back at work and went to the hospital and was admitted for a couple days. I had a 2 man room and was sharing it with some old man who was knocked out on heavy drugs. I had nothing better to do than watch TV or talk to the nurses when they made their rounds.

I flirted with the graveyard nurse who was a brunette about 5’8 inches tall and a plain looking face with a little make up. She was wearing normal looking nurses attire but had the oldest pair of brown clogs on her barefeet. I made small talk with her and then commented on her footwear. I asked are those shoes comfortable for being on your feet all night? She said yes they’re great except for the awful smell because I’ve had them for 3 years and I wear them to work everynight. I just about lost my load right there. She asked if I needed anything and then finished her rounds.

I could not sleep very well due to my back pain and was obsessing on her nasty feet. She returned to my room about 4:30 am to complete another round and I asked her if she was really busy right now. She said no things have slowed down and I am going to take a break pretty soon. I said, will you sit down in the chair and talk for a few minutes. She said,” sure lets talk”. I don’t know if my pain meds were kicking in or what but I got straight to the point and said I know this may seem weird but I would love to massage your feet right now. She said I don’t think you do because they are disgusting right now. I said I’ll bet they are and that is exactly why I want to touch them.

She made sure the divider curtain was closed and my roommate was sleeping. She shut the room door and lowered my bed closer to the floor and she sat in the chair by my bed . She pulled off her clogs and made that peww face about her own feet and said are you sure about this? I replied yes nurse I am ready for my medicine. She laughed and then put her very sweaty feet into my hands. I rubbed them and the smell got powerfully stong of cheese and vinegar. I was looking at the bottoms of her feet and moving around bits of grime and toe jam with my thumb.

Her feet were size 9’s and she had a very shapely foot with slender toes and black chipping polish. She was smiling and looked like she was melting in the chair. I said does this feel good? She just made a noise that she was loving it. I started to smell my fingers which were stinking of her feet and she saw me out of the corner of her eyes and said let me help you with that. She moved the chair closer to my bed and pressed her sweaty soles right in my face.

I sniffed her rancid feet for as long as I could before starting to lick her heels. I bit down on her heel lightly and started to nibble which released a popcorn style odor and was very salty. Her feet were clammy on my face but I loved it. I licked in between her toes getting out all the jam and build up of a long night on her feet. She said I can’t believe I let you do this and worse yet I can’t believe you wanted to. I told her I’ll never tell and thanked her for letting me have her feet.

She said it felt really good and put her clogs back on. I said will I see you tomorrow night? She said she was starting her weekend and wished me speedy recovery. I was released 1 day later and never saw her again. If you liked this post or have any comments please let me know.


AUTHOR: Ryan Mcgraw

This story is taken from:

Special thanks to: stocktons fines


  1. I had my wisdom teeth pulled and when the fat nurse asked what I needed it said I needed to smell her feet then lick her feet clean and that’s all I wanted so she said her feet reek bad but OK here u go inhale my huge sweaty stinky feet and worship them like a good patient

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