by ErosJer

I read with a smile the phrase in Will Ray’s note on photoswap, “two letters  to the editor in pamela’s pantyhose”.. My own true love and fiancee is named Pamela, and she wore pantyhose to work all the time when I first began dating her, last January (1990).. Soon after our first bonding and wonderful love making, I bought Pamela beautiful garter belts, a Merry Widow with garters and several pairs of finest sheer stockings (including silk ones from Italy).

When Pam and I went to a concert soon after, she said to me as we walked from the garage to the concert hall, “Jerry, I really love the feel of these stockings! They are so sensual – and I can feel them move a bit as I walk along. I wore stockings last in 1970, so I forgot all about how they feel. They do make me feel a little uncertain though, as I feel the wind come under my skirt and all the way up to the crotch of my panties – that is a strange (but not unfriendly) sensation!”

Because of her comment, I decided to buy her some knee-high stockings to see how Pamela would like them. She wore them under a long jeans skirt when we went over to visit her mother’s recently. As Pam sat comfortably opposite me I could see the tops of her knee-highs and their not lovely top elastics and some of her (lovely) legs showing too.. when I told her about this privately later, she turned beet red and said she’d probably only wear the kneehighs under slacks or jeans in the future – even thought I assured her that she looked charming and so desirable as I had viewed her.

Now I took the step which moved us inexorably to the most exciting permanent change I would have ever thought possible for Pamela and me: I looked very carefully through the entire hosiery section of an upscale department store and found some “thigh high sheer stockings”… I got these for her and Pam thanked me, saying she had not known this type existed. On our next date, after a great dinner and relaxed drive under moonlight, Pamela and I retired to my motel room where she sat on the edge of my waterbed. We just dropped back together, fully clothed onto the bed, and rocked in laughter and happiness. I hadn’t seen her for several weeks, so we just hugged and held each other for the longest time, enjoying every minute of our experience. Ater our soft as baby skin kisses produced yearning sighs  from Pamela’s throat, I began caressing her face, her hair and her neck.

She put her mouth up to my ear and breathed the warmest, wettest air in there, bringing me to an advanced state of love readiness seconds later! I softly rubbed her shoulders and caressed her down her sides, only barely making the gentlest contact with her sensitive, lovely breasts. Pamela was caressing my back eagerly and unbuttoning my shirt to insert her hand in to feel my chest and to tease my nipples to stiff readiness. As I continued to caress down her skirt, she responded with little urging mews and invitingly spread her legs slightly apart for me. I reached under the hem of her long skirt, and first felt her silky stockinged legs – then I was aware of not one but two layers of slip Pamela wore (she later told me that one slip was too short for the skirt but had a very pretty top to be seen under her transparent blouse, and the second slip had the right length.) This extra amount of  underwear was intriguing me strongly! I caressed gradually higher up Pam’s leg, felt the sexy top binding elastic and moved onto her super soft leg and thigh skin… so warm, so responsive to my touch! As I moved closer to my “heaven” I realized that there was no deterrant to the progress of my hand, even to the sensual globe of her buttock cheek!!!

What a great surprise for me – Pam wasn’t wearing any panties!! It blew my mind, and we advanced to one of the fullest episodes of wanton and abandoned loving we have ever had. We both came several times and felt totally united, as if this were the very first time our bodies had ever joined. The water bed was our friend, adding its own motion to encourage new angles, new directions, new delights to each of us. Later, after lovingly reviewing our happiness in light soft talking, I asked Pamela about the reason for not wearing any panties.. it had turned me on so very excitedly. She said that she learned by wearing garter belt, stockings and panties that she really loved the feel of the wind under her skirt, climbing all the way to her crotch – but not quite getting TO her. So, she told me, that she experimented one day wearing the thigh-high stockings and no panties
to her office… she said, “It was so terrific.. I came in the car, just from the motion on the car’s seat and vibration of traffic. Then, at the office, I could feel (really FEEL) the seat of my chair. And I felt wickedly erotic as I stood talking with men who work with me, knowing that under my skirt there was no impediment to their seeing my pussy were I to lean down to the bottom
drawer of a filing cabinet to extract something!

Now, I have not had a urinary infection for weeks, and I always used to get them when I wore pantyhose all the time. So, this is how I dress almost every day.. now. I’m so glad you approve!!!” (note to female readers… please give this sensual dressing technique a try… you may solve any of several genital discomforts related to airless confinement of pantyhose (not pretty for us men to gaze upon anyway) – you may achieve a great double benefit when you feel turned on by what you FEEL, and your lovers, boyfriends, husbands are electrically excited when you let them KNOW what is under your dress or skirt!!! Have fun!)


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