Eddie had a reputation with women at college; and maintained that even after graduation. Picking up odd jobs here and there, he chose to stay local, where he could still scope out the “local co-ed hotties,” as he called them. Besides, Eddie figured the college women would find him even more desirable now that he was a graduate. “They love older men,” he would say, even though he was only 23.

But there’s something else you should know about Eddie. He fancied himself something of a pool hustler. Though he was good, he was never quite as good as he thought he was; nor did women find him as attractive as he thought they did. He deluded himself that he’d achieved some kind of success, but life would slowly begin to pass him by.

Anyway, enough about Eddie. Let me take you to the local pool hall/bar where Eddie would come to show off for the giggling co-eds who frequented the bar. It was on one such evening that he spotted Taylor, a striking woman, tall, well-endowed and very flirtatious. She’d been eyeing Eddie seductively and Eddie began to do the same. Despite the fact that Taylor was playing pool with a group of her friends, Eddie stood up and prepared to make his move.

Alerted to Eddie’s presence by the glances of her friends, Taylor turned.

“I don’t think you’ve been here before,” said Eddie. “I think I would have noticed that.”

“I’m just hanging out with my friends,” she replied and then turned away.

Eddie, undaunted, leaned against the pool table as Taylor prepared to shoot. “Mind if I watch?”

“If you like,” was her reply. She hit the ball and missed the shot.

“If you like, I could show you girls how to play.”

“Oh, would you,” said Taylor with mock helplessness. “I’m just all thumbs.”

Eddie, failing to detect her sarcasm, proceeded to coach the girls through their shots. The girls, sporty sorority-types, appeared to welcome his company, all but Taylor, who silently fumed at his arrogance, desiring to show him up somehow, that he wasn’t “all that.”

After a couple of games, Taylor turned to Eddie and smiled seductively. “Why don’t you and I play a game?”

Eddie grinned at the invitation. “Why, sure.”

“What do we play for?” asked Taylor.

“Play for?”

“But not money.”

“I don’t know.”

“Something that we wouldn’t want to do unless we really had to, because we lost a bet.

Eddie was all ears. “What do you suggest?”

“If I lose, I owe you a blowjob.”

Eddie was too surprise to be pleased; but then the possibilities sunk in. “Sure.”

“If you lose, you go down on me. Oral for oral.”

“Sounds like I can’t lose.”

“Oh, that’s right. You’d enjoy that. Hmmn. Oh, I know. I haven’t washed my feet in days so I bet they stink. If you lose, you go down on my sweaty feet, and lick them all over.”

Eddie glanced at her foot, noticing that she was wearing Nike’s without socks. She had beautiful slender ankles, but the prospect of smelling her feet didn’t appeal. But small price to pay for the chance of a blowjob from a woman he liked. Besides, he wasn’t going to lose.

“Agreed,” said Eddie and he and Taylor shook on it. And so the game commenced. Eddie silently knocked one ball after another into the pockets with relatively ease, while Taylor missed all of her shots. Down to the eight ball, he tapped it into the pocket and gently set his cue stick onto the table.

“My place or yours,” asked Eddie. Taylor, apparently unnerved, approached him.

“Another game,” she asked.

“I won fair and square.”

“Just another game. And if I lose, I’ll owe you two blowjobs, which you can redeem anytime. And if you want a threesome with me and Kelly, you can have one. And if you lose, you have to do my stinky feet.”

“Sydney,” remarked Kelly, visibly piqued by being offered as a prize.

Eddie pondered the terms. How could he say no; especially when he was going to win. He was the master of his domain. Ah, if only every night were this good.

“Sure. I wouldn’t say no to a beautiful woman.”

And so began another game. It commenced auspiciously enough for Eddie but then Sydney began to make all of her shots. She seemed to acting surprised whenever she made a shot, which led Eddie to believe it was just luck. But her luck wasn’t wearing off.

With only the eight ball on the table, it was Taylor’s turn to take the shot. She did and the eight ball rolled into a pocket. The other girls – there must have been six of them – cheered, clapping and hooting quite vociferously.

“Your place or mine?” asked Taylor with a grin. “I can’t wait to feel your tongue on my smelly feet.” The others were all grins and appeared to relish Eddie’s predicament.

But Eddie was unfazed. “Tell you what, give me another chance, just like I gave you.”

“Sure, but we’ll have to change the terms.”

“If I lose, you get one blowjob from me, but if you lose, you have to smell my feet and lick them clean. And you have to take off all of your clothes before you do it. And, one other thing, you have to do Kelly’s feet too.”

“Oh,” replied Kelly with a giggle “I’m sure my feet smell awful. I’ve been in these Keds all day and I didn’t wear socks. Eddie noticed that apart from her gorgeous full legs and jean shorts, she was wearing a tight pair of Keds on her feet. He couldn’t stomach the thought of having to smell her foul feet and lick them.

“That’s a bit much,” said Eddie, now perturbed and anxious for the first time.

“Then you do my nasty feet.”

“Alright. Let’s play.”

And so began the third game. It was close, and as Taylor began to miss some shots, he began to think he had a chance. She had two balls on the table and he was about to knock the eight ball in.

Just as he took his shot, there was a squeal. One of the women was holding up her shirt and showing off a perfect pair of breasts. Eddie’s jaw dropped and, without thinking, he concluded his shot while staring at her pendulous boobs, even after she pulled her shirt back down.

A sudden burst of cheering and laughter brought him back to reality. As he glanced at the table, he saw his eight ball but no white ball.

With a self-satisfied grin, Taylor retrieved the white ball from under the table. “Looks like your scratched. Tough break.”

Eddie was stunned. How could this be happening?

“Time to pay up. I can’t wait to get these sneakers off. I’ve had them on all day.”

“One more game,” asked Eddie.

“I don’t think so. Time to pay up.”

“Look, just one more chance.” He was begging. Had he completely lost his cool? “You can significantly up the ante.”

“O.K. One more game. But only under these terms. If I lose, nothing. But if you lose, you have to do everyone’s feet.”

The other girls were as surprised as Eddie to hear this. But then their surprise quickly turned to enthusiasm and amusement.

“You’ll smell everyone’s feet and lick everyone’s feet clean. You’ll even smell our socks and shoes if we want you too. But before this, you’ll have to strip naked in front of all of us. Those are the terms. Take it or leave it.”

The girls loved every word, and were hooting and whistling, drawing glances from the other patrons.

“If he doesn’t like raunchy foot odor, he’s going to have a tough time of it,” remarked with girl who’d exposed her breasts. Her name was Ashley. I’ve been wearing the same pantyhose all week. And I’m wearing the boots that make my feet sweat up a storm.” Eddie glanced at her footwear and she was indeed wearing knee-high boots with her skirt.

Eddie knew he could beat her; he just needed to vindicate himself. It was important.

“Alright. Let’s play.” And so it began.

Perhaps Eddie was all nerves now, but he was missing shots. Easy shots.

The other women were cheering Taylor on, and she was cleaning the table with relative ease. While Eddie still had three balls on the table, Taylor was preparing to knock the eight ball into a pocket. She missed; and Eddie had another chance. But as he was taking the shot, someone pinched his ass. He missed.

“Who did that,” roared Eddie as he turned around. Three girls standing behind him smiled mischievously.

“Oh don’t be such a baby,” replied Taylor as she prepared for her turn.

As the eight ball disappeared, the girls squealed, clapped and leapt up and down.

Taylor approached him. “Time to pay the piper. It’s going to be a long, stinky night for you.”

“Alright, look,” began Eddie. “We had a lot of fun, but let’s leave it at that. I mean, you can’t expect me to smell everyone’s feet. That’s insane. I mean this was all a joke anyway. Not like I’d have expected you to go down on me if I’d won.”

“‘Course you would have.”

“Let’s forget it, alright?” said a dispirited Eddie as he began to walk away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked Taylor.

Eddie turned. “I’m not doing anyone’s feet. I mean, you fuckin’ hustled me. That’s not fair.”

“Oh really.”

Before he knew it, the girls had collected around him; and they looked ready to kick his ass.

“You know, I was going to let you off,” explained Taylor. “But I hate it when guys try to renege on promises. A guy like you deserves a little humiliation.

“A little smelly foot humiliation,” added Kelly.

“If you’re not going to come with us, then we’ll do it here. And we’ll start by stripping you, in front of everyone.”

Conscious of what a scene they were making, Eddie tried to smooth things over. “Then let’s go.” He figured he’d make a run for it outside.

But once outside, the girls anticipated his actions and grabbed hold of his arms. He figured he could throw themselves off, but their grip was tenacious.

“You play ball or we’ll strip you.”

They had complete control over him and he could already feel them tugging at his pants. He knew they could do it.

“Alright. Alright. I’ll come.”

And so the triumphant group escorted Eddie to the women’s dorm. On any other occasion this would have been a coup, but tonight, there was something shameful. This was not going to be his night.

Several of the girls had a suite of rooms in a corner of the dormitory, with a common area exclusive to the suite. Taunting and teasing, prodding and grabbing Eddie all the way there, the girls showed him into the suite and closed the door.

With broad grins on their faces, Taylor and her six friends took seats along one side of the room, four of them occupying the sofa and the others either grabbing chairs or sitting on the floor. Eddie was left alone in the center of the room, an audience of giggling, leering women before him.

And then they started chanting: “strip,” “strip,” “strip.”

Eddie, never one to shy from taking his clothes off in front of a woman, was at a loss. The entire series of events was too humiliating for him to take any enjoyment in it. He didn’t move.

“We’ll are you going to strip, or do you want us to strip you,” asked Taylor sternly.

Eddie contemplated making a run for it. And as soon as he made up his mind, he darted to the door. He grabbed the knob but the door wouldn’t open. Was there a lock? No, but there was a keyhole. He was frantic.

“Looking for this?” asked Ashley, dangling a key before her. With her eyes on Eddie, she bent over and dropped the key inside her right boot. “You want it, you’ll have to get it.”

The girls were all standing and converging upon him, steadily, with determined gazes.

“Alright, I’ll do it.”

“Too late,” asserted Taylor. “Come on girls, let’s strip him.”

Some high-pitched squeals proceeded the sudden onrush. Within half a second, the women threw themselves on him, pulling and clutching at his clothes. Losing his balance, Eddie fell to the floor where the women, all giggles, made short work of him, yanking off shoes, shirt and pants. And while the other women held him down, Taylor grabbed hold of his briefs.

“I’ll take these,” she remarked with a laugh, before yanking them down his legs and off his feet. There were loud cheers as Taylor tossed his briefs in the air.

“Not bad. Not bad at all,” she remarked as she looked Eddie over. “O.K. Who has the rope?”

Jordan and Ashley had already answered her question by pulling Eddie’s arms behind his back and tying his wrists together. Katie and Kelly were already tying his ankles together, while Kim and Lindsey sat on him.

“Stop moving,” yelled Taylor, as she noticed how much trouble the girls were having securing him. Eddie was writhing on the floor, fighting it to the very end. “This is just going to take longer.”

But the girls were quick, and once they’d hog-tied him, hand and foot, they stepped away from him. Eddie now had to undergo the indignity of getting to his knees, with his ankles and wrists tied. As he repeatedly fell and rolled to the floor, the girls laughed; an infectious laugh that snowballed into unbridled and riotous laughter.

Eddie turned crimson as he finally managed to get to his knees. He was unable to stand.

The girls had once again occupied their seats, and Eddie soon found himself once again face to face with them. A couple of them attempted to conceal their amusement with hands over their mouths; but they couldn’t help laughing at his predicament.

“We wouldn’t have had to do that, if you’d been well-behaved,” explained Taylor.

“Fuck you,” asserted Eddie. He was furious, but the more he struggled with the bonds, the closer he came to losing his balance; and they would love to watch him teeter and fall to the floor again; so he stood still.

“Now time for the fun part,” said Taylor. “Who’s first?”

“I’d like to have him do my feet,” said Lindsey. “They should be pretty raunchy-smelling. My feet reek when I wear these shoes.”

“Go ahead,” said Taylor gesturing to a chair she placed to the side of the sofa.

Lindsey eagerly threw herself into the chair and hoisted her feet onto the coffee table, the soles of her canvas sneakers facing him. Without a word, she pried one sneaker off and then the other, kicking the shoes to the floor.

Lindsey wasn’t wearing socks and as she crossed her ankles, she flexed her toes. She had broad soles, solid heels and wide, almost round, toes. She couldn’t wear more than a size 7 1/2 at most, but the width of her feet made them look larger than they were. The meaty padding of the balls of her feet and heels were slightly callused, and blackened with floor dirt, and they shined as if coated with sweat. Even before the full rush of her foot odor hit him he could imagine just how foul her feet must smell.

And as Lindsey continued to wiggle her toes, as if taunting him, he could smell them. It was a potent smell, of sharp cheddar and rancid old sneakers; and he suddenly felt disgusted at the prospect of having to sniff and lick them. He couldn’t do it.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” asked Lindsey with a grin. “You might as well start. You’ve got a lot of stinky feet to sniff and clean.”

“Come on over and smell them.” She stretched her feet, and threw him an expectant arch of an eyebrow.

“Your feet absolutely stink, Lindsey, ” remarked Taylor. “They’re perfect.”

“So are you going to smell them or are we going to have to make you smell them,” added Jordan from behind.

Eddie contemplated her wide, sweaty, ripe feet and her wiggling, grubby toes. The gamy odor was sickening, and he couldn’t do it, He just froze, his arms tied behind his back.

Just then, someone grabbed hold of his hair and began to pull him forward. He could barely maintain his balance, and had to shuffle forward on his feet. Someone else grabbed hold of his hair and began pulling him. His eyes closed, and wincing from the pain, he went where they led him.

And then he felt something warm and moist press against the right side of his face; soon followed by something on the left side. He’d been holding his breath, but then, unable to hold it any longer, he inhaled.

The odor was reminiscent of Parmesan cheese, sharp, gamy and potent. Eddie instinctively cringed and turned his face. But the girls tightened their grip on his hair, and held his face close to the bottom of Lindsey’s unwashed stinking feet.

Lindsey then began to slide her broad, sweaty feet over his face. “This is great,” she remarked. “I never thought it would be this much fun.” The other women were laughing, and some were demonstrating their amused disgust by groaning.

“I can’t believe we’re really doing this,” said Katie. “I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the poor sap or laugh.” Katie began to giggle.

Lindsey began to slide the slightly callused ball of her right foot under his nostrils, back and forth. “Go ahead, have a whiff. But don’t get too carried away.” Lindsey giggled.

He struggled to hold his breath, even as she playfully clutched at his nose with her thick, cheesy toes. But then someone kicked him in the stomach.

Eddie gasped for air, and inhaled the full rush of her cheesy foot odor. Everyone heard and laughed.

“He’s really smelling her feet,” remarked Katie. “That’s so gross.”

Lindsey was taking full control of his face with her feet, manipulating his nose with her strong, grubby toes and grabbing at the skin on his face. She was rough, and kept scrunching his nose between her toes. “Smell my stinky feet,” she demanded.

Someone kicked him in the stomach again, and Eddie quickly took in another noseful of her pungent foot stink. The odor was enough to make his stomach hollow. He couldn’t think of anything more degrading than to have this woman’s hot, stinking feet shoved in his face; not to mention the fact that the other women were laughing at his humiliation.

Jordan came back from one of the rooms holding a roll of duct tape. “This should help.”

“Great idea,” remarked Taylor, beaming.

Jordan then tore off a piece and began to apply it to Eddie’s mouth.”

“Please, don’t. I’ll mfffffrfffhffff.”

The girls laughed as Eddie attempted to speak with tape over his mouth.

“Now smell my feet good,” said Lindsey as she cupped her sweaty toes over his nose, wiggling them and squeezing his nose with them.

With every breath, the fetid, cheesy stink of her toes poured into nose. It was sickening.

“He so deserves this,” remarked Jordan. “After two-timing Beth and then trying to renege on his promise. Arrogant bastard.”

“Careful,” said Taylor. “He’ll realize it was a set-up and that we’d planned this all along.”

“How else could we have had enough time to get our feet as smelly as possible,” added Katie with a giggle.

As the women shared a laugh at his expense, Eddie pondered what was just said. A set-up? Who was Beth? Oh, right. Beth. He’d felt bad about cheating on her; he liked the girl. So, this was the price he had to pay.

“I wore these socks for four days straight,” remarked Jordan as she held up a Doc Marten booted foot, and pulling up her jeans to reveal the trim of blue sock just over the top of the boot. “I’m going to love making him smell my socks.”

As Lindsey began shoving her stubby toes up his nose, ordering him to smell them, Eddie pondered how this could get any worse.

“Your toes are too big for his nose, Lindsey,” observed Taylor with a chuckle.

“I want him to sniff under my toenails.”

Eddie inhaled the sharp, pungent stench as her little toe squirmed just inside one of his nostrils. And, most degrading of all, he could do nothing but let her.

“I think he deserves a taste now,” she said, giving his face a playful slap with her smelly foot.

“Open your mouth.”

As she pressed her pudgy toes against his mouth, Eddie refused to open it.

Without warning, someone punched him hard in the stomach. He gasped for air, and as he did so, Lindsey slid her warm, sweaty toes into his mouth, and flexed them.

Eddie could already taste the sour, tart flavor of her grubby toes. And as she wiggled her toes inside his mouth, she cupped the toes of her other foot over his nose. “You can smell this foot while you’re cleaning the other one.”

Eddie was commanded to suck on her toes and lick between her toes, before being told to lick the touch, callused flesh of the ball of her foot and heel. Her feet were rubbery and coarse and the acrid taste, repugnant. But he did as he was told and fully licked every inch of her sole.

As Megan presented him with the broad sole of her other foot, he realized it was going to be a long night. “I have two feet, you know. And this one’s definitely in need of a cleaning.” She laughed as she flexed her dirty sole in front of his face before pressing her cheesy toes against his mouth. “Open up.” He did and she slid her oily toes inside and wiggled her toes. “Clean my dirty toes, ass wipe.”

And Eddie did just that. he licked in the crevices of her wrinkled sole and scraped against her hard heel; he slid his tongue between her toes and licked the dirt which had accumulated there.

‘That’s it,” she said. “Eat the dirt from between my dirty toes. You deserve it.” And while he attempted to scrape the dirt form the callused ball of her foot, he couldn’t have felt more abject. he was licking and sucking the dirt and sweat without really thinking about it.

“Alright, who wants to use him next,” asked Taylor.

Ashley stepped over to Eddie and, held her booted foot against his chest. With one push, she sent him tipping to the floor, provoking laughter from the others. It was impossible to maintain any dignity.

Ashley then grabbed a chair and placed it over his chest. She gazed at him for a moment before sitting down and setting her boots on his chest. Silently, she commenced to pry off her knee-high boots. “I’ve had these on all day. I can’t wait to let my feet air out.”

She pulled a boot off, and, almost immediately, a stale, musty odor penetrating his nostrils. She pulled the other boot off and then held her bare feet on either side of his head. It was a sharp, pungent, vinegary stench which could not be mistaken for anything other than unwashed, sweaty feet.

He could feel Ashley’s warm toes slide up his cheek and inch over to his mouth and nose. Eddie was dreading the inevitable, of having to smell her stinky feet up close. And then Ashley raised her foot and then pressed it hard onto his face, her sweaty, dirty toes over his nose. She was grinding her foot onto his face.

“I’ve been wanting to shove my smelly feet in your face for days now,” said Ashley as she begun to slide her bare sweaty 8 1/2’s all over his face, rubbing her soft soles and the hard flesh of her heels over his face. She let her bare, unpainted toes brush against his nose.

One quick whiff of the cheesy stink sent him reeling. He turned his head, but Ashley quickly slapped him hard with the sole of her foot. “Keep your head still and smell my feet.” Eddie inhaled and took in noseful after noseful of the pungent foot stink, as she slide his nose between her toes and cupped them over his nose.

Eddie could do nothing; Ashley’s feet were strong and supple as she worked the smell of her feet into his skin.

“Now time to lick them clean,” she asserted.

Eddie feared this, and he was reluctant to open his mouth so she could shove her dirty, nasty foot inside.

“So you’re going to be difficult, huh?” Ashley had no patience for him; and she clearly had a bit of a mean streak. She quickly proceeded to slap his face around with her sweaty bare feet, grinding and kneading them hard into his face, rubbing them furiously all over, shoving her toes up his nose and then continuing to slam her feet into the side of his head.

The other women cheered her on, and as Ashley set the chair aside and stepped onto his chest, they were hooting and cheering wildly. Ashley was taking control and they loved it.

With Ashley standing on his chest, Eddie was getting short of breath. And as she wrapped her toes around his nose and pressed the ball of her foot against his nostrils, he breathed in long and hard. The stench was sickeningly sweet, with a hint of something cheesy.

Ashley then made a short leap into the air, causing Eddie to gasp. With his mouth open, Ashley shoved her foot into his mouth.

“Now suck on my dirty foot and lick it clean, jerk off.”

The tart, pungent tang of her foot sweat was repugnant to Eddie, but Ashley had shoved her foot to far into her mouth and wiggled her toes too wildly for him to keep his tongue from touching her sweaty foot. He resigned himself and proceeded to let his tongue glide under her toes and between her toes, and then suck on them.

“That’s it, Eddie. You’re learning your place now,” she said as she grabbed the chair and resumed her seat. “Don’t forget to get the treasures from between my toes.

“What are you doing,” asked Taylor of Lindsey.

“Oh just cleaning the crud from under my nails,” said Lindsey, her leg crossed over the other, as she scraped some dirt from a nail file onto a spoon.

“I figured we could collect it and then feed it to him later.”

“You’re so bad, Lindsey,” said Taylor. “I love it.”

Once Ashley was satisfied that Eddie had cleaned her dirty feet, Katie stepped forward in her size 10 high-heel loafers.

“My feet have been sweating up a storm in these for days. This oughta be fun.”

Katie kicked off her shoes and presented Eddie with her filthy, wrinkled soles. Her heels were dirty, as were her toes and the balls of her feet, and it was either from her shoes or from walking over dirty floors. She had big feet, with large heels, and long dirty toes.

“How’d your feet get so dirty?” asked Taylor.

“Oh, they were absolutely filthy a few days ago. I think all that sweating has cleaned them up a bit.”

Eddie could already smell the heady, potent stench of unwashed, sweaty, dirty female feet. It was distinctly sour, and stale, like days old foot sweat.

“It’s my shoes,” said Katie, and, to Eddie’s surprise, she picked one up and held it over his nose. Her bold gesture induced hysterical laughter; particularly as Eddie struggled to push the shoe from his face.

The shoes smelled putrid, dry and faintly cheesy. It was making him sick. But Katie just giggled and held the shoe over his nose. “That’s it, smell these nasty shoes. Now maybe you won’t mind smelling my feet.”

Having said that, Katie flung the shoe aside, and before Eddie could take a breath of fresh air, Katie slid her dirty, ripe toes over his nose and held them tightly to his nose. Her toes were flecked with touches of black nail polish, but most of the polish had flaked off. And as Katie wiggled her filthy, grubby toes in front of him, he noticed how dirty her toes were.

“Looks like someone’s going to make some contributions to the spoon,” laughed Ashley who was using the nail file to scrape her toes clean.

Katie laughed as she pressed the tips of her big toes against his nostrils. The sharp, cheesy odor was making him lightheaded. And as her long toes snaked and squirmed over his nose, he could only smell the stale smell of her warm foot.

“Time to give my feet a cleaning,” said Katie good-naturedly. Her feet were horribly dirty. How could he possibly lick them clean?

“If he doesn’t open his mouth,” said Lindsey. “I’ll make him smell my nasty sneaks. She held the dirty canvas shoe up for Eddie to see, and the memory of Lindsey’s nauseatingly smelly feet came to mind. He opened his mouth and let Katie slide her filthy foot into his mouth.

The taste was sharp and salty; but there was something earthy about it to. Her toes squirmed inside his mouth and he licked between her toes and sucked hard on each of them.

Eager to get this horrendous experience over as soon as possible, he applied himself to cleaning her heels and the balls of her feet as much as possible. He used his teeth to scrape at the dirt and licked and sucked until her feet began to look more pink than black.

“He’s a better foot licker than pool player,” remarked Taylor, eliciting giggles from everyone. “Who ever thought you could be good at something?” Oh, how Eddie despised Taylor.

Jordan, wearing Doc Martens without socks, was next in line to torment Eddie with her virulent foot odor. She popped off her shoes and present Eddie with a the reddened and dirty pair of size 7 soles, wide with thick padded skin. The smell was sharp and hit him only moments before she slapped her wet feet onto his face and proceeded to grab for his nose.

“Smell my feet. Smell them.” She was as rough as Ashley, pinching his skin with her strong toes and pressing the tips of her cheesy toes up against his nose. He inhaled. Oh, man, I her feet reek. With each breath, he shuddered.

Soon enough, he was asked to lick the sweat off, and he applied himself, diligently lapping at her sweaty foot and tasting the acrid, sour taste of her ripe, unwashed feet.

And then came Kelly, wearing Keds without socks. She leapt into the seat, kicked off her Keds, and wasted no time treating Eddie to her raunchy foot odor. It was a powerful odor, that of unwashed, dirty feet encased in tight sneakers for days on end. The scent was sharp but it was the intensity which overwhelmed him. But, when prompted, he took deep breaths of the sour, cheesy smell, until she was satisfied he’d smelled them enough. He then proceeded to lick the sweat and dirt from her heels and soles and form between her dirty toes.

Kim was next in her closed-toe heels, but before assuming her seat, she grabbed the spoon to which Lindsey, Ashley, Katie and Jordan had been accumulating the dirt they’d been scraping from under their toenails and from between their toes.

It was a heaping spoonful of the cheesiest-smelling toe dirt; and Kim wrinkled her nose as she accidentally took a whiff.

“Alright,” she said, holding the spoon before him. “Open up.” Ashley, anticipating resistance, pressed her foot hard against his balls. “If you don’t open your mouth, we’ll take turns kicking you in the balls. And don’t give me an excuse, because I’d love to pummel your manhood.”

Eddie knew that her threats weren’t empty, so he opened his mouth, and let Kim feed him the toejam from the spoon. The other women watched in amused disbelief as he chewed it and swallowed it. The sour, cheesy aftertaste was making his stomach churn; if there was a time he felt like throwing up it was now. But he was determined to get though this. He wasn’t going to let them get the better of him.

“That’s so nasty,” remarked Katie as she played with her smelly size 10’s.

Kim then kicked off her scuffed up size 8 heels and began to slide her damp, hot stocking feet over his face. It was a potent, vinegary smell of sweat-soaked hose which she compelled him to endure, sliding her toes over and under his nose to make sure he sniffed every inch. So feminine, her feet looked, with the beautiful pedicure, but so foul and pungent.

In due course, Eddie licked every inch of her feet clean as he did with the others.

And, last but not least, was Taylor, the most hateful of his tormentors, who, when she took he seat, held the dirty soles of her tennis shoes over his face. She pressed them down onto his face.

“Do you want to lick these or my sweaty feet,” she asked.

“Your feet,” muttered Eddie.

“I can’t hear you. Tell me you want to lick my sweaty feet, or I’ll make you clean my dirty shoes.”

“I want to lick your sweaty, smelly feet,” he said, feebly.

“Did I say they were smelly?” she said with a laugh. “That’s a bit presumptuous. Well, to be honest, they probably smell awful. I haven’t changed my socks in days.” She pried off her tennis shoes to reveal a soiled pair of light blue socks, revealing the imprint of her toes.

Once Taylor slipped off her socks, she dangled them over Eddie’s nose. “I’ve worn these so much, they’re crusty.”

“And dirty,” added Kelly.

Taylor laughed as she dropped them over his nose, and using her sweaty bare feet began to rub the toe-ends over his nose. She clutched at his nose roughly and ordered him to “smell my stinky socks, fucker.”

The others laughed at his degradation and at Taylor’s forceful words.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, Eddie. You cocky son of a bitch.” Taylor smacked him in the head with her foot. Eddie groaned.

The toe-ends of her socks were sickeningly cheesy and pungent, and the hardness of the dried sweat in the socks was rough against his nose. Eventually, Taylor’s bare toes pulled the socks away and began to slide over his face. The indignity of it, of having to endure the acrid fumes of this woman’s feet. As Taylor’s toes curled over his nose, they smelled of Swiss cheese.

“Smell my nasty feet,” she ordered, stuffing one of her soiled socks into his mouth. The bitter, sour taste was horrid. But with his mouth full, Eddie could do nothing but what Taylor ordered and inhale the pungent, ripe scent of her unwashed feet. It was the smell of old sweat and well-worn sneakers, an odor reminiscent of a locker room.

And then came time for Eddie to lick her dirty feet clean. Her toenails were painted bright pink. They were beautiful, slender, agile toes; but they smelled something awful, as if she’d been standing in a bowl of cheese popcorn. The socks was yanked form his mouth, and her oily, sweaty foot slid into his mouth. Her toes found his tongue and he began to lick her feet clean.

She ordered him to lick her sweaty soles and soiled heels, and before long, Taylor presented her clean feet to the others. “He’s good,” she exclaimed.

“How ’bout we make you our permanent foot slave,” suggested Jordan.

Eddie was stunned by the offer. “You’d have to make me.”

“Is that an invitation,” said Taylor s she let her toes play over his face. “We’d love to make you do our nasty feet again.” Everyone laughed.

“Hey girls, let’s give him one last dose of stinking feet before we kick him out,” suggested Taylor. Taylor and Lindsey gave each other high-fives.

It was a free for all. The girls sat in a circle around him, and began to slide their smelly feet over his face and chest. Socks and nylons were dropped in shi face and raunchy-smelling shoes held over his nose. For twenty minutes straight, Eddie was reminded of every pungent and sour odor he’d been subjected to the last several hours. The odors poured into his nose and filled his very being with a desire to throw up.

The women began to step onto his chest, sometimes two at a time. Fairly soon, they were all standing and stepping onto him. Toes were shoved up his nose and soles mashed onto his face. He was kicked and jumped on; and all to the tune of their infectious laughter. Could they feel so much contempt for him that they could pile insult upon insult so casually?

Eventually, he was untied. Taylor tossed his clothes out of the suite; and as Eddie scrambled outside for them, a couple of female students spotted him and giggled to themselves. He turned to tell them what he thought of them, but the door had already slammed shut. He heard cheering and laughter. Besides, he couldn’t speak because he had a filthy sweat sock in his mouth.

He dressed and raced home; but everything was different. He was a changed man. He still played pool, but he was not the bold man he used to be.

Weeks past and he saw nothing of the girls. He made no effort to seek hem out.

And then one day the doorbell to his apartment rang. He opened the door, and there was Taylor. “I came to apologize,” she said. He thought of shutting the door in her face, but he thought of maybe teaching her a lesson. He opened the door for her, but once she stepped inside she called out: “Come on girls, it’s party time.”

From around the corner, ten or so spirited, giggling college co-eds stormed towards him and knocked him over. The door was slammed shut and poor Eddie was carried into the center of the room.

“Our feet were getting pretty ripe, so we thought of you,” said Taylor. “And here we are.”

As they began to strip his clothes off, Eddie attempted to ponder what he could have done this time.


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