Hi, my name is James. When I was around 7 or 8 I came to the full realization that I had a foot fetish. My Mom’s friend, Ann had come over to baby-sit me whilst my Mother and sister went shopping. Ann was, I’d say about 40 years old, she was average looking, but very tall … about 5’10 barefoot. When she arrived that evening after work, her feet were clad in black high heel shoes and black stockings. My Mother and sister left around 6:00pm.

On their way out I heard Ann telling them that she was tired from a days work and from the heat outside. She was an insurance sales rep and was always on her feet. Later that evening, Ann was sitting on the couch watching TV and I was on the floor lying down. Her long legs looked very pretty … so I told her so. She said thank you. I then asked if her feet hurt from walking all day. She said:

“James my feet are sooo hot and tired … that’s why I’m not taking my shoes
off, my feet stink bad”

I’d heard my Mom and sister discussing their own foot smell, but I’d never paid much attention. Well, the way Ann said it got me wondering just how bad her feet actually smelled. Don’t ask me why. I continued to watch TV on the floor as she did on the couch. I pondered what they would smell like. My eyes cutting glances when I knew she wasn’t looking. On impulse, I turned around quickly and grabbed a shoe off her foot …I put it to my nose and took a strong sniff. I think that’s the moment I became hooked on female feet.

Ann was shocked, and asked “what are you doing?”. I was sitting on the floor with her size 10 high heel covering my nose, I couldn’t believe that I liked the smell of her shoe. The smell of that shoe was unbelievable! Inside there were sweat beads all along the sole and the smell was like nothing I’d ever encountered. It was RANK … I mean it burned my nose, but I continued to hold it and smell avidly nonetheless.

“Why are you smelling my shoe?”

“I wanted to see what it smelled like.”

“Well, James, what does it smell like?”

I was so excited I couldn’t see straight. “It smells real bad,” I mumbled.

“Then why are you still smelling it?”

“I like it,” I mumbled into her shoe again.

Ann laughed at me. “I guess you have a foot fetish, huh?” I told her I didn’t know what that meant. Ann simply said “You do” in a confident tone … pulled off her other shoe and put both her feet on my face. I almost died … my foot smelling experience was very limited at that point … only about two minutes I’d say. I definitely was not prepared for the monstrous odor of Ann’s feet. With her huge size 10 feet smothering my face, which were very, very hot, soaking wet and smelling worse than I can describe (soy sauce, vinegar, locker rooms and more all wrapped into one scent) … it was almost too much for me.

“James, do you like how my sweaty feet smell?” Ann began to rub the soles of her feet on my face, I couldn’t breath at all, I felt very dizzy.

“What would your Mom and sister think about this? I bet your Mom would be mad at you for wanting to smell my hot and stinky feet” She continued to rub her feet on my face.

“James, have you ever smelled your Mom’s or sister’s feet before?” I shock my head NO.

“Their shoes, socks … or panty hose? No? Well, it’s a lucky thing, James … your Mom’s feet smell worse than mine, and I bet your sister’s smell just as bad! Then again maybe that would be a lucky thing for a perverted little foot sniffer like you.” she laughed.

Suddenly, I heard the front door open and then voices. There stood my Mom and my sister! I was in shock and needless to say, so were they! Ann just laughed and said …

“James likes smelling my feet, Lucy. Pretty ironic since we’ve always kidded each other about our smelly feet, huh?”

The moment before she spoke I had thought Ann would be as embarrassed as I … and certainly not so cavalier. I also thought that my Mother would be mad at her. The last thing I expected was Mom and my sister both training their eyes directly on me!

“James,” my mother scolded, ” you should be ashamed of yourself!” My sister was laughing openly.

“Ann, lets put a stop to this right now,” my mother announced.

Mom then instructed my sister to sit on the couch with Ann. As a side note: my Mom was around 45 and my sister was about 23. My mother seated herself next to them on the couch and looked down at me.

“Son, I don’t want you to be some kind of freak when you grow up. I don’t know much about this kind of thing, but it can’t be good for you. It certainly can’t be considered normal.”

My Mom motioned to my sister and then they both removed their shoes. My Mother had on a pair of medium heels with stockings and my sister wore Sacony’s without socks. In seconds I was enveloped in a cloud of their foot smell. I was in total shock!!! Here was my Mother, my sister and my mom’s friend dangling their reeking feet just inches below my nose! They all exchanged looks and then three pairs of feet were fighting for room on my little face. Of course Ann’s weren’t as hot by then as my Mom’s and sister’s were. My Mom’s feet were extremely smelly but not as much as Ann’s had been. But my sister Lisa … damn her feet smelled worse than my Mom’s and Ann’s put
together. I couldn’t believe anything could smell this bad!

Ann spoke up first … “My God Lisa, your feet smell horrible. How can he survive
smelling those stinkers?” My sister smiled and said conversationally, “These shoes are very old and they smell rotten to boot … plus I’ve been wearing them all day long without socks” My Mother spoke in a more serious tone, “Lisa, your little brother will never smell feet again after having all of our feet in his face … especially after being
forced to smell your horrid, stinky soles.”

Ann and Mom removed their feet from my face but my sister did not. “Mom’s right James, you’ll never want to smell feet again after mine,” Lisa chided. I was getting really, really light headed. I managed to pull my face away momentarily and shout:

“OK, OK, OK, Mom … I won’t smell feet ever again!”

My sister’s slimy feet slapped back onto my face, engulfing me once again in their smelly, rank aroma. Mom just laughed and told me it was up to my sister. They all seemed to be having a blast at my expense. The situation itself was so shocking that I was lolled into submission despite the brutal reek of those feet. Then Lisa whispered:

“Had enough little brother?”

I was feeling really dizzy but I tried to nod my head.

“I guess not,” my sister giggled and continued to force me to smell her wretched, stinky, sister feet. And then, everything began to go gray and I passed out right there on our living room floor. My sister’s powerful foot-smell made me pass out if you can believe it!

When I finally came to, I heard Ann saying “He’s been smelling feet for the last 30 minutes, no wonder he got sick”

“It was his sisters feet.” I vaguely heard Mom say.

I opened my eyes and saw all of them starring down at me. I then realized that someone had upended both my Mom’s and sister’s dirty clothing hampers onto me. I was literally covered with reeking socks, nylons and stockings. The smell was almost unbearable … It enshrouded me like a cloud of vaporous foot odor. I instantly became woozy. Then I saw both my Mom’s and sister’s faces turn bright red and Ann cover her mouth to stifle a giggle. I followed their gaze down to my crotch and noticed my Superman underwear had slipped askew and a prepubescent erection was poking out.

I couldn’t understand why it had happened … I quickly tried to cover myself. Ann’s foot slammed down, pinning my hand, thus preventing me from avoiding this embarrassment. My sudden movent on the carpet caused my already partial removed underwear to pull from around my waist. My erect little penis was instantly and completely visible. I looked back at the three women, hovering over me as if in judgment … looking to be at least ten feet tall. They once again exchange looks and shook their hands.

“Well, … back to work,” Mom said … and once again three pairs of smelly feet descended upon me. I was able to yelp once before I was smothered beneath those stinky soles and wriggling toes.

“That’s making me really uncomfortable,” my Mother grumbled looking at my still erect penis. She looked away and then back again a few times. “Oh, I can’t bare the site!” With that she removed one of her feet from my face and placed it over my little penis. Even more disturbing yet was that the feel of her hot and incredibly smooth sole pushed my penis to grow even harder. She pushed down with her foot and kneaded her toes on it every time she adjusted to a more comfortable position on the couch. I guess this was my first footjob as well. Although I’m sure it wasn’t meant as one. The sweat from her foot had her sole and toes sliding all over my little penis.

I never recovered from that evening or the ones to come. I was forced to smell Ann’s size 10’s, my moms size 10’s and my sisters very, very potent size 9’s for almost two hours that night. At the end I was forced to smell and suck on their worn, crusty socks and nylons as they watched TV. My mother kept her foot firmly planted on my erection until she finally realized it wasn’t going away. I was then sent to bed with promises of reprisals to come until I was weaned of this fixation. Those of course are further tales…


Well, a number of years passed following the aforementioned incident. During that time nothing special occurred. The ribbing I expected from sis never came nor did any further comment by my Mother. Ann would share a knowing look with me every now and again, but other than that it was as if the entire scene had been a figment of my childhood imagination.

One thing that did mark those years was my concentrated efforts to disregard my attraction towards feet. As I grew older I became more and more aware that to my dawning horror the attraction only grew stronger and my curiosity transformed to intense lust. I’d been made to feel ashamed of my desire for feet and finding that it was a companion that refused to depart I thus kept it a dark secret.

One Saturday afternoon in November of my 14th year Ann and my Mother returned home from dance class. I was in the upstairs bathroom masturbating when I heard the front door open.

“James … I’m home!” my Mother announced below. “Where are you?”

“Up here Mom!” I yelled.

I unhappily whipped away the hand lotion residue and stuffed my raging hard-on back in my pants. I was about to go downstairs but realized my erection was outlined alarmingly against my slacks. I decided to wait for it to subside. I thought I heard someone on the stairs, but after a moment of silence I decided it was safe.

I opened the door to find Ann blocking the way. She was dressed in a blue cotton leotard, pink headband, and ratty tennis shoes. Her gym bag was slung over her shoulder and she smelled mildly of sweat. Ann had one of those knowing smirks on her face and her arms were crossed over her breasts. Ann was still much taller than me. She looked down in a rather condescending way and began to tap her foot. I was sure there was no way she could have known what I was doing in there but I immediately felt guilty and even with my best effort began to blush.

“Hey, James. What’s new, kiddo?”

“Hey, Ann,” I stammered “nothing much.”

I attempted to move past her, but she blocked my way. She then pushed me back into the bathroom as she looked back down the stairs. Once inside she closed the door behind her and locked it. She leaned back against the door and began to click her fingernails rhythmically against it. She smiled and took a step closer to me. She then stopped and sniffed the air. She glanced down at the floor and smiled even broader. I started to look down, but she spoke and my eyes snapped back to her.

“Are you left or right handed, Jamie?”

“Right.” I said

She took a step forward and I backed up until my butt hit the cold tile wall. She maintained eye contact as she took hold of both my hands and raised them up between us. She stuck her nose to my left palm and sniffed. Then she neared my right palm and I froze with terror. Now I could notice the faint smell of hand lotion in the air and the container was still on the floor next to the toilet. That must have been what she had seen! Both of us knew that only my right hand would share the same scent as the air in the there.

In the time it took for this realization to dawn on me her nose was brushing my palm as she sniffed in the mingled scent of my cock and the rosy hand lotion.

“Bet I know what else smells like that.”

Her eyes darted downward suggestively. Her smile deepened as did my blush. I looked away and squinted my eyes shut. This couldn’t be happening! I was so embarrassed! There was nothing I wanted more than for my Mother to call me downstairs at that moment.

Even with my eyes shut I could tell she was leaning closer to me. I tried to shy away, but my back was already pressed tightly against the wall.

“Are you still a little perv, Jamie?”

Suddenly a rough, warm, damp cloth was placed over my nose and mouth. Simultaneously Ann whispered a single word into my right ear … “sock.”

In that exact instant, three things happened. I’ll list them in the exact order though they were separated by mere milliseconds.

First: Ann’s hand gripped my now almost soft penis though my pants.

Second: With the shock of her grip I sniffed in the deep stink of her crusty and well worm gym sock.

Third: As she began to kneed my cock, it sprang to full throbbing, erect glory.

I kept my eyes closed … you have to keep in mind that a large part of me was still terrified despite how hard my cock was. Her hot breath tickled my ear lobe as she continued the manipulation of my shaft and head through the thin covering of my slacks. I took shuddering breath after shuddering breath of that hot and wet sock. Each breath held the erotic magic of Ann’s reeking and rank feet. Wave upon wave of her foot stench invaded my nostrils and fogged my senses.

Her hand found a better grip of my cock and began to speed up. I felt an orgasm building as if a volcano were about to let loose. I opened my eyes only to see that the sock obscured my sight as well. I remember trying to mumble something though I don’t remember what exactly.

Ann pressed the sock firmer still against my nose, stifling my sounds, and whispered another word in my ear …. I’m not sure but I think it was, all I heard was “stinky”. Then her wet tongue snaked its way into my ear and waggled about pushing as far in as she could force it. I could feel here tongue bunch up around the tapered tip as she pushed it as deep as she could into my ear. She then began to wiggle the tip which was buried in my inner ear. I think I screamed out the second before my orgasm hit.

Suddenly there was nothing. She had stopped jacking me off just a second before the volcano blew its load! My hand instinctively jerked towards my swollen member. She let go of the sock and suddenly both of my arms were pinned to my sides by her grasp. I looked down to see my cock jumping in my pants as the cum trapped within pleaded to get out. I then noted a circular stain of precum growing larger and spreading across the material as a single spurt of my jilted orgasm leaked out.

I could picture my cock head almost purple and swollen beyond belief in the confines of my underwear and pants. I then noticed that Ann was looking at the growing stain as well. I looked up to see a look of extreme satisfaction.

“Sit down,” she said pointing at the closed toilet.

I obeyed without thought and plopped down on the wooded seat.

“Off,” was all she said and motioned with her finger in the area of my crotch.

Still in a partial daze I unbuckled my pants and got as far as pulling them off when I froze up. Ann, who had been standing by impatiently reached forward with an exasperated sigh and yanked down both my pants and underwear beneath. She tugged them around my ankles. When she looked up she was practically face to face with my throbbing cock that stood like a flagpole. Its head was indeed damn near purple and glistening with precum. It seemed to dance as it bounced with each beat of my heart.

For a second it seemed she was about to suck it, but she stood instead. I’m not sure if I was disappointed or relieved. I think a little of both. She then reached behind her for the sink counter and hoisted herself up until she was sitting with legs dangling. She hooked one toe of her ragged looking sneaker behind the other and pushed. As the shoe came free and hit the floor the smell of her unwashed foot filled the small room. That foot was bare and had obviously been the owner of the sock that had so recently been pressed to my face. A un-preventable groan escaped me. She smiled and kicked the other to the floor as well. That foot was bare as well. The shoe landed with a thump next to my foot.

Ann then lifted her feet in front of her as if for my inspection. The soles were very pink and covered with a bit of grim from the old shoes. She scooted her butt on the counter and those feet drew closer. She wiggled her toes. I could see bits of grim and toejam. The smell was indescribable. It was much more intense than I remembered from smelling her feet as a kid. My entire body seemed to be tingling as her feet drew even closer. I could feel heat coming from them as if it radiated with the smell. And then they were on my face.

Her toes wiggled on my forehead as the slimy soles slithered over my nose. A smelly and callused heel pressed against my lips and a salty taste entered my mouth. My cock felt like it was about to explode. It was near painful. My hand strayed towards it to administer relief.

“Uhhh-ahhh, Jamie. Leave that thing alone. It looks so pretty like it is. Just smell, honey. Lets see if that whole big thing of yours will turn purple,” she laughed.

I again groaned. My whole body shook with the need to cum. I could feel more jiz leaking from the head as I continued to endure this torture. The stink was almost unbearable know. I was growing dizzy with lust and Ann’s hard-core foot reek.

Just then a knock came at the bathroom door.

“You in there, Ann?”

It was Mom!

“Yeah, hon. Be out in a sec.”

Ann continued to hold her stinking feet on my face.

“Are my hair-curlers in there?”

“Yep, right here on the counter.”

“Can I come in and grab them, Ann?”

Ann lowered her voice to a whisper …

“Now’s your chance, tiger. Better cum now before Mommy walks in a catches you.”

Without thought I grabbed a hold of my cock like Arthur pulling Excalibur from the stone. One stroke was all it took and a geyser erupted from my aching dick. Ropes of cum covered my chest, chin, arms, hand and inner thighs.


“Just a sec, Lucy.”

In a daze I realized that Ann’s feet were no longer on my face. I stumbled up and climbed into the shower. I pulled the curtain closed as Ann flushed the toilet for effect and opened the bathroom door.

“Damn, Ann,” my mother giggled, “wash those feet before you stink up my whole house.”

They both laughed.

“Have you seen James?” Mom asked.

“Nope, sorry.”

I waited, holding my breath for fear of Mom hearing me. After a moment of silence I was about to climb out when I heard Ann’s voice again. It was back to the conspirative whisper.

“Left you a little present. Don’t tell.”

I then heard the bathroom door shut and footfalls on the stairs. I opened the curtain. Folded up under the lotion on the counter was a pair of Ann’s filthy socks. I quickly tucked them under my shirt and headed downstairs on weakened and shaky legs.

Under my bed was a loose floor board. Under that floor board was a nest of anything I could find that displayed an image of the female foot. There were many images clipped from the Sears catalogue as well as other magazine adds. A few pictures I’d clipped from my sisters “chick” magazines. I’d actually managed to nick a few Playboys while visiting my father in Florida. There were a few full-on pictures of a completely nude blond who seemed to be offering her bare foot to the viewer for inspection. I’d blown my load looking at that more times than I can remember.

Along side these clippings where my prized possessions. All were in their own zip lock bag to retain “freshness”. The first of which was a pair of worn nylons from my seventh grade Science teacher, Mrs. Kinnley. I’d swiped them from her office while I waited for a student-teacher conference. They still had the faint trace of her pungent toes, though the smell was fading with time. Another bag contained the insoles of a friend of my sister’s jogging shoes. Cindy, Lisa’s friend from school, left them in our laundry room for about a week. It took me that long to get the nerve to steal the insoles. Surprisingly nothing was ever mentioned of the missing inserts.

Last but not least was my most shamed, though quite lusted after, item. A pair of my very own sister’s socks. They were the most ripe of my collection. She’d obviously been recycling them for a week before I took them from the floor of her bedroom. They’d been kicked under the corner of her bed-skirt. I saw the pink lace peeking out and instantly recognized them as a Birthday present to Lisa from Mom. I say most shamed because they were worn on my sister’s stinky feet. Yet I smelled them while masturbating and would picture Lisa’s smelly little feet hovering over my upturned face. I even once imagined being forced to lick her asshole. I cam buckets that night, but lay there in the dark feeling guilty and perverted until I feel asleep. I hadn’t seen Lisa in months, yet I knew she would be home for Christmas. Shame or no shame, I looked forward to obtaining a new pair of her smelly treasures.

Well, in a zip-lock bag of their own went Ann’s rank socks. I placed them lovingly next to the rest. My sore cock began to grow partially erect just thinking about the newest addition to my collection and the fun I would have with them in the nights to come.

As I was replacing the board I heard something behind me and turned. I’d thought I had shut my door, yet it stood ajar. With my heart racing I looked in the hall, but saw neither Mom nor Ann. I ducked back into my room and closed the door. I moved by bed back and started on my homework.

The following morning some friends of mine invited me out to play softball at a nearby park. During the game I noticed a pair of biking shoes under the bench. I stuffed them in my backpack when no one was looking. On the way home I ducked into a gully near my house. Because of the color (pink) and small size, I new them to be a pair of young girl’s shoes. I buried my nose in them for the initial trial sniff. Sure enough, my heart raced with the scent that I found within the musty confines. Stinky footed girls be blessed! I stuffed them in my pack and headed for home.

I entered through the back door, which leads into the kitchen. I’d hopes of grabbing a zip-lock and heading straight to my room. As I entered, my mother was on her way out with a bag of trash in her hand. She scowled as she saw me approach.

“James, we need to have a talk. Get cleaned up and come down when you are done.”

She hustled past me with the bag heading towards the garbage cans out back. I knew I was in for it. I hadn’t taken out the trash for the last week and she’d asked my two or three times already. I darted inside feeling rather low of spirit and nearly forgot the zip-lock baggy. I retraced my path, snagged one, and continued back upstairs. I moved my bed aside and pulled the board free. I sat back and took a final sniff before I stuffed them into the bag. I leaned forward and dropped them in.


It was empty! My stash spot was barren! All the pictures were gone! All the zip-locks! Everything!

“James!” my mother yelled from downstairs.

My heart sank. Gray spots swan in my vision and I felt like I was about to wet myself.

“James. Get down here!”

I stood without bothering to replace the board. With heavy heart I trudged downstairs.

I found Mom in the kitchen doing dishes. She glanced at me over her shoulder as I entered the room.

“Take a seat,” she said as she motioned towards the breakfast table. I noticed the trash still in the corner that I had neglected to take out. I then realized what must have been in the bag that she threw out. It had to be none other than all of my “contraband”.

I sat in silence as she continued to wash. I longingly looked out the breakfast nook window at the garbage cans out back; knowing that my collection lay within. Mom turned off the water and stood staring into the sink. I figured she was waiting for me to speak.

“I can explain … ”

“Your own sister!” she shrieked. She spun as her voiced lashed out. She held a long handled wooden spoon she had been washing in her hand. Her knuckles were white from her grip and her eyes looked tight. I could see the vein in her forehead clearly … that meant I was really in for it.

“I’d thought you had grown out of it. I’d hoped! Its filthy! Its filthy and gross and wrong!” She shook the spoon at me to emphasize her tirade.

“You need help, James Anthony Shane! You need help! Your own sister!”

At that point I realized that I wasn’t going to get out of this. My lip began to quiver uncontrollably. I knew I should have cut off the telltale pink lace from Lisa’s socks.

“Get up! Stand up, dammit!”

I jumped up ready to bolt at any minute.

“Come here! HERE!” She pointed to the floor in front of her when I didn’t move right away.

I crossed the kitchen to stand before her. My Mother my be considered a very attractive woman … but at that moment it was like confronting a troll as far as I was concerned.

“Now we’ve been through all of this before,” she said in a more restrained voice. Though I could tell there was effort involved.

“I forbade your sister to ever mention the last time … I haven’t mentioned it. I had hoped it would spare you any embarrassment. I’d also hoped that it had been enough, but apparently it wasn’t.”

She slapped the spoon against her palm and I jumped.

“Down on the ground!” she said.

I hesitated but the look on her face changed my mind in a snap. Totally confused and emotionally distraught I lay flat on the linoleum floor.

“No, no. Up on you knees!”

I pushed myself up till I was on my hands and knees.

“You know what to do!” she said.

Honestly I had no idea. Then I saw movement and I looked up. Mom had on a pair of open toed mules, or whatever you call them. Thick soled, black leather slip on shoes. Her painted toes wiggled in the open toe of the shoes.

“Get to it mister!”

Humiliated beyond belief I crawled forward and loomed over her feet. I felt the bite of the wooden spoon as she pressed it against the back of my head pushing me closer and closer to her wiggling toes.

“Sniff,” she said.

I took a pitiful sniff.

“No, dammit … get your nose in there.” She pushed harder with the spoon and the tip of my nose slipped between her big and second toe. Oh God, I didn’t want to smell my own Mother’s feet! This was a nightmare!

“Now sniff!”

I took a strong sniff this time and my senses reeled. They were foul beyond anything sane. I guess its something about it being your own mother’s feet that makes it that much more powerful. It was the leather soles of the shoes seasoned with her foot reek plus the present power of her toe jam. Nothing can really describe it.

“SNIFF!” she bellowed. And then I felt the sting of the wooden spoon as it struck my left ass check.

“SNIFF!” she shouted again as she followed it with another smack of the spoon.

With each SNIFF came a smack and with each smack I uncontrollably inhaled more of her noxious foot aroma. This continued for what seemed an eternity.

“You’re filthy! SMELL! You’re foul and perverted! SMELL MY FEET, DAMMIT!”


“Put your tongue out! Eat my toejam! I haven’t had a chance to wash my feet for days! You do it for me! CHEW IT, DAMMIT!”


“CHEW! Keep smelling! SMELL MY STINK!”


This was possibly the most humiliating moment of my life. Or so I thought at that time. I did everything she said. I smelled, I licked and I chewed my own mother’s toejam. All to the rhythm of her wooden spoon trading between ass cheeks.

Finally the whacks stopped and I could tell she was out of breath.

“All right, get up,” she said in a half-whisper.

I stood up. Her face was very red and flushed though she didn’t seem out of breath as I had thought. I couldn’t make sense of it. She was panting but didn’t seem tired. I stood there pitifully rubbing my backside.

“All I can do is hope that whenever you want to do the filthy things you do, that you will think of this. I want you to remember that its wrong. I’m only doing this cause I love you … so don’t look at me like that. You need to be ashamed and remember that this is wrong.”

I have no idea what came over me, but before I could stop myself my mouth opened …

“There’s nothing wrong with it Mom … I’m not filthy!”

Her face darkened.

“Upstairs …” she hissed.

“NOOOWWWW! Move it, move it, move it!”

She raised the spoon again and I ran like the devil was chasing me. I jumped on my bed and buried my head in the pillow. I hadn’t been sent to my room since I was 9. Even further humiliation. But no, there was more to come. I wasn’t simply sent to my room. I could hear my mother stomping up the stairs. She’d put her shoes back on and they sounded like the tread of doom. She stormed into my room and slammed the door.

“I know what you do in here at night, James! I know the dirty things you do to your self! And your Mommy knows where all my carrots disappear to! Your father was the same way. Filthy, just like you! But maybe its not too late. Take off your clothes, right now. And don’t even think about lipping back!”

Now I was in total terror and even more mortified than before. Had she seen me doing these things or just guessed? About a year earlier … after getting the idea from a letter in Playboy, I took a carrot and inserted it into my ass while masturbating. I got to liking it so much that I continued this practice since then. She not only suspected, she knew somehow!

I finished removing the last bit of clothing and sat huddled in a ball with knees to chest on the bed.

“Well, what could be more horrible, James? Well, I’ll tell you! You’re going to do these filthy things right in front of me. Right in front of your own Mother, James! Then we’ll see if they are so fun later. Think I’m joking!”

She tossed a tube of something onto the bed. I looked down … it said KY Jelly on it. I’d never seen it in the house before but it had obviously been used … half of it was gone.

She grabbed both of my ankles and yanked. I was forced onto my back as she pulled at my legs. My hands shot to cover myself but she batted them away. I felt cold liquid spatter my genitals and drip down my balls and into my butt crack. She grabbed my hand and roughly set it on my penis. I kept my eyes squeezed closed.

“Show Mommy!” she barked. “Show your mother the foul disgusting things you do to yourself.”

Shaking with embarrassment and shame I took hold of my limp penis and started to rub it. Of course nothing happened, but I continued nonetheless.

“What’s the matter? Is this what you want?”

I felt the bed bounce and I opened my eyes to see one of her feet shooting at my face. The slimy stinky sole caressed my nose and lips. Her toes gently tickled my cheek and then smashed into my face with insistent force. Before I realized it … I’d was rubbing a stiff cock where once it had been limp. I heard my mother gasp.

“Look at me!” she commanded.

She held the spoon in her hand but this time the handle pointed up.

“Be ashamed … ” was all she said. Then, as our eyes met, she slide the handle of the spoon into my ass as far as she could stick it. She placed her toes on my nose and smacked my hand back into motion. I attempted to look at the ceiling but she demanded I continue to look at her. Then she began to move the handle in and out … slow at first but then faster. I don’t think I need to describe the immensity of that moment. Words won’t cover it anyway. This was my mother. The reek of her stinking toes, the constant anal stimulation and the slickness of the KY kept me hard as hell despite my emotions. But this was my mother!

Then the handle began to move faster and her eyes strayed to my hardened cock and moving hand.

“You’re filthy! You should be ashamed! FILTHY! Dammit, stop looking at me!”

Her foot slapped over my eyes. I could still see her through the gap of her toes. I couldn’t help but continue to look at her. Some kind of change had occurred. She just starred fixedly on my cock and fucked me even faster with the spoon. She was mumbling something about how it should work and that I needed more. Something about “Ann said it would work”.

She bounded back from the bed leaving the spoon still in my ass. I could feel my tightening anus pushing it out automatically. It then became snagged on the bed or something but it stayed inside of me. Mom snatched one of her shoes from the floor and climbed back onto the bed in what seemed like a panic. She straddled me and slapped the shoe over my nose.


There’ s always that moment when time seems to stand still when a line is being crossed. It happened at that moment. Once again a series of things happened within milliseconds of each other.

I took my first sniff of her foul smelling shoe. She reached down between her legs and batted my hand away from my cock. I then took a second panicked sniff at her command. The strong pungent stink of her feet crowded my senses and my cock jerked to the stimulus. As my cock bounced up it slapped into wet, warm flesh between my mothers legs. She locked eyes with me and this time moaned “Be ashamed” and with that, slammed herself onto me and I slide inside of her.

She rode me so hard it was frightening.

She held the shoe to my face the entire time. I had no time to wonder about anything other than a fear of her breaking my cock in two. I again began to grow dizzy. My eyes seemed to roll about aimlessly. I do remember her coming close to my face and sticking her own nose in the shoe and sniffing.

“God its so stinky! How can you stand it!” But she took another sniff despite her seemingly wrinkled look of disgust.

She fucked me and fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. The violent ride caused that snagged spoon to fuck my ass all on its own as the bed bounced. I sniffed that reeking, stinky shoe while my ass was fucked and my own Mother rode my aching cock like a lust-starved demon from hell. It was too much, dear reader. I couldn’t help myself. God help me, but I exploded inside of my mother with a scream and gouts of thick hot cum. I hate to say it but it was one of the best orgasms of my young life.

She continued to ride me until a scream that seemed to build from a low moan, ripped from her mouth contorting her features. She collapsed atop me and lay there sobbing. My cock grew limp, still inside of her, and I could feel my jiz dripping out of her vagina and around my balls. She finally stood and picked up both shoes. She seemed to wear a very satisfied smile on her face. I on the other hand felt very naked and exposed. She left me there in shock and closed the door behind her. I pulled my comforter over my nakedness and lay there listening to her humming about the house.

She was right though … every time I smell feet, or sniff a sock or have my ass penetrated … I think of that day. Though that very night I snuck out to the garbage cans and retrieved my treasures. Once again, I’m not sure it worked how Mom wished. Of course there is always more to a story like this … I certainly doesn’t end here …


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