By pokefan115

“Damn!” Exclaimed Sarah as she dropped the shoe from her nose. She had just got done with school for the day and wanted to test out if her new foot powder had been doing its job. Sarah Walker was just like any other college freshman at the University of North Carolina.

She was from Rhode Island, nice, smart, athletic, and not bad looking. About average build, a little taller than most, and the type of sexy that guys really went for in sports players. She had a lean, toned body and beautiful legs that she was very proud of. She had been at the school for about 4 months and the year was going well. She had friends, was on good terms with her roommate Nicole (who was almost like a clone of herself. She was very similar in build and size, slightly smaller and thinner, but darker in skin tone and far more southern), and a good teammate. From anyone passing by on the street or on campus, she was the picture perfect “normal” college girl. However, Sarah had one problem that was not usually an issue with the average college female. She had big, seriously stinky feet.

Sarah stood at about 5’9”, which was a little bit larger than the average freshman girl. Her long, supple legs were one of her best features which she took pride in. However, at the base of these legs were 2 horrid stink makers. Sarah wore a size 10 ½ to 11 shoe, making her feet relatively big. In comparison to her body, they weren’t too big and made her look like a clown, but she had the biggest feet of everyone she knew. Sarah played on the junior varsity soccer team at UNC and was very good at playing defense. She had the biggest feet out of all her teammates and bar far the stinkiest. After practice or after a game, Sarah would rush to the locker room to change shoes and socks before anyone else walked in. She tried all she could to prevent her team from really catching a whiff of her feet. Even though she’d be the first in, change footwear, and throw the shoes/socks in her gym bag, the smell always lingered in the air when her teammates walked in. A few of them would comment about the horrible smell that always seemed to be in the air of the locker room. They would laugh it off and just say that a locker room usually tends to have a sour smell regardless. Plus they had just finished playing and were all a little sweaty and smelly. Sarah always breathed a sigh of relief when nobody suspected her feet to be the cause. She knew that some of the other girls on the team had some pretty stinky feet after games and whatnot, but not to the level of hers. She could change socks frequently, use foot spray, powder, wash socks and shoes multiple times, take multiple showers, but nothing ever seemed to work. The smell was always a constant. Sarah had tried using products from offline, TV infomercials, and they were all ineffective to curb the stench of her feet.


This latest product had once again done nothing to help, and Sarah tossed the can of powder into the trash with all the others she tested out that week. She had basically tried every brand and option available at local stores and offline, so at this point, she felt that there would be nothing she could do. Sarah was an only child and her mother had a similar problem. She used to remember how bad her mother Robyn’s feet would smell after she got home from the office and kick off her pumps. The smell of her mother’s pantyhose feet was about as bad as hers were after a full day in school when she didn’t change socks part way through. The odor of her mom’s feet was the reason why Sarah’s father Walt left them before Sarah was even born. Sarah remembers her mother telling the story of how her father never really got to know the true smell of her feet while they were together because she would always be wearing shoes around him and would change shoes/socks frequently even when on dates. Whenever Robyn knew that they would be returning to her place at night, she would hide all of her shoes and dirty socks in a big leather trunk and lock it in the closet.

Sarah’s mother Robyn and her father Walt didn’t date very long and only had sex one time when Sarah was conceived. It was right after Robyn’s shoes came off during sex that Walt caught a whiff of her feet and immediately stopped. He couldn’t handle the smell and left. Robyn tried to explain the situation to him over the phone, but Walt couldn’t be with her even if she continued the routine of changing footwear to maintain a less offensive aroma. Soon after, losing contact with him, Robyn found out she was pregnant with Sarah. Robyn stopped caring as much about the smell of her feet soon after and never found another man to bring onto her life. Sarah believes that the story her mom told her almost forced her to develop an inevitable dislike of men. She hated her father and the way he acted over something like foot smell, compounded with the fact that Sarah’s feet were smelly, led to her not having any interest in boys as she grew up. Sarah never really thought of herself as a lesbian, but didn’t believe there would be a boy that could get over how bad her feet smelled if her mom couldn’t find one.

But even though her mom’s feet were rank, Sarah developed horribly stinky feet in middle school. As she began to go through puberty, her feet got stinkier and stinkier. Her mom, so used to the natural stench of her own feet, accepted Sarah’s foot odor and never really complained about it, but still took measures to keep it from really spreading around the house. The powders and sprays started at this point and Robyn bought special containers to store Sarah’s used shoes/socks. Sarah still used them to this day, hiding them in her dorm room closet.

Even with the preventative measures, Sarah noticed her feet getting worse and worse as years went by all the way through high school. She started playing soccer in high school and found her foot odor to get substantially worse because of it. All of the kids in her school used to call her stinkfoot because word began to spread that her feet could be used to kill people if they weren’t careful! Sarah left to go to college in a separate state to prevent the rumor from following. Here at UNC, nobody knew about the awful smell her feet produced, at least not yet.

So now, Sarah lay back in her bed and smelled the stale, sour smelling air in her room. She remembered taking off her shoes and forgot to put them into their containers in the closet. Also, she had to put her used socks in the proper place as well. Sarah had 4 separate air fresheners in her room to keep the smell of her feet from becoming too strong in her bedroom and leaking out into the other parts of the dorm room where her roommate Nicole was. She was on good terms with her and didn’t want them to find out about her horrible secret.

After putting her socks/shoes in the right place until the next cleaning day, Sarah went to go take a quick shower in an attempt to keep her feet from stinking even though she knew it would be a futile effort.
Life progressed as usual for Sarah for the rest of the semester. She went to class, did well, played on her soccer team, and went about her daily business. However, on the last day of school before break and the start of the new term, her roommate Nicole turned her world upside down.


When Sarah had gone to class that morning, she had forgotten to grab extra socks with her to change out of during breaks between classes. Also, Sarah forgot to print out the homework she needed for her last class of the day and accidentally twisted her ankle running to class trying to make it on time after printing it out. She couldn’t go to the nurse because her feet would be probably the stinkiest they have been in years due to her forgetfulness earlier that morning. So she waited to take care of her ankle at home after class. While in class, Sarah could feel her ankle becoming a little swollen. On the way to the back to her dorm room, Sarah tried as best she could to limp her way home without putting too much pressure on her ankle. Sarah had talked to Nicole the day before about how she would be staying in the dorms over break and how Nicole would be leaving to go home right after class. Nicole lived in NC, so the drive to her house wouldn’t take too long and she could drop her bag in the car on the way to class to expedite the process of leaving ASAP.

Sarah got home and yelled, “Anybody home? Nicole? Are you here?”

There was no answer so Sarah took the initiative to fill a plastic baggie with ice, wrap it in a towel, and sit down on the couch. She breathed a heavy sigh of relief when she popped her show off of her swollen ankle and released a putrid aroma into the air. Sarah was basically used to the odor her feet produced, even at their worst, but this was a smell she hadn’t experienced in quite some time. She wasn’t overwhelmed by it, but was surprised at how bad they smelled just from not engaging in her sock changing ritual she performed daily.

Sarah then took the opportunity to remover her other shoe and both socks as well. The cool air felt great on her hot, sweaty feet that had been trapped in shoes all day. With Nicole gone, there was no longer anything to worry about. She could be as free as ever, knowing that it would be over 2 weeks until Nicole came back. That left plenty of time to remove the stench now floating in the air. As Sarah lay back on the couch and wiggled her toes, cracking them and releasing more of her foot scent into the surrounding area, she heard a noise that caused her heart to drop. The sound of the door behind her where Nicole’s room was, opened and Sarah heard, “What on Earth is that smell?!”

Sarah hoped that it was all just a horrible dream, a stinky dream, but when her eyes opened fully, she saw Nicole standing over her with her arms crossed and an angry look on her face.

Sarah gulped and tried saying something, but to no avail. No words were escaping her mouth. She just looked up at Nicole and after a few, “Uh…uh….umm…..uh….sorry.” Finally came out of Sarah’s mouth in a hushed tone. Nicole only shook her head and didn’t say a word.

Sarah once again repeated, “Sorry.” Nicole finally broke her silence and said, “What on Earth is producing that smell?”

Sarah got completely red in the face and buried her face in her hands. She was on the verge of tears when she said, “I thought you were going to be home by now! I had no idea that you were still here! I’m so sorry! Please don’t hate me! I’m really sorry! Now you know my horrible secret. I have really stinky feet okay?! I’m not happy about it. There’s nothing I can do. I used to get made fun of for it in high school every day. That’s why I came to a school in a different state! I hate it when people make fun of me for it. I used to be called stinkfoot in high school. Nobody liked me. I was even laughed at by my soccer teammates. I’m sorry okay! I have 4 air fresheners in my room to keep this smell from escaping into the rest of the dorm room! I take multiple showers, change socks, use special containers to store my shoes/socks, and nothing ever helps!” Sarah began to sob into her hands and then felt something warm on the back of her hand.

Nicole had tenderly grasped her hand now damp with tears and Sarah looked up at her. Nicole had a big smile across her face and was slightly teary eyed herself. She sniffled a little and giggled as well. She looked right at Sarah and said, “Is that all?! You’re so silly Sarah, you don’t have to apologize and I definitely don’t hate you. The funny thing is, I also have really smelly feet!”

Sarah heard the words Nicole spoke, but couldn’t really comprehend. She couldn’t believe what just happened. Sarah wiped her face on her shirt and said, “What do you mean?”

Nicole grabbed her by the arm and said, “Follow me into my room, I’ll show ya.”

Sarah got up and hobbled over to Nicole’s room trying to be gentle with her bum ankle. Nicole looked at Sarah and said, “I want you to take a big sniff of air in my room. What does it smell like to you?”

Sarah inhaled and said, “Nothing really. Maybe a small hint of lavender? But otherwise, it’s just a neutral scent.”

“Exactly!” Nicole shouted. “My room smells like almost nothing because everything that touches my feet is inside of my closet there. I have hidden odor controllers spread throughout my room. The reason you got a hint of lavender is because the odor controllers are lavender scent, but they use up most of their smell covering up the smell that escapes my closet when the doors are open. I’ve been doing this since high school so nobody except me and now you know about this. My parents never found out when I was at home. I did this all on my own and brought the technique with me to college. I wash all of my own shoes and socks, and I’ve never been on any sports teams to help prevent anyone from finding out my dark secret.”

Sarah was still in misbelief. She stared blankly at Nicole and eventually came to her sense to ask a question, “Okay, but if nobody knows about it, then why tell me? Why show me what nobody has ever known about you? I know we’re friends, but we did just meet at the start of school.”

Nicole laughed a little again and said, “Girl, isn’t it obvious?! We are similar! I finally found somebody that understands my struggle. That understands what it’s like to be a girl with really smelly feet!”

Nicole then grabbed a key that she had hidden in her dresser drawer and unlocked the closet. As soon as the latch opened and a small gap formed where the doors meet, a horrifying smell erupted from the closet. Nicole seemed to be unaffected by it, but it sent Sarah stammering back. Sarah waved a hand in front of her nose slowly realizing that the smell was similar to the very smell of her own feet! As she began to inhale more recognizing the putrid aroma of really stinky feet, she noticed Nicole had closed her eyes and was deeply inhaling. Sarah called out to her, but there was no response. She walked over to her and tapped her shoulder.


Nicole inhaled, exhaled and said “Ah isn’t it wonderful” as a smile rolled across her face. Sarah had never once thought that someone could describe the smell of feet as wonderful. Especially not the smell escaping Nicole’s closet which so closely resembled the aroma of her feet on a warm day. Nicole then turned back to Sarah and said, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

Nicole vanished out of her room and quickly returned holding Sarah’s used socks and shoes that she was wearing just a short while ago.

“Are you telling me that you don’t find the strong smell of your feet to be empowering?” asked Nicole with a strange look of lust in her eyes.

“Not really…” stammered Sarah, confused, and yet curious as to what Nicole planned on doing with her socks and shoes in hand.

“I can’t help but enjoy the scent of a hardworking foot after being trapped in its smelly prison all day long!” and with that, Nicole pressed both of Sarah’s socks to her nose and held a shoe over it all, inhaling with even more intensity than when she was smelling her own closet stench. Sarah was completely blown away by Nicole’s actions. She couldn’t believe that someone would choose to smell her socks and shoes of their own accord. Sarah could do nothing but say, “Wow.”

Nicole let the socks and shoe drop and said, “That was a great appetizer, but now I want the main course!” She grabbed Sarah by her wrists and slowly pushed her onto her bed. She told Sarah to scoot back and prop herself up against the pillows to allow her legs to stretch out fully. Nicole grabbed her ankles and Sarah let out a small whimper. Nicole looked up at her and said, “I’m sorry, was I a little too rough?”

Sarah looked back and said, “No, I just accidentally twisted my ankle from running to class earlier and it’s still sore and a little swollen.”

Nicole smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll help you feel better!” And with that, Nicole began to gently rub the Sarah’s ankles and passionately kiss them all around from bottom to top. Sarah had never known what it felt like to have someone get so close to her feet. She had never gotten a pedicure and nobody had ever rubbed or massaged her tired, sore feet after class or soccer. She had never known that the sensation could feel so good. Sarah leaned back and closed her eyes allowing Nicole to send her deeper into ecstasy.

Nicole continued to gently massage Sarah’s sore ankle, but slowly began to work her mouth along the tops of Sarah’s big size 10 ½ feet. Even after being out of shoes for a little while now, Nicole could really smell the stench of Sarah’s feet. As she got closer and closer to the toes, the scent intensified and Nicole placed her nose right between the big toe and second toe on Sarah’s foot. She inhaled with the same intensity she once did with Sarah’s socks and shoe. The smell was overwhelming! Nicole had to pull back from Sarah’s bare foot and was forced to cough a little because of the strong smell. Her socks were pretty pungent, but the bare feet were even more powerful. The smell of Sarah’s feet could be described as a heavy dose of vinegar and corn chip mix. Very pungent and powerful, Nicole was not as prepared as she thought to engulf her senses in the smell of Sarah’s feet. After becoming a little better prepared, she entered once again to smell the distinct scent of Sarah’s feet. After knowing what exactly she was getting into, Nicole was better able to smell the stench without reeling back at all. The strong scent was still powerful and brought some tears to her eyes, but Nicole was thoroughly enjoying herself. She had never once smelled feet that were as pungent, if not stronger in smell than her own and never thought she would. What line of fate had brought Sarah into Nicole’s life and allowed the events to occur that led to this moment, she was unsure of but loved every minute! She did not question why and wholeheartedly accepted it.

Nicole’s nose travelled up down the soles of Sarah’s feet. Glided in between her toes, through the arch of her foot, under the toes, around the heel, anywhere she could find the tantalizing smell.

Unaware to Nicole, Sarah had been brought to a world of such pure joy and arousal, that Sarah had never once known existed. The cool air rushing against her feet, the sensation of having someone breath in the scent of your feet was more than Sarah could handle. She had never once thought that doing that would bring such pleasure to her body. Nicole’s nose had turned into a little massager making its way all around Sarah’s foot. The way it tickled lightly and would sometimes add pressure when Nicole would press it against her sole to inhale deeply was more than Sarah could handle. Sarah never believed anyone would be able to handle the scent of her feet, let alone enjoy smelling them! Without fully realizing it, Sarah slowly traced her hand down her chest and stomach, over her thigh, and down into her pants. She found her way into her panties and began to finger herself through her pants.

Nicole was completely enthralled in smelling Sarah’s rank feet and continued to explore whatever she could find with her adventurous nose. Unaware of Sarah pleasuring herself in her pants to Nicole smelling her feet, Nicole also reached down into her jeans and began herself! With each and every inhale, both girls lightly moaned as they were both beginning to reach their limit.

Nicole began to inhale deeper and bring more of the stink into her nostrils. The smell, however strong, was something Nicole enjoyed, but it was beginning to take its toll on her senses. Nicole was beginning to feel lightheaded and slightly queasy even though she was feeling so much pleasure. She knew that it was almost time to finish and escape the smelly prison that she so wanted to remain in. Nicole began to finger herself harder and her pussy juices were beginning to excrete into her panties. She knew that she was nearing her climax and wanted to savor every last moment. Placing her nose between every toe running down the line of both of Sarah’s feet, back and forth, Nicole finally exploded with a rush of cum in her pants as she smelled right between the toes she started with. Nicole moaned out loudly in pleasure and convulsed with each and every wave of joy that ran through her and out of her.

Sarah had begun to play with herself more intensely as well. Her free hand was clawing at the bed posts, almost searching for something to hold onto during this process. She eventually found something just within her reach off the side of the bed. She grabbed it and brought it up to her face. Instinctively, Sarah held it up to her face and smelled it. It was familiar, but somehow foreign. She felt as if she knew what it was, and yet didn’t. She opened her right eye to realize that one of Nicole’s shoes had come tumbling out of the closet and she was now pressing it to her nose and gaining pleasure from the scent emitting out of it. That was why it seemed so familiar. Nicole’s feet smelled similar to her own foul stench, and yet, for some reason, in the heat of the moment, smelling Nicole’s shoe added to her pleasure. Sarah wasn’t really sure why, but the added stimulus was something she could not ignore. She held the show firmly over her nose and inhaled deeply. The strong smell of old sneaker, sweat, and vinegar flooded her nostrils. After a few more deep inhales, Sarah moaned and felt the wave of her climax surf through her.

Almost in sync, the 2 girls finished at nearly the same instant and both lay flat where they were panting in exhaustion, but smiling and happy. Their pants were soaked through and Sarah had even moistened Nicole’s bed slightly. After what felt like an eternity, Nicole began to giggle Sarah started to laugh, and both girls ended up being hysterical for a minute. They both sat up and looked at each other.

They were a mess, both of them, soaked through their pants and slowly realizing that the pleasure they each just felt was brought on by the smell of stinky feet. Nicole was the first to break the silence and say,

“Well, that was fun. Your feet smell amazing!”

Sarah laughed and said, “Never would have guessed I’d hear that from anyone! But I appreciate it and I’m glad someone likes it.”

Nicole smiled, glanced down at her pants and said, “Looks like it was as good for me as it was for you! And somebody likes my feet as well!”

Sarah blushed a little and Nicole hopped up on the bed with her. They looked into each other’s eyes and Nicole leaned in. They began to passionately make out with each other. Sarah and Nicole became entranced with one another and it felt as if a special connection was made. After minutes of kissing, they separated and Nicole winked at Sarah. She got up and said, “Well I’m going to take a shower, I feel a little dirty! Even though I don’t really want to wash the scent of your feet off of my face.”

Sarah giggled and as Nicole walked away she turned and said, “Oh! And if you liked that, just wait and see what else I have in store for you! You haven’t even begun to experience the joys I can bring to your feet! And I want them to blow my socks off with their smell next time around!”

Sarah laughed again, fell back onto Nicole’s bed, and closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe what just happened. From one event to another, it all seemed like a dream. Maybe it was, but she didn’t want to wake up from it if it was. She thought about what else Nicole could have in store for her and turned her head towards Nicole’s shoe/open closet, breathed a little deeper than before and fell asleep.


Sarah opened her eyes and lifted up her head. She was in a daze and wasn’t entirely sure what was going on around her. She couldn’t see anything and as her vision began to focus, she noticed a small stream of light near the floor. Looking around once again, Sarah realized that she was still in Nicole’s bedroom. It was now evening time and Sarah tried to find Nicole’s alarm clock to find out the time. Precisely 8:30, and then she watched the 0 change to a 1. Now 8:31, Sarah stretched out her arms and yawned. Scratching at her stomach, she heard it gurgle.

“Guess I should make something to eat.”

Sarah hopped out of Nicole’s bed and immediately collapsed onto the ground in pain. She had forgotten about her twisted ankle and had just landed on it placing much of her body weight onto the weak ankle. As the immediate pain subsided, Sarah remembered instantaneously what had transpired earlier that day.

She remembered Nicole finding out about her stinky feet and finding out about Nicole’s stinky feet. Nicole had a closet full of putrid, smelly shoes and they had pleasured themselves while smelling each other’s feet. It all seemed too unreal. Sarah didn’t want to believe it. It couldn’t be true. There was no way that all happened! Sarah walked towards the door and slowly poked her head out. There was a lingering scent of her stinky feet in the air as she pushed the door open more. As light poured into Nicole’s room, Sarah noticed the closet door was shut again. Carefully walking out of Nicole’s room as if she was part of a diamond heist trying to avoid being caught, Sarah made her way out towards the living room. She could hear the television and picked up on a conflicting aroma. The smell of her shoes began mixing with pasta sauce. Nicole noticed Sarah out of the corner of her eye.


“Well good morning sleeping beauty! Glad you made it out in time for dinner. Go ahead and grab a seat at the counter. Dinner will be ready soon. I was just about to go in there and wake you up myself!”

Sarah simply nodded and made her war over to the stool under the counter. Just as she was about to ask a question, Nicole placed a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in front of her.

“Alright dig-in and tell me what you think! If you need any cheese or pepper, give me a holler.”

Sarah replied, “Thanks Nicole. Ummm….there’s no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to come out right with it. Did all that really just happen or was I was dreaming?”

“Did what really happen?” Nicole asked slightly puzzled.

“You know what I mean! The feet thing!”

“OH! Thaaaat…Yup!” Nicole said with a smile and turned her back to Sarah to fix her plate.

“So, I mean, like, we really just did that. We smelled each other’s feet and masturbated to the smell, and you’re just leaving at that?”

Nicole turned back to Sarah, smiled, and let out a giggle. “You’re silly! You know that?”

Sarah looked back at Nicole and laughed a little as well, but more of an awkward laugh.

Sarah continued, “I mean come on now, we just smelled each other’s FEET! And LIKED it! Now you’re making me dinner and moving past it just like that?! Plus, I thought you were going home?”

Nicole put her plate down and said, “Look, all answer all of your questions. For one, I was hungry, I’m sure you are too, so I made dinner for us. It’s that simple. For two, I just called my parents and told them there was a change of plans and I decided to stay to work during spring break and make some extra money. Which at this point, isn’t necessarily a lie. And lastly, I felt that what happened moments ago, was natural. We both have stinky, smelly feet, found added pleasure in indulging in it, and I feel a lot closer to you now. It’s not that hard of a concept.”

Sarah listened to what Nicole had to say. She nodded along with each statement, coming to understand the situation a little better.

“So basically what you’re telling me is that we had like a roommate bonding moment through sexually pleasuring ourselves via our stinky feet?”

Nicole again laughed and said, “Sure I guess it was something like that.”

Sarah couldn’t help but laugh at the bluntness of her comment. She looked up at Nicole and said, “Thanks for dinner, now come over here and sit down. Let’s eat before it gets cold.”

The two girls ate their dinner and talked about normal things like school, TV, movies, etc. Nothing was mentioned about their foot experience and neither of them brought it back up. After dinner was done, Sarah began putting the dishes into the dishwasher and cleaning up the counter since Nicole had made the food. Nicole plopped herself on the couch and propped her legs up over the armrest.

“Oh boy, I am stuffed right now!” Nicole let out a large sigh and rested her head on the pillow at the opposite end of the couch. As Sarah was putting the last of the dishes into the dishwasher and was heading out from the kitchen, Nicole called out to her.

“Hey Sarah, come over here, take a load off!” Sarah giggled and made her way over to the couch and lifted Nicole’s legs, placing them onto her lap after sitting.

“Hey Sarah, you mind rubbing my feet for me? I’d love you so much for it!”

Nicole started bouncing on the couch and wiggling her toes. Sarah couldn’t help but look at her feet and notice just her pretty they were. Smaller than her own feet, probably about size 7 ½ or 8, Nicole’s feet were average in features, but were anything but. They were shapely, but not too slim or wide. Her toes weren’t too long or stubby. She had small, little arches that would wrinkle so beautifully when she scrunched her toes. She could spread her toes so that there was a nice gap, perfect for a tongue to slide in between each and every one. Her feet were well maintained and had no rough spots or calluses. Sarah found herself practically drooling over Nicole’s nearly perfect feet. She had never had such a reaction to feet before. She never looked at feet with such a critical viewpoint, she was essentially judging Nicole’s feet like a contest dog at the dog show. Going over each different category so precisely and rating each feature of her feet. Sarah snapped herself out of it and looked over at Nicole. She had noticed it long ago. Nicole knew Sarah was staring at her feet and critiquing them.

“You know, I don’t mind what you have to say, I can handle the criticism.”

Sarah laughed and said, “I don’t really have much to criticize. Your feet are beautiful. I mean, I’ve never looked at feet before like I did just now. I can’t explain it, it feels weird. Not bad, but just strange that I suddenly have like a uh…a….”

“Foot fetish?” Nicole simply stated.

“A foot fetish? What is that exactly? I’ve heard of people out there that like feet, but isn’t that like really weird? Don’t only weird, perverted old guys have that?” Sarah didn’t want to be associated with those kinds of people. There was no way she had a foot fetish.

Nicole shook her head at Sarah. “No silly, a foot fetish is not weird, nor is it something that only old perverts have. It is one of the most common sexual fetishes in the world. A lot of young, old, men, women, etc. have one. I realized I had one around the start of high school. I remember smelling my friend’s shoes at sleepovers and during gym class. I became sort of predisposed to foot smelling as I began to realize my own foot stink. I would come home from school and pleasure myself to the smell of my shoes and socks. I loved the smell of stinky feet and became more curious about my fetish. I then began to realize I had a foot fetish and sought out stinky feet to gain heightened sensations of arousal. I noticed how my orgasms would be greater and more pleasurable when feet were involved. So you see, you’re not weird. It’s perfectly natural to like feet and even gain sexual pleasure out of smelling them, licking them, rubbing them, whatever you want!”

Sarah was in disbelief about what she had just heard. She never knew such a thing existed. She didn’t find Nicole weird or anything and now she had begun to realize her own foot fetish desires. Sarah had never thought that feet would be able to heighten the intensity and feeling of her orgasms. It was only after the experience with Nicole that Sarah began to appreciate foot fetishism.

“Nicole, let me try something real quick.”

Sarah grabbed Nicole’s ankles and slowly brought her feet up to her face. She glanced over at Nicole only to see her smiling back and Sarah buried her face into Nicole’s feet. Sarah breathed in the scent of Nicole’s feet. The odor was present, but had faded quite a bit from earlier. Directly under the pads of her toes and the ball of her foot, the smell was strongest and Sarah could really re-capture the smell she longed for. She inhaled deeply, breath after breath beginning to increase in volume and strength. Sarah could not deny the fact that Nicole’s feet were pungent, but that she enjoyed the stink. Sarah eagerly inhaled the scent of Nicole’s feet and could feel herself becoming aroused. She pulled Nicole’s feet from her face and noticed Nicole had once again snaked her hand into her pants and was fingering herself through her panties. Nicole opened her eyes and smiled at Sarah.

“Sorry, I just can’t seem to control myself when my feet get worshipped or smelled. I find that to be so fucking hot!”

Sarah nodded and said, “I can kind of understand what you mean. I felt myself getting turned on by smelling your feet.”

Nicole smiled even bigger and said, “Hey, I know we just kind of finger-banged ourselves a little while ago, so how about this. We each lay here on the couch, feet to the other person and they get to do what they want with them. How bout it?”

Sarah smiled back and agreed wholeheartedly.


Sarah and Nicole watched movies on TV for a good portion of the night. They each had the other’s feet near their face the whole time. Nicole mostly kept Sarah’s feet on or by her face and kept smelling them. She commented on how Sarah’s feet had been able to maintain their stink level rather well for being out of socks and shoes for quite some time. Sarah knew full well that her feet were more than capable of holding to their stench for a long time before fading. Sarah took the opportunity to kind of explore her newly discovered foot fetish a little bit more. She wanted to find out what her favorite foot fetish activity was. Sarah enjoyed licking feet and sucking on toes and also was fond of rubbing. She lapped at Nicole’s soles like a puppy for a good long while leaving her saliva coating her feet.

The heels were practically dripping with saliva by the end of it. Sarah enjoyed working her tongue up and down Nicole’s smooth, well-kept soles and flicking her tongue between her toes as she sucked on them. She wrapped her tongue around them and popped them like they were lollipops. Sarah was able to make good use of her saliva as a lubricant to gently massage Nicole’s feet throughout the entire process, she worked her thumbs on the balls of her feet, her heels, the soles, each toe, kneading her flesh tenderly to help Nicole relax. Nicole loved every second of the attention Sarah was giving her feet. She tried so hard not to rip off her pants as they lay there on the couch and finger herself into a twitching mess on the floor it felt so good.

Even throughout all of it, Sarah had made her discovery. She, just like Nicole, was a sniffer. Sarah loved most of all smelling the stink on Nicole’s feet. She began to crave it the more she smelled it. Stinky feet was something that plagued her, that haunted her, but now, Sarah had a newfound appreciation for foot stink. Now that she knew about Nicole liked her smell, she no longer had to hide it. She could be as open about as she once dreamed and worry less about how others felt about it. It was liberating to her to finally come to terms with it.

Nicole yawned and rubbed her eyes with Sarah’s feet resting on each side of her head.

“Hey girl, so I had a question for you?”

Sarah looked up from Nicole’s foot and just waited for the continuation.

“I was wondering….so I know we kind of just found out about this whole common foot fetish thing, but I’d like to ask you a few things.”

“Okay shoot Nicole.” Sarah replied.

“Well, for starters, and I don’t mean for this to be rude at all so please bear with me. Don’t get mad either. You have to promise.”

“Okay I promise.”

“Do you really promise?!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, just get on with it!” Sarah said as she laughed slightly annoyed.

“Okay, here it goes….are you a lesbian? I mean, it’s not that I think you are based upon your actions or mannerisms, it’s just that I’m bisexual and I was just curious.”

“Well…I’m not a lesbian, I would consider myself straight, but I don’t mind lesbian acts I guess you could say. I don’t have a problem with kissing other girls and stuff, but I’ve never actually had sex with another girl or anything like that. I’m an open-minded person, especially after discovering this new foot fetish, I’m even more open to new ideas.”

Nicole smiled and said, “What a relief! I’m so glad you’re not against it. I know we made out earlier, but I didn’t know if that was more of a spur-of-the-moment kinda thing or what. Well I’m glad you’re open-minded and maybe I can make you a little more bi-curious as time goes by!”

Nicole winked at Sarah as she finished her statement and continued, “Well here’s another question that kind of piggy-backs off of the previous. Would you mind if we slept together tonight? Not like anything sexual, (maybe not yet) but at least to sleep with each other’s feet near our faces?”

Sarah thought about it and said, “Wait, what did you say a second ago after nothing sexual?”

“Huh? Nothing.”

“Are you sure, I’m pretty sure I heard something.”

“Nope. I have no idea what you’re talking about….So anyway, about tonight?”

“I suppose that will be okay. I can’t deny that I would love to be able to breathe in the smell of your feet all night long.”

Nicole jumped up off the couch and cheered. After a few hoorays, she sat back down and whispered into Sarah’s ear, “Hey, I have a great idea that I want to tell you tomorrow!” Nicole got up giggling to herself and asked, “Hey my bed or yours tonight?”

Sarah began to get up and said, “Whichever, doesn’t matter to me.”

“Okay, so how about my room since you were already asleep in there, plus I don’t want to ruin the surprise just yet! I feel like it would be if we stayed in your room because I wouldn’t be able to control myself!”

Nicole ran off to the bathroom to get ready for bed and Sarah went to her room to change. She sat on her bed and wondered what Nicole could be talking about. Sarah changed and waited for Nicole to get out of the bathroom to finish her pre-sleep ritual.


When Sarah came out of the bathroom, the apartment was dark, ready for its tenants to go to sleep. Sarah walked into Nicole’s room where she was already in bed, lying opposite of normal with her head at the foot of the bed lying on a pillow. She noticed Sarah walk in and told her that she and the bed was ready. Sarah lifted up the covers and slid into place next to Nicole. She found Nicole’s feet and Nicole began to playfully wiggle her toes over Sarah’s nose tickling Sarah causing her to break into laughter.
“Somebody is ticklish!” Nicole exclaimed and continued to tickle Sarah’s nose with her toes. Sarah grabbed hold of Nicole’s ankle and began to tickle the sole of her left foot. Nicole flailed trying to stop Sarah.

“Looks like somebody else is ticklish!” Sarah exclaimed in a vengeful tone and made a deal to stop tickling Nicole if she would stop wiggling her toes on Sarah’s nose. They formed their peace agreement and Sarah nestled close to Nicole again placing her feet by Nicole’s head. The two of them inched closer to one another until they each found themselves using the other’s feet as their pillow and planting their faces squarely on the soles. Sarah and Nicole each took in large, audible whiffs of their feet-pillow and savored each inhale. The scent still lingered and struck a chord with each girl. They began to moan again and each started rubbing themselves on the other’s leg.

Each girl began furiously humping the leg of the other girl as they smelled their feet. Sarah was enthralled in Nicole’s feet when she felt something moist on her knee. She reached down between sniffs inching closer to the source of the moisture. As she slid her hand down her leg, her knew became wetter and wetter. When she finally reached it, she ended up with a fingerful of pussy. Nicole had somehow dropped her panties and was getting off on Sarah’s knee while smelling her feet!

As soon as Sarah’s finger accidentally poked inside of Nicole’s vagina, she let out a large moan and convulsed.

“Oh I’m sorry Nicole…”

“Please don’t stop Sarah!”

Nicole was riding Sarah’s knee like a horse and wanted more.

“Please don’t stop Sarah!” She repeated. “I want your fingers inside of my pussy! Please, make me cum!”

Nicole’s desperate cries were not ignored as Sarah began to plunge deeper into Nicole’s wet pussy. Nicole began to get wild, moaning and screaming in ecstasy. Nicole began to take deeper and deeper whiffs of Sarah’s feet as Sarah dove in and out of her pussy with her fingers. Sarah began to feel more turned on than ever by smelling Nicole’s feet and fingering her.

Suddenly, she felt something inside her. Nicole had snaked her hand into Sarah’s pants/panties and was imitating her. Sarah was shocked at first, but then began to not only enjoy it, but crave it. She wanted Nicole to finger-fuck her and she began to return the favor.

Each girl moaned and screamed with intense pleasure as they went to town rubbing their clits and sticking their fingers in each other’s sopping wet pussy. It was a wild show full of sweat, pussy juice, and feet. They began to flop all over the bed, as their intensity increased. Both girls were sweating and increasing the stench of their feet as a result. With one last deep huff of foot odor and a deep plunge of finger, the girls exploded in orgasm together. They gushed out liquid that poured out of their vaginas onto the bed. Panting and sweaty like animals, Sarah and Nicole laid in bed trying to catch their breath.

Nicole was the first to speak and in between breaths said, “That…was…amazing…! Best…night…ever…!”


Nicole turned back towards Sarah’s feet and kissed each toe and along both soles. She said, “I don’t even want to clean myself up. I’d like to just sleep in our juices all night lying next to your feet.”

“I don’t really mind.” Sarah said as she also planted sensual kisses along Nicole’s feet.

Sarah began to wonder if she may be more bi-curious than she imagined, and said to Nicole, “Hey, so what if I am more bi than I am straight?”

“Well then, we’re going to have a lot of fun my friend! And don’t forget about my surprise tomorrow! I’m looking forward to it so much!” Nicole then settled herself and began to fall asleep with Sarah’s toes right under her nose.

Sarah nestled her face by Nicole’s feet and began to wonder what the surprise could be. She knew that it would be fun and full of feet, so whatever it was, she would be looking forward to it.


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