by Joe C.
Back in high school, I remember how all of the attractive girls in my school used to have a tight clique that I could never seem to get friendly with. The girl I was seeing was not in this group and I always was hoping that she would be accepted by the school’s elite beauties because that was what she always wanted.

My girlfriend’s name was Joan, and while she wasn’t friendly with the six most beautiful girls in the school, she still was very attractive at 5’3″, 110 pounds, and with short blonde hair. We were both not that popular for some unknown reason and tended to stay by ourselves alot during the year that we went out steady. This would all soon change at our senior prom. It turns out that one of the “elite clique’s” parents owned a small motel down the shore that everyone wanted to stay at after the prom and Mellisa, the owner’s daughter, was being extremely picky about who would get a reservation at daddy’s motel on that night. She couldn’t have just any geek partying with her and her beautiful friends. When Joan found this out she begged me to try and talk to Mellissa and see if I could get us a reservation for after the prom. I had no leverage with Mellisa since I was never given the time of day from her but I would do anything for my girlfriend so I was going to ask anyway.

About a week before the prom I approached Mellisa and told her of my request and she literally laughed in my face. What is worse, the other five girls that were in her group were right with her laughing also. I was mad but I couldn’t let down my girlfriend so I mindlessly said, “If you let us stay, I will pay any price.” She responded evilly with, “Any price?” I said, “Yes, any price.” With this, her friend Terry (5’0″, 98 pounds, red hair) said, “Allright, let’s see about that. Get on your hands and knees and beg for Mellisa’s permission to stay.” I knew she was dead serious and thought about it for a minute, thought about my girlfriend, and decided to do it. Joan was worth a few seconds of embarrassment, I thought. After being on my hands and knees in the empty school library, Michelle (5’10”, 130 pounds, long brown hair) said, “Now bow down to her and kiss her feet and ask again.” This was a nightmare. I felt sick in my stomach but could not go back to Joan and tell her we couldn’t stay where the best after-prom party was so I bowed down and started kissing her white sneakers and asking over and over again for permission. After about two minutes of this with these six bitches laughing, Mellisa said, “Great job. Only one problem though, you kissed my shoes, asshole. Now start kissing my FEET.” As Mellisa sat down on a chair, I started to take off her shoes like a servant and before I went to kiss her socked feet, I realized that, once again, socks were not feet either. I swallowed my pride at this moment and with all six of the girls laughing at me, I took off her socks and started kissing her bare feet, which were sweating from the gym class that they just finished. Kathy (5’5″, 135 pounds, short blonde hair) said, “I don’t hear any begging. I don’t think you really want to stay.” With that I began saying, “Please Mellisa, can I please stay at your motel.” Then suddenly it slipped. I don’t know why, but just not to be repetitive I said, “Me and Joan will do whatever you girls say if you will just let us stay.” All at once all six said things to the effect of, “Yeah–you got yourself a deal” and “Allright, get little Joan down here right now.” I could never call Joan and ask her to witness my humiliation, it would have killed her. But, after being told that my foot kissing was not enough, I thought that even Joan seeing me degrade myself would be worth making her happy on her prom night. Only it was not Joan watching that they wanted.

From the cafeteria we all went to Paige’s (5’4″, 105 pounds, blonde hair) house while they smiled like the won the lottery. At Paige’s I called Joan and asked her to come over. She was wondering why I was at Paige’s and agreed to come over. Since she was only a block away, Joan was there in about a minute and walked in to see me on my hands and knees, now kissing Terry’s bare feet while she smiled at Joan. Once Michelle filled her in on the details while I continued to kiss, Joan was told of my last promise. Michelle said, “Your boyfriend said that you would both do whatever we said to stay at the motel, so here is the deal. Now we want YOU to get on your hands and kness next to your boyfriend and join him in cleaning the sweat off our feet with your tongue.” I thought, “Oh, no,” Joan is going to try to kill her and the six of them will jump her, but that is not what happened. I never realized how much my girlfriend wanted to be popular until then. Joan thought about it while I kissed Terry’s feet and watched her out of the corner of my eye. After about a minute of silence Michelle said, “Well…” Joan said, “If I do it, we can stay at the motel?” Mellisa said, “I will give you a room number right after you are done cleaning our toejam,” with a laugh. I then saw my beloved girlfriend bow her head, sink down to her hands and knees and sadly say, “Who is first?” Mellisa told me to stop kissing Terry’s feet and said that since it was her father’s motel that she would go first. I could not believe what was happening. Me and Joan were too embarassed to even make eye contact. Mellisa said that I could do the right feet and Joan could do the left but the rules were that after we were done, if there was one spot of dirt or sweat or toejam, that we were out of the motel. We both said, “Yes Michelle,” and began cleaning her feet. We were told how to do it–start sucking the little toe first, clean under the toenail with our teeth, swallow, clean the toejam between that and the next toe, and repeat until we reached the big toe. One time I left some dirt under a toe nail and realized that I had better go back and get it out and swallow it or else the deal was off. After the toes, we were to lick the top of the foot up to the ankles and then lick the soles of her feet from heel to toe with long, non-stop strokes while she sat back and said stuff like “It’s good to own a few slaves”, and “What does toejam taste like anyway? I wouldn’t know since I don’t have to lick people’s feet clean. I’m beautiful.” After half an hour it was time to go on to Michelle, whose feet were much longer and sweatier. Just to be a bitch, she decided that her toenails were too long and ordered us to chew them down to size and swallow what we bit off. This was horrible. The entire ordeal took us three hours of constant footlicking and toe sucking. Before we were dismissed though, Terry added a new stipulation. Since we were responsible for making the soles of their feet wet, we would have to dry them off. We were ordered to lay on the floor with our heads sideways while the six of them took turns first standing full weight on my head with both feet and wiping them dry, and then without touching the floor, stepping over onto the side of my girlfriends face and wiping their feet off again.

Part 2

When Joan and I left Paige’s house, we didn’t say hardly a word to each other until I said goodbye to her at her house and walked home myself. After the humiliation we just suffered, there wasn’t much to say. We were both mistaken by thinking that this would be our last embarassing moment, though.

Eventually, the night of the Senior Prom came and even though I had hardly seen Joan away from school since our embarassment, we went as scheduled. It didn’t take more than five minutes after we walked through the door to see Mellisa with a video camera. Only she was not there to record the prom, but rather to show us what was on the tape through the eyehole of the camera. As I looked in, I could see myself and Joan licking her friends feet from two weeks ago via a hidden camera at Paige’s house. Apparently, Paige likes to have sex in the living room and tape her unsuspecting partners. As Joan took her turn viewing it, I asked Mellisa, “O.K., what do you want from us now?” She replied, “Well, I’m glad you asked. It turns out that there is a screen in the dance hall to show a video from our senoir year. Since Terry is the head of the prom committee, she will be running the video. She can show the senior video…or she can show something else. So….I think you see that your service is NOT over by a longshot.” She added, “Oh, and even after tonight, I have everyones address and phone number for reunions. So the two of you better just be good little slaves for as long as I tell you to, got it?” Me and Joan both felt sick but were forced to reply “Yes, Mellisa.”

During the prom we were both miserable and ready to cry. I hated those girls for what they made us do and what they did to our relationship. Everytime they would dance with their dates they would specifically take their high heels of on the dance floor and always loudly comment to their dates, “Ewww, my feet are filthy from dancing,” just as they passed our table. Mellisa’s only appearance at our table was to inform us that not only were we unable to brake the motel plans, but to call our parents and tell them that we would be staying the entire week. Before she left, she gave us a three page list of instructions for our new duties and code of behavior in their presence. She said, “Get this straight: I am doing you a favor by letting you be our slaves. I would rather send these tapes out just for laughs, so remember: ONE slip-up and your service is done and the whole town will see you licking my toe jam.” With that she took a sip of my water and very discreetly spit in it so no one else could see and said, “Finish that,” before she left.

We checked into the motel after and hour drive there without saying one word to each other. Now we were like two prisoners chained to one another rather than lovers. We stayed in our room and slept right away, wondering what they would do first. Around three A.M. we got our answer. Mellisa had access to every room key, since her father left her in charge for the week, and snuck in quietly without waking us. I was startled out of my sleep by Michelle sitting on my face and letting out the loudest fart I ever heard followed by six laughing brats. I instantly tried to move but couldn’t and heard Terry say, “HEY, don’t ever try to move when we fart on your face.” With that I froze and now the lights were on and the door was locked. After Michelle got of my face, Paige said, “Do you two see me barefoot? What are the new rules?” We both remember reading this so me and Joan got out of bed, bowed down and started kissing her pitch-black, sweaty bare feet. She sat back and spread her toes and said, “I’ll be first for my footbath, thank you,” with a laugh. I saw Joan starting to cry as she was literally licking dirt of off the feet of a girl that she had always hated. Paige then said to her, “Joanie, how does my foot taste, anyway?” Joan sadly replied, “It taste wonderful Princess Paige, thank you for letting me eat your toe jam.” This was yet another of many rules we had to follow. Terry was really drunk and saying right in Joan’s face while she was licking Mellisa’s feet, “I never liked you, bitch! I’m going to piss right in your face tonight! Now bow down and kiss my foot and tell me how great I am.” Joan had to take a break from licking Mellisa’s feet while I continued, and bow down to another female and kiss her toes and humiliate herslf while Terry stood over her with her arms crossed saying, “You better get used to this. This is your new life, dogface!”

At 5:00 A.M., right before they left, Lisa, the most beautiful of them all at 5’2, 100 pounds, was hammered drunk and said, “I want to fart right on that bitch’s face before I go.” With that request, Joan had to sit on the floor with her back to a chair and bend her neck back so that she was face up on the seat of the chair and looking at the ceiling. Lisa smugly spread her ass cheeks as everyone but me and Joan laughed and plopped down on my girlfriends waiting face. She waited and waited and then finally let out a really loud beer fart which everyone was feeling the effects of. Lisa said that she was very comfortable with Joan’s face up her asshole and wanted to sleep right there on the chair. I was left by the other girls, who left due to the smell, with orders not to disturb anything until Lisa said so. After they left, I sat awake the entire night and watched my girlfriend struggle to breath with her face in another girls asshole. I saw Joan wiggle as her neck was cramping up and all the while Lisa just slept with the most beautiful smile on her face. At this point something weird happened to me. I no longer felt bad for Joan, but rather saw Lisa as a goddess. She looked so unbelievable just sitting on someones face like a queen that I imagined that she did rightfully belong there. With no one else in the room either awake or not up someone’s ass, I bowed down and for the first time without being forced to do so, I kissed Lisa’s foot without her knowing. I thought to myself, maybe these girls do deserve to have their feet cleaned by people like me and Joan. As I kissed her feet, Lisa farted again in her sleep on Joan’s face. As Joan squirmed, I kissed Lisa’s feet again and went to bed.

Part 3

That night I finally fell asleep around seven in the morning while Joan spent the night struggling to breath in Lisa’s ass. I was awakened at 10:00 by Lisa who woke up and called to me. She casually said, “Slave, go buy me somebreakfast,” and then gave me her order. I replied, “Yes, Princess Lisa,” and bowed down, kissed her feet once each (as were the new rules), and got dressed and ran to get her breakfast. When I returned with everything, I saw Lisa still sitting on Joan’s face and now using the remote control to switch t.v. channels. She told me to set it up on the table and then finally got off of Joan’s face after about six hours. Joan took her first giant breaths since Lisa began farting on her the previous night. She fell to her hands and knees from pain and exhaustion and was crying and rubbing her neck. When Lisa saw this she told her to lay on her back under her table and when Joan did, Lisa just rested her bare feet on the top of Joan’s face and ate like nothing was wrong. She then ordered me to kiss her feet while they were on Joan’s face. This was very wierd for me and Joan. I had layed on top of Joan and kissed her many times before, but now I was doing it with someone’s bare foot in between us. I could see Joan’s crying face between Lisa’s feet but didn’t care. This was the first time that I was not only kissing Lisa’s feet, but worshipping them also.

Shortly after Lisa finished eating, the rest of the “clique” walked in and told me and Joan to get their stuff ready for the beach. We got up and followed the girls while carrying six beach chairs and bags all by ourselves as they casually walked ahead of us. Once in place, we were told when to come and pick them up from the beach and we left and waited. This was one of the first times that me and Joan spoke in weeks, as she told me how horrible the pain was in her position that she spent the night. She cried about how terrible Lisa’s asshole smelled and all the while I kept wanting to tell her that it is really our honor to be able to serve these queens. But I quietly said not to worry and that it would all be tiresome to them pretty soon.

When it was time to pick them up, me and Joan went and followed them back to the motel carrying all the chairs. Mellisa stopped the others and said, “Hold on. This is a very clean motel. No going in the rooms with all that filthy mud on your feet. Ewww.” The girls just shrugged and said O.K. and sat down. Terry was the first to snap her fingers and point to the floor so we started there. I then learned that five years ago, Terry and Joan both liked the same guy and Joan wound up with him and rubbed it in Terry’s face very much at the time. Terry reminded Joan of that while we were licking mud and dirt from the soles of her feet. She told Joan, “I don’t think any guys will want a girl that cleans feet do you, Joan?” Joan had to reply, “No, Princess Terry, I don’t think they will.” When we finished cleaning every bit of grimy mud off Terry’s feet, she askd Mellisa, “Mel, you don’t want me going in with wet feet do you,” with a wink. When Mellisa said no, Joan was ordered to lay her face sideways by the door while Terry stood full weight on her head and slowly wiped her feet clean. She said to Joan, “Now tell me how much of a loser you are and how great I am,” and Joan said,” I am the biggest loser in the world, Princess Terry, and you are so great.” With that Terry let out one big laugh and grinded her feet into Joan’s face before getting off and going in. After that, we cleaned the other five pairs of feet and, oddly enough, all five other girls chose Joan to use as a doormat instead of me.

We were allowed to return to our room while they showered and later went out but it was not a long rest. Apparently while they were out they came up with a game to play. They went to the local gym and took and aerobics class and purposely wore sneakers with no socks. When they got back we were told of the rules to the game. Me and Joan would both be blindfolded and kept on our hands and knees. All six pairs of shoes would be placed in the center of the room and we were to crawl to each girl one at a time, smell their feet for one minute, then crawl to the pile and smell the sneakers. After this we were to grab a sneaker in our teeth and crawl it over to who we thought the rightful owner was. If we got it right, we just put it back in the center and tried to make another match, if we got it wrong, the girl we brought it to would get to spit directly in our face and we had to kiss her sweaty foot and beg for her forgiveness until we got it. I went first. After spending a minute each inhaling their sweaty foot odor, I was ready to pass out. when I went to the sneakers, they all smelled the same. So I just took a shot. I bit on one pair and carried it over to the first pair of feet I could find. It was Michelle’s feet, but not Michelle’s sneaker. I lifted my head when she said, “No, no, no.” Then Michelle lifted my blindfold, looked into my eyes and spit directly into my face from about two inches away. I thought I would have an orgasm right there. I could never believe how good it would feel. When she said to kiss her horrible smelling feet I thought I was in heaven. She made me humble myself and kiss them for ten minutes beacaue it was Joan’s turn to smell everyones feet and take a try at the sneakers. I kept saying, “I am so sorry Princess Michelle. Please forgive me. I promise to learn the smell of your feet. Thank you for the honor of letting me smell them.” In the middle of this, Joan made her rounds to Michelle and was sniffing Michelle’s left foot right next to me as I was kissing the other one while Michelle just sat and joked with the others about how badly everyone’s feet stunk up the room and what it must be like to actually have to kiss them. Without my blindfold I could see out of the corner of my eye that Joan had bit into Terry’s sneaker and actually brought it over to the right person by sheer dumb luck. I saw Terry’s face grimace and she actually cheated. As the other girls were laughing at Terry’s bad luck, she lied and said, “Wrong shoe loser,” anyway. Then I watched Terry grab my bowing girlfriend by the hair and pick her head up off the floor. Joan would have feel if Terry wasn’t holding her hair. She hung there like a cat that someone had grabbed by the back of the neck. Terry kept filling up her mouth with spit and letting it fly in Joan’s waiting face about ten times. The other girls let out a collective, “Ewww,” with every spit. When her mouth was dry she throw Joan’s head to her stinking feet and said, “Bitch, you better really beg for my forgiveness or I will walk on your face for an hour.” My first orgasm in my pants came when I saw my very own girlfriend kissing her arch enemy’s sweaty feet and begging for mercy.

Rare Chapter 4

The next day Joan and I woke up in our room. It was Sunday morning and we were very bruised from being smacked around and walked on by 6 mean girls. It didn’t take long before Paige walked in — without knocking. We knew what we had to do and we jumped out of bed and crawled over and each started kissing a foot over and over again. After about one minute Paige said, “enough of that, bitches. Those of us that aren’t slave are going surfing today and I gotta practice keeping my balance. Both of you, face-up!” We both rolled over and laid face-up while Paige put the bottom of one dirty bare foot on each of our faces and had some laughs while she swayed back and forth trying to keep her balance. I could hear Kathy come in and heard her voice saying, “wow, that look fun. Great idea.” Paige stepped off and was quickly replaced by Kathy who stood there and said “uhhhh, shouldn’t you both be kissing the bottom of my feet and thanking me?” With my face smashed i tried my hardest to kiss the bottom of her foot and say “thank you Queen Kathy.” Thankfully, the other four did not come in and try this game and they soon went surfing for the day without us.

Joan and I didn’t say too much to each other the whole day. We both realized this was a horrible situation. About 6 o’clock, we heard them coming up the stairs and they all came directly into out room and we had to crawl to each and kiss their feet. Joan and I banged heads a few times while we blindly crawled to each of them to kiss their sandy and sweaty bare feet. It was then that the worst thing ever happened. Melissa said, “O.K. bitches, we decided something. We’re going to be nice and give you a choice. Actually, Joan gets the choice. We thought about it and you can decided that the two of you can both be our slaves for one full year and then we give you the video tapes back and set you both free, or Joan can stop being our slave right now and your boyfriend will have to be our slave forever.” I was kneeling and kissing Terry’s feet when I heard this and couldn’t believe I finally had a way out. This was great! Melissa said to Joan, “we’ll leave you two alone and you can take one hour to decide….” Joan cut her off instantly and said, “Queen Melissa, I have decided already if it’s O.K. with you, Ma’am? I’ll choose to stop being your slave right now if it’s O.K?” I almost passed out from shock! I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I stopped kissing Terry’s feet from amazement and she had to smack me in the head and say, “keep kissing my feet, slave.” My own girlfriend that I got in this whole mess for had just turned against me.
Melissa said, “Congratulations, you don’t have to call me Queen Melissa anymore and the rest of the girls feel like they abused you enough too.” They told Joan that she didn’t have to kneel anymore and I heard Joan say, “Oh my, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that offer. I never dreamed this would happen today. Thanks alot girls.” At this point, Terry kicked my face away and said, “well…..go and kiss Joan’s feet, bitch.” I couldn’t believe it. Here I was crawling over to Joan thinking she had some plan and that she’d convince them to let me go too. I thought there has got to be a plan! When I got to Joan, I looked up at her and she smiled down at me and said, “well….you’re the only bitch here now. Kiss my feet or you know what happens to that video tape.” I stayed there in shock for a few seconds and then it happened….Joan smacked me in the face and yelled, “I SAID KISS MY FEET BITCH!” I was so scared. Joan had never hit me before and this was the first time and it was damn hard! Out of pure fear and confusion, I bowed and started kissing Joan’s bare feet until she lifted them up and said, “uhhhh, who said you’re good enough to kiss the tops of my feet, loser? Start kissing the bottoms.”

I knew Joan would’ve done anything to impress these girls and hang with them, but I never thought she’d do THIS to me. Now, instead of having to be a slave for half of the six girls at a time, I had to be a slave for all 7 at once! Michelle said to the group, “Good thing we made those dinner reservations for 7 people. You were right about what she would choose, Mel. We gotta get moving if we’re gonna be on time.” Before they left, Joan said, “hold up, there’s one thing I’m just dying to try….” With that she kicked me onto my back and sat on my face and let out a very long and loud fart. She stayed sitting on my face full-weight making me smell it while the rest of the girls laughed. I knew right then I was in alot of trouble….


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