By Danny Bright

Welcome to all of the sensuous men and women who have made this book such a hit all over the world! Thank you for your repeat orders and for all of the input and kind emails you have sent telling me just how you have used this ebook to fulfill your foot fetish fantasies.

If you are like me and a girls cute sexy feet drive you crazy then don’t think you are alone! All over the world women are realizing that men really are turned on by sexy well cared for feet and toes and ft’s a world- wide fetish! A fetish that stretches from India, where over eight hundred copies of this ebook were sold within a week to right here in America. Having a foot fetish is now in the mainstream and is really sexy and can definitely get you laid.

Now we are coming into a new age where we realize that we are all sexual creatures and this life is to enjoy sex. And if you have a fetish whatever it may be then ifs your personal preference and don’t you dare let anybody tell you ft’s weird or gross or anything else! I guarantee you that they probably have a secret hidden fetish of their own.

So far most of the orders for Secret of Foot Pleasuring has come from men, but we have also seen hundreds of orders from women as well. It’s time for the world to know that having a foot fetish is just as valid and as sensual as any other fetish out there. Man men have written us that yes they secretly are really turned on by women who take excellent care of their feet And they are driven crazy by those women who know how to tease a man with their feet. It’s harmless fun and sometimes it leads to all sorts of wonderful erotic encounters.

I personally have had wonders flirting sessions with footsie girls that I didn’t even know but who had their feet displayed and obviously took extra special care of them. And by the time that we had to go our separate ways, I had her seven or eight times out often slip me her phone number and many times a short message telling me she wants to get together. Believe me many, many women crave having someone pleasure, pamper, and care for their feet and when they find that someone you will be their number one choice!

And that’s what this book is all about, how to get beautiful women, whatever kind of woman you’re into, with gorgeous feet and have her calling and chasing you! Hell not it’s not impossible. I know beacause I have done it since I was a kid getting the women in the local library all hot and bothered because secretly they knew that their feet were making me very horny and they love the compliment!

In this ebook I will show you evercthing about how to enjoy and fulfill your lust for girls with sexy feet How to find footsie girls within minutes and how to tell a footsie girl from a girl that is not naturally sensual. Next I will show you how to get her to notice you with just aglance and then how to arouse her with more subtle body language, and you will learn how to turn a girl on with just your eyes and the way you use them. Then comes time to make contact with her and soon she will be vers’ interested in you because you will stand out from the pack and she will think of you like no other man. You will be the promise of unusual and powerful sexual pleasure that will draw her like a moth to a flame.

I will also show you how to be classy about your fetish and even how to have women lining up for you to pleasure their lovely feet and then you can pick and choose the special girl that you want to be with exclusively or just enjoy playing the erotic pleasuring field! Do you know where the seduction of a woman begins? It begins in your mind, and I will teach you how to send out the intense vibrations that will draw footsie girls to you and how to develop your visualization techniques to make the spell complete. There has never been a book written like this one and to my knowledge this is the only book of ft’s kind on the net anywhere! And now you have the knowledge, the knowledge that many would payhundreds of dollars for andyou can make ftwork foryou in no time!

When I was in my younger days I wouldn’t date a girl with ugly feet and I still will not today. I have found that a girl who takes care of her feet will take care of the rest of herself as welL And I think that ‘footsie girls’ as Ilike to call them are much better lovers really. I know that may sound crazy but it’s true in my experience. They are as a whole more comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality and are willing to try new and exciting things in and out of bed.

One of my college lovers was a wonderful french woman who had come here to study business management. She loved having her feet rubbed, caressed, her toes sucked and her feet cared for by me. She told me that in Europe that ifa man doesn’t pay attention to his lovers feet as he should then she will find someone else who will. A french women of status demands that her lover pleasure her entire body not just the parts of her that he finds alluring. This lady is the first one who actually showed me how to pleasure a womans feet properly and to give her an orgasm doing it!

Anyway, lets get to what you bought this ebook for. You want to know how to drive a woman crazy by pleasuring her lovely feet. The first thing to remember about a woman’s feet is that they are very sensitive. The first stage of pleasuring a girls feet is to be aware of them. Yes you read that correctly. Learning how to just be aware of a womamis feet and letting her know that you are appreciating her feet is the first step and can be very erotic if done properly.

I personally have had many extremely erotic encounters with women just by letting them know that I thought that their feet were extremely sexy. It’s true!



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