Stephanie was working hard to concentrate on what the professor was talking about during her Physics class. The poor nerdy brunette just could not keep her eyes off her classmate, April. The girl who seems to have mastered the art of shoe-play, and little does she know; April has Stephanie’s undivided attention.

Stephanie is a cute, short five-foot tall, and petite girl. With shoulder length curly light brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. Her object of attraction, April, looks nothing like your typical nerdy girl; but, more like the girl-next-door. She is about a foot-taller than Stephanie, standing at almost six-feet tall. With, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and with a slim figure.

Stephanie continues to stare down at April’s feet, who is sitting at the table in front of her. April is sitting at the far right end of her table, and Stephanie is sitting in the middle of her table. Luckily for April, not to many people showed up for class, and those that did; were all sitting in the very front. The two girls were sitting in the middle rows, so Stephanie didn’t have to worry about anybody trying to figure out what she was staring at.

“I wish her blue jeans weren’t so long!” She thought to herself. “I can’t see what she has hiding in those black flats,” she continued.

Finally, after about three minutes of watching April with her right leg crossed over her left leg. April takes her left hand, and moves it towards her ****right hanging size nine-foot. She pulls up her pant leg slowly, and Stephanie is looking at an exposed, white ankle nylon sock. April slides her red fingernail tips under her sock to scratch her ankle.

Within seconds, April moves her left hand back to the tabletop, and begins writing furiously. Stephanie looks up to see that April is wearing a tight black shirt *She focuses her eyes back to April’s right foot, and continues to ignore the classroom lecture, and continues to gaze at April’s still exposed nylon sock ankle and shoe. *

“She’s wearing nylons like me!”

Within a few seconds, April, starts stretching her toes within her tight black flats. And, her right nylon heel popped out of her shoe.

“Oh, goodness! That is one dirty sock!” She exclaimed to herself.

April turns around to look at the clock in the back of the class. She sees her classmate, Stephanie, staring at something. She looks down, sees her dangling shoe, her pant leg hiked up, and exposing her white dirty nylon sock. She turns around, slides down her right blue jean pant leg, and now hidden from Stephanie’s view once again.

The lecture ended about five minutes later, and Stephanie snapped back out of her foot fantasyland.

April stood up, and looked back at her foot staring classmate. Stephanie gave her an innocent smirk. April gave her a bright smile before walking away.

A few hours later…

Stephanie is in the library reading over her Physics textbook, and taking notes over the chapter that her professor covered. She was sitting at a cubicle facing the wall, so she could concentrate. After about ten minutes of concentration and notes writing; she walks away to go to the bathroom.

While walking back to her cubicle, Stephanie passes by a girl sitting at a table. She recognizes the long blonde hair, tight black shirt, long blue jeans, and black flats. With her her head resting over a book like a pillow. Stephanie quickly moves back to her cubicle, and gathers her things together.

Stephanie moves her things over to the same table as the sleeping blonde, and trying to be as quiet as possible. As Stephanie sat down, and starting to set up her textbook and notebook. She notices that they are the only two in their area of the library.

To be sneaky, Stephanie pulls out her chair, and crawls underneath the table. She looks over at April’s stretched out legs, with her right ankle crossed over her left ankle.

“Could that right foot be in a better position, I’m the luckiest girl!” Stephanie thought.

She took her right thumb and index finger; to give April’s right black shoe, a little pull. The little white nylon sock allowed for heel to slide out easily.

“I’m so close!” She thought excitingly.

Stephanie slowly slides April’s black flat off of her foot…

“That has too be the dirtiest white nylon sock, ever!” She told herself.

April’s white nylon socked foot was so discolored, it’s like they have been abused for months in her shoes!

Stephanie kept April’s black shoe close too her, and wanted to see if she had awaken. She peeked her head out from under the table. April was still sleeping, and it was just the two of them in their area, in the library.

Stephanie went back into hiding under the table; laying on her front. She decided to give that black shoe a test. She placed her nose, and mouth inside; like it was a gas mask. With the bridge of her nose gliding across the heel of her shoe. The most potent aroma entered into her senses.

“Holy shit! This puts theater-butter popcorn too shame!” She whispered out loud.

After a good one minute of being intoxicated by April’s stinky shoe…

“I must have her dirty, white nylon sock!” Stephanie exclaimed.

She slides her her fingers up April’s blue jean pant leg, and grips the little white dirty sock. April’s little nylon toes twitches a little, as Stephanie peels off her sock. Within ten seconds, April’s barefoot is exposed!

“Oh, my goodness! I can smell her beautiful feet and sock from here!” In amazement.

Stephanie decides to to try something daring, but not before crawling from under the table. She luckily sees three people walking from the back of the library walking casually in conversation to the exit.

She quickly crawls back under the table, and lightly presses her nose in between April’s bare toes. And, luckily no action too cause concern, but a little toe curl. She picks up her black shoe, and slides it back over her toes. Stephanie is to nervous to slide it all the way back on, and leaves her bare heel exposed.

Stephanie crawls from under the table, and with April’s dirty nylon sock grasped tightly in her left hand. She stands up, and sees that poor sock-less, April, is still napping on her textbook. Stephanie quickly gets her things together, and leaves the library in a hurry.

Stephanie gets back to her dorm room…

She walks in, closes the door, and leaves her things on a dresser table next to the entrance. She walks over, and quickly lays down on her bed. With April’s dirty soaked white nylon sock, still in her left hand. She can’t help, but open her fingers. Too, admire her new trophy!

Laying on her stomach, and her own feet, high in the sky. She presses the sock against her nose. The stench from the material, quickly placed her in a drunken hypnotic state. After 10 minutes of using April’s sweaty nylon sock like a rag drenched in water; to clean her face. Stephanie, fell asleep…

The next morning…

Stephanie, opened her eyes; with her glasses still on, still laying in the same position. And, sees April’s sock laying on the pillow next to her. She grabs the sock to straighten the material out, and look at the area that has been under April’s foot. It is deeply discolored by sweat stain, and after hours of being exposed; feels a little crusty.

“This is the best thing that has happened to me, since high school!” She roared.

Stephanie sits up on her bed, her legs hanging off the bed, and is still dressed in her clothes from yesterday. A pink polo shirt and blue jeans. But, something feels different, she looks over at her beat-up pair of black vans, still on the bed.

Stephanie wiggles her toes before looking down…

“That’s weird, I don’t remember taking off my black nylons before going to bed,” while staring down at her bare wiggling toes.

Two days later…

Stephanie was sitting at her table, and studying before the physics lecture. Until, she looks up, and sees April sitting in front of her, and staring at her.

April slides a note across Stephanie’s table. She opened the note, and read it:

“Your stinky nylon feet is mine, after class!”


After reading April’s little note, Stephanie couldn’t help to nervously look back up at April, who was siting directly in front of her. She is immediately drawn to April’s right hand, which is holding a pair of black sheer nylons. After a few seconds, April clinches her right hand, and sticks the nylons in her blue jean pocket.

Stephanies attention is then turn towards the left end of her table. A cute girl about her height takes a seat at her table. The girl has very short light brown hair and green eyes. She is wearing a tight green shirt, black pants, and when *Stephanie looked down at her feet; she sees a pair of black clogs.

As the professor walked in, all the girls drew their attention to the front of the class. With April siting in front of her, Stephanie couldn’t see the feet of her new goddess. She looks over to her left, and the girl sitting at the end of the table. Stephanie looked around, but could not find the girl in the classroom.

She crosses her right leg over her left leg, and begins to playfully swinging her foot back and forth. She is still wearing the same pair of old beat up black Vans. Stephanie decided to wear a pair of black nylon trouser socks, that somebody bought for her.

She met a guy on a foot fetish forum, and asked her to wear the socks for a month, before mailing them to him. She is currently on day 25, and has been either wearing them, or keeping them sealed in a ziplock bag.

After about five minutes of Stephanie swinging her foot. She feels a hand grab her shoe.

“What is my goddess doing,” she wondered.

She immediately feels a pulling sensation, as her black nylon sole is sliding out of her shoe.

“Not in the middle of class,” she thought to herself.

Within seconds, her little black sweaty socked foot was exposed, and her little toes wiggling nervously. It only took half a minute, before a cheesy foot odor started to pollute their little area.

Stephanie is looking straight at her goddess. April turns her head, and starts fanning her nose with her right hand. Stephanie looks at April’s left arm which is hanging down her side.

“She must be holding my shoe in her left hand,” Stephanie thought to herself.

She begins to stretch out her right leg and nylon foot, to search for her shoe. After a minute of searching, Stephanie couldn’t locate her shoe with her foot. She gives up, and tries to pay attention to the lecture.

About ten minutes goes by, and Stephanie could feel her sock becoming dry; with a crusty feeling on the bottom of her foot. Just then, she feels a little pinch on her heel, and her trouser sock being slowly dragged down her calf.

“Oh, no! Not my sock, these aren’t even mine!” Nervously whispering to April.

April, without uttering a response; holds up both of her hands slightly up to not make a scene. Stephanie in utter shock, and feeling the last of the black fabric covering her bare foot, slide-off. She slowly looks to the floor on her left side; Stephanie sees a famiar pair of legs in black pants, and black clogs on her feet.

“Is that where that girl disappeared off to?”

Stephanie slowly looks underneath her table, and says the same girl from earlier. She can’t really see her face with the girl using her sock as a mask. Stephanie sits up, and tries to maintain her composure.

“This can be handled after class,” she told herself.

Ten minutes later, the professor ended the class. Stephanie looks under her table, and all she sees is her show laying on the ground. She looks up to the door leading out of the classroom, and she sees her goddess leaving with the sock stealer.

“What the hell!?!”

Stephanie puts her bare foot into her shoe, and leaves the class to go back to her dormroom.

She walks into her room, and locks the door behind her.

“How am I going to explain this to my sock buyer,” she asked out loud.

Just after she uttered her question, someone grabs her from behind.

“Whoa, what’s going on?” she asked.

“Time for you to sleep, now!” her attacker replied.

A white rag is placed over Stephanie’s nose and mouth. The fumes renders Stephanie unconscious within seconds.

Fifteen minutes later, Stephanie opens her eyes…

She sees her goddess sitting in her computer chair in front of her.

“I’m sorry for stealing your socks a couple days ago!” Stephanie told April.

April is staring at Stephanie, who is laying on her own bed; with her wrists and ankles tied together, in a hogtie position.

“That’s ok, my sock stealer,” April replies. “How did you enjoy them?”

“They were amazing!” Stephanie replies back.

Then out of no where, Stephanie’s little black trouser sock was dangling in front of.

“So, do you miss this on your foot?” another female voice asked.

Stephanie looks up to see her sock stealer from class standing over her, and teasing her with her raunchy sock.

“Yes. But, you see it’s not really mine. I met some guy on the internet, and bought those for me to wear for a month. When I was done; I was going to mail them to him.” She explained to the girls.

“Well, I guess will give you back his precious sock than,” April responds. “I suppose your wondering why you are all tied up?”

“It has crossed my mind.” Stephanie responds.

“Just like your cute foot and sock fetish; I have my own, do you understand?” April asks.

“Yes I do, mistress!” Stephanie responds.

“Megan, why don’t you share your fantasies, with our little damsel” April stated.

Stephanie looks up to the girl who stole her sock, and watches her approach her bound feet.

“I have my own little footsie fetish, darlin’,” Megan states.

Megan climbs on Stephanie’s bed, and pulls off her Vans. With Stephanie’s one bare foot and black socked foot exposed:

“So, what…”

Before Megan finishes her question; she relentlessly tickle tortures Stephanie’s feet.

“Oh sweet, Jesus!” Stephanie yells, before going into hysterical laughter.


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Special thanks to: Socksnylonsrus

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