Michelle and Megan are two sisters who compete for just about everything. Both were born only minutes apart but the two couldn’t be more night and day. Michelle the prettier of the two usually gets by on her looks alone. Megan on the other hand is the more tomboy-ish of the two who has to outwit her ditzy, prettier sister, in order to get her way.

This sibiling rivarly started in middle school then got more intense in high school and now freshly out of high school and heading into their first semester of college. Megan, who played sports all throughout her life, has always had a thing for jocks – and had her eyes particularily set on one of the baseball players at her new college. The softball team practices on the field first and then the male baseball team takes over when the girls are finished.

After a few breif run-ins with each other inbetween practices, Megan and Jon finally started dating. However, the first time Jon came over to Megans to meet her parents, Michelle decided to steal him away. It didn’t take long until Jon would have his eyes set towards Michelle now instead. Megan should have seen it coming as she heard from many that Jon had a history with playing games with girls.
Megan became infuriated once he found Michelle and Jon sneaking around. She contiplated slashing Jon’s tires at first; and then conspiered to somehow get even with her competetive prissy sister. But Megan chose to let things blow over for awhile until she could think of something really evil to get back at them both.

The more she saw her sister and Jon together the more it made her sick. She wanted despertly to get back at them so she took her time and did her research. Her goal was to dig up any kind of dirt she could on Jon. What Megan finally found out was a shock to her but quickly knew how to get back at them both. One of Jon’s ex-girlfriends, Beth, happened to be on Megan’s college softball team; Megan came to learn that Jon had a bit of a foot fetish.

Megan – “I need any kind of dirt you can give me on that backstabber Jon!”
Beth – (after pondering it over for a bit) “Well I think he was into feet.”
Megan – “Feet? Like a foot fetish?!”
Beth – “Yeah something like that – he would always want to rub my feet after class and even told me not to shower before hand because he liked my feet smelling natural.”
Megan – “Natural? So he’s into smelly feet then?! Is that what you’re telling me?!”
Beth – “Well our relationship didn’t last long because well … we both now know how Jon is with girls, so I never really found out for sure if it was a foot fetish or just some kind of phase of some sort …”
Megan – “Hmmm … well I’m just going to have to put that theory to the test and find out for myself!”
Beth – “Haaa whatcha got in store for him girl?!”
Megan – “Well lets just say if its smelly feet he likes … then it’s smelly feet he’ll get!”
Beth – “Eww where are you going with this? I don’t think I like where you’re going …”
Megan – “Trust me, my feet are pretty smelly in general … And after a long night of softball practice – they can be down right unbareable!”
Beth – “Ewwww nooooo way! Your not going ….
Megan – “Oooooh yeaaaah … He’s coming over to the house tonight for their usual Saturday date night, which makes me wanna puke even thinking about it … I think I may have to torture him a little and crash their date night by giving them both a heavy dose of my raunchy softball socks right in their faces! Hahaha!”
Beth – “OMG that is soooo gross! You gotta let me know how that ends up! Call me tonight and fill me in.”

And with that, an evil grin spread across Megan’s face.

During her softball practice, all Megan could think of was her diabolitcal plan she had in store for them to. As practice finally concluded and the sun had gone down, Megan and Beth both looked at one another and both winked as if a goodluck was exchanged.
Megan, hot, sweaty and tired as ever hoped into her car and made her way back home. Sure enough right on time, Jon’s car was already in the driveway. Her parents must have been out at a friends house or dinner because they were nowhere to be found, which was even better in Megans eyes – she wanted Jon and her sister alone for herself.

As Megan came in through the door she noticed right away all the lights were dim and Jon and Michelle were tentively watching a movie while cuddling close together on the big couch. Megan’s parents both happened to be pretty rich so their house was rather large. Megan wanted to make her presence known, slams the front door shut upon arival, startling both Jon and Michelle at the loud thud noise.
Michelle – (yelling out from the dimmed living room) “Hey bitch keep it down! We’re trying to watch a movie!”
Megan who is used to being greeted in such a hostile manner by her ditzy, bitchy sister, brushes it off and speeds past them and into the back kitchen to make herself a glass of water.

Still decked out in her softball outfit, Megan stood in the kitchen watching the two love birds from behind as they watched their movie. Megan’s attire consisted of her tank top white softball jersey with the number 22 in red; also having the matching white shorts with red stripes running down both the sides of the shorts; as well as the long white softball socks, but not the cotton kind – the more elastic, skin tight type of under armor socks as well as her sporty red and white softball cleats that matched the rest of her uniform.
After nearly talking herself out of her plan, her sister Michelle spoke up again …

Michelle – “Would you turn that light off in the kitchen and go up to your room! You’re ruining our date night!”
Yeah, that was the final straw. Megan had heard enough of her sister’s whining and complaining and decided it was now or never.
Megan without saying a word made her way into the living room and plopped her self down on the free couch beside the two. Being how the living room was pretty spacious there are two separate but joining leather couches that face the big screen t.v.
Megan now plopped down on her back was on one of the couches, while the other couch connected to it was occupied by Jon and Michelle.
Michelle – “Uhhh excuse me … what the hell do you think your doing?!” She said in her usual snotty tone.
Megan – “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m watching the movie.”
Michelle – “Oh no you certaintly are not!”

As the two sisters start bickering back and fourth, Jon decides to step in and cool off some of the tension.

Jon – “Hey listen girls! Let’s just stop arguing … If Megan wants to watch some of the movie then lets just let her.
Michelle – “Whats gotten into you all of the sudden?! She’s ruining our night together! We have the house to ourselves tonight and now she’s trying to ruin it!”
Megan – “Hey im over here on the couch by myself minding my own business … I’ll keep quiet so you guys can watch your precious movie.”
Jon – “You see Michelle? She’ll keep quiet so lets just finish the movie in peace before your parents get back.”

Megan smirks over toward her annoyed sister as Michelle in turn lets out an “hmpth!” while crossing her arms.
Jon and Michelle focus ahead back on the movie and try to ignore Megan all together – but little do they know the games are now about to begin. Megan who is on her own couch, happens to be closer to Jon as he is in the middle of the two couches while Michelle is on the outside edge of the couch, so Jon is stuck basically in the middle of the two sisters.
Megan bends down to untie her softball cleates. Her hot and sweaty cleats stick to her feet like magnets. It takes all her strength to pry them off as they both hit the ground with a thud. Michelle who is trying everything in her will to ignore her sister continues to focus ahead on the movie. But the loud thud of Megan’s sweaty, dirty softball cleates being pried off has all but gotten Jon’s attention.

He tries to be sly and look in the corner of his eye sight at what is going on only a few feet away from him on the other connecting couch. Without warning Megan is now laying on her back with both her sweaty, dirty softball socks propped up on the arm rest of the couch which happens to be only a few feet away from Jon.

He gulps as only a few feet, a massive size 8 softball socked-feet rest in his general direction. Game officially on!


Megan’s massive softball socked feet rest comfortably on the arm rest that connects to the other couch. Jon gulps as the smell imediently hits him like a stack of bricks. Only a few feet away and trying to stare straight ahead at the t.v. he cant help but notice the massive, white softball socks that rest in his direction. He notices them wiggling around in his corner vision but still tries not to notice as he doesn’t want Michelle knowing what was going on. The lights in the living room were so dim however that only the t.v. was visible.

By this point Michelle still had not known that her tomboy sister had taken her cleats off and now stuck her rather large, smelly, softball socked feet only inches away from her boyfriends face, because of the darkness in the living room.

Megan couldn’t help but smirk and lightly giggle under her breath as she knew the damage her dirty, smelly softball socks could do.
Jon who was now frozen as could be by the very thought that Megans stinky socks were only a few inches from his face. However, once the initial shock had worn off, the smell started to become a factor. A definite rush of sour, dirty sock stench hit him in the face like a stack of bricks. At first it was a lingering scent but the more Megan wiggled her toes around from inside her dirty softball socks, the more the smell lafted through the air. It was enough to make Jon cringe but in a good way.

The smell although quite strong and pungent at first, was starting to take its toll on him. Every wave of stench that floating past his nose, made him become harder and harder. It was becoming unconfortable for him to sit through the movie knowing Megan’s nasty, smelly softball socks were wiggling away playfully a few inches from his face.
Megan kept wiggling her toes through her long, white, softball socks furiously as if to float the aroma as far as she could; and she would eventually succeed.
Michelle still sitting next to Jon on the couch started picking up on some sort of foul aroma. At first she was embarrased it was her but tried brushing it off. However, the smell kept seeming to grow stronger and stronger and Michelle was virtually becoming very uncomfortable. She squirmed around on the couch trying to avoid whatever foul, pungent aroma was making her way in her direction.

Jon meanwhile, who sat closer to Megans socked feet and was still the only one who even noticed that her feet were up resting on the armrest of the couch, was getting more of the pungent aroma. He still however could not turn and look of fear that Michelle would catch him and make Megan put her feet down off the couch. But his fear was about ready to happen regardless because the more Megan playfully manuevered her socked soles around the more the smell kept increasing in stench volume.

Michelle had smelt enough of whatever foul aroma was coming from the darkness of the living room as only the glow of the t.v. was now visable with all the lights off in the house. The smell was just to strong for her as she began to gap. Not being able to hold in her gagging any longer, Michelle leaped off the couch and flipped up the light switch to find the source of this foul odor.

The living room went from darkness to light as Michelle stood in horror, mouth and eyes wide open in awe and shock.
There was her sister’s softball socked feet resting comfortably up in the air, resting ontop of the couch’s armest, literally just a few inches from her boyfriends face.
From Michelle’s view she could see Megans massive socked soles facing her and Jon. Her softball socks even looked dirty and overused as there was rips and holes on the bottom soles of the socks. Even her big toe stuck out of one of the larger holes in the well-used and dirty softball socks.

Michelle – “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” She shouted out in a shriek of horror.

This startled Jon who still didn’t want to budge from his spot.
Megan – “Is there a problem?” She said sarcastically as possible.
Megan – “Yeah whats your point?”
Megan – “Oh come on – they don’t stink that bad …” She teased almost in a laughing fashion.
Michelle – “Not that bad?! I been sitting her gagging the last five minutes not even knowing you got your nasty, dirty feet up on the couch – right in front of our faces!”
Megan smiles knowing her plan was working perfectly.
Megan – “Well they obviously can’t stink that bad – Jon doesn’t seem to mind the smell at all …”
Megan couldn’t help but smile and grin some more knowing how much this must be killing Jon inside.
Michelle meanwhile didn’t share her sister’s same playful tone, but began to look infuriated.
Michelle – “Jon tell her that her feet freakin’ stink and she needs to go away and leave us alone for the night!”

Jon looks like a deer caught in a headlight and freezes not knowing what to say or do next. He doesn’t want to piss off his girlfriend any further but at the same time he for sure doesn’t want Megan to move her socked feet from his general direction.
Michelle crosses her arms, still standing, looking down at Jon with flames in her eyes.

Jon – “Well I mean … umm … they don’t really smell that bad …”
Michelle – “DON’T SMELL THAT BAD?! I’m either going to throw up or pass out from that horrid stench!”
Jon – “Well … you can get used to it … I guess …”
Michelle – “I DON’T WANT TO GET USED TO IT! It’s horrible!”
Megan tried holding her excitement back but it was cracking her up inside, watching the two bicker and go at it all because of her stinky socks.

Michelle and Jon continued to bicker back and fourth, Michelle pleading her case that she wanted Jon to make Megan either put her feet down or to go away for the night; Meanwhile Jon was doing everything in his power to calm her down yet to talk her into letting Megan keep her feet right where they are.

A devious plan came to mind for Megan and she finally spoke up, interrupting the argument.
Megan – “Come on, it can’t be that bad … you can get used to it … see watch …”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Megan lifted one of her socked foot in the air, stretched it further across the couch so that it came literally within an inch of Jon’s nose; it was the sock with a big hole in it so that her bare big toe stuck through the opening as she wiggled it as close to his nose as possilbe, even lightly coming in contact with Jon’s nose. The smell was so unbealivably strong and pungent, it nearly made his eyes water. Michelle looked on in horror as Jon was more frozen solid than ever.

Megan – “Here … take a big whiff and you tell me how bad they smell.”
Jon as horny as ever couldn’t help but let out a deep sniff, allowing the pungent aroma to fly up his nostrils.
Jon – (Sniffff) … Naw … I mean they stink but nothing too bad.”
He managed to say as calmly as he could but in all reality they stunk unlike anything he’s ever come across! It took all his will and might not to grab her by the ankles and shove his face into the soles of her socks. He of course held back but he knew he couldn’t take this torment much longer.
Michelle still in shock at what she was witnesing, gasped in horror before clearing her throat.
Michelle – “I can’t believe you smelt her sweaty ass softball sock!”
Jon was stuck between a rock and a hard-place still not knowing what to do or how to respond.
Megan – “Ok how about a compromise … Lets be honest, I had softball practice all night tonight so the smell is obviously coming from my socks … I’ll take them off but you got to let me keep my barefeet up on the couch.
Michelle – “Why do you HAVE to have your feet up in the first place? Can’t you cover them up in a blanket? Or better yet GO TAKE A DAMN SHOWER!
Megan – “Hey, that’s my finaly offer. The movie is almost over, lets just finish it and as soon as its over ill go take a shower and let you guys be alone.
Michelle hymed and hawed over it for awhile before finally throwing her arms up in the air as if to give up the fight and reluctantly made her way back over to the couch.
Megan meanwhile began peeling off her, long, sweaty, holey softball socks.
Michelle – “Do us all a favor and go burn those socks!” She said in disgust as she watched her sister peel them off her feet.
Megan just ignored her and tossed the socks to the ground next to her cleats.

She got back in the same position, sprawled out on the couch, laying on her back with her now bare legs and feet stretched out resting up on the couch’s armest. Now, facing Jon was two massive, ripe, creamy, pink soles.

He could barly contain himself by this point. As if the smell wasn’t driving him wild – now he had to deal with her big, pink soles near his face. The sight alone was enough to drive a man crazy. It didn’t help his erection go down any, when She began wiggling her painted black toes around while at the same time rubbing her soles together while moaning aloud.

Megan – “Ohhh wow that feels sooooo much better to air out my feet after a long day of softball practice! You guys have no idea how good this feels right now! My feet can finally breathe!” She said In nearly an orgasmic state.
Michelle made Jon move with her to the very far end of the couch, as far away from Megan’s feet as possible. But the smell of her ripe, sour bare soles was still just too much for Michelle and she once again lost her cool.
Michelle – “Ugh your feet freakin’ stink just as bad! Go take a damn shower, whats wrong with you?!”
Megan – “I told you, I’ll take a shower once the movie is over.”
Michelle proceeded to retret to the back hall way to find a phone and call the parents to tell them how annoying her sister was being tonight.

However, once Michelle left the room, Jon never did get up from his spot. In fact with the coast finally clear, Megan noticed Jon slowly but surley making his way closer to her feet by slowing sliding down the couch. Megan smirked but pretended not to notice – and instead kept playfully moving her stinky, bare feet around, wafting the smell in all directions.

Jon, now not paying any attention to the movie at all, had his eyes set on her massive, creamy, pink soles and those wiggling black toe nails.
The closer her inched toward the feet like a magnet pulling him in – the stronger the aroma smelt. It certainly was a sour, pungent, sock-type of smell that was protruding off her feet.

He thought he was being sly, but Megan knew full well what he was trying to do. He wanted to sniff the living crap out of her feet and she played right along. The closer he got, the more she wiggled and spread her long, fleshy-pink toes.

He couldn’t have been more than an inch away from her powerful, sour feet as she gave him one helluva foot tease. She knew how much the smelly foot tease was torturing him so she waiting for him to inch just a little bit closer to her feet before she gave him clear access between her toes – by spreading them as far apart as she could.

From her view she couldn’t see his face because she was laying on her back with her legs and feet elevated slightly ontop of the arm rest of the couch – but knowing he was only an inch or so away, with her toes spread apart as far as she could get them – she felt a deep rush of air flow through the crevices of her toes. Then a few seconds later she felt the rush of air again and again.

It was soon realized that Jon had positioned himself as close as possible to her feet without actually touching them and he was now sniffing away. He still thought he was being sly but who did he think he was actually fooling?

Megan felt the rush of air which was his nose sniffing furiously away between the crevices of her stinky toes. She thought to herself – his ex girlfriend sure wasn’t lieing – this guy is obsessed with stinky feet!

Jon was going absoulety crazy inside from the torment and excitement of sniffing her sweaty softball feet right after her long practice that he franctically wanted to jam his face into her soles to get a deeper sniff. He heard Michelle still on the phone in the other room and decided he couldn’t take it any longer.
The temptation was just too much to resist and he was at his boiling point. Without warning Megan felt his entire face plant itself directly in the middle of her soles and toes as he began sniffing away like a mad man.

Megan pulled her feet away from his face and began to sat up.
Jon – “Wait where you going? I’m sorry COME BACK!” He clamored but it was to no avail.
Megan – “I’m going to shower up – I think you got close enough to sniffing my feet than you’ll ever get.”
Jon – “Wait no DON’T GO! Let me sniff them longer PLEASE!” Jon begged and pleaded.
Megan just shrugged her shoulders and replied – “Looks like you picked the wrong sister … sucks for you.” With an evil smirk she scooped up her smelly softball socks and cleats and walked away, leaving Jon sitting in disbelief and regret on the couch.

Megan knew she won and accomplished everything she wanted – infuriate her sister and torment the backstabber. Watching him beg just to smell her feet, more than pleased her.


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