Smelling stinky feet of spanish Elena after loosing a bet.

Well, as you liked my first post I’ve decided to share some more experiences. This time I’m going to talk about one of my many fetichist dates with a friend of mine: Elena. To be precise, I’m going to tell you about the first time she let me suck on her feet and toes. Elena is the prototype of sexy girl: brunette with nice body, about 1’75m. (almost taller than me). Long dark hair, brown skin, brown eyes, a perfect big and firm ass and the longest legs I’ve ever seen. She is also very preppy and bossy, she is the only daughter on an acomodate family, so she is used to be treated as a princess. Whatever she wants, she’ll have it.

We have been friends for about 6 years now. We were very good friends until we became something more, I didn’t consider her as my gf but we used to make a lot of plans together and hang around. Is that kind of friend that you can call, go to cinema, then fuck her and tomorrow will be another day. We had been in this situation for about 1 year, so we have too much trust on each other.

I had told her many times about my fetish for feet and although at first she didn’t let me even touch them (she said she was ticklish), with the time she started teasing me more and more. When we were in my car and I was driving her anywhere, she would usually take her shoes off and put her feet on the dashboard were I could see them. Another way of teasing me was asking me to paint her toenails whenever I was at her house.

She enjoyed seeing me suffer knowing that I’d love to suck her toes. Even when I moved to another city to go to university she would tease me by blackberry, sending me photos of her wearing different heels and messages like “I’m going out tonight, which ones do you like more?”. Another common way of teasing me was sending me pictures of her toenails painted in different colors and asking me “do you prefer pink or burgundy?” or “you do it better than me, will you help me when you come back on Christmas?” . She knew I liked it and she took advantage of it many times. Of course I’d let her.

I don’t know if she missed me while the months I was away or something but she gradually started to let me get closer to her feet. After going partying for example she would always ask me for a feet massage. She woud appoint me as her “personal feet masseur”. I loved to hold that crown. In other ocassions she would just take of her heels, put her feet on my lap, smile and say “my massage”. This was not a request, was an order. I loved it.

Anyway, this story happened on summer 2010. It was a hot July afternoon. That day I invited her to my house to watch the semifinals of the World Cup of football in which Spain played against Germany. She came with her face painted, some black shorts, an official tee of the national team (which made her look really sexy indeed) and a pair of red cloth sneakers, that of Victoria style with some short-ankle grey socks. I got hard just thinking of how sweaty her feet should be. That kind of sneakers really make feet sweat.

“I see you are very excited about the match, don’t make too much illusions, we ain’t winning today surely” I told her laughing “We will” she said “Wanna bet something?” “Okay”. After discussing a bit what the punishment would be, I suggested her that the one who win would have the other to do what he wanted. She agreed so I stayed there watching and praying for us to loose the game. We did not. The match finally ended.

She had win the bet, but she had seem to forget. We went out and have dinner, then walked around a bit and then we got in my car to take her home. “I haven’t forget about the bet” she said. “Well, you could have me massage your feet!” I said smiling and laughing “haha.. yes, but I don’t feel like having a massage now” she was thinking of something else and I was going to loose my opportunity so I tried a trick. “That’s ok, anyway your feet must stink right now, probably is not the best moment to give you a massage..” I said like if I didn’t care. She did know about my fetish, but not the fact that I like them to stink of course. “Mmm.. I have an idea..” she said smiling.

The trick had worked out. She turned to me and commanded me to close my eyes. I did and I heard how she took of her shoe. In a reflect of pure excitment I opened my eyes and saw her taking of her grey sock. Her completely stinky foot was revealed. She has some perfect feet, large and thin, she must have an european 41 size or so.. Her soles were white and red in the part of the heel, the ball and the toe. She also had her long nails painted in an exciting bright red although the paint was a bit worn, as if she had painted them some days ago.

I saw her spreading her long toes when she took off her sock, that movement that you do when you have been wearing your shoes during a long time and you have your toes kind of stick one to another. I was about to experiment heaven on earth. She grabbed her sock by the tip with a disgusting look in her face but smiling. I could see all the individual toeprints in the sock, as well as the ball and the heel. Those parts were black and dirty. She held it close to my face and teased me glancing it close to my nose. The scent was strong enough to fill the car instantly. I was wishing to bury my nose on that dirty sock and sniff it. She took it and put the part of the toes softly under my nose.

I instantly felt the touch of the hot and wet at the same time sock in my face. “Smell” she just said. And she smiled with that mean look. I tried to put my best disgusted face and I sniffed as if I had no remedy. She started laughing. “Damn, this ones do smell uh? hahaha Do you like the dirt from them?” and she rubed the tip of her sock all over my face and specially my lips. She was where she likes, dominating. And I was were I liked, about to smell her feet.

She took the other sock off and repeat the same, she rubbed it all over my face while laughing. She teased me glancing it from the air to my nose. I was about to explode in my pants. Suddenly she turned in her seat so she was face to face with me, rested her back in the co-pilot car door and put up her legs until both her feet were in front of my face. I could of course smell the stench. They were red and sweaty, and she didn’t stop spreading her toes. There were rests of her socks between her toes. “Now my feet” she said without stop smilling. She was having fun and I was getting harder.

The touch of her feet was incredible. The mix of sweat and natural stink makes you want to lick them clean instantly, but I wanted to savor the moment. I smelled them deeply and slow. The scent got into my nostril and almost made me cry. I took a big whif again. She laughed. I put my nose in between her toes, smelling between them one by one. That was the worst part. I got the tip of my nose wet from her sweat, I liked that feeling so much that I buried my nose entirely between the ball of her feet and her toes, just were it stank more. She laughted still louder. I smelled from one side to another, trying to keep that scent in my head. It actually reeked. She had not soft soles.

She had hard skin soles, that kind that makes you want to lick. I had my nose between her toes and she was spreading them and makin the scent stronger for seconds. Her red nails were about a centimeter away from my eyes. She kept laughing. She was loving it. I couldn’t resist anymore and I kissed the ball of her feet. I started kissing all of it from the ball to the heel, and then up again to her toes. I kissed each one of it, specially the small one. Between kiss and kiss I would smell them. I loved that stink. “You’re such a pervert! They stink, I can’t understand how you like them!” I didn’t say nothing, I just looked her, smile, sticked my tongue out and licked her right foot from the heel to the ball. She stop smiling, now she was annoyed. I repeated it one or two times, making sure I licked everywhere. I put speciall attention on licking her dry skin from the ball. She seemed to like it and smiled again in a mix of pleasure and disbelief.

I took her thin red heel and put it inside my mouth. I sucked it all, passing my tongue over it once an another. She rested her head on the window glass, closed her eyes and relaxed while softly pressing her dry skinned feet against my face. I took both feet and rub them against my face, up and down; put them together and sniffed hard between her spreaded toes. “Mmmmm” she said with disgusted face but smiling. I finally got to her toes and inserted her big toe in my mouth, I sucked all around it and specially under her nail. I sucked it with my tongue and lips and made sure that no dirt was left on it. Then I moved to the other toes, one by one. She spreaded her toes more and more and started moaning softly. The taste was horrible, but I guess that’s what makes it kinkier. “Force me to lick between your toes Elena” I told her.

She opened her eyes widely and look me in disbelief “What?” she said “You’ve heard, grab me by the hair and force me to lick and smell them” I said. She looked to me still not believing what I was saying, so I took her hand and put it on my hair. “Now you only have to hold it firmly and rub your feet against my face forcing me to lick and smell them” She didn’t expect that, so she laughed nervously and just said “Ok..” She grabbed my hair and rested her left foot on my face. She started rubbing it, softly at first, but then harder as she got confidence.

She must have liked it because she started smiling more and more and grabbing my hair harder. The smell was so strong, and my face was getting impregned of it. I was so hot, but she was too. I could see her hard nipples through her red national team tee. She then stopped, retired her feet from my face and told me to get closer to her. When I was waiting for a kiss or for her to take my t-shirt off, she suddenly planted one of her feet in front of my face, rubbed the sole of it with her hand, and separated two of her toes with her fingers. She looked me in my eyes in the meanest way she has ever done and said “I want you to lick here” pointing to the part between her big toe and the second one. I did.

I started licking as if my life was depending on that. She moaned more and more and started pinching her nipples with her eyes closed. I finished licking between her toes and licked all of her nails, inserting each toe in my mouth. Finally I ended kissing again her feet, satisfied of how clean they were. They did not stink anymore, I had done a good job i guess. I was about to take her shorts off so I could lick her pussy, but she stopped me and told me she was on her period. Damn.

She push me against my seat and unzipped my pants. She did a nice blowjob in which I came in about a minute. Meanwhile she sucked on I was fingering her ass. When we were finished she asked me to put her her socks back on, we rest and talk a bit and took her home. I went back home with the scent of her feet in my face and her ass hole in my finger.


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