“Volunteers needed for an experiment on female body odor.” read the ad in the university paper. “Women needed. Men also needed, as this is a study of the effect of female odor on male arousal. Limited number of slots. “

When Ted’s friend Pete read this aloud, Ted pricked up his ears. “I wonder if they’ll shove some woman’s pussy in your face and have you sniff it. But I don’t think you need an experiment to prove what a turn on that is.”

“What do you think?” asked Ted.

“I don’t know,” replied Pete. “You’ll probably have to smell some ugly chick’s ass. You should check it out though.”

“Maybe I will,” mused Ted. “I mean sometimes you just have to take a chance in this life.”

That afternoon, Ted called the number listed with the ad. “I’m calling about the experiment. I’m interested in participating.”

“Well,” responded the female voice on the line, “only if you can come by soon because we might not be taking any more male applicants after today. Do you have a couple of hours?”

It took Ted only a few seconds to ponder this before he committed. “I don’t have to be anywhere for a while. I’ll be right over.” He took down the address, though he found it odd that the lab wasn’t on campus.

Fifteen minutes later, Ted arrived at an enormous house just off campus near fraternity and sorority row. He rang the bell.

An attractive young woman in a white lab coat answered the door. She smiled as she gave Ted the once over with her eyes.

“I’m here for the experiment” muttered Ted.

The young woman nodded and held the door open for him. “Down the hall and the last door to your right. That’s Dr.. Ryan’s office.”

Ted followed her instructions; and when he arrived at the door he knocked. “Come in,” answered a voice from within. Ted opened the door and entered.

Sitting at a table was a pleasant-looking woman, also wearing a lab coat. She appeared to be in her late thirties. The woman glanced up at Ted and smiled. She gestured to a seat across from her. “Please have a seat.”

Ted sat down and gazed expectantly at Dr. Ryan.

“So, as you may already know, this is a study on the effect of female body odor on the male. It’s my belief that female scent contains pheromones, which attract the male, and that even unpleasant body odors can therefore be appealing to men. I have several women waiting downstairs in the lab. And, to be blunt, I need you to smell them. Can you handle that?”

Ted, enthusiastic about the prospect of smelling beautiful coeds, told her that she could count on him. Dr. Ryan, pleased with the response, smiled.

“You will be assigned a particular body part to sniff, and since it’s random, neither of us will know until just prior to the commencement of the experiment. The computer program will randomly assign you a female body part. At this time, you will have already been strapped to a seat and your mouth covered to assure us that your sniffing is constant. So you take a chance that it might not be something you enjoy smelling. Are you willing to take your chances?”

Ted pondered this for a few seconds and replied in the affirmative.

Now since we are measuring the extent of your arousal, We will have sensors attached to your penis. This will allow us to measure any movement of the penis, and the degree of swelling. Are you still with me?”

The thought of having sensors attached to his penis worried him a little, but he was more than prepared for something erotic. “Yes, I’m still with you.”

“You will be paid $100 for your participation, so if you’re agreeable, I’ll take you downstairs and get you started.”

Dr. Ryan then escorted him from the room and took him through a doorway. They ascended some stairs to the basement, which appeared to be a catacomb of rooms. The doctor opened a door and gestured for Ted to enter. The room contained a flat patient’s bench, but the bench was only inches form the floor. The bench was rigged up with some machinery, used, presumably, to raise and angle the bench. There were also a series of straps extending from the bench and about five chairs grouped around it. The whole setup looked like something out of a horror film; but Dr. Ryan seemed too nice to have anything nefarious in mind.

“Just remove all of your clothes and have a seat. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Dr. Ryan then grinned at Ted and took her leave, closing the door behind her.”

Ted, embarrassed at the thought of being naked in front of Dr. Ryan, considered changing his mind. But he didn’t relish admitting that he was too afraid to let her see him naked. But she was a doctor, after all.

Determined to see this through, he began to undress, first removing his shoes and socks, and then his shirt and pants. He opted not to undress completely, keeping a pair of boxer shorts on for modesty’s sake. For another couple of minutes, he sat on the bench, his legs crossed in front of him on the floor and his hands straddling the bench.

And then the door opened to reveal the young woman who’d answered the front door and another young woman wearing a white lab coat. Their entrance took him by suprise, and he blushed crimson with embarrassment. He drew his legs up to his chest, in an attempt to conceal his nudity.

The girls smiled at Ted and their amused glances lingered upon him uncomfortably for a few seconds before one of them turned her attention to a folder of paperwork on a desk. The other one stepped before him.”

“You’ll have to take off your shorts,” she said with a smile, gathering his other clothes in her arms.

Ted hesitated for a moment before raising his body from the seat and pulling his shorts off over his rear end and down his legs. Keeping his leg together, so as to conceal his privates form view, Ted handed over his shorts; but he was unable to look her in the face. He merely watched as she took his clothes to the opposite corner of the room and dump them into a container.

“Now lie down on the bench,” said the other girl, the one who’d answered he front door. “We have to strap you down.”

Ted, still beat red with embarrassment, lay down on the bench, holding his hand over his cock and balls. The two young women then began to attach straps to his legs; once finished, they gently grabbed hold of his arms and pulled them to the sides of the bench. By this time, his naked body was in full view; and he kept his eyes closed from It was humiliating to be naked in front of two women who could easily turn out to be classmates.

The girls strapped his arms down and then affixed a strap over his head. Their soft hands grazed over his body — his legs, arms and scalp –, giving him a slight thrill. he already felt the faint stirrings of life in his cock.

And then the door opened again. “Then we’re all set,” announced Dr. Ryan. She leaned over him and smiled. “Now while Amy and Candace apply the sensors and the gag, I will determine which body part you’ve been assigned to sniff, and call in the young ladies.”

He suddenly realized that the other women participating in the experiment would see him naked,and the thought both frightened him and excited him. And then he felt soft, gentle finger on his cock. He couldn’t raise his head to see what the girls were doing; but he figured that they were attaching sensors to his penis.

Amy’s face hovered into view as she applied a few layers of medical bandaging over his mouth, wrapping it around the back of his head. She pulled it tight until he could scarcely breathe through his mouth.

Fingers slid down the length of his already erect cock as Candace finished applying the penile sensors.

“He’s already hard,” declared Candace with a hint of amusement in her voice.

“That’s alright. We’re detecting slight changes in the degree of his arousal. Now let’s see … hmmn … it looks like you’ll be sniffing …. their feet.”

Candace stifled a giggle.

Ted figured she must be joking, but Dr. Ryan wasn’t.

“That’s good, because we just did armpits and panties. And I would like to study the effect of the pheromones in the sweat glands located on a woman’s feet. Believe it or not, sweaty, smelly feet can be arousing to many men. Candace, why don’t you bring in the ladies, and we’ll get started. But don’t tell them what body part he’ll be sniffing.”

Once Candace left the room, Amy addressed Dr. Ryan. “Look. His erection is going down. It must be the thought of smelling stinky feet.” He wanted to agree but could say nothing, now that the bandaging covered his mouth.

Dr. Ryan gazed down upon Ted, first at his groin and then into his face. “Thee will be five women. And you will be smelling their feet, ten minutes per pair. With time permitting, we’ll have you smell their shoes and socks.”

The sound of women chatting and laughing amongst themselves became unmistakable; and the door opened. The sound of shoes scuffing on the floor was his only proof that these young women had entered the room. At first there was silence, and then stifled laughter, as they talked amongst themselves, most likely on account of his nakedness.

Chairs squeaked on the floor as they took their places.

“Now this young man is going to be smelling your feet,” announced Dr. Ryan. TEH stunned silence was once again followed by muted giggles and amused whispers.

“No one said anything about feet,” said one of the girls. “If I’d known, I would have washed them. I mean, I’ve been on my feet all day and I’m sure my feet stink.”

“Now if you’d washed your feet, explained Dr. Ryan, “this would have become a study in how the smell of soap arouses a man. But this is about body odor. The more distinctive and pronounced the foot odor, the better for the experiment.”

“Is he seriously going to smell our stinky feet?” asked someone else.

‘Well, we can’t study the effect of body odor without studying foot odor. In fact, I think it’s the most important odor next to the unmistakable odor you give off when you’re sexually excited.”

The giggling grew in volume as Dr. Ryan explained what they were to do with their feet. “Now you’ll be resting them on his face, making sure to get your toes thoroughly sniffed. That’s to say, under the toes, near the ball of the foot, and the tips of the toes, under the toenails. You will keep your toes clamped over his nose most of he time; but don’t squeeze too tight or he can’t breathe. But more your feet around so that he can sniff your heels and the ball of your feet. Thoroughness is the key. But be sure to have him sniff where the scent is more distinct, like under the toes.”

“Would you like to begin?” asked Dr. Ryan, addressing one of the girls.

“Ah, sure.” was the reply.

“Just move your chair over the bench, It will fit perfectly; and then take off one shoe and sock, and hold your toes over his nose. You’ll do one foot at a time, five minutes per foot. If your socks and shoes have a strong aroma, hold on to them, and you’ll have some time afterwards to get those sniffed too.”

“Really?” asked one of them. “My ratty old sneaks?”

“Of course. They’re a great source of body odor and will suit our experiment quite well.”

“What’s your name?” asked Dr. Ryan of the girl occupying the seat just over Ted. “Kelly,” was her reply. Wearing nothing but a pair of slip on heels, Kelly slipped off one shoe revealing a size 9 foot with slender , painted toes and dirty soles. While she hesitated, holding her sweaty bare foot above his face, Ted breathed in the pungent aroma of stale foot sweat witch wafted over to him. It was revolting; to think that this girl was going to press her warm, stinky foot onto his face, and that he’d have to smell her rank toes up close, it was too much.

“Shall I?” asked Kelly.

“Go ahead, and put it on his face, and wrap your toes over his nose.”

Kelly followed Dr. Ryan’s instructions; and, to the tune of histrionic groans from the other girls, Kelly pressed her sweaty foot over Ted’s face. The ripe odor was reminiscent of stale cheese popcorn.

The smell of unwashed feet was degrading, and he couldn’t bare it. But he was strapped in too tight to turn his head. He couldn’t breathe so all he could do was inhale the pungent, gamy odor of her callused feet, sticky and slimy with sweat.

“My feet stink,” remarked Kelly with a frown. “I’m sorry. I should probably get odor eaters.” The others giggled.

“Please,” reassured Dr. Ryan. “A strong smell will have more potent pheromones. Don’t be embarrassed. Foot odor is a natural, healthy thing. Anyway, I’ll leave you girls to do your thing. You’ll be observed,” she added pointing to a camera above.”

Ted couldn’t believe he was strapped naked to a table in full view of a video camera; not to mention the fact that some girl had just curled a set of cheesy-smelling toes over his nose. But as Kelly had him smell her dirty heel and the ball of her foot, he had no choice but to breathe in the odor.

Eventually, one foot replaced a moist, warm one, and the whole humiliating process of smelling stinky toes began over again. Despite Kelly’s initial hesitancy, she spent the entire ten minutes with at lest one part of her stinking foot flush against his nostrils. It was revolting.

And then it was Laurie’s turn. In slip-on canvas shoes, she stepped over Ted and occupied a place. He heard a shoe drop to the floor and then inhaled a warm rush of fetid, stale foot stench, reminiscent of a locker room. Almost immediately, Ted felt something warm and moist slide across his face. It was her size 9 1/2/ foot and the sharp cheesy odor was almost sickening. Nonetheless, he felt an almost imperceptible stirring in his loins.

‘And I thought my feet stank,” observed Kelly. Everyone laughed, clearly becoming more comfortable about this whole foot-smelling thing.

One sweaty foot was followed by another; and his senses were assaulted by the odor. Laurie took the liberty of sliding her feet over his face, ensuring that he sniff her big sweaty feet from heel to toe, and under her toenails too. “Hey, she said to be thorough,” remarked Laurie with a giggle.

And then it was Vicki’s turn. She stood over him and then occupied the seat. Crossing her legs, her foot dangled over his face. She pried off a sneaker and as she began to peel off the damp dirty white sock, a hot rush of foot stench invaded his nostrils. It was incredible. Like warm Parmesan cheese.

Vicki’s feet were sharp-smelling and cheesy, giving off a far more powerful and sour foot stink than either Kelly’s or Laurie’s. And it was Vicki’s stinky feet, with the sweaty, wrinkled soles, which aroused him so completely. With every breath of the odor, he felt his cock begin to harden. It was as if he’d overcome his disgust and found something savory and thrilling about the powerful, cheesy aroma.

But once he realized, with shame, that he was responding to the odor of her sweaty soles and toes; he reddened. The girls, now noticing his unexpected reaction to Vicki’s foot odor, began to titter and chuckle.

“Look,” remarked Annabel. “He’s enjoying it. And Vicki’s feet smell disgusting.” Annabel turned to Vicki. “Don’t you wash your feet?”

“I’ve been busy the last couple of days. I haven’t had a chance to wash. And I like wearing these comfortable old sneakers. If I’m going to be on my feet all day, I’ll wear them.”

More humiliating than the stench of their unwashed, sweaty feet, and even more humiliating than the fact that these girls were freely rubbing their stinky bare feet in his face, was the unmistakable proof that he enjoyed smelling their feet. How could he conceal his erection? As Vickie had him sniff her heels, the balls of her feet and under her warm, sweaty toes, his predicament only worsened.

“I guess he likes my stinky feet,” remarked Vickie as she pressed her sweaty toes up against his nostril. The putrid, cheesy smell from under her unpolished toenails was revolting; and yet he enjoyed it. Unable to control himself, his erection hardened even more.

“Look. It’s getting bigger,” remarked an astonished Marie.

“I guess he likes toe cheese,” mused Vickie as she pressed her dirty soles over his face.

Now that the girls had overcome their awkwardness, they laughed freely and talked while, one by one, they inflicted their foot odor upon Ted. Once Vicki’s ten minutes were over, Marie stepped up to the plate, as it were.

Maria was wearing boots and jeans, and once she sat down overtop Ted, she began to pried off the boot and peeled off her dark-colored sock, damp with sweat. After flexing her toes a bit, she pressed a warm, sweaty size 8 foot onto his face and pressed the ball of her feet against his nostrils. Her musty smelling feet were not near as pungent as Vicki’s, but he sustained his erection as she curled her toes around his nose and slid the tips of her toes under shi nostrils.

“Have a good whiff,” remarked Maria with a smile. As the girls became louder and bolder, they were more aggressive in how they manipulated his face with their toes. Maria even took to ordering him to smell her feet.

Annabel, wearing running shoes with her jeans, took her turn with considerable enthusiasm. Once she peeled off her first sweat sock, she slid her sweaty foot over his face, laughing about how stinky her feet are. “My foot is so smelly. I should feel bad, but … I don’t.” Having said that, she cupped her toes tightly over his nose and wriggled hem for extra effect. “Isn’t science great?”

“He’s still hard,” observed Vicki. The others laughed.

When Annabel peeled off her second sock, she dangled it in his face. “Boy, you really love smelling my feet, don’t you? Pretty ripe, huh?” She thrust his nose between her toes and informed him that she loved having him smell her feet.

Towards the end of Annabel’s ten minutes, Dr. Ryan returned with Amy. “I’m glad everyone’s having fun, including Ted.” Everyone laughed.

“His readings are off the Richter Scale. I knew I’d find pheromones in foot sweat. There’s magic in your feet, girls.”

“He seems to get more excited, the more our feet stink,” said Kelly. “Like under our nails.”

“That’s marvelous,” added Dr. Ryan. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to do one more thing. If any of you have smelly shoes or socks, I’d like to see how he reacts to those. So he you can just hold some socks over his nose.”

“My sneakers are totally rank,” remarked Vickie. “Could I have him smell those?”


And so it went. The girls took to covering his nose with dirty, vinegary sweat-soaked socks. Again, Ted’s erection remained as firm as ever, even twitching occasionally. Once Vickie placed her ratty shoe over his face, he inhaled the most putrid foot stench it had ever been his displeasure to sniff; and he found it almost irresistible. Tennis hoes and slip-ons were held over his face, and each sniffed accordingly.

“I can’t believe he loves this,” remarked Vickie. “My sneaks reek.”

“I can’t wait to tell the sorority about this” said Laurie. “To think this guy loved our ripe feet.”

I’m going to tell my sorority about this little stinky foot lover,” added Vickie. “this whole smelly foot thing has potential.”

“The socks and shoes contain the pheromones too.” observed an excited Dr. Ryan. “I’m going to have to extensive research on the subject of foot odor now.”

The girls were enjoying every minute they dangled the crusty toe ends of their dirty socks in his face and having him inhale the warm, fetid stench inside their footwear.

But, Dr. Ryan, satisfied with the results, called it a day. “Thanks ladies,” she remarked as the girls slid their feet into their socks and shoes. “you’re smelly feet have never served a greater purpose.”

“Oh, the pleasure was all ours,” replied Vickie with a laugh.

“Amy has your checks upstairs.” And so the girls filed out the door and upstairs, but not before teasing Ted about liking their foot odor and assuring him that they should do this again.

Once untied, Ted was given his clothes. While he began to dress himself, Dr. Ryan thanked him for participating. “I know it must have been stinky, but it looks like you enjoyed it as much as they did.”

Amy returned from upstairs and sat down next to Candace, watching Ted dress himself. “I wish we could have got our toes sniffed too,” she asserted. “My feet smell; I’d be perfect.”

“You know you can’t participate while you’re assisting me,” was Dr. Ryan’s reply. “I will be doing more experiments like this though.”

“Do you have his check?”

“I handed out all the checks.”

“There was no check for him?”

“But we only had five checks; we usually had four women and one guy.”

“Damn it,” exclaimed Dr. Ryan before turning to Ted, now almost fully dressed. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay you right now. So you’ll have to think of this as a public service.”

“What?” Ted couldn’t believe his ill-luck.

“And I was going to ask you if you won’t mind participating in further experiments; but now I don’t have it in me to even ask. If you didn’t get an erection, I’d feel bad about stiffing you like this; but at least you had fun, right?”

Ted, shaking his head, finished dressing and told Dr. Ryan that he wanted to leave. And as Dr. Ryan saw him to the door, she urged him to come back to participate in more experiments on foot odor. Ted has no intention of returning.

But one day, while Ted studied alone on the quad, four sporty-looking young women, wearing shorts and sneakers, approached him and sat next to him.

“You’re Ted, aren’t you?” asked one of them with a grin.

Ted hesitated but couldn’t lie about his name. “Yes?”

“My name’s Carrie, by the way. And this is Heather, Donna and Jo.” The others grinned at him.

The girl extended her legs so that Ted could clearly see the ratty pair of old scuffed-up old sneakers on her feet. He could smell the stench of rotting sneaker, an unpleasant reminder of the experiment he did the day before.

“Well, rumor has it that you like smelling really stinky feet. Vicki told some of us at the sorority about yesterday, and how you got a hard-on when you had to smell her cheesy feet. And apparently, you were hard when you sniffed everyone’s feet. She was surprised because the others had pretty raunchy foot odor too. She said the room smelled awful.

Ted was too surprised by the remark to know what to say.

“Well, seeing that you like nasty, stinking feet,” continued Carrie. ‘We thought we’d invite you to smell our feet. And you’re in luck because none of us have washed our feet for about two days, and we’ve been wearing the same socks for days; that is if we were even wearing socks.” Ted noticed that Carrie was wearing her foul-smelling, worn-out sneakers without socks.

“And I can vouch for the others. Their feet can get really stinky … I mean so ripe they’d make your eyes water.” the others chuckled. A few of them extended their feet towards him just as Carrie had done. Two more pairs of dirty old sneakers were presented to him.

“We’ve forced guys to smell our feet before; but since you like putrid foot odor, we can both enjoy it. You can enjoy it for your own perverse reasons, and we can have some fun humiliating you with our potent foot odor.”

Carrie contemplated him for a moment; Ted, however, was still too surprised to say anything.

“She raised a sneakered foot, placing it in his lap. “I’d bet you’re just dying to find out what it smells like inside my shoes. So … you’re place or ours.

“I’d rather not. I don’t like smelly feet.”

“Oh, please,” remarked Jo. Vicki’s smelly feet gave you a hard on. And you expect us to believe you don’t want to smell our feet. You should be honest with yourself and us.

“No, really. I had a horrible time. I … don’t know why I got hard.”

“Because you liked it,” said Carrie “Or you liked the humiliation of being forced to smell stinky feet. In either case, you should come with us.”

“Please, leave me alone.”

“Carrie stiffened. “So our feet aren’t good enough to sniff. If you’re worried they aren’t smelly enough, rest assured we can raunch you pretty good.”

“I’m not interested.”

“So you’ll sniff their feet but not ours, is that it?”

“No, it’s not…”

Carrie interrupted him. “Well, I’ll say this. When we want to rub our smelly feet in a guy’s face, we do just that. When we want our toes sniffed, we get them sniffed. We always get what we want. And if you won’t do it the easy way, you can do it the hard way. There are always benefits to being part of a sorority. There are always others to help us; and we’ll take you when you least suspect it. So what’ll it be, footboy?”

Ted slumped in defeat; what was the point of trying to get out of this? Jo, noticing his resignation, spoke to him. “I’d suggest we do it at the sorority house because then you’ll get to smell more than just our stinky feet. ”

Ted shrugged and prepared to stand. The girls, giggling with delight, stood as well. Carrie took him by the arm. “What’s your favorite cheese,” she asked as they escorted him away. “I hope you like sharp cheddar because then I’m sure you’ll love my toes. And if you’re good, I’ll let you wear my nasty sneaks on your face.”


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