The computer was shining into her face like a giant light bulb. She had been trying for several weeks to find an interest in her new toy. So far, nothing she had found interested her very much. At first she looked at the sites that offered information about cooking and sewing, then she checked out the fitness sites. It all looked so very boring to her.

Her lover had given her the computer last October for her 28th birthday. He had told her that he thought it strange a registered nurse didn’t know how to use a computer. He wanted her to have it so that they could communicate in the chat sites, when he was away on business, or with his family. It wasn’t that she didn’t know how to use a computer, she just felt that they were boring and useless, but she had promised him that she would give it a try.

One of the few things that she did find interesting were the chat sites. She found it refreshing how everyone seemed so willing to say anything. On this evening, Mandi was chatting with a person she had talked with several times before. The man she was chatting with called himself, “Big Daddy.” Their chatting had become extremely sexual, and Mandi experienced an orgasm almost every time she chatted with him. Mandi had taken the name, “Girl Angel,” to remain anonymous.

“How are you tonight?” she saw Big Daddy type on her screen.

“I’m a little lonely tonight, big Daddy, my lover is away again, and I’m all alone,” she answered.

“I wish that I were there with you, right now,” Big Daddy, answered back.

“Why? What would you do?” Mandi typed back to him, as she felt the excitement tingling through her body.

“Was that your real phone number, you gave me the last time we chatted?” he typed. “Can I phone you now?”

Mandi sat back in her chair, staring at the words on her screen. She had given him her phone number twice in the past, but he had never phoned her.

“He seems to have found some courage tonight,” she laughed to herself, as her fingers played between her legs. “What the hell, I’ll tell him he can phone me if he wants to.”

“Yes, Big Daddy, that is my phone number you have. I would love it if you were to phone me.”

Mandi watched as Big Daddy’s name disappeared off the screen.

“I scared him away again,” she thought, as she turned the computer off in disgust.

Mandi went into her bedroom. She stood in front of the large floor-to-ceiling mirror. She began to sway her hips to the music on her radio. She slowly removed her clothes, until she was standing in just her panties. Her nipples were hard and erect. She put one hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy, through her panties, her other hand was pinching one of her nipples.

“Oh God,” she sighed, “I need a cock so badly, I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get a cock soon. I think I’ll take a shower, maybe that will calm me down.”

After Mandi had adjusted the shower temperature just right, she stepped into its warm stream. She began to laugh as she looked down, realizing she still had her panties on. As she stepped out of her panties, the warm pulsing water was hitting onto her pubic mound. Mandi moaned loudly as its stream licked at her clit. She was getting close to an orgasm, when she heard her phone ringing.

“God damn, who could that be?” she thought, “it’s probably my mother. If I don’t answer it she will probably phone 911. Anyway, she has ruined the moment for me now.”

Mandi grabbed a large bath towel and wrapped it around herself, as she ran back into her bedroom. She jumped onto her bed and picked up the phone.

“Hello Mom!” she said, in a sarcastic tone.

There was a long pause on the other end, then she heard a man’s voice, “Girl Angel? Is that you?”

“Oh no, it’s him, it’s Big Daddy,” she thought trembling. “Yes, yes it’s me,” she answered sheepishly.

“I’m sorry it took me so long to phone you,” he said, in a deep voice, “but there were some things I had to do first.”

“That’s okay,” Mandi answered, “I was just taking a shower when you phoned,” she said.

“Tell me what you are doing now,” she heard him say. “Tell me what you are wearing, and where you are now.”

His voice had a strange effect on Mandi, it was like she couldn’t refuse to answer him.

“I was in the shower when you phoned, I am laying on my bed, with a towel wrapped around my body,” she answered.

“I want you to remove the towel. I want you to look at your body, as you have never looked at it before. Then I want you to tell me exactly what you look like.”

“What is he doing to me?” Mandi thought to herself, “I feel like I’m under his control, as if I’m his slave or something, I feel like I have to obey him.”

“I’m lying on my bed, and I have just thrown the towel onto the floor. I have long curly light brown hair, my eyes are green, my breasts are not really big, but they are firm, and I have large pink nipples. My pussy is bald, because I shaved it, ha, ha,” she laughed nervously. “I’m five feet, one inch tall, and I weigh about a hundred pounds. My skin is very white as I hate the sun. Is that a good enough description of me?” she asked him.

“Don’t ever call me, Big Daddy again.” She heard him say in a strong voice. “From now on you will call me, ‘Master, do you understand?”

“I feel like I’m under his control, how does he do this to me, I’m getting so horny,” she thought to herself.

“Yes Master, I understand.”

“Is your pussy hot, and wet?” he asked her.

“Yes Master, it is,” she answered.

“Stick your fingers into your cunt, stick them all into your cunt. I want to hear you screaming from the pain,” he said to her.

Mandi had never put more than three fingers into herself before, but this time she felt compelled to obey her Master. Her fingers started pushing into her pussy, as if they weren’t hers. It was like it was his hand pushing into her. She laid back and spread her legs as wide as she could. The pressure on her pussy hurt terribly.

“Please, please stop,” she said, “it hurts so much.”

Her Master was in total control of her now.

“I haven’t even begun,” she heard his voice saying. “I have a knife, and I will slit your fucking throat, if you don’t do exactly as I say, now shove your entire hand into that whore cunt, do it, now.”

Mandi’s head was spinning from the pain. Her hand was slowly going into her pussy.

“No, No, AAAAaaaaahhhhhh,” she yelled as her hand disappeared into her pussy.

“Did you do it, bitch?” she heard him say.

“Yes Master, I have my hand inside my pussy.”

“I want you to fist fuck that cunt, I want you to fuck it hard,” he ordered her.

“Yes Master, Yes, Oh God, Oh God,” she screamed. “My pussy is a in terrible pain, and yet for some strange reason it feels so good. Oh God, I love the pain,” she yelled into the phone.

“I want you to reach into your cunt so deep that you can feel your heart,” she heard him saying.

His words were driving Mandi insane with passion. The lust in her loins was more than she had ever experienced before in her life. She was pounding her fist so deeply into her pussy it was hitting her cervix. She began to explode with orgasm.

“No, No, No!” she screamed.

She dropped the phone onto the bed, and with both hands, tried to push it into her pussy. It felt like her pussy was ripping, but she didn’t care. She wanted it to rip. She wanted to feel the pain of her pussy ripping apart. Orgasm after orgasm raged through her body, until finally she lay there as if she were dead, the phone buried halfway into her pussy. She could hear a muffled voice calling her.

“Girl Angel, girl Angel, are you there?” It was her Master calling.

She pulled her phone out of her pussy, it was covered in sparkling wetness and a trace of blood. She put it to her mouth and began to lick off the fluid.

“Angel girl! Answer me,” she heard on the phone.

“What did you do to me?” she asked, as she put the phone to her ear. “I feel like I’ve been raped, my pussy is bleeding, and so sore.”

“But you loved it,” he said, cutting her off, “it was the best fuck your cunt has ever had, wasn’t it?”

“I don’t want to admit to that, but yes, it was wonderful. I have never experienced such passion, and you weren’t even here,” she said to him.

“If I had been there girl Angel, I would have killed you. I would have ripped your insides open. I don’t think that you are ready for that yet, are you?” he said.

Mandi was silent, she didn’t say a word.

“But you think about it all the time, don’t you, my little slut. You fantasize about being raped, and tortured, don’t you?”

“How does he know these things about me,” she thought trembling, “I have never told anyone about the crazy things in my mind.”

“How do you know? How do you know how I feel?” she pleaded, “I have never told anyone.”

“I knew,” he said, “I knew almost the first time we chatted. You are not so unique, there are lots of people out there like us.”

“I have never met anyone that could understand me, till now,” she said, sobbing. “You are the only person who knows about the monster in me. I don’t believe you, that there are others who fantasize as I do. Where do I find them?”

“I will tell you a site, on the Web to go to Girl Angel, but you must be very careful there. Like you, the majority of the men who read the stories, do it just to fantasize, and they are harmless. But some, like myself, would like to tear your cunt from your body and eat it raw.” Big Daddy told Mandi the name of the site to go to, again warning her to be careful. Mandi lay back on her bed, she was exhausted. She could feel her heartbeat pounding in her pussy.

“I can’t believe how excited he made me, I can’t believe how sore my poor little pussy is,” she thought to herself as she fell fast asleep.

The next day she decided to look at the Web site that big Daddy had told her about. She keyed in the site, and her screen turned black for a moment. Then she saw words starting to appear. “Stories that are Really Nasty”. She scrolled down the page and read a long disclaimer. It said that if you didn’t like nasty stories, you should leave the site. It said the site was for adults only. Then she read that if someone wanted to send them a letter or store they could do so at their e-mail address. Then she read that they weren’t excepting any stories from new writers.

“I’m not interested in writing any silly love stories anyway,” she thought laughing to herself.

She was just about to turn off the computer, when she noticed the title of one of the stories, “Girl Gets A Zipper”.

“I wonder what that story could be about,” she thought to herself.

She opened the story and began reading it. It was a story about a little girl whose Daddy had gotten a doctor to put a zipper in her mouth and her pussy. Mandi couldn’t believe her eyes.

“The things they are doing to that little girl, I just don’t believe it, they are treating her like she is some kind of a sex toy, they don’t care anything about her, except for the fact she has a cunt. Oh fuck, I’m getting so horny. My heart is pounding. Yes, yes, fuck the little bitch, rip her cunt wide-open, shove your cock down her throat,” Mandy heard herself saying, as she read the story. It was the most exciting thing she had ever read, her panties were soaking wet, and her juices were running down her legs. An orgasm burst through her body long before she had finished the story. Before she finished reading the story she had cum so many times, she was totally drained. She opened another story. It was about to men abducting a young girl. They took her to a deserted barn. All the way there one of the men kept telling her what was going to happen to her, and that they were going to kill her when they were finished with her.

“I want to read this story so badly,” thought Mandi, “but I think I would have heart failure, my body can’t take any more. I have come so many times, and I can’t stop coming if I keep reading. This is the best day of my life, I have finally found people that are like me.

Over the next few weeks Mandi went to her new Web site every chance she got. She didn’t tell anyone what she was doing. Just thinking about the stories on the site would make her panties wet.

One night when she was lying on her bed with her lover, he said to her, “What is wrong with you, it’s like you hardly even noticed that I’m here, if it wasn’t for the fact that your cunt is always wet, I wouldn’t think that you enjoyed fucking me either, you seem so detached.”

Mandi decided to try confiding in her lover.

“Do you remember when you gave me the computer, you said I should find something that interests me on it.”

“Yeah, so what,” he answered.

“Well, I found a site that I really like, it’s a site where people write stories about things. I thought that I might try writing a story myself. The stories are about…”

“Sometimes I think that you are fucking nuts,” he yelled at her, cutting her off in mid-sentence. “I think you use your brain too much already. I don’t want you spending your time thinking about some crap story, when you should be paying more attention to me. You got a great body, maybe the best I have ever seen; your cunt is hot and tight. But we both know that you weren’t blessed with much of a brain. So use what you’ve got, and forget about that writing shit.”

Mandi never said another word to him about the site she had found. She would keep her fantasies a secret, as she had most of her life. Mandi continued to go to the site every chance she got. Mandi would become so excited every time she read one of the stories that she soaked her panties with orgasm after orgasm.

Her mind began to reveal to her, the stories that had been hidden so deeply inside of her.

“Oh, I wish I could tell one of my stories, I wish that I could share the stories I have in my mind with everyone. But I know I could never write a story good enough to be excepted by Mr. Boyd,” she thought sadly to herself. “But maybe, if I wrote one as best I could, and send it to one of the other writers, they might fix it up and post it as their own, that is what I’ll do.”

Mandi couldn’t wait to sit at her computer, and write her story. Writing a story really excited Mandi. She thought about all the different people that may read it, about the men it may excite, about what they may be like. She could have written her story much quicker if it wasn’t for having to masturbate almost every half-hour.

“This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me, I am either exploding with orgasm, or I am on the brink of it all the time I’m writing. I have never experienced anything so wonderful,” she thought.

By the time she had finished half of her story, she was becoming more and more excited at the thought of other people sharing her most intimate feelings, it was like a part of her. She decided against giving her story to another person, as she now wanted to be known as its writer. She decided to send the story to Mr. Boyd, even though she was sure he would laugh and reject it. When she had finished her story, she wrote a short note with it, and send it to Mr. Boyd.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, what have I done. I have just exposed my soul to a stranger. I have never before told anyone about the stories in my mind, and I have just laid myself bare to a stranger. Oh God, I’m so scared. What will he think of me? He will probably take one look at it and throw it into the garbage. Thank God he doesn’t know who I am, I found a real kinky e-mail site and used it. I’m sure a dumb cunt to think I could write a story.”

After Mandi settled down, she decided to print out her story on paper, for the first time. She sat on her bed and began to read it.

“Oh no, Oh no, it’s such a mess,” she sobbed. It has hundreds of mistakes. I can’t believe that I send it without reading it over first. I’m so stupid, so stupid.”

A few days later Mandi went to her e-mail site, and saw that there was a message for their there. The only person she had used the site for, was Mr. Boyd.

“He has sent my story back,” she thought, “and he’s probably telling me what a stupid cunt I am.”

When Mandi opened the letter she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was such a pleasant encouraging letter. He said, that he liked the story, but that she needed to do a little more work on it before he could post it. He suggested that she read his guidelines for writers, and have another try at it. Mandi was thrilled. Mr. Boyd was encouraging her to continue, it was the happiest day of her life. After several attempts to do it right, and many kind words from Mr. Boyd, he told her that he would be posting her story soon. Mandi checked his site three times a day. After a few days, she saw that her story had been posted, for all the world to see.

“All the other writers will see my story now,” she thought proudly, “I wish there was away to know some of them.”

Several weeks passed, before Mandi posted her second story. She placed her e-mail address at the end of each of her stories, hoping that someone might write and tell her what they thought of her story. She received several responses in her e-mail, to her stories. Some people gave her good advice, others, just said, they liked it. One man told her that he would like to capture her, and make her his personal slave. Several of the letters were from other writers, welcoming her to the site.

One evening as Mandi was getting ready for bed, she decided that it would be nice to print out all the letters that she had received, and read them in bed. As the letters were being printed out, Mandi was reading story about a girl who had been bound and gagged, with clothespins attached to her nipples, and the lips of her pussy.

“I can’t believe how that could be a turn on for a girl,” she thought, “how could a girl come with clothespins on her nipples and pussy.”

After the computer had finished printing the letters that had been sent to her, she took them and laid them out on her bed. She had just finished reading the story about the clothespin torturing.

“I’m so horny, I will never get to sleep in this state,” she thought to herself.

She walked into her bathroom to get her by vibrator, as she turned back to her bedroom, she stopped suddenly. There, on her counter was her box of plastic clothespins that she used to air dry her pants and bra. She just stood there for a long moment staring down at the box.

“I wonder what it would really feel like,” she thought, “I’m sure it would hurt like crazy. I must be nuts to even think about it.”

As Mandi walked past the box of clothespins, her hand reached out, as if possessed, picking up the box. Mandi stretched out on her bed naked, it was warm and cozy in her bedroom. She placed her vibrator and the clothespins on her left side, and the small stack of letters on her right. As she began to read the first letter, she could feel that her pussy was getting wet. The letter was from a man who was saying that he thought she must be a very kinky girl to be able to write such erotic stories. He was saying how much he would like to know her. He went on to say some of the things he would like to do to her. She couldn’t believe it when she began to read that he wanted to place clothespins on her nipples and clit.

“My clit! He would put a clothespin on my clit!” a little panic went through her, “I know that I could never endure that.”

Her eyes went down to her vibrator, and then to the box of clothespins. She lifted the heavy vibrator, it looked like a huge black cock, with veins that were ready to pop. She placed its head between the lips of her pussy and turned it on. She could hear its pleasant humming, as it began to massage between her lips. She lifted it a little higher, till it was over the hood that covered her clit.

“AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH,” she yelled out, “that feels so good, I had better go slowly if I want this to last.”

As she read the letter she continued to rub her pussy lips, and clit with the vibrator. By the time she put down the last letter she was panting like a bitch in heat. Her legs were spread wide open, her knees were high in the air. She was moving the vibrator faster and harder on her pussy and clit. Her free hand was rubbing and pinching her nipples. Again, her eyes traveled down to the box of clothespins. She lifted one of them from the box, and began to tease her nipple with it.

“I’m so horny, and the thought of this clip on my nipple is driving me wild, I just have to know. I have to try it, I can’t stop myself.”

She squeezed the clothespin, and its jaws opened wide.

“Oh God, it looks like something that is going to bite me.”

She lowered the mouth of the clip, so that it was over her hard swollen nipple.

“Yes, Yes, eat my nipple, hurt me,” she heard herself saying, as she let go of the end of the clip.

“EEEEEYYOW,” she screamed, as the clip bit down onto her nipple.

She felt pain shooting straight down into her pussy. The muscles in her pussy began to twitch and tighten.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH,” it hurts, it hurts, but for some reason it feels so good, the pain shooting right down into my pussy. I’m so close to coming.”

She lifted another clip from the box, and opened its jaws. She placed it over her other swollen nipple, releasing it.

“Yow, Yow,” she whimpered.

This time, the sensation of pain only seemed to be in her pussy, her nipples and her pussy were like one. She could feel the pressure of an orgasm building in her. Her vibrator had pushed back the hood covering her clit, her clit was totally exposed, standing up like a tiny penis. As her orgasm drew closer she lifted another clip from the box. She held at between her legs.

“Do I dare, do I dare put it on to my clit,” she thought, as her orgasm drew closer and closer. She lifted her ass up off the bed, thrusting her pussy into the air. She pushed the huge vibrator deep into her cunt, stopping only when she felt it hitting her cervix.

“Oh God, I’m coming, I’m coming,” she screamed, at the top of her lungs, “Aaaaaatttttgggggggaaaaaaaaa,” she yelled, as the orgasm ripped through her body.

She lost her grip on the clothespin she was holding over her clit. It clamped down like a savage animal onto her exposed clit. Mandi could see a blinding white light, and hear screaming, and then, blackness.

When she woke, Mandi had no idea how long she had been out. She never felt so good, she felt wonderful, almost like she was still in a dream.

“If that wasn’t the best orgasm from masturbating that I’ve ever had, I sure can’t remember a better time,” she thought, with a huge smile on her face.

Mandi was about to put away the letters from her bed, when one of them caught her eye.

“What is this, I never saw a letter written in red ink earlier,” she thought, “it must have been stuck to one of the other letters.”

She began to read the letter. The man said that he was another writer, who for the time being wished to remain anonymous. He said that she would understand, as she read his letter. He told her that many of the writers knew each other. That once a year they would meet in a secret place. He told her that she had been chosen to be invited as the new writer this year. He said, he was sure she would understand the need for secrecy, as many people would cause them problems if they found out about the meeting place. He said, that if she decided to attend, she would have to endure a few discomforts. He said, that the meeting would be held just outside Seattle.

Mandi was thrilled to hear that the meeting would be in Seattle, as that was where she lived. She continued reading the letter, the date that gave for the meeting was this coming Friday. She was to be on the corner of Maine and 18th at 11: 45 p.m. exactly. The person who was her contact would know her name, “Girl Angel”. He would blindfold her, and she would ride in the back seat of the car, until they arrived at the meeting place.

“Why all the intrigue?” thought Mandy, “I guess they really don’t want anyone finding out about the meeting place, I can’t wait to go, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to meet all the other people who have fantasies like I do.”

Until Friday, Mandi couldn’t think of anything, except how excited she was about going to the meeting.

“I wonder why it’s starting so late, I wonder why they want me to be on such a deserted corner so late at night. They must know what they are doing, they’ve probably done this many times before.”

All day Friday Mandi was on pins and needles, waiting for evening to come. Finally, at 7 p.m. she decided to start getting ready for the party. She stripped naked and went into her bathroom. She turned her shower on and stepped into it. The hot pulsing water felt good on her flesh. With a razor she started to shave her legs, and under her arms. She ran her hands up and down her legs, they felt so smooth and silky. She looked down at the little bush of hair, on her pussy, and decided to shave it also. She lathered her pussy with soap, and slowly shaved it bald and soft as a baby’s bum.

“I don’t know why I care so much what my body looks like tonight,” she thought to herself, “no one is going to see it, but it makes me feel so good knowing that my body looks so sexy.”

She caressed her body as she stood in the shower, “it feels so smooth, my pussy is so soft and puffy,” she thought, as she ran her fingers between the lips of her cunt. With her other hand she lifted the shower head off of its perch, bringing it down between her legs. She directed its spray on to her pussy.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHh,” she screamed, with pure delight, as your body wrenched in an orgasm.

She stepped out of the shower, “Maybe that will tide me over till I get home, all I need is to have my pussy dripping at the party,” she laughed loudly.

She opened her dresser drawer, and lifted out a small package. She opened the package and laid it on the bed, it was a matching bra and panty set, they were made of pure silk, and were black as coal.

“I never thought that I would wear these,” she thought coyly.

She eased herself into the panties, and then put on the bra. Standing in front of her mirror, she began to admire herself. She put a finger between her legs. It disappeared into her pussy, she could feel the wetness between her lips. Her other hand was pinching a nipple.

“I feel so strange wearing crotchless panties, and a bra that exposes my naked nipples. I just want to feel as sexy as I can tonight, for some strange reason.”

She put on a black garter belt, and then slipped her smooth legs into a pair of sheer black nylons. Finally, she took her dress from the closet, it was a very short dress, with a plunging neckline and back. Like everything else she was wearing, it was stunning black. To finish off her outfit, she put on a pair of 4 in. high heels, then she looked at herself in the mirror.

“I look like a high-priced prostitute,” she thought, “but I don’t care, it makes me feel so sexy. I just hope that my pussy is a good little girl tonight.”

Around 11 p.m. Mandi phoned a cab, to go downtown, she told the driver to take her to Maine and 18th.

“Are you sure you want to go down there, at this time of night?” the driver asked her, as she stared at the way she looked.

“Yes, and take me there quickly,” she answered.

The cab dropped her off on the corner, with five minutes to spare.

“I hope I didn’t make a mistake coming here,” she thought, “it’s so dark, and scary down here, there is no one around.”

Mandy’s heart stopped beating as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“You are, ‘Girl Angel’, aren’t you?” she heard a man’s voice say.

“Yes, yes I am,” she said relieved.

She turned to see that a large car had pulled up right along side of her. Then she felt a blindfold going around her eyes. She heard the car door open, and the man directed her into it. The man got in beside her. She felt the car starting to drive away.

“How long it is a going to take us to get there?” she asked nervously. “Do you know how many people are going to be there?”

Mandi was nervous and a little scared, she was trying to make conversation with the man sitting beside her, but he wouldn’t answer her. After a while she just sat back quietly in her seat, listening to the sounds outside. It had become very quiet. She knew that they had left the city, and were somewhere in the suburbs.

“Nice dress bitch,” she heard the man say.

“I’m sure I’ve heard that voice before,” she thought to herself, “it sounds so familiar.”

“You look just like the whore you are,” she heard the voice say again. “I think that you are finally ready,” he said.

“I know that voice, I know I’ve heard it before,” she thought. “Who are you? Why are you talking to me like this?” Mandy snapped.

Pain flared into the side of her head, she began to see stars. A clap of thunder accompanied the pain, and Mandy fell sideways on to the seat.

“I told you that you were only allowed to call me, ‘Master’, and that you can only speak if I tell you to. I am going to have to teach you all over again, I see.”

“Oh God, I know who his is,” she thought.

“Big Daddy?” she asked meekly.

Another clap of thunder landed on her face. This time the stars didn’t clear. It just got blacker and blacker.

When Mandy started to wake, the first thing she realized, was how much her face was hurting. She tried to put her hand to her face, but it wouldn’t move. She became aware that she was tied into some kind of a chair. The room was dimly lit, As her eyes started to adjust to light, she thought she was in a hospital operating room. She was strapped into what looked like a maternity room examination table. Her legs were strapped into stirrups, high in the air. Her legs were spread so wide that her hips hurt. Her arms were straight out a her sides, they were also strapped down into stirrups.

“Am I in a hospital?” she asked herself, “was there a car accident? Why are my legs spread so wide apart?”

As her head began to clear more, she started looking around the room. There was a small steel table beside her, it was covered in surgical instruments and knives, clamps, and extractors. There were large lights over her head, but they weren’t turned on. She could see that she was lying on what looked like a stainless steel table, with raised edges. It looked a lot like a hospital, but then again it didn’t. It was dark, and the walls were made of cement. It looked more like a basement, that was full of operating equipment.

“You did everything just as I thought you would,” she heard a voice say from behind her.

“What am I doing here? Why have you done this to me?” she cried.

“I’m not going to tell you the rules again,” she heard the voice say.

She saw a hand reached over her from behind. She saw a small clamp in it. The hand attached the clamp to the tip of one of her nipples. It hurt a little. This was the first time that Mandi realized that her dress had been removed, but it seemed that nothing else had been taken off. She then saw the hand reach over and put another clip on her other nipple. All at once she felt like every muscle in her body was contracting. Her breasts felt like they were being ripped from her body. Then as quickly as it had happened, it stopped. Her heart felt like it was in her mouth. Her nipples felt like they had been singed by a torch.

“It’s amazing, what just a small amount of electricity will do, isn’t it?” The voice said.

She could hear someone walking around in front of her.

“He looks like a gorilla,” thought Mandi,” he is so big and ugly, and covered in hair.”

“You are mine now, I have waited a long time for you, before this night is over you will be begging me to kill you, but not before we get to know each other really well. You are going to experience all the wonders of exotic pain,” he said, as he smiled down on her.

With his fingers he spread the lips of her vagina roughly. Then he pushed back on the hood, covering her clit, exposing it to him. He held up a clip with a wire dangling from it, so that Mandi could see it. He lowered the clip and attached it directly onto her clit.

“No, No, Please No! Mandi pleaded.

“I told you to be careful,” he said laughing, “I told you to be wary of people like me.”

“Please, please let me go,” she begged, as tears ran down her cheeks.

Mandi looked up at the huge hairy man standing before her. She hadn’t noticed before that he was naked. His body was dripping with sweat, his cock was standing straight upward.

“I’m not so sure,” he said calmly, “that you didn’t anticipate this might be your fate tonight. Look at the way you have covered your whore’s body, with your nipples and cunt exposed. I think you knew that tonight, you were going to experience all that life and death have to offer. What do you think? Are you ready for me now?”

“No, No, please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you want, just please don’t hurt me anymore,” she sobbed.

The man walked behind her, and out of her sight again. She began to feel a tingling feeling in her clit, it felt warm. Then she felt the same tingling on the tips of her nipples.

“Your nipples are giving you away,” she heard him say,” they are swelling, and becoming erect.

“Oh God, I can’t help it, what ever he is doing feels so good. I don’t want to become aroused, but I can’t stop my body,” she thought to herself.

He appeared again, holding a long stainless steel rod it is hand.

“Let’s see what you’re whore cunt looks like tonight,” he said smiling.

He spread her panties open, and pushed his fingers into her cunt.

“You’re cunt gives you away also, it is soaking wet inside, that will make it so much easier for me,” he said.

“What are you doing to me, please stop, please stop,” Mandi begged.

He placed the rod into the mouth of her pussy, and began to push it into her.

“Oh no, oh God,” Mandy thought, “it’s tingling and vibrating. The muscles in my pussy are twitching, what is he doing to me, what is he doing to me, every muscle in my body is jumping.”

He pushed the probe deep into Mandy’s cunt, all the time watching her face for a reaction. When the end of the probe hit Mandi’s cervix, she jumped. I smiled came over his face. He started probing her cervix until he felt the probe move forward, he had found the opening to her uterus. He pushed the probe hard, it went into her another two or three inches. Mandi screamed in pain.

“Now we will have a little bit of fun,” he laughed loudly.

“Please, take it out of me,” she pleaded, “it hurts so much.”

He laughed, and walked behind her. She felt the intensity in her nipples increase to the point that it felt like they were on fire. Then, the pain shot down to her clit, and then inside her pussy. It felt like her pussy was exploding, her body was jumping and bouncing uncontrollably. The pain was shooting back and forth between her nipples, her clit, and inside of her pussy. It felt like she was being ripped apart. Then it stopped. She was panting, trying to get her breath. Her nipples and pussy were still twitching uncontrollably. They had become so sensitive that even the cool air, felt like it was caressing her.

“Now, we are going to make you feel even better,” he laughed.

“No, please, no more,” she begged.

She felt pain rip across her face, again and again, as he slapped her face.

“Master, you will call me Master, do you understand?” he screamed.

Mandi looked up at him, with tears pouring down her face.

“Yes Master,” she stuttered.

He pulled the probe from her pussy, and inserted it into her ass. He pushed two fingers into her pussy, Mandi moaned, and arched her back.

“You are wetter than before,” he said laughing loudly.

“Oh God, he’s doing it to me again, my body is on fire with passion. I want him so badly, to be inside of me. All I can think of, is his giant cock inside of me, what is wrong with me, he is killing me, and all I want is for him to ram his cock into my swollen pussy. Oh God, oh God, I can’t believe what is happening to me.”

“You want it, don’t you? You want me to fuck that whore cunt of yours, don’t you?” He said, as his fingers probed the inside of her cunt, Beg for me to fuck you’re cunt, beg me, bitch.”

“I can’t, I can’t, I must be quiet, I can’t act like an obedient dog, begging my master to use me, No, No, I won’t do it.”

“Please Master, Please, fuck me, she heard the words coming from her mouth, as if she were possessed by another. Please fill me Master, Please, I must have you inside of me.”

“First things first my lovely whore, first things first,” he said

Mandi saw him take a hypodermic syringe off the table. He went between her legs and stuck the needle into her vulva. She screamed as it went into her. After just a few seconds she began to feel lightheaded. Her pussy felt like it had grown in size. It felt like it was a huge gaping hole that needed to be filled so badly. All she could think about was having him inside of her. She wanted him so badly.

“Please Master, Please fuck me,” she pleaded.

“Are you my cunt now?” he asked.

“Yes Master, I’m yours,” she said.

“And, I can do anything I want to you?” he asked.

“Yes Master, Anything, Anything, anything,” she pleaded.

He began hooking more clips to her body. One on the tip of each of her fingers. He pushed the rod that had been in her pussy all the way into her ass, until it disappeared, just the wire was sticking out of her ass. He walked behind her. She heard clicking sounds, and then the sound of humming. She felt tingling throughout her body, it was traveling throughout her. Her body felt like it was lifting into the air.

“Now, now is the time for you to beg me, to fuck you, if you want me, you must beg me,” she heard him saying.

“Please Master, I can’t take anymore, I have to have you, or I will explode, I’m on fire, please, please, please fuck me.”

Mandi felt the head of his glans as it began to spread the lips of her pussy. She tried to spread her legs wider to except him, she lifted her hips to him. She felt her lips splitting, her pussy opening to him. Never before in her life did she have such feelings and sensations in her pussy. It was like every nerve was raw, and had control of her senses. She felt his cock go deeper and deeper into her. She had to tell herself to breathe. As his cock was filling her body, the electric jolts from the probe and the clamps on her body were increasing in strength and speed. There were jolts of electricity shooting throughout her body. One second it would be her nipples jumping, and the next it was her clit. The pain from the electricity was shooting around her body, lifting her higher and higher. Her master was thrusting his massive cock in an out of her pussy. The pressure was building in her to a level she never known possible.

She could hear her Master calling to her. She opened her eyes and looked up to him. She could see that her Master was holding a huge hunting knife in his hand. He started ripping at her clothes with the knife, its edge cutting into her flesh. His cock was thrusting harder and harder, and faster and faster into her cunt. The jolts of electricity were steadily increasing. The faster he rammed his cock into her, the more feverishly he slashed at her panties and bra. She knew that he was cutting her, but it only added to her pleasure. She was sure that her entire body was going to explode at any moment. The electricity was steady now. Every muscle in her body was ready to pop. She felt like her body was ripping apart. She was close, she was very close. The pressure was building in her pussy. All the pain in her body was now only there. She felt nothing except her pussy. She was just a cunt, nothing else, just a cunt, that was about to explode like a bomb. She felt like she was going to go into a different dimension. She heard her Master’s voice again, calling to her. She opened her eyes. Her Master was holding his knife, with both hands over his head. Its long slender, gleaming blade was pointing down at her. She knew what he was going to do. She knew now, what her ultimate experience was going to be. She closed her eyes. She began to explode with orgasm. It was so intense it ripped through her body and out her lungs. She was screaming as never before, her entire body felt like it was exploding. Each convulsion of her orgasm seemed to tear another part from her body. Then she felt the knife, rushing into her heart. She felt her heart stop beating.

“No, No, No,” she began to scream, “I don’t want to die, please God, No,” she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

The next thing she knew, she was falling through the air. Then she felt herself hit the floor with a hard thud. She could still hear the humming of the machine. She could feel the pain in her nipples. Her clit felt like it was being ripped from her body. As her head cleared, and her eyes began to focus, she looked down at her breasts. There were two large yellow clothespins clamped on them. She grabbed the pins and released her nipples from their grip. Then her hand went between her legs. She felt another clothespin, it was on her clit.

“AAAAAAEEEEEEEEE,” she screamed, as she released its grip on her clit. She quickly jumped to her feet. Her heart was pounding so hard, it felt like it was breaking her ribs. She was breathing in short gasps. Her body was covered in sweat. She was trembling all over. She put her hand to her chest, to feel where the knife had gone in. There was no wound. She could still hear the humming of his torture machine. She looked towards the sound. Laying on her bed was her vibrator, humming peacefully to itself. She looked around. She was in her bedroom. She looked at the clock on the night table, only one hour had passed since she had been reading the letters. The letters and the box of clothespins were all over the bed.

“A nightmare! It was a nightmare!” She said to herself in a weak voice. “I’m alright, it didn’t happen at all.”

She looked down at the pile of letters on her bed. She started to throw them off her bed one at a time.

“There is no red letter. There is no red letter,” she said, as she dropped to her bed.

Her breathing was starting to return to normal. She lay staring up at the ceiling.

“That seemed so real,” I really thought that I was being raped, and murdered. Thank God, it was only a dream.”

Then a huge, devious, smile began to spread across her face.

“But what a story it would make, I have to share this experience. I have to tell this story.”

She ran to her computer, and turned it on, she began to type, The Story Of…

But that it is another story, {or is it?} HE HE HE.

I hope you liked my tale.

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