by Anders

Early every Sunday morning before most of the world wakes up, I go down to the beach and take a walk. It’s so nice to smell the ocean and listen to the birds as the sun rises. After my walk, I usually hike up to the free tennis court near the beach parking lot and practice my serve. I’ve never been very good at tennis, but I enjoy it and it’s something that gets me out of the house.

I’ve been married to the same woman for over 20 years. She’s wonderful, and we have three beautiful children, but sometimes it’s nice to get away. Sunday morning is my time to daydream and think about all of the things that I want to do. It takes my mind of the stresses of work and home.

Last Sunday I finished my walk early and headed for the tennis court. As I approached, I was surprised to find someone had beaten me to it. The court is owned by the city and it’s free on a first come, first serve basis. It was still really early, so I thought I might wait for my turn. As I got closer to the court I saw that it was a lone woman standing there, practicing her serve. She was younger than me, perhaps 27, and in really good shape. She had long blonde hair, tied up in a ponytail. She was fairly thin and short; I’d guess not much over five feet. She had a really pretty face and she turned and smiled at me as I sat down on the bench next to the court.

“Hi there!” she said in a cheerful voice and she walked around the court picking up the balls scattered here and there.

“Good Morning.” I answered. I looked at her and smiled back. She was wearing a short white tennis skirt and a tight white tank top. As she bent over to pick up a ball, I caught myself watching the back of her legs as the back of her skirt pulled up a little.

“It’s a beautiful morning. I didn’t think anyone would be out this early.” She responded, still collecting the strays.

“Usually, there isn’t,” I answered with another big smile. “I come out here early quite often and it’s rare to see another person.”

“My name’s Alicia, by the way.”

“I’m John.”

“Well, John, it hardly seems fair for me to keep the whole court to myself. Would you like to play a game or two?” she asked as she returned to the far side of the court.

I thought about it for a second, then grabbed my racquet and headed for the court. “I’m not very good,” I warned.

“We’ll see who’s the worst, then.” Alicia said with a laugh.

I swung my racquet around a bit and stretched my legs. I looked over and saw her doing the same. She grabbed her foot with her hand and pulled her leg up behind her, then did it again with the other leg. Her skin was tan and looked really soft from across the court. I continued to watch as she kept her legs straight and bent over and touched her fingers to the ground. Once again her skirt pulled up in the back and exposed more of the back of her thigh. I turned away and kept stretching.

Alicia served first. She was really strong and proved it by whipping her first two serves right by me. We both laughed and I vowed to come back. We were pretty evenly matched and the game went back and forth. She would get a point and then I would. It would have been close if we were keeping score. We’d been playing for about 45 minutes when, in the middle of a long volley, Alicia suddenly let out a yelp and fell on the ground. I didn’t know what had happened, and I was afraid she might be seriously hurt. I dropped my racquet on the court and ran over to her, leaping the net on my way. She was lying on her side holding on to her right calf. I could see by the grimace on her face that she was in pain.

“Are you alright?” I asked, knowing that it was a stupid question as I said it.
“Shit. My leg. I think I pulled something. Ahh. Fuck!” She mumbled through clenched teeth.

I was kneeling down next to her as she lay there groaning and rocking back and forth. “Where does it hurt?” I asked, looking at her legs.

“My calf.” She answered exhaling.

“Let me take a look at it.” I said softly, trying to make her feel better. “Maybe there’s something I can do.”

I put my hand on her right ankle and then moved it slowly up the back of her leg to the knee. It felt warm, but I didn’t feel any bones sticking out or anything that would tell me it was a serious injury. “Do you get muscle cramps very often?” I asked.

“Not really. I’ve had them before, but not in a long time,” she answered, still in pain.

“I’m going to try to massage it a little and see if it helps.” I said. “Tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop.”


“Roll over on your left side so I can see the back of your calf,” I said reassuringly.

She rolled over, still in the fetal position, now with her right leg on top and accessible. I couldn’t help but notice the view right up the back of her tennis skirt as she lay there. She was wearing blue cotton panties under her skirt. Nothing too sexy, but it still gave me a bit of a chill to be that close and have such a view. I turned my attention back to her leg.

I moved my hand slowly along the back of her leg from her knee down to her ankle. “I’m going to take off your shoe so I can move your foot.”

Again she gave me a pained. “Okay.”

I pulled on her shoestring. I loosened the laces and worked her shoe off. She was wearing a short white sock with a little pink ball on the back. I set her shoe down on the ground and carefully pulled back her sock. It was a little sweaty, so it peeled off rather than sliding down, revealing her foot. I took a good look at her foot and smiled. It was so cute and pale – really small and the toes were little balls at the end. There were funny little indents all over her foot from where the shoe and sock had been. I put my palm up against the sole of her foot and then slid it back and forth. At the same time, I rubbed the top of the foot with my other hand. Her foot was really soft. I could tell she didn’t run around much without shoes on because there were no calluses on the bottom of her foot. “Remember, you have to let me know if something is hurting you.”

Alicia didn’t say anything, but she nodded her head. I wrapped a hand around her ankle and used the other to move her foot in a circular motion. She cringed a little every time I got to a point where her foot was bent a certain way. “I think it might just be a cramp. I’m going to see if I can work it out,” I said. Again, she nodded.

I sat down Indian Style on the ground next to her and pulled her foot over to me. I set her leg across my lap carefully and began rubbing her calf. I used my fingers to knead the muscle on the back of her leg, slowly working my way up and down the back of her leg. She moaned a little, telling me that it probably hurt, but that it was helping. I rested my left hand on the front of her knee as I kept working her calf with my right hand. Her leg was so soft and smooth. I still had a view straight up her skirt and it was making me a little nervous. I tried to focus on her leg.

I knew that leg pain and foot pain are often related, so I decided to give her foot some attention. I moved my right hand down to her tiny foot and began moving my thumb around the bottom of her foot while my other fingers wrapped around the top of her foot. I pushed my thumb into the muscles in the bottom of her foot and began working it in slow circles.

Alicia moaned and warned, “Be careful, I’m ticklish”

Her voice sounded happier now. I guessed that she was feeling a bit better. Whether it was because of my massage or because time had passed I didn’t know. Either way, it made me happy that she was going to be okay.

I kept working on her foot. I moved slowly towards her little toes. As I reached them, I decided to have a little fun, so I moved my fingers from the top of her foot to the bottom and slid one finger between each of her toes.

She giggled. “Hey, that tickles, stop!”

Her half-hearted demand only encouraged me. I licked my index finger and quickly slid it between her big toe and the next toe. She laughed out loud and wiggled her toes furiously. I took my wet finger and slid it into each gap between her toes, slowly pushing it in and then drawing it back out. She kept laughing and moving her toes as I moved my hand back down her foot and started working on her heel.

“I’m going to touch your calf again.” I warned, “Let me know if it still hurts.”

I moved my hand over her ankle and started rubbing her calf muscle again.

“It’s still sore,” she said, “But it feels a lot better. Don’t stop, yet.”

She was moving her foot around as I pushed and pulled at her calf. Her leg was lying right across my lap and her foot was right in my crotch. The movement, combined with the situation, caused me to start to get excited. I shifted a little as I began to worry that she might be able to feel my growing erection with her foot. As I moved my hand around her calf, she shifted her other leg in a way that gave me a view straight up her skirt and in between her legs. I tried not to look, but I couldn’t help it. Her panties were went on the edges from sweat and I could see right up the length of her leg and right to the edge of her undies. I knew what was under that thin piece of material and it made me shake. My erection had reached full staff and the movement of her foot was now stimulating it. I started to suspect that she knew exactly what she was doing. I decided to test my theory.

I moved my hand slowly from her calf up to the inside of her knee and then, scared, I slid my hand up the back of her thigh. She moaned and made a purring sound. I moved my hand around her leg, letting my finger tips skin lightly across the soft skin of her upper leg. As I did so, she began to work with her foot. She’d been just moving it around randomly on my lap, but now she started rubbing directly against my erection, through my shorts. I sighed.

My hand moved carefully from the back of her leg to the inside of her thigh. It was so soft and smooth and tight. Alicia was in great shape, her legs were all muscle and so sexy. I put my other hand on the inside of her other leg and began moving both hands up and down the inside of her legs. As I did this, I felt her moving her foot around my crotch. Suddenly, she used her toes to push aside the elastic band of my shorts and put her foot right inside of my pants. I stopped what I was doing for a second and groaned. I’d never had a girl touch my dick with her foot before. I felt the softness of the bottom of her foot as she began rubbing it along the side of my hard shaft. She started moving her foot rhythmically up and down the length of my cock, giving the head a little extra rub every time.

The friction was driving me mad. I started rubbing her legs with my hands again. This time I went all the way up her skirt. Stopping at the edge of her blue panties, pausing there for just a second and then starting back down. She moaned as I ran my fingertips around the line of her panties where her legs cam through. I wanted so badly go further, but I knew she wanted it too, and that was enough to keep me from going all the way. I brushed my hand carefully across the front of her panties once, making sure that she could feel it. She bucked her body up against my hand, as I pulled it away. “Please…” She moaned. I returned to moving my fingers around the inside of her thighs and teasing the edge of her panties. I licked my finger and rubbed it on the inside of her leg, as close as I could get to the growing wet spot on her panties without touching it and then pulled it away. Then I did it again to her other leg. She was going crazy. And so was I.

I knew that I couldn’t stand the constant motion of her foot sliding against my cock for much longer, so I decided to give her one last bit of pleasure. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along her leg, from the top of her knee, right up her thigh and up to the edge of her panties. I wondered if she would grab my head, but she kept her hands, as she had done the whole time, at her side. I followed the line of her panties with my tongue as far inside of her thigh as I could. She tasted sweet, like sweat. Sweat from tennis and sweat from excitement. With my head buried between her thighs, still licking her inner thigh, I felt myself getting ready to come. Her foot was working feverishly now against my cock. I thrust myself against her tiny foot and shot my load. I came so hard that my eyes rolled back into my head and I couldn’t see. My come shot between her toes and ran down her foot. I could feel the wetness in my pants and the sudden stickiness of her foot. I finally finished coming and collapsed with my face still between her legs.

It took me a few minutes to realize that we were out in the wide open. I’d completely lost track of time and place. It wasn’t that early anymore and I was suddenly afraid that someone might catch us. I cleaned up the best I could while Alicia put her shoe back on her come soaked foot.

“Thanks.” She said with a smile. “My leg feels much better now.”

I didn’t know what to say. “No problem. Thank you. I um…” My voice trailed off as I put my things away and got ready to leave. I stammered again, “I’ve got to go now. Take care.”

“See you next Sunday!” She shouted from the court, as I walked quickly towards my car – tired, confused, and smiling.



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