It was the start of my senior year in College, having just parked I sat in my truck for a few minutes watching some freshman file out of the bus. Most of them being wide-eyed, excited to start a new chapter in their lives, but one seemed to have an odd amount of confidence, rarely found in freshman.

A young girl, very petite, standing at about five foot and very beautiful, with long, flowing blonde hair. I figured her confidence wouldn’t last…college can be rather cruel. Little did I expect the events over the next few weeks to unfold as they did…

The next few days progressed as expected, attending class…. not attending class, meeting up with friends. I was never the most popular kid, everyone knew who I was, but they were more of acquaintances. I was on my way to my car to meet some friends after swim practice when I saw the very same girl from the bus on day one sitting on the curb looking upset. I’m a nice enough guy so walked over to see what was wrong. “Hey, is everything okay? You look upset.” She looked up at me, her brilliantly blue eyes seemed to pull me in slightly, I wanted, no, I needed to help her. “I just missed the bus and I’m too exhausted from cheer practice to walk all the way home.” she replied with a hint of desperation in her voice. “Well I could give you a ride home if you want,” This seemed to cheer her up. “Would you please!?” “Of course, my name is Marc, by the way,” I said as I grabbed her bag for her. “Emily.” she responded, standing up and walking with me to my car. Next to her I felt like a giant standing a little over a foot taller than her. I unlocked my truck and she got right in as I set her bag in the backseat. I got behind the wheel and glanced over, she had already made herself at home, sliding her pink flip flops off putting her little size 6 feet with pink nails on the dash. I was never partial to feet, but I said nothing and started my Ford up and proceeded to take Emily home.

We arrived at her house a few minutes later, it was a large villa style house with a guest house, giving me the assumption she was part of a well endowed family. “Come inside, let me show you around!” “uh, alright, but just for a bit, some friends are expecting me.” I replied. She grabbed my wrist, her pink fingernails dug into my skin a little, but again, I said nothing as she pulled me inside. It was a very nice house, they were indeed a very well endowed family. Emily showed me the metallic pink BMW her parents had bought her. I asked what her parents did, “My mom is in pharmaceuticals and Dad works with BP. Hey! Let me show you my game room!” it perplexed me how little she said about her parents, but I followed her, wondering Is this girl into me? Shes only 18! I’m four years older than her! In the game room I saw  Ping pong, air hockey, and foosball on a rotating table, a bunch of board games and a large TV with video games and multiple consoles with a corner couch.

She walked over to the air hockey, “Fancy a game?” she inquired. “I would but my friends are waiting for me…” I was ready to be on my way. “How about this? We play one round of five minutes, If you win you can leave, but if I win… hmmm….” she looked at me with a smirk, “if I win, you have to spend a full 60 seconds smelling my feet!!” “Uh…” I thought for a second I can beat her! No problem!! “You’re on!!” I had my own air hockey table so this would be a breeze…. or so I thought. Four minutes later the LED scoreboard read 6-2, and she was the 6. I was panicking a bit now, smell her feet!! please no!! Suddenly there was a slam and a buzz, and I realized the game just ended 7-2 and with an evil laugh she walked over to the couch and sat down. I watched her make her way to the couch, as she sat down I closed my eyes and hung my head swearing at myself.

It must have been about 20 seconds before she decided she was sick of waiting. “Well!!” Emily said, rather demanding, and I made a slow, defeated walk over to her. She pointed a finger domineeringly toward the floor at her feet and I knelt down, giggling she shoved her soft little feet in my face and the humiliation began. “I can’t hear you sniffing!” so I sniffed louder, “Deeper!! Fill your lungs with the sweet scent of my beautiful feet!!! I was almost done, when suddenly she grabbed my nose between her toes, I tried to say something “Wha-” and her whole foot went straight into my open mouth. Her toes wiggled around inside playing touch and go with my tongue. It was about 15 seconds before I realized what was happening and pulled myself free, looking up at Emily shocked and confused. Her bright blue eyes met mine with a triumphant glare, “That will do, you may go now,” and I did, without a word as quick as I could.

I sent my friends a text saying something came up because I just wanted to think about what just happened. As I was driving home I suddenly realized that I felt fantastic, as though all the weight on my shoulders was gone, every worry I had just washed away. I arrived home still feeling this fantastic sensation and continued feeling it until I went to bed a few hours later. The next day came and my alarm went off with a horrendous shriek, I swear it was never that bad before. I got ready for school, taking much longer than normal. for whatever reason I could not function.

I arrived at school and late and proceeded to my first class, and my teacher started lecturing me on attendance with her shrill voice acting like Thor’s hammer to my head. And from there the day just got worse, at lunch I met up with my friend Aaron, “Hey man, are you okay? You look miserable, and you’re shivering…” he asked, concerned, “Yes…no… its like I’m incredibly  hungover or come down off some hardcore drugs.” “Well what did you take?” He asked an obvious question I had already asked myself multiple times. “Nothing!!! I…” and then it hit me, “I gotta go…” A with that I took off down the hall, thinking How… theres no fucking way… how can that be possible? I was full of doubts, but it made the most sense, the only foreign object I had was Emily’s feet. Was I addicted to Emily’s feet? I wasn’t aware that the previous night, Emily had cover her feet in a powder of pure dopamine developed by her mother.

I found her in the gym, mercifully she was alone, wearing her cheer uniform, it seemed like there had just been a practice or something. In the midst of taking her shoes off she looked at me confused when I stumbled in. “Oh, hey,” she said placatingly, “Your feet… I…” I couldn’t think, my head was pounding too much, I was shivering uncontrollably. Emily beckoned me over with her finger, and gestured for me to sit next to her. “What’s wrong?” she asked calmly “…I…” then I noticed her feet. Emily was wearing pink high heel sandals with a little silver butterfly charm encrusted with fake diamonds dangling from the ankle strap, and a satin ribbon by her toes with  her pink toenails shining invitingly back at me. Her whole foot bouncing up and down…. It was hypnotic, these feet were my answer. Emily must have followed my gaze because she broke the silence, “Oh.. My god! You… you’re addicted to my feet!” She had a massive smirk, “This year just got a lot better for me!” Emily had me and she knew it, and there was nothing I could do.

“Kiss you’re Goddess’s feet!”She commanded and I looked hesitantly at her, and when I didn’t obey she looked at me with a conquering smile. “Think about it, my dear Marc, if I wasn’t a goddess, and you weren’t put into existence to serve and worship me, then why else would you be helplessly addicted to my pretty little feet?” She had a point, “I…” I had nothing, she had me at every corner, I was hers… “You know I’m right. I’m always right,” she continued in a pompous manner, “Now, be a good little slave: bow down and kiss my feet.” There was nothing more for it, Emily had to be right, why else would I suddenly be in such need to worship her feet? I did the the only thing that made sense to my shattered mind, I bowed down to her and began kissing her feet.

“Good boy,” she smirked triumphantly, “You are my worthless slave and will call me Mistress, Goddess, or Princess, that is the only decision making you get.” Emily had taken rather quickly to the role of Goddess, I thought she was just a new freshman girl who would blend in with the rest of the preppy dribble high school produced, but here she was, a 18 year old girl sitting on a makeshift gym bleacher throne with me, an 22 year old senior worshiping her at her feet, which incidentally had been growing more beautiful to me by the second. I had begun using my tongue, learning every curve, every inch of her feet which she seemed to like. “So from here on out,” she continued, her voice becoming more melodic to be with each syllable,” you obey my every command with no hesitation, no matter what!”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied, losing control of myself with each kiss, with each lick of her tiny feet. I felt the pounding in my head vanishing, replaced with the sweet sound of Emily’s voice, The shivers I had earlier being replaced with bliss as the taste of her toes. My irritability soothed by the sweet scent of her feet wafting into my nostrils. Yes, this is where I belong. Watching me she said “I own you bitch.” “I am yours to command Goddess,” I replied from between her toes, I would give myself willingly to her, convinced she actually was a goddess. This is destiny.

“Lick my shoes clean! I think there is some dirt on them. Oh! but first let me see your phone,” “Yes Mistress.” She commanded and I obeyed, it felt right. as I said I was never partial to feet, but there was something different about hers… She fiddled with it for a few minutes as I was busy licking dirt from her shoes, giving occasional orders like, “don’t forget the bottoms!” Or “Suck on the heel!” She thought that one was funny, anything to please Emily.

The bell rang, “Put my shoes back on!” She barked “Yes Princess.” I obeyed, gently sliding her beautiful, delicate feet through the loops and ribbons of her freshly cleaned shoes, giving each one a kiss before letting it rest on the floor. “That’s a good bitch,” she stood up and beckoned me to stand as well and leaving her pink backpack she started off out of the gym. I assumed I was to carry her backpack for her, so I grabbed it and walked briskly to catch up to her. Her walk had become even more prideful and confident, understandably so. Handing my phone over her shoulder to me she began speaking to me, telling me what she did, “I cleared your messages, as well as your phonebook. But don’t worry, if it was an important number I kept it.”

Walking through the halls I got a few confused looks as to why I had a pink backpack, but when we arrived at her classroom I followed her in and Emily sat down at her desk and I placed the backpack next to her. “You are dismissed for now,” she said, waving me off like I was nothing, which to her I was. As I was about to turn away to leave her eyes caught mine, glaring as if to say “forgetting something?” I tried pleading with my eyes, this is in public! Calling her mistress or goddess or even princess was fine alone, but here? Enraged she kicked me away, taken by surprise I fell, hitting the ground hard, and she laughed evilly at my humiliation and pointed to the door. I took the hint and without a word fled the room, seconds later my phone went off, the screen read “Mistress has sent you a message!” The message read: Punishment is coming…

On my way to class I looked to see what she had done with my phone, and the first thing I noticed was my background was a picture of her feet in all their beautiful glory. Looking around, she had removed every app and replaced them with Spa and salon care how to apps, no doubt things she wanted me to read up on. She also deleted every number and put hers in under favorites with a crown icon, I guess that’s what she meant by “keeping the important numbers.” I figured I could at least have a few apps that were mine, so I tried downloading one and it asked me for a password. “Password?” I murmured, confused. I guess I couldn’t get any apps, with a little more investigation, I discovered I couldn’t change anything about my phone without Emily’s password.

I got to class and sat quietly in the back, looking at my new apps, I figured Emily would want a pedicure or something sooner or later. The bell rang, signalling the end of class, and to my surprise I heard nothing from Emily, in fact she didn’t contact me until the end of the last period. I heard my phone and checked it, “Mistress has sent you a message!” it read “Gym. NOW!” Here it comes I thought, dreading what was to come.

When I got to the gym I stopped before going in, taking a deep breath before entering. I have never been a big fan of punishment. But I had to go in, I had been commanded. I opened the door and looked in dismay as I saw Emily with the rest of the freshman cheer squad, smiling maniacally, beckoning me over with her finger, like a spell, it seemed to pull me toward her until I stood in front of her, my head bowed, looking at her feet in those pink heels.

She tossed a pencil behind me, “Pick it up!” Turning around I bent down to obey and felt a sharp pain on my ass as she kicked me with her heel, knocking me to the ground. Emily pushed me to roll onto my back with her foot, and stepping onto my stomach, laughing at my pain, I could hear the rest of the cheer squad laughing at me, muttering things to each other that I couldn’t quite make out. “You know what you did!” She putting all her weight on her heel causing me to grimace in pain, “I’m sorry!” I cried as the other girls giggled, pointing at me increasing my humiliation. “And,” Emily put her positioned her other shoe so my throat was between her heel and her sole, choking me. “It. Won’t. Happen. Again!” she declared through gritted teeth. “GOT IT!?!”

Unable to speak I nodded submissively, causing a burst of laughter from the cheer squad. “Good boy, Now, tell me who I am.” Emily glared down at me with an air of total dominance, giving some slack back to my throat, “You are a goddess, a princess, and my Mistress, perfect in every way,” I managed to force the words out before Emily moved her shoe from my throat to my mouth. The other girls were watching with bated breath, holding back their laughter to see what would happen next, “Kiss it,” Emily commanded, obediently I caressed her shoe with my lips. “Now explain why you worship my feet,” Emily was grinning down at me, her dominance radiating out, I could feel myself being will deeper into submission. “You are a goddess and deserve to be worshipped, and I live to worship and obey you my Mistress. I am your worthless slave,” The cheer squad burst into hysterical laughter and pulled out their cell phones.

“Thats right!” She paused, “Do you know the fastest way to spread gossip through a high school?” Emily looked at the other cheerleaders and laughed evilly, I could feel the humiliating text messages ripping away at my public image. “Now there will be absolutely no hesitation when  we are in public!” She was right of course, that was it, my last shred of dignity swept away under Emily’s cruel tyrannical rule over me.

Walking over to her backpack Emily retrieved something bright pink and sparkly, I couldn’t see what it was until it was going around my neck. I was wearing a bedazzled pink collar, and there was a matching leash my eyes followed to Emily’s small hand, “On your hands and knees.” Her command was quickly obeyed, and she put a foot on my back, posing as the other girls started taking pictures, still with fits of hysteria. “That’s enough girls, we have practice in 10 minutes!” The squad went to the locker room, Emily stayed as she was already in her uniform, “Change my shoes!” “Yes princess.” I obediently complied, gently removing her heels from her lovely feet that had so easily condemned me to this life under Emily, kissing each one before covering them with a white sock featuring pink highlights at the ankles and toes, then with tennis shoes.

“You will sit right here and watch me practice.” She ordered, as she removed the leash, “As you command my Mistress,” I replied. As the coach walked in the other girls came out, and practice started, I watched for a bit, then pulled out my phone and used the reflective screen to observe my new adornment. It read: “Property of Emily” displaying her phone number on the bottom line, well, it is fitting… I thought, How had this happened? The more I thought about it, the more it made sense that she had to be a legitimate goddess, people don’t just become addicted to the feet of one person, especially not after “Oral foot rape” as I called it. And yet I did… and what’s more, her power over me just grew and grew, and now I publicly call her Mistress and kiss her feet.

I thought about this for a long time until “Lets GO BITCH!” rang out and I looked up to see Emily walking toward the door. I grabbed her bag and hurried after her to the amusement of the rest of the squad. I followed her to my truck and put her bag in the back seat, I was about to get in when I heard Emily clear her throat, DUH! I ran around to open her door and stepped back. She glared at me and pointed to the ground, “Stepping stool?” she questioned, but I heard the commanding air and so I got down to be her stepping stool, “Good boy,” she said as she stepped on my back, sitting in the passenger seat, “It’s okay, you’ll learn some commands don’t need to be given,” Emily continued with a wink. I closed her door and ran around to the drivers side and started the truck as she put her shoes on the dash, it had just rained, so I saw her shoes leave mud on the dash. But I didn’t care, I couldn’t care, unless Emily had an issue with it I had to ignore it.

We arrived at her house, and I got out and ran to her side, opened the door and quickly got down on all fours and she slide out of the seat and onto my back forcefully, causing me to silently grit my teeth. “Good boy!!” Emily exclaimed, clearly pleased. I liked the feeling of pleasing her, “My shoes are muddy, I need a doormat,” I ran to her door and laid on my stomach, “You learn quick, dontcha bitch?” She said, clearly pleased, “I live to please you Goddess.” I responded, “Yes you do,” she began wiping her shoes on my back. Emily opened the door and I wiped off my back and followed her to a couch in front of the TV, which she turned on and sat on the couch. flipping through the channels she said “shoes off,” which I obediently did, “Smell them, tell me how they are.” I replied with, “Mistress, a field of roses could not compete,” They were very smelly, as she had sweat in them for two hours at cheer practice, “Take my socks off and put them in my shoes.” I did as I was told, revealing those perfect feet, still glistening with sweat, each toenail shining back through a sheen of sweat.

“You know what to do, GET ON IT BITCH!!” She seemed to like ordering me around by yelling at me, which was okay, she is a goddess, and I needed her, she didn’t need me. “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.” “Oh, and remember, my bitch swallows!” I began licking her feet, alternating, my tongue going the full length, heel to toe, digging in between the toes, passionately sucking on each toe, tickling them with my tongue. Feeling the euphoria return, I was losing myself, I was so lucky to have met this goddess. “It’s much better when you know you belong there, isn’t it?” Emily asked, clearly enjoying this. I swallowed and replied, “Yes Princess, you truly are a goddess! I am not worthy.” “Of course not! I am perfect! But you need me, and I am kind.”

I continued passionately worshiping my goddess for a few more minutes, Emily paying me no mind as she watched TV, “that’s enough, I have a treat for you.” She was smirking again, which I noticed usually ended well for me. “Open your mouth,” Emily ordered, reaching into her shoes and pulling out her socks. I obeyed, opening it wide, “My socked are coated in my foot sweat,” She put her socks in my mouth, “suck my sweat out.” She leaned back on the couch, and lifting up her feet she snapped her finger, commanding me to crawl under them and be her footstool as well as her washing machine. So here I was, two weeks since school had begun, and over that time I had become something almost sub human, swallowing foot sweat straight off dirty socks, an 18 year old girl using me as a footstool, at her dainty feet at the snap off her petite fingers, completely obedient to her every word. I had no control over my life any more, as my collar said, I was her property to treat as she pleased.


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