by Amber K

Billy Collins was basically a bad kid, though this wasn’t entirely his fault. Linda, Bill’s mother, had a hard time holding down a job and as a result he and his sister, Amanda, were moved around quite a bit. Regretfully, having to move so much meant starting new schools with growing frequency. Billy hadn’t had a steady friend since the age of five. Linda was a rather young mother: having had Bill at 15 and Amanda at 16.

Tony, Billy and Amanda’s father, had moved out long ago leaving the three to fend for themselves. This lifestyle created extremely antisocial behavioral patterns and he became increasingly more difficult to handle at home and at school. His sister Amanda wasn’t much better … though whereas Bill became a bully, she became a thief and a shoplifter.

Though Linda worked full time she was still very much aware that her children were up to no good. Linda remembered that as a child she herself had been rather wild and paid little heed to Bill and Amanda’s escapades. That is until she found herself attending more teacher-parent conferences than any other parent in the school districts.

Bill was constantly accused of acting up in class, bullying his fellow students, talking back to his teachers and using inappropriate language. He was taken to the school counselor on a number of occasions, but would mostly clam up. Amanda on the other hand was rarely apprehended for her felonious activities. Though once or twice she was reprimanded for suspected thievery.

The family of three had most recently moved into a two bedroom apartment in a small Northern California town. Both Billy and Amanda were due to begin their first day of class at Marshall Middle School on the following Monday. Linda was to begin a job as waitress at the local Denny’s the day before that. None of the Collins were looking forward to rejoining the daily grind. But life went on.

Even though Amanda was a year ahead of her brother Billy they both had the same teacher. The split grade class was taught by Mrs. Anita Forbes, both 7th and 8th grade. Though most Middle School level courses are taught in separate periods, the small town school retained the single class atmosphere until High School.

Mrs. Forbes was a rather attractive woman in her mid 30’s who’d spent the last five years teaching at Marshall Elementary and Junior levels. She had a very good reputation amongst the school’s faculty and the town’s community … and was overall well liked. Despite her outwardly professional and respectable appearance, Anita had a dark streak that few knew about. Her husband spent many a night, strapped to their king sized bed being spanked and penetrated before sex. It was rare that he would receive a blowjob from Anita without her fingers firmly pumping his asshole. And when he was tied on his back … at least an hour of forced ass worship would follow. Nothing could make her cum like a tongue probing her tight anus.

One thing that absolutely no one knew, not even her husband, was her masturbation fantasies. The most common was her darkest secret of all. She would envision herself completely naked, her skin oiled and glistening. She would be standing in the middle of her classroom in front of all of her pupils. Her students would then explore her body with their hands and tongues. Inquisitive fingers would fill every hole. Her upturned face would be offered as a seat for prepubescent dripping pussies; her tongue exploring the pink fleshy folds. Though the temptation was strong to use her authority with the students and fulfill this dream in reality, she knew better.


From the first day of class, Billy was a terror. He wasted no time in asserting himself as class bully … even with the older kids. Amanda hung back, and seemed to spend a suspicious amount of time, during recess, lingering in the coat and backpack room instead of playing with her classmates. Both children were a concern for Mrs. Forbes. After the first week, Anita sent a note home requesting a meeting with Linda.

Linda, in a very distraught state, arrived after school to speak with her children’s teacher. Having been stuck with the graveyard shift at Denny’s, she was less than exuberant to miss precious sleep for this meeting. Linda entered the classroom as Mrs. Forbes was washing the remnants of an assignment from the chalkboard. Anita was standing on tip toe to reach the top of the board. She wore a tan skirt, white blouse, nylons and tan high-heeled shoes. Her foot had partial come out of one of the pumps exposing her sole and creating a very shapely visage of her calf.

Linda, who’d had a few lesbian encounters in junior college appreciated the view despite her bad mood. She pulled out a chair which caught Anita’s attention. After introductions and pleasantries, Mrs. Forbes got down to business.

“We need to have a talk about Bill and Amanda’s behavior in class.”

“I know, Mrs. Forbes … they can be a handful … but honestly there’s nothing I can do about it. I work nights you know.”

“I understand that, Mrs. Collins. But anything you can think of that can help me do my job better would be appreciated. I haven’t had the chance to get to know either of them, as yet … any insight would be a help.”

“Anita, can I call you Anita? If you can figure out a way to get through to them, please let me know. I’ve never been able to control them. Especially Bill. They’ve been getting worse over the past year. I think its all the moving around. Maybe if they just get settled things will get better.”

“Well, I hope so,” Anita sighed.

“If there’s nothing else, I really do need to get going,” Linda said as she stood.

“I’ll be sure to keep you informed Mrs. Collins.”

A month past with no change to Bill or Amanda’s behaviors. One morning, one of Anita’s students came to her during recess. Rebecca had tears in her eyes and was obviously very upset.

“Billy says I stink, Mrs. Forbes!”

“He did, did he? Well, I’ll have a talk with him about it.”

“I told him I would tell, but he kept saying it over and over. Then he pushed me!”

“Its OK, Rebecca, you run outside and play and tell Billy I want a word with him…”

Little Rebecca ran back out onto the playground. Anita noticed that Rebecca did smell rather ripe, but kids got that way sometimes … and it didn’t give Billy the right to make her cry.

Bill came stomping into the classroom with a sullen look. Anita motioned with her finger as she stepped into her tiny office at the back of the classroom. She then asked Billy to sit, shut the door and sat behind her desk.

“So, what’s this I hear about you calling Rebecca names?”

“She’s a liar … I never called her any names.”

“She said you told her that she was ‘stinky’.”

“Well, she is … its not my fault.”

“Its not up to you to decide that, Billy … and that also gives you no right to push her.”

“She pushed me first … ”

“I want you to apologize to her and tell her that she doesn’t smell.”

“But she stinks!”

“Billy, everyone stinks from time to time. I’m sure you don’t always smell like roses. You wouldn’t like being told you stink, would you? After standing on my feet all day in these shoes, my feet smell something awful. They get really stinky, and I can’t help that. That doesn’t mean I deserve to be called a name and have my feelings hurt does it?”

When Anita had mentioned that her feet smelled to Billy, she noticed his grimace and that he shivered slightly. This spawned the beginnings of a risky idea, but a good one nonetheless.

“Now, outside with you and apologize.”

“No way!”

“Billy,” Anita said in her most stern tone, “outside and say you are sorry!”

“I said, no way!”

“All right buster, get up. Get up, I said!”

Billy rose reluctantly from his seat.

“Now come here.”

Billy took two steps forward until he was against the front of Anita’s desk. She pulled up her skirt slightly and lifted a long shapely leg and placed it on the desk.

“Pull off my shoe,” she commanded.

Billy scowled and looked a bit fearful and confused.

“No way!”

“Bill Collins, you pull off my shoe this instant!”

With a shudder Billy reached forward and took a hold of Mrs. Forbes’ tan high-heeled shoe. He could feel the heat of her foot through the leather side. With the whisper of leather on stockings the shoe slipped free. Billy recoiled as if struck. The hard-core, rank stink of Anita’s musky foot filled the small cubicle. Bill gagged and coughed and started to back away. There’s nothing he hated worse than the smell of feet! It was so gross!

“If you feel the need to tell people they stink, you need to be taught a lesson.”

Bill plugged his noise and backed against the closed office door.

“Come her Bill, RIGHT NOW!”

Still plugging his noise Billy again approached the desk and Mrs. Forbes waiting foot.

He had placed her shoe on the desktop as he had retreated. Standing over it he could now see the discoloration on the insole of her shoe. The sweat from her foot had, over a period of time, outlined her toes and sole perfectly in the leather. This produced yet another chill.

“Take that hand away from your nose this instant. Now do exactly as I say or out comes the paddle!”

Billy truly looked frightened.

“I want you to bend forward and put you hands on you knees.”

Billy did this, which to his displeasure brought him eye level with Mrs. Forbes foot. He was trying desperately to concentrate on breathing through his mouth only. She wiggled her toes which briefly wrinkled her smooth arch and sole. He noticed that her toes were painted with a dark beige tone which matched her skirt and shoes. The thought of her toes and sole, and the smell he had so recently suffered, almost managed to break his concentration.

“Now don’t move an inch!”

Mrs. Forbes now began to straighten her knee which sent her foot sliding across the desktop. Before Billy knew what was happening, his nose was buried between the hot, sweaty, nylon clad toes of his teacher. He then heard the cluck of her other shoe hitting the floor. In an instant another stockinged foot was placed next to the first and both pressed onto Billy’s face. After only a moment of this predicament, his skin was slimy with her foot sweat. Anita proceeded to rub her moist stockinged feet up and down Billy’s pitiful face. Then her heel pressed against his lips, sealing off his air.

“All right Billy … now smell them…”

He had no choice! It was either run and get paddled, suffocate, or smell her stinky feet. Bill held out for as long as he could. Spots danced before his eyes and he began to feel woozy.


With a shuddering sniff Billy filled his lungs with her foul foot aroma. The intense reek burned his nose and brought tears to his eyes. He let out an uncontrollable moan and whimper. He took another sniff of air. The precious oxygen filtered through her slimy stockinged toes and brought with it all the nuances of her toejam and foot stink. At the moment this was the worst hell Billy could imagine. He was always grossed out by the smell of his Mom’s and sister’s feet. Both had very stinky feet. Living in small apartments with the two of them meant suffering their foot reek on occasions. He’d always hated it. This was infinitely worse!

He continued to smell Mrs. Forbes feet at her command. The entire event was so shocking, that Billy hadn’t even had a moment to contemplate the oddness of this punishment. To make matters worse … Mrs. Forbes, with her big toe, pushed between Billy’s lips and wiggled it against his tongue. His mouth was immediately filled with the salty, sweaty taste of her feet. She pushed her second toe in as well. With the other foot, Mrs. Forbes rubbed her stinky heel beneath his flaring nostrils. The toes now bathed in Billy’s unwilling saliva, slithered from his mouth. The soles once again closed over his face engulfing him in their rank and sweaty world. He continued to suffer her horrendous foot funk.

Anita was shivering from head to stinky toe. Her panties were already soaked through and it was with all of her self control that she kept her hand away from her swollen clit. With lustful, malicious glee, she continued to order Billy to endure her malodorous soles and toes.

After 10 or 15 minutes of this heavenly ordeal, Anita was startled out of her ecstasy by the recess bell. She schooled her features to sternness and reluctantly pulled her feet from Bill’s face. He was the portrait of misery and she had to stifle a giggle.

“What have we learned today, Bill?”

He said nothing but hung his head.

“We wont be telling anyone that they stink from now on. Is that clear?”

Bill nodded, still looking at the floor.

“And further more … I’ll have no future problems with you for the rest of the year, yes?”

Anita stood and came around to stand in front of Bill. She hooked a finger under his chin and brought his face to meet hers.

“If we have to have another talk … it will be more of this …”

Anita snatched her shoe from the desktop. I one fluid motion she placed her hand behind Bill’s head and with the other holding the shoe, forced the reeking thing over Bill’s nose. The high-heeled pump easily covered his face.

“One last sniff so you know I mean business!”

Bill took another reluctant smell. The shoe was an all together different stink … it had a darker … more damp and concentrated smell. The insole and leather gave it a heady, whiffy, fermented stench. Again he moaned as his teacher cackled.

“Back to class, Billy!”

He darted out the door without looking back and leapt into his desk.

For the next two months Bill never so much as peeped. He was quiet and manageable and did his work. As a reminder, Anita left a single stocking (that she’d purposely worn, unwashed, for two weeks straight) in Bill’s desk. She asked the class to take out their math books and watched as Bill discovered the reeking gift. He immediately slammed his desk and looked at her. She grinned and tapped the corner of her nose. He gulped and began to intensely scrutinize the math book.


Three days before Christmas break, Mrs. Forbes discovered why Amanda spent so much time in the coat room. During lunch Anita heard a lot of thrashing about and arguing. As she neared the coat room a scream echo in the hall followed by muffled yelps and a series of thumps. She rushed around the corner to find Amanda sitting on the face of a fellow classmate. The poor girl beneath Amanda drummed her heels against the floor as she tried to free herself. Anita rushed forward and yanked Amanda to her feet. Liz jumped from the floor and accused Amanda of trying to steal from her backpack. Apparently, Liz had caught her in the act and a wrestling match ensued. After emptying Amanda’s pockets of other classmates’ toys, food and money …

Mrs.Forbes escorted her to the back office.

“You realize that I am required to call the police, Amanda?”

Amanda started at the floor shuffling her feet.

“But, if you do exactly as I say, I feel there is no need for it to leave this office. I feel that I can prescribe ample punishment that will be sufficient.”

Amanda brightened, but then a shadow of doubt crossed her countenance.

“What do ya mean?”

“Kindly lay down on the floor.”

There was barely enough room, but Amanda climbed down and laid back onto the floor. She then heard a few clunks, but couldn’t see what her teacher was doing. Her heart started to race. What if it was the paddle??!!! Then an odor seemed to slither across the floor and envelope her. It smelled like feet. She then saw Mrs. Forbes come out from behind the desk. She was barefoot and was no longer wearing nylons under her skirt. She stepped over Amanda’s head and the proximity of those bare feet made her nose wrinkle. One was placed on either side of her head.

“Have you ever heard the expression ‘Turn about is fair play’?”

Mrs. Forbes hiked up her skirt above her waist. To Amanda’s horror and embarrassment, she saw her teacher to be naked beneath. Not only naked, but completely shaved and glistening. Before Amanda could sit up, Mrs. Forbes bent her knees and her bare ass descend. Anita slide down until her knees were on the floor and her back arched, ass squarely over Amanda’s face. Both of Amanda’s arms were pinned between her teacher’s knees and her own hips. The girl was immobilized.

Amanda quickly turned her face and found her nose pressed against the greasy sole of Mrs. Forbes right foot. Instinctively she took a sniff before she could stop herself. The smell was incredible … totally beyond any stinky feet she’d ever smelled. In a panic she turned her face away from the rank foot and found her entire vision filled with Mrs. Forbes’ ass-cheeks.

“Remember that you deserve this for what you did to poor little Lizzy,” she heard Mrs. Forbes chide.

Then her teacher’s hands reached back and spread those ass-cheeks wide. The pale white orbs of flesh parted to reveal a tan, puckered, hairless anus which tightened and flexed inches from Amanda’s face. Mrs. Forbes’ ass moved closer, bringing the puckering anus nearer and nearer until it brushed the tip of Amanda’s twitching nose. Mrs. Forbes’ vagina settled firmly on Amanda’s closed mouth. The once glistening pussy lips were now dripping. Amanda couldn’t see them, but could feel their heat and sopping wetness. Single drops and runlets of her teacher’s womanly fluid coursed down Amanda’s rosy cheeks and pooled in the hollow of her neck. She had her mouth closed as tight as it would go. This of course disallowed any air intake other than through her nose.

Amanda’s nose began to twitch more violently as she was forced to sample the deep, rich scent of Anita’s asshole. That same scent had driven many an ass-man nuts, yet Amanda was far from appreciative of the experience.

“Do you think this is what Lizzy had to smell, Amanda? I think it was. I can’t hear you sniffing!”

Amanda began to moan and whimper which vibrated her lips, which in turn vibrated against Anita’s pussy. A shudder passed through the teacher’s body and she sat back harder and let go of her ass checks.

Amanda detected the shift in position the instant before it happened. She opened her mouth to protest and it was filled with Anita’s juice. The ass checks slapped together on either side of her face enclosing her in darkness and smell. For an instant Amanda’s jaw was lodged open from the pressure of Mrs. Forbes pelvis … her tongue danced against the silky lips of her teacher’s vagina as she tried to yell out. Amanda squirmed her face and managed to close her mouth, though the taste of her teacher’s box was already fermenting in her mouth.

Amanda could feel her nose slowly slipping inside Mrs. Forbes’ asshole. The tight sphincter was relaxing and accommodating the width of her entire nose. With a wiggle of her teacher’s hips Amanda’s nose fully penetrated to the hilt. She could then feel the anus again tighten and squeeze her nostrils. Her entire nose was completely in Mrs. Forbes ass! The smell was indescribable … she sniffed pure ass … what air she could get in that is. Now Amanda’s drummed her heels on the floor as her victim, Liz, had earlier. She was literally drowning in the smell of her teacher’s very womanly and musky smelling asshole.

The “punishment” eventually ended as the lunch bell rang. Mrs. Forbes helped Amanda to her feet and warned her against further behavior and promised more punishment in response. Amanda hurried from the office in the same manner as her brother, though she scrubbed at her nose furiously and did so for the remainder of class much to Mrs. Forbes amusement. For the next few nights Amanda dreamed of forcing Mrs. Forbes to smell her ass and feet. Later in life these fantasies would take on more sexual connotations and become masturbation scenarios. The two would met again …


Following Christmas break, Linda Collins requested a meeting with Anita and showed up after school on a Friday.

“Anita, I’ve been wondering how my kids are getting along. I noticed that their grades have remarkably improved and I have yet to receive another note from you or the principle. I can’t say their behavior at home has improved in the slightest, but it seems they’ve been giving you less trouble … what’s the story?”

“I have no complaints, Mrs. Collins …”

“HOW, is all I want to know …”

“Hmmm … I’m not sure I can say … let’s just say that my methods work.”

“No way, lady … if you’ve figured a way to get them to behave you have to let me in on it!”

Anita then explained Billy’s incident with the name calling and what she did to punish him.

“You made him smell your feet!” Linda barked.

“Well, in so many words … yes.”

Linda sputtered for a moment in disbelief. “I’m not even sure that’s legal!”

“I assure you, no harm came to the boy.”

“I guess I’ll have to take your word for it, ” Linda began to pace with hands on hip.

“I don’t know how else I can reassure you, Mrs. Collins.”

“And it worked?”

Linda stopped pacing and sat down. She remained in silence for a moment in seemed contemplation.

“This may sound like a bizarre question, but under the circumstances I think its valid.”

“OK … shoot.”

“What … what exactly are your feet like, Anita?” Linda asked with a tinge of embarrassment in her voice.

“What do you mean … how they smell? Well, pretty bad after I’ve been on them all day.”

“Wheewww, mine too,” Linda laughed seemingly more at ease, ” both Billy and Mandy have bitched up a storm about them!”

Both women laughed. Linda seemed to grow uncomfortable again.

“But … ahhh … I’m just wondering … what it was like for …. I mean … was it OK … or … bad … I mean … what if …”

“Do you just want to see what my foot smells like, Mrs. Collins? Its OK … I don’t mind. I guess then you can put you mind at rest about the whole incident, yes?”

Linda blushed furiously. “No, I couldn’t … that’s just too weird.”

“Its just a foot … I honestly think you’ll feel better knowing. I’m sure you’ve smelled feet before.”

Linda glanced back at the closed classroom door. “OK,” she shrugged.

Anita’s juices were really flowing as she reached down to remove her shoes. She pulled off her stockings and handed them to Linda.

“But didn’t he smell your feet … not your stockings?”

“Yes, he did, actually.”

“Well, don’t you think … well … there is a difference isn’t there?”

“I see your point … ”

Anita swung both feet onto one of the nearest desks. “OK, here are the culprits.”

Linda sniffed the air and was obviously affected. She reached out to grab a foot as she brought her face closer. Her hands seemed hesitant but finally settled into a relax grip on the backs of both feet. She looked at Anita and smiled nervously. She lowered her face until her nose touched the spot between Anita’s arches. She remained there for a moment not breathing.

“OK … “Linda laughed nervously “no biggie, right?” She blew out all her air against Anita’s soles and seemed to ready herself. Following another uncomfortable hush Linda took her first sniff.

<sniff> <sniff> <Sniiiifff>

“Oh my … they’re just <sniff> … oh God … I just can’t <sniff> … Can’t believe <sniff> … how much they <sniff> Oh my … <sniff> …”

Anita watched in startled lust as Linda smelled her rank foot odor. Without moving her face, Linda spoke in a somewhat dreamy voice…

“How long did you make him smell them for?”

“About 10 or 15 minutes I think … are you going to try for the long haul?”

“I’m just so totally …<sniff> I mean I’ve never … <sniff> … ever … <sniff> they’re just totally … <sniff> … Oh my … <sniff>”

Linda continued to mummer for a while and finally fell into silence broken only by her sounds of smelling. Anita threw caution to the wind and rubbed her clit. Rubbed it hard. Anita tried to keep the breathless quality out of her voice as she next spoke: “There was another thing I forgot to mention with Bill … it was kind of an accident, but … ”

She pushed her salty toes into Linda’s mouth. She felt Linda’s hot tongue slip between her toes displacing the toejam and lint from her stockings. As with Billy, she position her heel (one of the stickiest parts of her foot) under Linda’s nose and pressed it home.
Seeing Linda completely befuddled by the tremendous odor of her sweaty feet and watching her (and feeling her) snake her pink tongue between her filthy, stinky toes was too much for Anita. She pulled her toes out and placed both rank soles over Linda’s face completely hiding her from view. Then she began to cum. As she came her toes tighten on Linda’s forehead bringing more seemingly baffled ramblings from the mother.

She slowly slide her feet from Linda’s face, revealing her dazed and bewildered look.

“Well, … thanks for being so honest about the whole thing,” Linda stammered after a minute or so of staring at Anita’s feet that still rested on the desktop.

“My pleasure,” Anita stated in a matter-of-fact tone, trying to not sound breathless.

Linda seemed to come out of her trace with a start “Well, I guess I’ll be going…”

“Call me if you need anything, Mrs. Collins.”

“Will do …,” Linda said over her shoulder as she left the classroom on shaky legs.


Over the past weeks, Linda had been knitting a pair of slippers for herself. She’d completed almost everything save for the sole of the booties. The night after her meeting with Mrs. Forbes, she stitched a number of interlacing threads that wound up resembling baskets of a sort. She attached both of these basket-like stitching to the opened ended halves of the unfinished slippers.

After finishing her project … she left a detailed list of chores to be done before she returned home. She posted it on the fridge. She finished getting dressed and left for work. Upon returning home she found the apartment in shambles as usual. Nothing from her list had been completed and every light in the house was left on.

The following afternoon, when Billy and Amanda returned from school, Linda was awake and waiting for them in the living room.

“What are you doing up, Mom?” Amanda asked as they came in the door. Billy started for his room, but Linda called him back.

“Not so fast … I want to have a talk with both of you! Sit down over here,” Linda pointed to floor in front of the recliner in which she sat.

“Now I realize that you both have been doing better in school,” Linda noted the nervous looks that passed over both of their faces. Damn, Mrs. Forbes really made an impression, she thought to herself.

“But … you really need to work on your behavior at home!” as she spoke, she pulled out the items she had stitched the previous evening. Both children looked quizzically at the strangely fashioned things. Linda slipped one over each of their heads. The part that was originally intended for slippers hung down in front almost like proboscis.

“What the hell are you doing, Mom??!!” Billy barked out as he tried to pry it off.

“Hands off young man! You leave it where Mom put it! Now I’ll have you both know that I spoke in length with your teacher!” Linda kicked off her clogs and let them fall to the floor. “I’ll also have you know that I’ve been on my feet for three days and have yet to wash them! You’ll see that waitressing is stinky work for Mom’s feet!”

Linda then slipped both feet into the slipper ends of the headpieces. Both of her children panicked and tried to pull away as her reeking and slimy soles settled against their faces covering nose mouth and eyes.

“Don’t move …I mean it!” she bellowed. She pulled the drawstrings on both slipper ends, tightening them around her ankles. Billy and Amanda thrashed a bit but the harnesses held. Both of her massively foul and reeking feet were now securely strapped against their faces.

She reached down and pulled the lever of the recliner. The foot rest sprang up perfectly resting her legs at the proper angle to maintain comfort in the position. She sighed in contentment.

“Now let’s hear some smelling … and later, when I tell you to … out with the tongues. I’ve got a few days worth of toe-crud to clean out! Maybe you’ll think twice next time about mouthing back or not doing your chores.”

Linda pulled out the remote control and clicked on the TV. She enjoyed an episode of Ricky Lake to the unhappy chorus of her children’s synchronized foot smelling. Things would be a lot different from now on. Linda laughed out loud as she wiggled her toes. Life wasn’t so bad after all…


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