by Amber K


Karen’s pride was the acquisition of her 22-year-old boyfriend. For most girls, this would be far from a noteworthy accomplishment, but for Karen it was most assuredly something of which to brag to her friends. Karen was 17.

It took some doing and a few failed attempts resulting in several uncomfortable incidents, but Karen finally developed a foolproof system to pass herself off as a woman of 21. Her body had begun to develop three years earlier, much sooner than any of her friends. On the day of her 14th birthday Karen sported an enviable bust line, full bottom and shapely legs. With the right amount of make-up, attire and attitude, it was easy to slip into the role of a youngish 18-year-old girl and then later as a woman of drinking age. Experimenting with various hairstyles, Karen had final decided to let it grow until her dark blond hair brushed her shoulder blades. In the end it was the style that gave her an even greater illusion of maturity.

Fake ID’s were plentiful in LA, which served her purposes for a while. After making a few important connections, Karen purchased the perfect fake … complete with her own picture, name, description and State ID hologram. It was pricey to say the least, but not a single bar in the Valley or on Sunset questioned the brilliant forgery.

Todd Mackey was the 22-year-old trophy guy. He worked at a high-end clothing store in the mall and made a comfortable living. Enough so that he could afford a nice car and his own apartment where Karen spent many a fun filled night. The routine absence of Karen’s mother, Debbie Cable, allowed for a rather free existence that mirrored that of an independent young woman. Karen had long ago convinced Todd that she still lived at home with both of her parents for financial reasons. She further convinced him that her father was an ex-Marine who would personally bludgeon any man messing with his daughter. This kept Todd safely away from Karen’s real life.

The fact that Karen’s actual father was nothing more than a 5’ 4”, 150 pound insurance salesman (who had in fact moved out when Karen was only four never to be heard from again) made the ruse rather amusing in total. As far as Karen’s mother was concerned she was less than interested in the goings on of her daughter’s life. She was one of the most distant people Karen knew and Karen sometimes wondered in earnest if her mother forgot she even had a daughter from time to time.

As a result of utterly unsupervised play, Karen lost her virginity at the age of 12, in her own living room, to a neighbor boy. Having dispensed with the event at such an early age Karen was able to frolic freely by the time she met Todd; an activity she was convinced further solidified her claim to maturity. In fact there were few things in the world Karen loved more than sex. Nothing made her feel more grownup, strong or independent than fucking. During her four months dating Todd, Karen figured they had tried every sexual kink that existed.

Unfortunately though, Todd’s favorite expression of sexuality was exploring his foot-fetish. Karen could never fully understand why it got him so hot … in fact she thought it rather repugnant … especially his desire to sniff her feet when they were particularly ripe. After a fashion, Karen would purposely not wash her feet to give Todd a treat now and again. Enduring the stink was difficult at times when there was nothing she wanted more than to wash her odiferous peds, but Karen persevered, keeping in mind how hard and excited Todd would get the moment he was beneath her stinky soles and toes.

There were plenty of times in Karen’s life when she dearly wanted advice from someone about sex. She learned new things daily from Todd, but she hated the feeling of powerlessness when confronted with something she had yet to hear of. The foot fetishism was a good example. Initially she had laughed not thinking Todd was serious. It took her a good hour to apologize. When he initially asked if he could smell her feet she couldn’t help but guffaw. After all, his penis was in the process of sliding in and out of her pussy and she couldn’t image someone wanting to sniff her feet then. When things like that happened, Karen couldn’t help but feel her age and she hated it.

One time, in the very midst of sex, Todd asked if her mother had feet as “wonderfully stinky and sexy looking” as her own. Karen was unable to answer. Her mother was an incredibly private person and Karen rarely saw her around the house wearing anything that exposed more than her face and hands. Other than the fact that the questions was totally gross, earning Todd a quick jab to the ribs, Karen was taken aback by the fact that her mother was enough of a stranger for the question to stump her. He even went so far as to ask her to sneak a pair of smelly socks from the house.

Being that her mother locked her bedroom and Karen had yet to see the inside for more than a minute obviously forbade any such favor even if she had wanted to grant it … which she most certainly did not. It still was enough of a prod to force her to think about her relationship with her mother. Although she couldn’t even imagine asking her prim and proper mother about anything of a sexual nature, it would have been nice to know she could at least ask her about something … anything … without getting the cold shoulder. In the end she had to admit that she was lucky to have Todd and her secret life outside of her austere mother and the boring life of school.


Things for Karen Cable came to a grinding halt rather suddenly as the result of a party she and Todd attended one fateful Friday night. Karen’s mother was once again absent for the evening. Her never ending string of personal obligations and late business dinners kept her away from home most of the time … that Friday was no exception. Karen returned from school to find the usually note: Home after midnight … dinner in fridge … Mom. The idea of a sitter had never occurred to Debbie.

After reading the note, Karen was instantly on the phone to Todd. He was still on shift at the clothing store, but Karen was well known by his co-workers and she was immediately patched through to the sales floor. Todd informed her, in a hushed albeit excited voice, of a special party at the Rubber Room. It was an S&M club normally requiring a much-coveted membership, but that Friday its doors were open to non-members by invitation only. Karen was about to give a “who cares” response when Todd quickly followed the announcement with the jewel he’d saved for last.

“Remember I told you about my ex from school?”

“Ya,” Karen replied listlessly. She never liked hearing about Todd’s ex-girlfriends.

“Well, she came into the store today and told me about the party at the club. I told her all about you and how hot you are and she kicks me down a flyer and says she’ll put us on the invite list!”

“Are you serious?”

“Damn straight! I didn’t even know she was a member.”

“Is this some crappy trick to get you back?”

“I don’t think so … she’s married anyway and has kids or some shit …”

And so with much exuberance, Karen donned the smuttiest clothing in her wardrobe and met Todd at their normal pick-up point, two blocks from her mother’s house.


When they finally reached the club, Karen felt a tinge of vague apprehension. Despite the generous amount of Southern Comfort she had downed twenty minutes prior Karen still couldn’t help but be unnerved by the club’s location. The brick building looked more like a deserted warehouse than a club. To make matters worse it sat in the midst of other darkened structures in a rather desolate and grimy industrial end of the city. A flight of cement steps, still glistening from a light rain fall a few hours past, led down beneath street level ending at a bright red door.

Descending the treacherous looking steps and approaching the door, they were confronted by an imposing looking biker who stepped from the shadows to bar their way. He brandished an iron pipe and a self-important sneer. The tattoos adorning his arms seemed enough to warrant an arrest for public display of pornography. Despite Karen’s worldly attitude, her face blushed a deep crimson upon seeing the lurid skin-art.

“We’re on the list,” Todd offered with practiced arrogance. As usual Karen patted herself on the back for picking such a good one. She snuggled up against his arm.

The biker chuckled and took their names. Running a thick finger down a tally sheet that he produced seemingly out of nowhere, the grizzled man announced with self-satisfaction that they were not in fact listed as invites. It dawned on Karen that Todd’s ex had set them up to look like fools.

“Look again, ass … and stop eyeing my girl. If you’re hoping to get a BJ for your troubles … forget it.”

Again the biker chuckled. “That’s what you’re here for ain’t it?”

“Inside maybe … not out here with you,” Todd replied returning the biker’s salacious smile.

The biker laughed heartily and slapped Todd on the shoulder before he stepped over to open the door. The Caligulain cacophony that erupted from the opened portal made Karen’s knees weak. The moans, groans and wild laughter issuing from within spoke a dark promise of hedonistic debauchery the likes of which Karen had never even dreamed. Taking Todd’s hand in a tight grip, Karen followed her man into the bowels of the Rubber Room.

The smell saturating the steamy air was unmistakable. It was an aroma Karen scrubbed from her flesh every morning before leaving Todd’s apartment to catch the bus to school. The scent of sexual congress mingled seductively with hints of incense and aromatic candles burning in nooks along the entrance hall. The couple walked the twisting, candle lit passage without encountering a soul for what seemed an inordinately long distance. They were goaded on by the provocative sounds of lovemaking, which seemed as if it were emanating from around each turn. The expectation was nerve-racking and soon both of them were sweaty and aroused. The hall finally ended at a red door much like the one they had passed through to enter the labyrinthine hallway.

“Welcome to the Rubber Room,” a sly, feminine voice spoke from behind them.

Karen privately admonished herself for jumping as they both turned to face the owner of the smoky voice. The woman’s face, or what was visible beneath a leather bondage mask, was framed in an opening in the wall, much like a ticket booth. As Karen stepped closer to the window she noted that the woman’s enormous breasts were exposed and held aloft by a painfully tight looking corset.

“May I take your clothes?”

Karen was stunned, but Todd immediately began to disrobe. Karen soon followed suite, not wanting to appear afraid and blow her cover. The woman’s eyes seemed to hungrily eat up every new inch of exposed flesh. Disconcertingly, her eyes seemed to linger longest on Karen.

The woman took both piles of clothing and exchanged them for paper wristbands on which she had written the number 32. The number hinted at the amount of couples beyond the red door and Karen again questioned the depth of her own fortitude.

“Maybe I’ll see you inside,” the woman purred.

“You can count on it,” Todd responded over his shoulder offhandedly as he approached the red door. Karen was still standing at the window when the woman had spoken and knew the comment was meant for her and her alone. Their eyes locked for an immensely uncomfortable moment. Karen smiled nervously and began to back away from the bare-chested dominatrix. The instant before she turned towards the familiar vision of Todd’s bare rear end, Karen caught sight of the woman’s pink tongue snaking from her mouth (the only feature visible through the mask aside from her piercing eyes) to lick her full red lips. The woman’s hands strayed to her perky nipples to pinch and twist before cupping the hearty weight of the naked boobs and bouncing them in Karen’s direction. The insinuation was painfully obvious.

When Karen looked back, Todd was already through the door and she was forced to scramble after him feeling rather foolish. It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the dim interior of the first room of the club but when they did her jaw dropped. Couches and pillows were positioned haphazardly about the chamber, as were the naked and glistening bodies of at least a dozen couples. Some of the figures were chubby and flaccid, yet a surprising many were exciting to look upon. Todd led Karen through the mass of writhing forms as if he was window-shopping, and Karen reasoned it probably wasn’t far from the truth.

Their hands parted at some point and Karen found herself alone. Groping hands from the floor began to climb her bare legs as tongues wiggled between her toes. An oiled finger suddenly wormed its way into her rectum and Karen squeaked. In a panic Karen visually searched for her boyfriend, finally catching sight of him a few feet away. Karen high-stepped through the throng of writhing love makers, her pussy and anus feeling incredibly vulnerable as she was forced to step over the reaching fingers and hands. After making good her escape, Karen found Todd had reached the opposite end of the room. He was standing before a stout, ironbound, wooden door.

As Karen approached, he laid his hand upon the door’s handle, intricately sculpted to represent the ass and legs of a bent over and prone female. The door vibrated with the muffled thud of music, the deep bass seeming to rattle the very casing of the stout portal. With a determined yank, Todd pulled the heavy door open. Karen and Todd were unexpectedly bathed in harsh light and assaulted with the high volume music now free of the doors restraint. Squinting against the glare, Karen peeked over Todd’s shoulder and found herself even more shocked by this second room than she had been upon viewing the first.

Whist the room in which they stood was shadowed, lit only by candles and wall sconces; the second chamber was lit by stark, overhead light. Loud industrial music boomed from unseen speakers adding an intensive level of chaos to an already insane scene. The walls of the large room were covered in what looked to be red rubber padding. Suspended from the ceiling were various harnesses of leather and chains, each occupied by restrained and bound “victims”.

The blood-red, rubber walls themselves sported shackles and manacles galore. Most of the occupants in this room wore masks and attire similar to the woman at the window booth. Karen could never have imagined so much fucking and sucking going on at once … it was a staggering sight to behold. Karen was slightly put off to see that some of the room’s occupants were still fully dressed, leaving her to believe that it was not a club rule to leave one’s clothing at the door. She scowled to herself upon realizing her nakedness was not required and began to turn towards Todd to share her observation.

Karen could tell by the look on Todd’s face that he was captivated by the spectacle and one look at his raging hard-on proved the matter. Grabbing Karen by the hand, Todd dragged her deeper into the room, the heavy door slamming shut behind them as a punctuation. Karen’s eyes danced over the coupling forms … all exposed flesh was greased or oiled and shimmered wetly in the bright lights. Cocks, toys, feet, fingers, hands and fists slid in and out of every conceivable orifice. The sounds of many screaming orgasms vibrated through the rubber matting on the floor.

Karen’s bare feet slipped and slid on the oily mat floor. She clutched desperately to Todd’s hand for support. Karen admonished herself that she should, by all rights, be turned on in the midst of such a carnal display …yet all she felt was fear. The worst thought occurred to her when she saw a woman suspended face up and spread-eagled from the ceiling. She was utterly bound in a leather and chain harness. Her ankles were strapped, as were her wrists, hips, inner thighs, knees, elbows, neck, stomach and head. She was unable to move even a millimeter. Her mouth was sealed with a ball gag … her jaw spread to what looked to be a creakingly painfully expanse.

The remains of tan pantyhose clung to her legs and hips in tatters and strips …a pair of modest high-heeled shoes still on her feet … the type a businesswoman might don. Beneath the swaying harness laid the remnants of the woman’s clothing … also torn and shredded. From the look of them they were modest to match the shoes. Not the normal attire of someone Karen would expect to see hanging from such a contraption … but then again everyone had his or her dirty secrets. Men and women were gathered around the suspended woman fucking, fingering, tickling and licking her all at once. Every bound inch of her bare body seemed to be vibrating.

As Karen passed by the spectacle with Todd in the lead, she made eye contact with the helpless woman. The eyes pleaded for release and a single tear sprang forth smearing more of the woman’s eyeliner. It looked as if she’d been crying for a while. In her gut, Karen knew the woman had come here not knowing what to expect … she furthered reasoned that the woman’s date, or possibly her husband, was somewhere around … maybe in the next room fucking some willing nymphet. The poor thing probably had no idea what was in store for her when she climbed into that horrid contraption … probably laughing at the time and thinking it all in good fun. But soon her clothing was obvious ripped from her body and the horror began. Karen wondered with a shudder how long the poor wretch had been suspended there … enduring the line of rapists. Hours maybe?

Karen wanted so badly to rescue the woman, but her fear of being exposed for a fake stayed her conscience. That was when the fear really hit her. Would Todd want her to climb into one of those harnesses? And would she allow him to put her in one? Being truthful with her self, Karen knew she would do just that … and that was what terrified her. She would willingly climb into one of those horrid things for fear of Todd realizing she was a fake if she refused. Then he would point her out to the world: She’s nothing but a little girl after all!

Slowly Karen took hold of her fear. Tearing her eyes from the pitiful sight of the hanging woman, she glanced about and soon realized there were no harnesses left unoccupied. Thankfully that would not be her fate. Karen spared one last look at the lamentable figure still suffering the lust of the many gathered about her suspended form. Unfortunately, in that instant, their eyes made contact once again. The frantic pleading look was still there … Karen turned away and pretended not to have noticed.

Toward the back of the room a semi nude woman was perched on something that resembled a throne. As with the hanging woman, she was bound securely. Her legs were spread and knees bent, positioned in such a way that her pussy was entirely accessible. Unlike the hanging woman, this slut looked to be enjoying herself thoroughly. Each large, exposed breast was being suckled by two different gorgeous women. A titan of a man was positioned between her spread legs, hammering away at her pussy with a cock matching in size that of his muscular frame. A few more men stood in line behind him as well as a few women outfitted with strap-on dildos of various sizes, shapes and varieties. The ones waiting in line to ride the woman on the throne bidding their time on each other, fingering and fucking to pass the time.

“I want some of that,” Todd announced more to himself than anything. He quickly pulled Karen into the line. She immediately felt the rubber end of a dildo pressing against her butt cheeks. She pretended not to notice but the prodding became more insistent. “Seems like you found a friend,” Todd remarked with a smile. Karen looked back to see a rather tall woman wearing one of the strap-on contraptions she had first noted upon viewing the line. The woman smiled wickedly back at Todd as she took hold of Karen’s hips.

Karen tried not to yelp as the long rubber dong forced its way into her pussy. The hands on her hips tightened their grip as the pounding began. Todd didn’t have the decency to witness the rape he had all but given the permission to occur. Karen stared at the back of his head, suddenly hating him. She felt the press of firm breasts against her back as the woman leaned into her, grunting with effort, as the hammering became more intense. One hand left her hip to cup her left breast … the fingers pinching and pulling on her nipple. Karen willed it not to become erect, but her body betrayed her. Soon her pussy was dripping juice down her inner thighs and beads of sweat dotted her forehead. Her gasps soon came in rhythm to the thrusts and beat in time to that of the tall woman’s grunts.

Todd’s attention was still fixed on the voluptuous woman on the throne, Karen’s plight obviously forgotten. A woman knelt down before him, taking his erect tool into her mouth. He smiled gratefully down at her, entangling his fingers in her hair and helping with the rhythm of her bobbing head. Karen was now beyond furious. The whole thing was like a bad dream. She watched as this woman cupped Todd’s buns in her hands and then slipped a finger up his rectum. Her groaned in response and face-fucked her even harder.

Karen’s brief distraction allowed her body to betray her ever further. Now her pussy was fully responding to the dike-rapist’s dildo slamming. Both of the woman’s hands were on Karen’s hips again, her long fingernails digging into the soft skin. The thrusts became violent, nearly knocking Karen off balance. Finally she was forced to grab a hold of Todd’s shoulder in an effort to steady herself.

It became quite apparent, with all of the woman’s gasping, that the bumping motion on the base of the dildo had stimulated her clit to orgasm. The hands on Karen’s hips tightened their grip painfully and the woman cried out in unsuppressed ecstasy. For a brief moment the woman’s full weight collapsed against Karen’s back and she nearly feel into Todd who was also approaching orgasm; Karen could tell by the way his shoulder muscles were bunching beneath her fingers.

With a deep groan, ropes of Todd’s pearly cum bathed the sluts face at his knees as she continued to excitedly jack him off. Karen was now close to screaming with rage. This was not what she had in mind at all!

The line had now dissipated leaving Todd the next swinger to take his place between the bound woman’s legs. Karen knew his cock would be limp and useless and felt strongly gratified that a blowjob was the extent of the evening and hadn’t lead to him fucking the masked woman on the throne. The large dildo slid out of Karen’s pussy as the dike-rapist departed; in search of other victims no doubt. Karen cast a withering look at the woman and received a smirk in return. Karen was most certainly ready to leave The Rubber Room and never look back!

Todd was suddenly moving forward and Karen lost her grip on his shoulders. For a second she feared she would fall. Her knees were wobbly from the encounter with the strap-on and it was with great effort that she took a step in Todd’s direction. They now both stood in front of the masked woman. The two buxom nymphets where still going to town with tongues and hands on the bound woman’s breasts. Karen was forced to admire the woman’s outfit. Her bodice was of fine-tooled leather with wire under-supports pushing her breasts up in defiance of gravity. A leather flap that would otherwise have functioned as a pair of G-String panties was unsnapped and hanging down over the seat of the throne; both her pussy and anus were exposed. Other than the leather mask Karen had already noted, a pair of knee high leather boots with flared pull down collars completed her garb.

The throne itself was also most impressive. Buckles and straps, located in strategic locations on the contraption, took into account every conceivable part of the body that allowed mobility and thus thwarting any possible movement or escape. The high back of the chair ended in a shackled loop, keeping the arms of the chair’s occupant stretched taught over their head. Adjustable planks, padded with studded red leather, extended out from the chair’s seat, allowing the occupants legs to be positioned in various angles as well as bound securely.

The occupant of the chair could either sit in a natural position or have their legs contorted outwards … with knees against chest as this woman was … accomplishing the same position, albeit less comfortable, as with stirrups on a gynecological table. The final touches were hanging from the front of the chair on various lengths of shiny, silver chains. Each chain ended in a dildo, all of various styles and sizes. Some looked cruel with hard spikes whilst others were elegant and smooth. Some were slender, obviously for anal penetration, whilst others were monstrous and fat for the slutiest of dildo connoisseurs.

While Karen admired the woman and her throne, Todd, without pausing, grabbed hold of one of the woman’s boots and pulled it off with a mightily yank. The thick aroma of the woman’s now exposed bare foot assaulted Karen’s nostrils instantly, breaking her reverie. Her toenails were painted a gloss green and Karen realized she had the same color in her collection. Despite their similarities in taste for nail color, Karen instantly hated this woman. There was no rational explanation for her ire, but after her first whiff of the woman’s foot stench, Karen felt a deep loathing growing in the pit of her stomach.

Todd took a healthy sniff of the bare foot, jamming his nose between the chubby toes. The toes wiggled in response as he sniffed.

“You’ve gotta smell this,” Todd said to Karen dreamily.

“No thanks, I’ll pass,” Karen hissed in response. Once again, Todd’s fascination with footsmelling was completely beyond her. Just the idea of smelling a foot as stinky as this one seemed incredible and downright disgusting. Karen took a step back attempting to reach a safe distance from the foot, outside its growing cloud of vaporous foulness.

The woman on the thrown craned her neck, as much as the bonds would allow, obviously curious as to what was going on with her foot. The bound woman’s eyes falling upon Karen and Todd, grew wide and then narrowed in fury. It only took Karen a moment to realize that this woman had no interest in anyone sniffing her down there. It wasn’t much of a surprise to Karen who figured the woman must be absolutely embarrassed to have those stinky hooves of hers unleashed on the inhabitants of The Rubber Room. The woman began to thrash and strain on the leather bonds holding her in place. Todd was oblivious and continued to sniff the wriggling foot with wild abandon.

Karen locked eyes with the woman and something disturbed her greatly. She’d seen that look before … or else the type of look conjured up something disturbing. If anything, meeting the woman’s eyes only solidified Karen’s dislike. Karen then noticed a muffled sound as if the woman was attempting to yell from behind a gag. Her words were muffled and indistinct, more so than a simple, leather mask should have warranted. Karen figured the mask had a built-in bit of some sort, she’d seen them before in S&M shops, and Karen became instantly amused with the slut’s predicament. Not questioning her instant hatred of the woman, Karen decided that whatever made this bitch angry or uncomfortable were her just deserts. If she hated her foot being smelled so much, Karen reasoned that taking Todd up on his suggestion might not be such a bad idea after all. Besides, she could easily fake it. She’d done that plenty of times with her own stinky socks for Todd’s benefit.

Stepping forward with purpose, Karen slowly removed the other boot. The proximity of the stink wave made Karen nearly gag, but she did her best to keep a straight face. The Southern Comfort still soaking in her belly roiled with the first close sniff of the foot. To make matters more disgusting, the wiggling foot was visibly sweaty from its time in the knee-high boot. Karen decided it best to let the nasty thing air dry for a moment before the fake sniffing commenced. She had no interest whatsoever in getting any of this woman’s foot scum on her face. By the intense stink of the foot, Karen figured it would take days of scrubbing to get the smell off of her skin if she happened to rub upon it. It seemed a foul fate to endure!

Karen had gained the attention of Todd, who was now staring raptly. His cock was erect again and he slowly stroked it while watching to see what Karen would do next. For the first time that night, Karen began to grow sexual excited. She loved to perform for Todd. The massive look of excitement on his face and the appearance of his rigid member spurned her on in her initial plan. Leaning forward Karen took a tentative sniff of the foot. The stench hit her like a sledgehammer and she decided it would most certainly have to be a fake sniffing session; anything short of which Karen feared she would not survive.

The woman on the throne cried out in an angry tone the moment Karen sniffed. It was mostly drowned out by the sound system of the club, but both of the women suckling her breasts heard her loud and clear and backed off instantly. The two bare-chested beauties looked rather offended, most likely thinking the growl was meant for them. Sharing the identical aloof scowl, they swayed with sultry gaits back into the throng and were immediately swept up by other nude and cavorting swingers.

Karen leaned in again, placing the tip of her nose against the woman’s sole. The heat pouring from the foot was revolting, but Karen kept her facial expression in check. Arching her back and bending her knees slightly, Karen displayed her butt prominently. With a slow rotating of the hips, Karen enhanced the show Todd was about to see. With practiced ease, she positioned her lips and sucked in air, mimicking the sound of a good deep sniff flawlessly. Todd gasped and began to beat his meat harder. Karen moaned and mimicked the face of lustful pleasure … savoring the fake sniff as if it were the scent of ambrosia.

The woman growled again from behind the mask and her foot began to wiggle to and fro. Karen took hold of her ankle and steadied the wiggling foot with her other hand. With the woman’s foot now imprisoned within her grasp, Karen bent the toes and arch back and leaned in for another synthesized sniff. The bound woman was soon in a total uproar. The chair shook and her bonds squeaked as Karen continued to perform for Todd.

Things quite suddenly took a turn for the worst. Out of the corner of her eye Karen saw the dike-rapist had returned. She had abandoned her elaborate strap-on harness and accompanying dildo. Karen spared her a scowl before leaning back into the foot. After observing the performance for a few moments, the offensive woman sidled up to Karen and leaned in for a sniff of her own. Her face instantly contorted into a profound scowl and her nostrils flared extravagantly. Karen was hard pressed to keep the smile from her face. The woman stood back apprising Karen. After a few more moments of observation she came back in, presumably for a second sniff though Karen couldn’t imagine why.

Instead of drawing in another gout of the bound woman’s foot reek, the dike-rapist pressed her lips to Karen’s ear.

“You like performing for you man?”

Karen ignored the whispered question and continued to emulate sniffing, wishing the bitch would just fuck off.

“What would he say if he knew what I knew?”

Instantly the color drained from Karen’s face. It was her worst nightmare. Somehow this woman had found out. She would tell Todd that Karen wasn’t what she seemed. Todd would know she was a little girl! Karen couldn’t bare the humiliation. How did she know? Karen put so much work into looking and acting older! How could she have guessed?

Again the woman leaned in for another whispered comment. “I must say it’s convincing … especially for a meat head like your man over there … but I can tell a real sniff from a fake one.” The woman’s hand slipped over Karen’s mouth gripping her head tightly. Her airflow was instantly sealed off. One panicked sniff passed through Karen’s nostrils and the stench of the bound woman’s foot came with it, stinging her throat and bringing tears to her eyes. “Now smell deeply, my pretty. Sample the divine odor of this nasty, rank foot in truth. Take in the heady stink it has to offer and know true humiliation at its passing.” The woman began to snicker in Karen’s ear. Her flowery, sarcastic speech filled Karen with an unfathomable rage.

Unable to move her head, as a result of the dike’s grip, Karen strained her eyes as best she could to look in Todd’s direction. He was still avidly watching her and seemed even more exited by the addition of the dike covering Karen’s mouth and gyrating against her hip. Karen’s eyes bulged in their sockets, showing their whites like a spooked horse. She held her breath as best she could … the alternative, profoundly revolting. The dike’s free hand trailed down to her Karen’s ass and cupped a cheek. She briefly tongued Karen’s ear playfully.

As wretched as her situation now was, Karen couldn’t help but feel relief. She had genuinely feared the woman knew her true age and was about to spill the beans to Todd. The relief soon began to fade as her need for oxygen increased. She considered fighting the woman off and resuming her charade unhindered, but what would Todd think? Further more, what would the woman say to him? Karen’s lie was so delicately balanced that any doubt on Todd’s part could possibly irreparably shatter all she had accomplished.

Spots began to dance before her eyes. Karen knew her face must be turning scarlet. She knew she had to breathe soon or pass out. The dike’s tongue went to work again, this time exploring the channels of her ear deeper than before. The ambient sound of the room blotted out on her right side, replaced with a wet sloshing sound as the dike’s tongue and spit plugged her ear. The hand, that had thus far only cupped her left butt cheek, began to knead and caress. The fingers of the dike’s hand began to wiggle into her butt crack. Taking a firm grip the woman spread Karen’s cheek. With a practiced touch the woman began to tap Karen’s anus with an index finger. Karen felt like screaming.

The woman on the throne seemed to be getting more upset by the minute, and Karen’s rage at the dike-rapist was quickly overwhelmed by her irrational hatred for the bound woman. At some point Todd had stepped forward a bit to get a closer look at Karen’s sniffing. His free hand was now fingering the bound woman’s dripping pussy while he stroked his cocked with the other. His eyes were still glued to the spectacle of Karen, the dike and the stinky foot. The bound woman seemed unconcerned with Todd’s manipulations of her fleshy box … her ire and attention solely focused upon Karen whose vision was beginning to blur and dim.

The moment had arrived. It was either breath or pass out. Karen’s body made the instinctive decision on its own. Fetid foot aroma poured in through Karen’s nostrils. One gasping sniff after another drew the foul foot effluvium deep into her lungs. She was finally smelling the stinky foot in earnest and suffering profoundly.

“That’s it, pretty,” the dike hissed in her ear, “smell that nasty, stinky foot. Smell it nice and good!” The woman’s finger went into overtime, tapping away on Karen’s anus. With shocking suddenness the dike forced her long index finger knuckle deep into Karen’s chute. Karen reacted by sucking in an even deeper sniff of the foot. Her mind reeled and her stomach turned over. The finger, still buried deep, attempted to borrow deeper still, wiggling and probing into her ass. “Oh God,” Karen cried from beneath the hand muffling her mouth. A single tear fell from her darting eyes and Karen felt she partially understood the suffering of the hanging woman she had encountered earlier. Now she cursed herself doubly for leaving the poor woman to her fate.

Karen’s plight had now attracted a crowd as well and soon hands and finger were caressing her in turn. A scream was building inside of her mind and Karen was unsure how long she could keep it in check. The worth of keeping silent in order to protect her secret was paling and she was sure she would break at any moment. The bound woman’s foot wiggled from Karen’s grasp and began to thrash again. The pad of her foot connected painfully with Karen’s nose. It pushed hard against her face in an attempt to dissuade the sniffing, but the dike’s hold on Karen’s head kept her head in place. The slime from the foot ground itself into Karen’s face as she had initially feared. Karen groaned with loathing as the smelly foot rubbed and pushed on her face, the toes occasionally going up her nose.

Karen’s directionless panic and anger began to congeal. She disregarded the dike and her probing finger … she dismissed the occasionally groping hands of the spectators … she ignored Todd’s excited masturbation and enjoyment of his girlfriend’s humiliation … all energies focused on the bound woman. Her spiteful glare, her thrashing, smothering foot and most of all her reeking stench. The thought came unbidden and seemingly out of nowhere, but all Karen could think was how dare this woman smell so! Karen hated her with every fiber of her being. The hatred was irrational and pure. Glancing to the seat of the throne, Karen reached for one of the dildos she had noted earlier.

The brutal looking spiky dildo was too far away but Karen was able to lay hands on a long fat one. Still suffering the woman’s disgusting foot, Karen locked eyes meaningfully with her. If it was too be a battle of wills, Karen would win! Holding the dildo like a weapon, which wasn’t far from the truth of things, Karen waved it back and forth for the bound woman to see. Reaching towards her exposed genitalia, Todd tried to grab it and help with the insertion. Karen roughly yanked it back and shot him an angry look. He giggled and backed off.

Karen looked back at the eyes of the bound woman for an instant. Karen wasn’t sure, but she felt the woman knew her intentions. It could have been her imagination, but Karen thought she saw fear. Guiding the dildo back, she wiggled the rubber dong until the head was pressing against the woman’s anus! The bound woman tried to buck and arch her back, attempting to shift her defenseless asshole out of reach but the chair held her too securely. Karen thrust forward with all her might. The head of the dong slid off of the tight sphincter, slick with pussy juice and oil. The dildo bent in half and the slippery dong nearly launched from Karen’s tight grasp.

Readjusting her grip she tried again. The little puckered butthole of the bound woman was flexing and winking. She was obviously trying her hardest to avoid the inevitable. Her entire body was stiff and shaking with terrible expectation. Karen once again locked eyes with the woman, simultaneously pushing with all her might. She felt resistance and waggled the dildo a bit whilst continuing to apply pressure on the woman’s helpless asshole. The anus parted suddenly and the dong began to slide in. The feeling of the dildo in hand winning its fight with the anus was orgasmic for Karen in its cruelty. Karen emitted a muffled cackle from beneath the dike’s hand.

The bound woman’s eyes snapped wide with pain and shock. As the dildo continued its preordained course, burying itself up her hinny, the woman’s eyes squeezed shut pushing out two identical tears, then snapped wide again. The woman’s body convulsed and shook as Karen continued to ever so slowly, inch by painfully inch, burry the whole fucking thing up her ass. By the visible vibrations and the tightness of all the bound woman’s visible muscles, it was obvious to Karen that a scream was building, yet to be released. The expectation of awaiting the tormented howl made Karen’s pussy drip. Once the fat dildo could go no further, Karen took a firm grip of the rubber balls at its base and began to wiggle the monstrous dong in the woman’s tortured chute.

Without warning, the muffled shriek that Karen had awaited with such lustful anticipation finally erupted from behind the leather mask. Wickedly, Karen used this cue to yank the dildo back out. She quickly glanced down to see the now gapping, distended anus attempting to contract. Before the flesh’s elasticity finished its job she plunged the dong back up the woman’s rectum. Another scream punctuated the cruel act and Karen once again repeated the action. After a third repetition of this torture, Karen reinserted the dildo with a mighty shove and began to plumb the bound woman’s backdoor with harsh thrusts.

Karen flinched as something warm and wet suddenly spattered her cheek. Rolling her eyes to the side, she witnessed another pearly rope of Todd’s cum bulleting towards her face. The stream made contact with a spatter, bathing both her cheek and the dike’s hand. The hateful woman never flinched, but continued to maintain her tight hold over Karen’s mouth as the semen dipped off her knuckles and down Karen’s chin.A metallic rattling sound pulled Karen’s attention from Todd. A woman was approaching dragging with her a collection of chains and straps that hung from the ceiling. The harnesses were connected to runners that crisscrossed the red ceiling, thus the rattling sound, obviously enabling them to be moved to various parts of the club without much fuss. Karen heaved a sigh of relief when the woman passed her by. The sigh quickly changed to a gasp as she felt a leather strap encircle her wrist. Another was quickly secured around the other. The dike-rapist yanked her finger from Karen’s anus with a pop and wrapped her leg around Karen’s knees … effectively pinning her tight in a standing position. Before she could even think of struggling, Karen felt the sting of a rough canvas harness rasping along the skin of her waist. With a yank the dike-rapist pulled the thing tight, pinching Karen’s ribs.

In a blind panic Karen’s eyes searched for Todd. He was nowhere to be seen.

With a joint rending suddenness, the straps on Karen’s wrist tore outward, stretching her arms out to either side of her body with a snap. Karen heard the jangling of the runners and a few loud clicks as they were somehow locked into place. Another rattle of chains and the canvas harness secured around her waist hoisted her upwards. Her toes barely touching the floor and Karen’s arms now spread-eagled pulled her body in an awkward position.

Many hoots and hollers were voiced in celebration of the harnessing, most of which came from the leering dike-rapist who again began to finger Karen’s ass. Suddenly Todd was standing next to her. He was grinning like a mad man. He leaned in and kissed Karen on the cheek. “You’re so fucking hot, babe! Thanks for doing all this! I never knew you were such a slut.” Though the dike and now removed her hand from Karen’s mouth, she was speechless. Thoughts tumbled about in her head in a confusing babble until they solidified into a single plea. Get me the hell out of here!

The moment Karen collected herself enough to break through her wall of shock Todd was gone. Taking the time to crane her neck in hopes of finding him again wasted her chance to voice her plea. The loud crackling and tearing sound, specific to that of Velcro, sounded beside Karen’s ear. A thick, black canvas strap slapped itself over her mouth, immediately following the sound. A slimy bit, wet with some other poor victims spit no doubt, pushed its way into her mouth, effectively silencing any complaints or calls for help. The gag pulled tight as whoever stood behind her refastened the Velcro.

Karen tried to scream around the bit lodged deep in her mouth. Her eyes rolled in panic and she thrashed her limbs in a vain attempt to free herself. She was peripherally aware of bodies gathering around her. Laughter and coos filled her ears, oblivious to her plight.

At some point during Karen’s capture, someone had released the bound woman from her throne imprisonment. Karen opened her eyes to find the woman looming before her. Within seconds a stool was presented onto which she claimed a perch. Gripping the seat of the stool, the woman leaned back and lifted her bare feet from the floor. The soles of the awful things hovered in Karen’s vision for what seemed like an eternity. Her head was slowly surrounded with a gaseous cloud of pungent foot aroma. Karen’s nostrils flared with the reeking violation of her senses.

With agonizing slowness, the woman lowered her legs until the wretched feet settled onto Karen’s face. The toes covered her eyes and she was plunged into darkness. A hearty cock pushed its way past the wet folds of Karen’s vagina and the raping began. Karen was violently overcome with claustrophobia. She began to uncontrollably hyperventilate through her nose, which only tormented her further. The steamy tendrils of the woman’s dirty foot smell oozed into Karen’s nose and filled her with utter loathing. Only moments before the woman seemed furious with having her foot smelled yet now she was willing offering both of them. Karen’s mind was unable to grapple with the woman’s evident change of attitude.

As Karen’s mind attempt to wrap itself around the horrific predicament she now found herself thrust into, the woman began to push on Karen’s face with her feet, rocking her body forward and back on the hanging harness. The rocking motion succeeded in pushing the violating fat cock, still plunging her pussy, even deeper. After a few moments the woman’s sweaty feet began to slip from her face. Karen began to catch glimpses of the woman, and by the look in her steely eyes soon realized she was not doing this for sexual gratification or for Karen’s benefit… this was revenge. This was purposeful torture!

Karen couldn’t be sure, but it seemed that somehow the woman had figured out the sniffing had been a ruse. It seemed her fakery had not gone unnoticed by this bitch in black leather. Had she exposed herself to a weakness that the woman had seized upon and taken advantage of? Inconceivably, the rape seemed secondary to the stench of the woman’s feet. The act of the forced smelling seemed to reach deep down into Karen’s psyche and twist something there. With the use of her feet the woman was able to punish Karen more profoundly than any sexual violation ever could. Despite that, the rape soon began to figure into the humiliation, compounding it and twisting it … making the act of smelling the feet more intense and horrible with each thrust of the invading cock.

The goal of passing out finally became Karen’s dream, yet the ammonia like feet kept her senses painfully sharp and vivid. Her mind screamed for release. But soon she learned the worst was yet to come.

The toes covering her eyes slowly pulled down with purpose instead of slippage. Karen’s nose settled into their cleavage and she was instantly subjected to the stench emanating from between the woman’s toes for the first time. With everything that had occurred since entering The Rubber Room, the vision the now absent toes revealed shouldn’t by rights have shocked Karen … yet somehow she was floored all the same. Todd was receiving a slow handjob from the woman as he fiddled with her large fleshy breasts. His excitement grew until he was literally humping her fist. Karen frantically screamed out NO, the sound of which was lost behind the gag. Karen looked pleadingly at the leather-masked mistress. The woman’s eyes smiled back with fiendish glee and she playfully smacked Todd’s bare bottom.

Crossing behind Todd and the awful she-bitch, a woman stopped and stared intently at the spectacle of Karen’s rape and forced foot smelling. The figure began to approach and finally caught Karen’s attention due the incongruity of her appearance. The woman’s face was tear streaked and she clutched a bundle or torn rags to the nakedness of her body. She walked on unsteady legs in a pair of high-heeled shoes, of which one heel was broken, giving her an uneven gait. It took Karen only a moment to place her as the hanging businesswoman she had spotted earlier. Karen’s heart sang out in joy! Tears sprang to her eyes. She would finally be rescued! If anyone in this moral-forsaken playground knew the torture Karen was enduring it was this poor woman.

Her would-be rescuer dropped her bundle of clothing in a heap and stared into Karen’s tear filled eyes barely visible above the wiggling toes. The woman obviously noted the suffering evident in Karen’s tormented look and yanked the smelly feet from her face. With a scowl she glanced back at the she bitch in leather still jacking Todd’s dribbling cock and then back at Karen. Karen looked up at her naked savior with blind adoration and hope. It took her a moment to realize that the woman had just spat in her face. Spittle was running down Karen’s forehead and cheek. Another gob of spit flew from the woman’s mouth and hit Karen square in the eye. Could life be so cruel, Karen’s mind raved. Then in an instant of self-honesty she realized she deserved no better … hadn’t she left this poor woman to the selfsame fate?

The woman remained silent, but her piecing eyes spoke volumes. Karen could see the look of hate, hatred so profound it seared her soul. With a brisk turn, the woman faced Todd and his she-bitch masturbator. With a gentle shove, the she-bitch was prodded from her perch on the stool. The businesswomen shakily climbed onto the stool in her place and adjusted herself until she was facing Karen. Shaking both feet the businesswoman dislodged her shoes, which fell to the padded floor. Karen could see that the remnants of her shredded stockings remained on one leg still covering her left foot, whilst the right foot was bare.

A spray of semen spattered Karen’s lower back, streams of the orgasm slowly dripping down into the crack of her ass. A new cock quickly inserted itself and the next rapist in line began to hammer away at her sore pussy. Karen, now seemingly forgotten by the businesswoman, starred in mute horror … fearing she knew what was to happen next. Karen watched as the woman lifted her bare foot to her own nose and sniffed. Her face contorted and the corners of her mouth turned down in a disgusted grimace. In turn she lifted the other foot, still clad in stocking, and sniffed it as well. The same expression dressed her face following her sniffing inspection. With a darkly satisfied look she turned her attention back to Karen.

Karen shook her head frantically, a pitiful moan wailing from behind her gag. The businesswoman’s pouty lips set in a sneer of hate as she plastered her feet over Karen’s nose. Her first sniff of acidic foot stench unrivaled to that of the mistress. Karen continued to shake her head in hopes of dislodging this new torment. The businesswoman skillfully kept her feet firmly planted over Karen’s nose disallowing any respite form their loathsome stench. The aroma of sweaty leather shoes and dank, sour, dirty feet pulsated up Karen’s quivering nostrils. The nylon clad foot rasped across her forehead as the bare foot took solo residence beneath her nose. The hot, clammy skin of the woman’s foot was repulsive yet the crusty toes of the nylon clad foot kneading her brow sent shivers of revulsion through her body.

“Smell them you fucking cow!” The businesswoman suddenly wailed. “Smell those fucking things you whore! You fucking bitch! Smell them!”

The woman’s shrieks seemed to excite the man fucking Karen from behind. His thrusts became more violent and forcefully. His fingers knotted in Karen’s hair, pulling her head back. For an instant the businesswoman’s feet lost their hold of her nose. Karen sniffed in a deep breath of untainted air. The deep sniff ended in agony as the woman slapped her feet back over Karen face with a frustrated grunt. Still mid inhalation, Karen sucked in a tremendous amount of the woman’s sour foot aroma.

Coughing and hacking, Karen tried to free herself from the rapist’s grasp and the awful feet by shaking her head. The stinky feet of the vengeful businesswoman once again lost their claim of her nose and Karen caught a glimpse of the woman toppling from the stool. The brief triumph of seeing the woman fall was cut short as Karen’s unseen rapist launched into a renewed fuck-frenzy. He was soon riding her like a bronco.

Exploiting his grip of her hair, he began to rock Karen’s body on the suspended harness. With a hand on her hip to guide the swaying motion he began to pump his cock hard and deep, rattling her teeth on the bit with each powerful thrust. With a tremendous cry, which temporarily peaked above the thrumming sound system, the man began to cum inside of Karen.

When his orgasm finally subsided, his now limp member sliding from Karen’s swollen pussy, her body seemed to be buzzing. She hung limp in the harness, her toes slowly scrapping back and forth on the matted floor as she swayed. Her frantic thoughts were overloading her already panicked brain and bit-by-bit her extremities began to go numb. Her head swam and it seemed she was finally falling into the blissful embrace of unconsciousness. It was as if her body was shutting down, responding to the over-taxation of emotions and physical torment. Distantly aware of her slow trek into oblivion Karen was still able to make out the laughter and moans of her surroundings, though it was as if sounds came from a great distance.

Karen’s eyelids felt heavy and she allowed them to flutter closed. She could still feel tears leaking from beneath her puffy lids, but the sensation was as distant as the fuzzy sounds of The Rubber Room and just as inconsequential. A feeling of weightlessness that quickly turned to vertigo overtook her. It felt as if she were plummeting into a great void and with each passing second the ambient sounds of The Rubber Room becoming less and less distinct. For a moment Karen was sure she was caught in the throes of a nightmare that she would soon awaken from. The Rubber Room, Todd, the masked woman on the chair and the hatful businesswoman were all players on the stage of her sleeping mind.

Soon she would be released from its torturous grasp and she would open her eyes finding herself safely tucked away in her familiar bed at home. The thought was intoxicating yet ended abruptly with the feel of clammy skin pressing against her face … the intense stench of feet, suddenly filling her nose, and rudely dragging her from her reverie.

The sounds of the room slammed back into painful clarity. Each ach and pain of her ravaged body screamed in unison. The veil of peace so abruptly denied her fled as if it had never been. The ammonia like foot stench had robbed her of such solace and a longing wail wavered from behind Karen’s thick gag.

Above the toes that kneaded her nose, Karen could see the sneering, hate filled face of the businesswoman. Standing behind the vengeful creature was the looming figure of the woman from the throne. She still wore her leather mask, her eyes still filled with their vindictive glint. Her gloved hands were draped over the businesswoman’s shoulders, methodically kneading her breasts and tugging on the pink nipples causing her fleshy orbs to bounce and jiggle. The businesswoman’s attention seemed so focused on her punishment of Karen that she appeared oblivious to her breasts being fondled.

Seeing both her tormentors before her, their mere presence and actions aimed specifically to humiliate her, Karen was overcome with a vile seething venom of hate that filled her mind to bursting. Her hands tightened into fists and deep in her heart she swore vengeance. The thought of escape had long since abandoned her mind, yet now it returned in force. She committed herself to enduring whatever she was subjected to with the promise of returning everything tenfold to these two women. Rational thought and sanity had long since crept away on stealthy pads leaving Karen a monster of conflicting emotions and smothering rage. No longer did Karen think of these two whores as opportunists, but co-conspirators of the worst kind.

Thoughts of her boyfriend Todd, her unseen rapists and the dike with the strap-on were seared away by this new risen furry. Only the two women before her existed as a focal point of her spleen.

A large busted woman swayed into view to watch the show and Karen recognized her as the mistress that she and Todd had first encountered. Her strikingly pretty face was now visible, she having abandoned her leather mask. Being the first time she had seen the woman unmasked. Karen easily identified her by the outfit and her unmistakably large and too-perfect breasts. She paused for a moment, winked at Karen and sashayed out of sight. The woman’s arrival suddenly brought everything back into focus. All events leading up to her predicament rushed back into Karen’s mind.

The figure of Todd loomed large in her thoughts: He was the on who brought her here. He was the one who had abandoned her to the groping hands in the first orgy room. He was the one who chuckled at her first forced sexual encounter with the dike-rapist. He was the one who instigated the footsniffing of the bound woman on the throne. He was the one who had left her to this rape and torture to find entertainment elsewhere! He was the one to blame! Of course it never occurred to Karen that she in fact was the one who enabled the chain of events to take place.


“OH … OH … Me next … please!” The voice was loud enough to make Karen flinch. Her eyes rolled to the side. Standing nearby was a bubbly looking redhead in a shiny vinyl bondage outfit. She was pleading with a masked man while pointing at Karen. For a horrible second Karen thought she would have to smell this woman’s feet too, but as the man began to unbuckle her wrist she knew she was finally being set free from the harness to allow another to willingly take her place.

As the last buckle was undone, Karen collapsed to the floor in a quivering heap. She heard the giggles of the redhead as she was stripped and buckled into the horrid harness. Her head feeling like a lead weight, Karen tried to stand but could only manage to gain her hands and knees. The position left her ass poking into the air. With sudden realization Karen let herself drop back to the floor again in fear of enticing another rear-entry. Glancing over, she found the redhead firmly buckled into the harness and the gag being placed around her head. Men were already lining up behind her as she wiggled her ass in anticipation. Mysteriously the businesswoman was absent as well as the bitch from the throne. Karen yearned to search for them, but her weakness prevented anything but lying on her side and gasping in the sweet smell of non-foot tainted air.

She was unsure how much time had passed since they had arrived at The Rubber Room but it felt like a hundred years or more. Karen swore silently to herself that she would never again have sex … the thought of which made her stomach turn over. Nor would she ever again indulge a foot-fetishist. Just seeing the bare feet of The Rubber Room’s occupants crossing in front of her vision, as they wandered here and there, made her shiver.

The feeling was slowly coming back into her feet and hands and the unpleasant sensation of pins and needles set in. Karen tried to wriggle on the ground to stretch her pained muscles; thoughts of escape prevalent in her mind. The sooner she could stand the sooner she would be free of The Rubber Room. Every moment lying prone on the ground invited another bout of raping or grouping. At this point, Karen felt she would die if she were subjected to any more such violations.

A barefooted woman paused near Karen to catch a glimpse of the redhead in her harness. The strong smell of the woman’s feet, which were only a few inches from Karen’s nose, filled her already tortured nostrils. The pungent stench was enough to finally drive Karen from the floor and send her staggering away on wobbly legs. She began to weave through the naked forms on a zigzagging path towards the door. She kept her head down; fearing that meeting the gaze of a passerby might be misconstrued as an invitation. Her fear of another forced sexual encounter was still ever present in her mind as she numbly stumbled on.

Taken with a sudden dizzy spell, Karen lost balance, and was forced to grab hold of a manacle hanging from the wall. Glancing about in an attempt to reorient herself, she caught a glimpse of a pair of very familiar looking bare butt-cheeks not ten feet away. With renewed vigor, Karen stalked towards the man. He was chained, spread-eagled, on a giant X frame of polished black wood. He was laughing as a woman in red leather lightly paddled his ass. As Karen closed the distance she saw another woman, this one nude save for a pair of knee high black boots, treating the secured man to an expert blowjob.

After surveying the scene Karen noted a pile of toys scattered about the floor nearby. Claiming a few choice items from the stack she continued on towards the three merrymakers. Putting on her best mischievous face, Karen winked at the woman wielding the paddle and motioned her aside. With a matching grin the woman stepped back and returned the wink. After a moment’s pause to ready herself, Karen struck like a coiled serpent whipping a canvas gag around the man’s face and in the same motion quickly securing it with the Velcro strips. His laughter cut short as the red rubber bit attached to the inside of the gag forced its way into his mouth.

With the flat of her hand Karen smacked the man’s buttocks as hard as she could until they began to glow a bright red. Her palm stung after the first few swats, but she endured the discomfort stoically.

“She’s a live one,” laughed the leather clad woman. Karen turned in surprise to see her lingering back still observing the scene. Karen tried to flash her a smile, but her fury was too close to the surface to be called back or masked and what burst forth was a rictus grin that bespoke an utter lack of sanity. Seeing the woman flinch, she returned her attention to the bound man. He was now writhing on the X frame … obviously realizing he was getting more than he’d bargained for. How does it feel, Karen thought to herself. The other woman was still busy slurping on his shaft and seemed oblivious to Karen.

Karen took hold of the man’s hips and positioned herself. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned to see the woman in red leather leaning over her shoulder. She wore a look of vague concern.

“You’re a guest right? Not a member?” when Karen didn’t answer she continued on, “There are rules here. Do you know this guy?”

“Why do you care,” Karen hissed through clenched teeth.

“Because there are rules … you can’t just indiscriminately do whatever you want to people here!” The irony of her naive statement almost made Karen break into peels of insane laughter. Rules indeed!

Karen looked down at the man’s ass, still a deep crimson from the swats she had dealt. She tightened her grip on his hips. The leather clad woman, obviously guessing Karen’s intent to continue despite her warning and admonishment, grabbed her shoulder again. “I said there are rules!” she barked.

“Fuck the rules,” Karen growled as she thrust her hips forward. The eight inch dong, extending from the strap-on harness Karen had donned only moments before, buried itself in the man’s rectum. The woman in leather tried to yank Karen away, but was sent spinning by a sudden backhanded slap. With a look of utter surprise she stumbled back holding a hand to her cheek. Karen spared her a look of warning, her eyes promising another slap if she was foolish enough to intervene again.

The bound man twisted and writhed on the X frame, trying unsuccessfully to pull his ass away from the dildo that impaled him. Karen cackled and began to ram the dong in and out of his asshole.

“Jesus!” the woman in red leather screamed. Before darting out of sight she added, “You need lube for christsake!”

Karen dug her nails into the muscular hips of the man and began to hump him with purpose. Each slam of her hips elicited a pained yelp. The sounds of his suffering filled Karen with a deep sense of satisfaction. Suddenly the leather clad woman was back and pouring a slippery viscous substance over the man’s ass and Karen’s ramming dildo. The lube dripped in thick sheets over his buns and down into the cleavage of his ass. The slippery liquid dribbled down the insides of Karen’s thighs and pooled in the clefts between her belly and the harness straps. Soon each thrusting impact of Karen’s hips was sending up spatters of the stuff that dotted her face and breasts.

For a moment Karen was tempted to cuff the woman a second time for providing her victim with the modicum of relief, but with the addition of the lubrication the dong was freed to move with greater speed. Though the idea of dry humping suited her idea of revenge more aptly, the ability to speed-fuck his helpless anus was exhilarating. Taking a firmer grasp of his hips, she did just that. Soon her body was sore from the exertion yet she doubled her effort nonetheless.

The leather clad woman kept a safe distance. She paced back and forth obviously overcome with indecision.

Finally tiring, Karen dropped off the pace until she was slowly sliding the length of the dong in and out of the man’s asshole. Leaning forward, she wrapped her arms around his chest from behind, resting her chin on his shoulder. Delicately she kissed and nipped his earlobe. “How do you like it, Todd?” She felt his body jerk with recognition. “That’s right sweetie … it’s your girl. How do you like it? Does it feel good having that big ol’ thing in your hinny?” Todd’s struggles renewed and a pitiful mewing began to voice from behind the gag.

For a moment Karen felt like explaining to him the terror and the deep humiliation she had experienced by his fault. She wanted him to understand exactly what it had been like to suffer at the feet of both the masked woman and the businesswoman. She wanted him to know how she had endured the raping and the sense of helplessness in the cursed harness. Her anger boiled over forbidding even the simplest of words. With renewed vigor she plunged the dildo as deep as she could, dragging it out nearly its entire length to again bury it up his unwilling chute with brutal force. His moans fanned the flame of her ire and set in motion another frenzied fucking of his asshole. She looked down to note that his asshole was no longer distending each time she pulled the dildo outward. The sphincter was now suitably stretched and taking the girth of the dong as if it was born to the task. He was broken in … Karen smiled.

After a time she slowed her pace to catch her breath. Keeping a slow grinding rhythm with her hips, she craned her neck to see if the woman in leather still stood nearby. For some reason the fact that she was watching, trying to think of a way to save Todd from Karen, made the event even more gratifying and strangely exciting. She was disappointed to find her missing. The woman whom Karen had first spotted sucking Todd’s cock was also absent. Either Karen’s brutal raping of Todd had scared her off, as with the woman in leather, or she had found other things to occupy her time than sucking on a suddenly and inexplicably flaccid cock.

Thinking of his cock, Karen reached around the X frame to grasp hold of his balls … hoping to give them a painful pinch. Her wrist nudged a thick poll of flesh. He was hard! Angrily Karen gripped the shaft and squeezed with all her might. Todd moaned, yet she was unable to decide whether it was in pain or pleasure. With a grunt of frustration she smacked the head as hard as she could and felt his penis wobble up and down from the impact. Liking the feeling and the way it made his body jerk, she began to slap it again and again. She began to time the ramming of the dildo with the punishment of his erect cock. The length of Todd’s body was soon tense and quivering. The bastard seemed to be enjoying himself so Karen reverted to her original plan and began to pinch the loose skin of his ball sack. That granted her the desired reaction.

As her fingers roamed the loose folds of his sack, pinching here and there, Karen distractedly glanced about the chamber. After a bit of studying, she was soon able to differentiate between the actual members of the club and those who were guests such as herself. The most obvious aspect was their attire. Whilst the non-members were mostly nude, some still wearing torn remnants of the clothing they had arrived in, the club’s regulars were clad in various assortments of leather and vinyl. They walked, laughed, fucked and sucked with a casual assurance absent in the non-members. Once the revelation revealed itself to Karen more epiphanies were soon to follow.

Her eyes began to dart from one sexual scene to another and a slow thought began to form. . The non-members, engaged in sexual acts, wore looks of primal determination. They humped and fingered with wild abandon … their faces’ masks of intense emotion. Most of the women’s faces were streaked with tear smeared mascara and make-up, many of them wearing strap-ons, the same as Karen, and putting them to good use on both men and women alike. Some laughed with high pitched tittering voices, most of the levity mixed with tears. It was a disturbing realization, but she could tell a cloud of revenge hung heavy over all of them. They were paying back their pain and humiliation upon others. Karen was just part of the cycle. The businesswoman now made more sense than ever … and her hatred of the woman vanished instantly.

Her anger over her rape and numerous violations seemed to melt away leaving her with a hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach. Numbly she backed away from Todd, the dildo sliding from his ass. His body sagged limply on the X-frame. Karen glanced down at the rubber penis wobbling in the harness she wore and felt revulsion. She quickly stepped out of the canvas straps and tossed the contraption aside. Her fingers refused to work properly as she fumbled with the buckles and straps holding Todd to the X frame. After what seemed like hours she undid the last lashing and he sank to the floor on his knees.

“Over there.” Karen turned at the sound of the voice. The woman in red leather had returned and two men who appeared to be security followed in her wake. Before they could reach her, Karen looped a hand under Todd’s arm and helped him to stand.

“Take me home,” she said and he nodded absently. Karen turned a grim face to the approaching men who stopped mid stride.

“You two a couple?” one asked over the din of the room. “We were,” Karen responded simply. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Todd raise his head to look at her. When she refused to meet his eyes he let his head sag again until his chin pressed against his chest.

“Probably be a good idea if you were both on your way … we don’t like that kind of crap here.” Karen felt that maniacal laugh bubbling in her chest again. Her gaze drifted to the woman in red leather now standing behind the two men. Behind her, further back in the room, Karen spotted the masked woman from the throne. She was leaning against the back wall taping the haft of a whip into her open palm.

Karen was unable to make out her eyes from such a distance, but she could feel the woman’s stare boring into her all the same. Her very posture seemed to scream with menace and Karen was unable to suppress a shiver. Whilst her hatred for the business woman had fled with her new understanding, her feelings for this leather clad and masked bitch had far from abated. The businesswoman had sought revenge, yet this horrible slut enjoyed what she did. She lived to torment. It was as plain as her enormous breast. “And fuck you too,” Karen said under her breath, before tugging Todd towards the door.

As Karen absently watched the glare of passing headlights through the rain streaked windows of Todd’s car, it was hard to believe any of it had really happened. The phone call to Todd at work, the biker at the door, the woman in the booth, the horrors that waited in the Rubber Room … it all seemed like some hideous dream. The familiar and comforting scent of Todd’s car, vanilla air freshener and Winston Lights, seemed somehow unreal … like something from a past-life. Neither of them spoke during the thirty minute drive … there was nothing to say. Todd’s top-of-the-line sound system was silent for the first time in Karen’s memory … its digital face plate dark matching Karen’s mood.

The patter of light rain on the roof of the BMW lulled Karen into a trance-like state that she shook off with some difficulty when she recognized her neighborhood from the passenger window. Todd continued on, passing their usual meeting spot, and slowed to a stop directly in front of Karen’s home. Karen peered through the sheets of water spilling down the window, feeling as if she were seeing her house for the first time. All the windows were dark, her mother obviously not home from her late meeting.

Unconsciously Karen removed the silver ring adorning her pinkie. Still continued to gaze at the darkened windows of her house she placed the ring on the dash of the car. The ring had been a gift from Todd. There was no reason to keep it. Without a word or backward glance she climbed out and gently shut the door behind her. She heard the hiss of the BMW’s tires on the wet pavement as it slowly pulled away from the curb and rolled out into the night.

Karen felt goose bumps rise on her arms and realized she must have left her wrap in Todd’s car. I doesn’t matter really, she told herself as she rubbed away the chill. She could always get another one. Let him have it, she thought as she began the short walk up the cobbled path to her home and sanctuary.


Karen closed the door behind her and leaned back drinking in the sensation of finally being alone. Her body seemed to vibrate, her muscles taxed. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh. Taking another deep breath through her nose she breathed in the familiar and comforting aromas of her home. After a moment, the utter silence of the house began to feel oppressive. Her ears still rang from the abuse rendered upon them by the club’s sound system and it took her a full minute before she could identify a sudden whirring, humming sound as the refrigerator clicked on in the kitchen.

Still leaning against the inside of the front door, Karen took a series of measured, deep breaths and tried her best to blank her mind and relax. All she wanted was to put the night behind her and pretend as if it had never happened. She felt if she could somehow accomplish the seemingly impossible feat it would be best in the long run. For a time it seemed she had achieved her desire. Her breathing became shallower and if she had not been standing it was quite possible she could have drifted into slumber. Without warning unwanted images began to intrude upon her mind’s eye. Fleeting images from the club danced in her mind and phantom hands roughly caressed her body. Her stomach lurched and Karen ran for the bathroom with her hand to her mouth.

Thirty minutes later Karen stood naked in front of the door mirror in her mother’s bathroom. Bruises were beginning to darken on her wrists and ankles and she could see the map of redness the harness had etched on her pale skin. Her eyes traced the crisscrossing marks that ran along her hips, belly and under booth sore breasts. She wasn’t concerned about hiding them for her mother. She and Karen had a peripheral, noninvasive relationship at best, but the ligatures on her wrists and ankles would have to be covered with make-up until they faded nonetheless.

Karen had seen plenty TV movies on the subject of rape and whilst her experience in The Rubber Room wasn’t exactly like those portrayed in the late night dramas she still felt the quality of “dirty” always described by the hapless woman. The need to scrub her body in a hot water was suddenly a necessity. She could still smell the mingled scents of perfume, bodily fluids and sweaty feet on her skin. Her stomach turned over again resulting in another bout of dry heaves.

The bathroom filled with steam and the mirrors fogged, Karen stepped from the shower. With her skin a livid red from the scalding water and hard scrubbing, the angry looking welts from the harness were now all but invisible. Having used the stiff brush hanging from the soap rack, Karen was sure she had exfoliated at least two layers of skin. During the shower Karen had raked her body with the brush becoming frenzied in her attempt to scrap away the memories of the night. The tears never came like they always did for the woman in the movies, but Karen new they’d happen eventually.

Walking nude to her bedroom, the cool temperature of the dark house made her irritated skin tingle as her pores closed. The house was still silent and empty for which Karen was thankful. Facing her mother now seemed unwise. The veneer of Karen’s usually cool façade had been rent by the evening’s events. A casual, partially disinterested question such as “how was your night” would be hard to address … even if it was asked enroot as was her mother’s usual MO.

Karen clicked off the lights and eased herself into bed; her skin smarting on the crisp sheets. She lay in the dark for a while watching the shifting shadows of tree branches playing across her ceiling. Normally this would be a time for her hands to stray to her pussy and clit with visions of Todd in her head. Karen couldn’t imagine touching her abused and swollen pussy even if she had been sexually excited … a mindset she couldn’t imagine indulging ever again. She closed her eyes and tried again to relax, using the same breathing method she had upon first arriving home. She had hopes of success this time around. Allowing the cool womb of her silent bed chamber to enshroud her, a feeling that had hovered on the outside of her thoughts began to take form. It took a moment of mental struggle, but she finally recognized the specter as guilt.

To Karen’s understanding, guilt was another cliché result of a sexual violation, but this specific guilt didn’t seem to fit the process. She thought of Todd and was instantly and vividly reliving her revenge upon him. Her eyes snapped open in the darkness and her mind replayed the event like a movie … she watched as that huge dong slammed in and out of his ass while she slapped his hardened cock with the flat of her hand… later pinching his ball sack to cheat him of the orgasm she knew was about to erupt. She flinched as her index finger brushed her sensitive clitoris and her attention rushed back into the now. Pulled from the reverie she found unconsciously she had begun to masturbate. Was she losing her mind?

The guilt was still there and more insistent than ever. The sensation was congealing into a beast of emotion. She saw herself slamming the cruel looking dildo into the ass of the bound woman on the throne. She saw the woman’s asshole stretch and swallow the cumbersome sex toy as it was forced up her chute to its flange of rubber balls. She saw the woman’s body shake with sexual agony as her asshole was violated. The moans of suffering echoed in Karen’s mind as she gasped into the darkness of her room, sliding two fingers into her raw yet now dripping pussy. Her mind continued to play out the scene as Karen fingered herself with abandon. Soon her pussy was engorged and the soreness all but forgotten. An orgasm that had lain achingly dormant rose towards the surface of her sensation like a levitation of pure lust.

She had enjoyed it! Karen sat up stiffly. The sheets slid from her breasts allowing the glorious orbs to be painted with hues of moonlight and shadow. She had enjoyed it. She yanked her hand away from her pussy as if it had been bitten. She had enjoyed it. She raked her fingers through her hair still damp from the shower, her chest heaving in and out with labored breath. Standing in the shower waiting for the tears to come had seemed so right. It made sense. But this feeling? To be sure, she had not enjoyed the night. Smelling those wretched feet, her betrayal by Todd … just the thoughts twisted her heart and stomach. But what about the rest? The need to come was like a cramp in her abdomen. Part of her longed to release it, but her rational mind cringed in horror at the ramifications. She had denounced the masked woman as a monster for her joy of tormenting, yet was Karen so different? Had she always been like this?

Her mind grappled with the past, trying to make the pieces fit. She remembered Todd bound on his bed … her hand slowly rubbing his penis … she remembered how purple the head looked … she remembered how pleased she was with herself … how well she was reading his body language to stay his orgasm … she remembered how many times she had cum while jacking him … she remember how hot it made her to have him see her cum when she would not allow him the satisfaction of the same … she remembered how angry she had been when his cock finally spit forth its ropes of pearly cum … she remembered slapping his inner thigh and calling him a bastard for climaxing without permission. It had seemed so natural at the time. Just a game. But hadn’t the game touched something dark in her … something sinister lurking way down deep in her psyche?

Suddenly the masked woman from the club was an even more terrifying figure. Karen pictured her on the throne and then with her feet pressed on Karen’s face … her hauntingly familiar eyes smiling with cruel satisfaction. It had to have been in her eyes. Karen saw her secret self staring back at her from behind that leather mask. The role of tormentor. A creature of lust and power. She represented something in Karen … something indeed dark and sinister. Some motivation that had slithered and hid in the back of her mind for God knew how long … something stealthy, twisted and abhorrent. The need to scrub her body returned in force. Karen nearly chuckled at the thought but her voice caught in her throat … how could she wash away what was in her mind?

Karen jumped at the sudden sound of the front door slamming shut. She instantly imagined the masked woman storming through the house in search of vengeance. Instinctively Karen ducked her head under the sheets. She knew she was being stupid. It was her mother … the masked woman didn’t have a key for Christ sake … it had to be her mother. A key! Karen sat up in bed again. Had she locked the front door? No she hadn’t. She’d run to the bathroom to vomit without thinking of … footsteps in the hall … Karen nearly screamed as her bedroom door burst open. A silhouette hovered in her doorway framed in a ghostly nimbus cast by the hall light. It was her … it was the masked woman from the club! Karen could see the fullness of her breast in the half light of the room … the swell of her hips. How did she find me?

Karen was about to unleash the scream that was struggling to rip from her throat as the woman leaned into the room and flicked on the light. Karen’s eyes were blinded by the sudden glare and she scrambled backwards, banging her head against the headboard, while pulling the sheets with her. Daring to look upon the face of doom, Karen opened her eyes.

She slid back into the bed with a long sigh of relief. How could she have thought it was the woman from the club? Was she that much of a child? It was hard to keep from smiling like an idiot as she looked upon the familiar face of her mother. Not bare breasts but a tastefully cut, yet clinging, white blouse … no leather clad hips but a tight, black, knee length skirt … no leather mask just her mother’s usual hairdo: dark, shiny hair pulled flat against her head and held in a bun tight enough to make the corners of her eyes perk up and the skin on her forehead tight. It always amazed Karen how effortless her mother’s beauty appeared without the affectation of make-up. She realized her mind was wandering inconveniently and her mind instinctively sought for an excuse to explain her frenzied production. Finally deciding on a nightmare being the best excuse … it wasn’t far from the truth anyway … Karen opened her mouth to weave the tale …

Now that her rush of adrenaline was fading Karen became more aware of the look her mother wore. She was furious. Karen had never seen her look so mad. It was rare the women said more than a few words to her at a time let alone shine such a scowl in her direction. The unexpected emotion was a shock to say the least.

“Did you forget something?” her mother suddenly barked. Her jaw clenched and her nostrils flared in and out with such furry that Karen shrank back against the headboard again.

“W-what?” Karen stammered. Her mother refused to answer but continued instead to stare at her with horrible intentness. Karen, lacking the responsibility of chores other kids her age had, they had a maid for that, she couldn’t for her life imagine something she could have forgotten that would instill such a violent response from her mother. Besides, her mother rarely, if ever, asked anything of her.

Karen’s eyes trailed down her mother’s arm and saw that she clutched something in her fist. It looked like an article of clothing. Seeing that Karen had noticed the thing she quickly raised her arm holding it out between them like a totem. It was her wrap! Suddenly it made sense. She could see it all in her mind. Todd climbing out of his car and finding Karen’s wrap on the passenger seat. Probably hoping to win back her favor he returned to her house arriving with horrible irony at the same moment her mother pulled into the drive. She could see him walking up the path and her mother meeting him halfway. Of course she would ask what he wanted and why he was carrying her daughter’s wrap. Todd would explain … of course he would. Oh crap, Karen thought, how the hell am I going to get out of this one!

Her mother was suddenly shaking with barely contained rage. She dropped the wrap to the floor and continued to stare at Karen. What did he tell her, Karen’s mind raved? If I only knew what he’d said I could think of a way to explain it. Why won’t she say something!?

“It’s not what you think,” was all Karen could manage.

“Oh?” her mother instantly replied with a raised eyebrow.

“I can explain … really I can.”

When Karen was unable to offer more her mother took a step closer to the bed.

“Forgotten already have we? No quick answers for this one?”

Karen’s jaw moved without words. She was unused to dealing with such direct question from her mother.

“Do we need something to refresh our little memories?”

With frightening speed her mother leapt. Karen had never seen her move so fast. She knew her to be somewhat athletic but it was shocking to see her move with such agility. One second she was still standing near the door and the next she was on the bed. Not just on the bed but on top of Karen, entangling her in strong limbs! Karen screamed as her head was yanked backward, her mother tugging cruelly on her hair. Her eyes squinted shut preparing for the blow to come … but something much worse than an open hand struck her face.

Hot, moist flesh pressed against her mouth and nose and a heavy smell invaded her nostrils. Karen’s eyes popped open in sudden recognition and ultimate horror. She peered over a set of toes gripping the bridge of her nose. Her mother was contorted and bent nearly in half, her leering face hovering just inches away from her own toes and Karen’s face. Karen tried to scream but her mother’s foot covered the width of her mouth forbidding sound or breath. Needing to breathe she was forced to take another shuddering sniff of her mother’s stinky foot. Those eyes! Oh Christ, how could I not have recognized the eyes!

It had not been a coincidence with the nail polish. It was not only the same color Karen had at home, but the same nail polish! The stench of the foot was unmistakable … her mother … the leather clad bitch. She was the woman from the throne! Karen tried to scream from behind the smelly foot, tears springing to eyes filled with terrible understanding. The late night meetings and diners had been a lie. Her mother was a fucking card carrying member of The Rubber Room.

“Is it all coming back to you now, you fucking slut? You’re no daughter of mine. I don’t know who you are but you’re not my fucking daughter anymore … do you hear me?”

“No, mommy,” Karen tried to beg in whimpering murmurs from beneath the stinky foot.

“That’s it, you little bitch. Smell that stinky foot. You don’t like it do you? Not one bit! Keep sniffing. Oh, you have no idea the plans I have in store for you! And don’t bother trying to tell me you didn’t know it was me at The Room. A daughter can tell the difference between her own mother and stranger. I know you and your fucking lies … don’t even try it this time! How long have you been waiting, huh? You liked fucking my ass with that rubber cock, you sick little bitch? Get your perverted little jollies? Turn about’s fair play, yes? Is your little asshole ready?” she punctuated her question with a hard yank of Karen’s hair. Her foot never lost its perch on her nose and Karen continued to sniff its pungent scent against her will.

“You can’t imagine the arsenal of dongs I have in the chest under my bed. Or maybe you can … is that how you found out where I go at night, you fucking nosy sneak? Leaving your shawl at the club was a good touch … kind of like a calling card? Very cute,” a bullet of spit left her lips and tagged Karen on the forehead. The saliva dribbled down her brow and into her eye.

“Who was the stud anyway? One of your fuck buddies? Did you tell him it was your mother he was fingering? Did he even know? I gave him a good jacking didn’t I? Awww, you didn’t like that did you?” she sneered with mock concern, “I got him off more than you ever could,” her hand roughly tore the covers away and her finger jammed into Karen’s asshole.

“I watched you punish the boy. Who do you think you are anyway? You’re no woman … you’re a fucking child! What do you know about true power? You know nothing!” her finger jammed even deeper and another finger was quickly added. The two fingers spread into a V, stretching Karen’s anus.

“You’ll learn though … when I’m done with you you’ll know everything there is to know about power and limits. You think these feet smell bad now? We’ll see how it is after a week without washing … a month! You’re fucking father couldn’t handle me with the volume turned up … we’ll see how long his wimpy, lying daughter can last. Maybe you’ll run away screaming for mercy like he did,” her fingers sprang to instant life, jamming in and out of her asshole with blurring speed. Karen tried to buck but was held tight by her mother, unable to resist.

“Then again … you can’t run very far chained to a wall can you? Maybe I’ll place a little call to your school,” Karen continued to whimper pitifully as her mother mimicked a PTA-Mom voice, “Oh, hello Mr. Principle Sir … This is Debbie Cable … you know … the mother of that lying little bitch-slut, Karen. Yes, well I’m taking Karen out of school for a while. She’ll be home schooled from now on. I’ll be her teacher now. Oh, don’t worry I’ll take goooood care of her!”

Karen whimpered as she took another sniff of her mother’s pungent foot.


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