by Wildrose710

As Julie lay on her bed at 2:00 in the morning, she struggled to remind herself that what just happened was real. Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about it…

Julie walked for 20 minutes until she reached her destination: Laurier PS.. She had forgotten her wallet there and she needed it for the weekend. She was sure that there would be someone in the school considering it was only 4:30 PM.

While knocking on the front door, she caught a glimpse of herself in the glass. Julie put her shoulder length auburn hair behind her ears and admired the rest of her body. She was wearing a halter-top, so her six-pack abs were visible. The shirt also showed off her C40 tits, and since she was only 15, she was quite proud of how big they had gotten. Julie’s short skirt revealed her sleek, shapely legs. She knew very well why all the boys at school wanted her.

Even though Julie had an astonishing body, she was not a bimbo. She kept up her 94% average, and was on the track and swim team which left her with no time for boys. Julie put her ear against the door and listened for footsteps. She couldn’t hear any. It had been 5 minutes and she was just about to give up. Suddenly, she saw a custodian approach. Julie quickly pulled her shirt and skirt down, even thought it was the weekend and almost summer, she didn’t want to look too skanky.

The custodian opened the door with a smile. “Can I help you dear?” The custodian’s face was flushed, her clothes looked like they were just thrown on, and she was breathing heavily. “I am just in the middle of something, is there something you want?”

“Actually, my name is Julie Larson, and I left my wallet in the library while I was helping the librarian with the books today. I need it for tomorrow, is there anyway I can get it?” The custodian looked Julie over, pausing at her large tits. She did not try to hide where her gaze was held.

“Well Julie, there are a few teachers having a meeting in the library, but I will ask them if you could interrupt them for a few moments. Wait here.”

After what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only a few minutes, the custodian returned. “The teachers have said to come in. Go straight to the library Julie.”

Julie walked down the long dark hall. She wondered why there weren’t many lights on if the teachers were having a meeting. As she neared the library, she heard giggling. “This must be an awfully strange meeting.” Julie said to herself. She heard footsteps behind her, and then, total darkness. Someone had blindfolded her!

“Quick now, don’t let her get away! Cuff her arms!” Julie felt someone’s hands pull her wrists behind her back and heard the click of handcuffs. She was led a few feet to her right. She felt herself bump into something and she was pushed down onto a couch. She felt her legs being shackled to something. Everything happened so quickly, Julie never had the time to scream or fight back.

“Is she secure? Okay, you can take off the blindfold.” Julie felt someone’s hands take the blindfold off as she viewed her captors.

“Mrs. McKenzie? Mrs. O’Brien? Ms. Henderson? Mrs. Ruffles? Why are you doing this to me?” Julie searched their eyes for answers, which was hard because the room was almost completely dark.

Mrs. McKenzie stepped forward. “When Gail told us who was at the door, we figured that we could have some fun.” She said motioning toward the custodian. “You are not going to scream are you? That would be a pity since no one can hear you. But if you are, let us know now so we can gag you. Are you going to put up a fuss?”

“No miss, just don’t hurt me.” As Julie’s eyes got accustomed to the darkness, she realized that all her teachers were only wearing their bras and panties. She also didn’t realize what great bodies her teachers had until now. “What are you guys doing here? What are you going to do with me?”

“We are here to get our weekly thrills. When we pictured you naked, we voted that you should join us. For tonight, you can call us by our first names. Mine is Esmé, Mrs. O’Brien’s is Chantal, Ms. Henderson is Christine, Mrs. Ruffles is Wendy, and you already know Gail. Wendy, please turn some of the lights on so Julie can get a look at the library’s Friday night makeover.” Esmé smiled when she saw the look on Julie’s face.

Julie turned white as she noticed spreader bars, and 8-inch dildoes, but she really got scared when she saw chains hanging from the ceiling. “Ah, you have noticed our body chains. There are five sets, one for each of us. We won’t be using them tonight with you here. You see, we have been doing this all year long. We have a sort of sorority, we would let you in automatically because of your great body, but we have to make sure you can handle the club. Mind if we ask you a few questions?” Even though Esmé seemed polite, she had a mischievous gleam in her eye. Julie also noticed that she seemed to be the leader in whatever they were doing here.

“I guess so, whatever you want.” Julie shifted nervously on the couch as five sets of eyes glared at her.

“Great. I’ll do the honor of stripping you, it’s part of the club, and you can’t wear more than a bra and panties. Chantal will ask you some questions. Please be honest, or there will be penance.” Esmé walked towards Julie, produced a small key and unlocked the handcuffs. Julie could not escape; her feet were still shackled.

“Have you ever French kissed anyone before Julie?” This was an unusual question, but Julie didn’t want to make anyone mad.


Esmé was now lifting up Julie’s shirt.

“Have you ever seen anyone naked besides your family members?”

“Yes.” Julie remembered last year when she was dating Tyler. He had a beautiful body.

“Has anyone besides your family members see you naked?”

“Yes”. Esmé had taken off her shirt, and was handcuffing her again, only with her hands behind her head this time. The rest of them just stood and watched.

“Have you ever given or received oral sex?”

“Yes, given.” Tyler’s cock had been about 7 inches.

“Are you a virgin?” Julie was getting mad, it was none of their business.

“Why should I tell you? You have no right to know!” Esmé slapped her face. “You must never raise your voice to your superiors! I will have no more of that. There will be no need for any more questions. We will find out if you are a virgin soon enough.” Esmé had unshackled Julie’s feet.

“Stand up so I can take your skirt off. Look how slutty you are dressed. You will be punished for that later.” When Julie’s skirt was pulled down, Wendy gasped. “A thong. I think that our little goody two shoes Julie has some secrets. Let’s just see what she has underneath shall we?” As Esmé started to pull her panties down, Julie tried to break free. She got as far as to the door where Gail grabbed her.

“What do you think you are doing? I think that you need to be reminded who is in charge here. What do you think ladies? Christine, please go with Wendy to the supply cabinet and bring me out the cane, and also pick up my hairbrush on the way. No hanky panky back there either or you will both be in trouble!” Esmé walked over to Julie and pulled her panties down. “Well, it seems as if we have another little surprise. Chantal please come here and tell me if it’s just my eyes or is Julie’s pussy bare as the day she was born! While your there, tell me if she is turned on as well.”

Chantal felt Julie’s shaved pussy and poked a finger into her slit. “She is shaved and wet. She is also very tight.”

“What are you going to do to me? Why are you touching me down there?” Julie’s voice started to tremble.

“In a little while, you will be begging for me to touch you. Now, you have to pay for your disobedience. Here are the ground rules: You are to say “thank you mistress” after every stroke, each time that you do not, you are telling me that you want me to give you 5 strokes more added to you original total. You are not to make a sound except for expressing your gratitude, for every sound that comes from you, 3 strokes will be added. And finally, if you move from your original position, 2 strokes will be added. Since Wendy is a math teacher, she will add up you total if you disobey any of the rules. At the end of your original total, you will be given the added strokes. Do you understand Julie?” Esmé looked at her.

“I understand.” Christine and Wendy came back just in time to hear Esmé’s speech. They were smiling, as were Chantal and Gail.

“Follow me Julie.” They walked over to the end of the couch. Esmé pushed Julie over it so her ass was at the perfect height. “I am telling you now that your added strokes will be with the cane. It’s just an added incentive for you to follow the rules.” She rubbed Julie’s ass with her hands. “You have a beautiful ass. I am going to love punishing it.”

Christine handed Esmé the hairbrush, and Wendy got ready to count. “You are going to get 10 strokes with the brush. Are you ready Julie?” She nodded her head yes.

WHACK! Then a pause. Julie didn’t realize she had been hit until her ass felt like it was on fire. “AAAA!” WHACK! Another pause. “NO! AHHH!” Julie tried to move her hands to cover her ass from the hairbrush.

“I guess you want to get hit with the cane. I will surely love hitting you Julie.” Julie had forgotten the rules.

WHACK! “Uh, thank you mistress!” WHACK! “Thank you mistress!” WHACK!! They were coming harder now. It was getting difficult for Julie not to scream. “Thank you mistress!” WHACK!!! “Thank you mistress!” WHACK!!! “Thank you mistress!” The strokes were getting harder as they came. WHACK!!! “Thank you mistress!” WHACK!!! “Thank you mistress!” WHACK!!!!!! Julie couldn’t help but scream and move her body around. “AHHHH!”

“Well Julie, you were doing pretty good for a while, but now it’s time to add up the broken rules. Wendy? How did she do?” Julie felt Esmé’s cool, soft hands massage her flaming hot ass.

“She didn’t say thank you twice, she screamed three times, and moved twice, so the total is 24.” Wendy finished rattling off the score with a smile. She was obviously enjoying watching Julie get her punishment because her panties were soaked. All of the other ladies were now stark naked and were masturbating their shaved cunts. Now that she had finished her job, Wendy got naked too.

“Did I tell you guys that you could touch yourself? That’s what I thought.. You may not masturbate while I give Julie the cane as her punishment. Your fun will come soon enough. Well Julie, are you ready for the cane?” Esmé held up a long, thin wooden pole. Julie had no escape; she would have to accept her punishment.

“I guess. Do I have to say thank you each time?”

“Not this time, because I know that you want this since you asked for it. But, you do have to stay where you are and not scream or I will start all over again. You get 24 strokes plus one for good measure. We shall begin.”

CRACK! The cane made a white line in Julie’s already red ass. CRACK! CRACK! Julie’s ass was on fire! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Esmé was obviously practiced because she managed to land the cane in the exact same spot on her ass cheeks each time. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Julie was now crying silently. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Julie was going to have bruises and a very sore ass for a long time. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! “Well Julie, you have been given 24 strokes. This last one will be the hardest. Do not cry out or you will receive 3 more immediately.”

Esmé grasped the cane with both hands and raised it above her shoulder. She brought it down hard. CCRRAACCKK!!!!!!! The sound echoed throughout the halls. “AAAAHHHHH!” CCRRAACCKK!!!!!! CCRRAACCKK!!!!!! CCRRAACCKK!!!!!!

“I warned you Julie, I guess you need some more training.” Julie had almost fainted from the pain.

“Maybe you were a little hard on her Esmé.” Chantal said quietly.

“Well, if that’s what you think, then we’ll just see how she reacts to some treatment. Let’s start by freeing those lovely tits of hers. Since she came into my class this year, I always wondered what they look like.” Esmé took off Julie’s handcuffs and unhooked her bra. Her tits came tumbling out of their cups. She bent down and licked one of her nipples, then the other one. They hardened instantly. “I wonder if she is still turned on.” Esmé felt Julie’s pussy with her hand. It came back glistening. “Well, I guess she likes girls.”

“Hell no! I don’t like girls that way; I’m not a lesbian!” Julie was furious.

“Hey, we’re not lesbians either. We have husbands and boyfriends, but we can please each other better than any man can. We are inviting you to experience what we can do for you.” Christine sounded very sincere.

“Well I don’t care. You will never be able to pleasure me.” Julie sounded defiant.

“Let’s just see about that. Chantal, Wendy, Gail, take Julie over to the table. Strap her in so her cunt and ass are exposed. That looks good.” Julie felt the cool air flowing by her cunt; it made her even more wet. Esmé walked over to Julie’s head. “So, you’ve sucked but never been licked, is that what you said Julie? Did your boyfriend not like you? Maybe he just wanted his cock tended to. Maybe he used you. Is that why you don’t have a boyfriend now Julie?” Silence filled the room.

“Fine, don’t answer me, but you’ll be screaming for release when I get done with you. Remember this one rule: you may not cum until I tell you to. Let’s begin.”

Wendy and Christine both took a nipple. They sucked and they became hard again. Julie’s body was betraying her. Chantal began to French kiss Julie.. Julie bit her tongue. SLAP! Chantal continued kissing. Julie even kissed back.

Gail started in for Julie’s cunt. “No, leave it to me, you take her ass.” They all lifted Julie’s body so Gail could lie under her to get better access to her asshole. Now, everyone in the room was naked and performing sexual acts. Everyone that is besides Esmé. She made sure Julie was looking as she began to undress. She took off her bra and revealed her beautiful tits. Next she removed her panties. Esmé shoved Chantal out of the way and got on top of Julie’s chest.

“Look at my beautiful cunt Julie. Isn’t it nice?” Julie nodded honestly, it was beautiful. It looked and smelled delicious. “Go on, taste it.” Julie stuck out her tongue and started licking at Esmé’s cunt. “Oh, you are a good pussy licker! Ooh, suck my clit, oh yea! Taste my juices!”

Esmé got off of Julie. She wanted it to Julie’s own choice to suck her off. She knew Julie would after she was done with her. Esmé moved down to Julie’s cunt. Chantal began kissing Julie again. Gail was tonguing her asshole like crazy. Julie started to moan. It wouldn’t take long for Julie to cum if they kept this up. “STOP! I want all of you ladies to go to the couch and do each other. I want to finish her off by myself.” The others left and went to the couch. They wasted no time in starting on each other… Julie was looking distressed.

“What’s wrong Julie? Didn’t you want them to stop? I thought you weren’t into girls?”

“No, I lied, please. Finish me off. I want you; I want your body. Please make me cum.” Julie was very serious.

“I will continue but you are not to cum until I tell you. If you cum without permission, you will have to leave. Is that clear?”

“Yes, very clear.” Now that Julie knew what they could do to her, she never wanted to leave.

“Okay, I will start. Remember what I said.” Esmé smiled to herself… She had her in the palm of her hand.

Esmé couldn’t wait to taste this young girl’s cunt. It looked tasty. She stuck out her tongue and licked the outside of her cunt. She started moving inwards toward her slit. She pushed her tongue in her slit and heard Julie gasp. Esmé tasted the inside of Julie’s tight cunt; she wanted to make her cum. She moved her tongue up to her clit, careful not to touch it. She circled her tongue around it, once, twice, three times. Julie tried to move her hips forward, but her straps wouldn’t allow it.

Esmé looked up at Julie. “Calm down, it will come soon enough.” Esmé looked at Julie’s clit with a passion. She wanted to taste it badly. She sucked it into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue. She heard Julie scream that she was going to cum soon. She would make her wait.

Esmé walked to Julie’s mouth, twisting her nipples on the way. Julie squealed in delight. Esmé kissed her passionately. She sucked her tongue into her mouth. She stopped and looked at Julie. “As soon as I suck your clit again, I want you to come. It that clear?” Julie nodded her head.

Esmé went back to Julie’s cunt. Julie had her eyes closed in anticipation. Esmé decided to tease her. She tongued at her slit for a minute. She looked up at Julie. Her eyes were pleading. “Beg!”

“Please Esmé! Make me cum! I need it so badly!”

Esmé looked at Julie’s cunt and with one quick motion sucked her clit in her mouth. Julie started bucking her hips against the straps. She screamed loud. Esmé started to roll her tongue around her clit. Julie started to cum again. She didn’t let go of it until she had finished cumming. Esmé undid all of Julie’s straps.

Julie sat up and started French kissing Esmé. They fell to the floor in a jumbled heap. Julie got into the 69 position and started lapping at Esmé’s cunt. Esmé started cumming immediately. When she finished, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

At 1 AM, Esmé woke Julie up, gave her her wallet and French kissed her good bye. She also told her to come back next week; they were going to deflower Julie. Julie readily agreed to this.

… after going through the day’s events, Julie is already growing excited about what next Friday holds…


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