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Mom,my sister, Aunt Jill,Kate, and I were off to a distant cousins wedding. It was a two hour ride so we were taking Aunt Jills mini van for the trip.

It was really nice to see everyone dressed up in their finest. Mom wore a dark blue dress that came down just below her knees with white nylons and dark blue open toe heels. Ann had on a frilly pink dress with black nylons and pumps. Aunt Jill wore a tight fitting balck and pink dress that came down only mid thigh.And Kate wore a tan and black dress with tan nylons and black high heeled sandals. Oh am me,I wore a pair of light colored dockers,white dress shirt and a dark blue sports jacket.

On the drive out mom and Aunt Jill were in the front and the three of us kids sat in the back seat with me in the middle. The ride was filled with excitment with everyone talking about this and that which was mostly girl talk. I sat there and listened to most of it but seeing Kate and Anns legs in nylons took most of my attention. I had a semi hard cock most of the ride and every chance I got I would cop a feel of their nylon covered legs which didn’t help the situation.

We finally got there for the wedding ceremony, it was short and sweet and we all headed off to the reception. The formalities of it went by pretty fast and then the party started. Both families seemed to be the partying kind as the music and the dancing started. When it came time for the garter on the bride I won out. When I sat back down at the table with the garter Ann asked what I planned to do with that? I told her I wasn’t sure just yet as I held it up a little to show it off. Ann reached out and tryed to snatch it out of my hand and it flew out of my hand landing under the table. I dove down to get it and as I crawled under the table I got a view of a life time. Four pairs of female legs covered in nylons was all I noticed. I took my time as i retreived the gater and even gave Anns legs a little grope while I was under there.

The girls all danced away until the meal was sereved. We all ate and then the dancing continued. This time as they danced they all kicked off their shoes to dance complaining they were killing their feet. My cock was beginning to stir by this point watching all the females that had the same idea. There were so many females dancing in stocking covered feet and no shoes. For me the site was intoxicating.

Mom was the first to take a break from dancing,she came back to the table and downed the rest of her drink as she watched all the fun on the dance floor. She asked me if I would go get her another drink and when I reached to get her empty glass I knocked a spoon to the floor. when i bent down to grab it off the floor moms legs were crossed and her white nylon clad foot was two inches from my face. I had to reach out and feel her foot, it looked so inviting. As I did she flexed her foot and when I sat back up she smiled at me giving me a wink. I went and got her another gin and tonic and brought it back to her.

The band was now playing a slow song. Mom asked me to dance as the other gals returned to the table. I hesitated for a moment and mom pulled me up. My cock was pretty hard from the cheap feel of her sexy foot and I was hopeing no one seen it. Thank god as I stood up my sports jacket had it covered. As we danced mom pulled me in very close,I could feel her thigh press against my hardon as we twirled around.While the song was ending mom asked if I liked how her blue toes looked in her white nylons,I nodded yes as she said she thought it was a nice touch.

The song ended and I returned to the table,mom stayed out and danced with Aunt Jill while Kate and Ann sat this one out. Watching everyone dance and being horny I got the idea to knock off the spoon again. This time when I went down Ann has her legs crossed and her foot was sticking out toward me. She jumped a bit as I grabbed her foot and stuck it in my mouth giving it a quick suck.Man was I horny.As I sat up she hit my arm and called me a pervert.

The girls then got up and joined mom and Aunt Jill on the dance floor. A little while later they all returned to take a break. Mom twisted her chair around and placed her feet in my lap as she leaned back in the chair exhausted from dancing. Out of habit I started to massage her feet paying special attention to her sexy blue toes. This just made my cock harder than ever and as I rubbed her feet I descretly worked them against my throbbing cock. Looking me directly in the eye she silently said “Careful”.

A few minutes later the four of them got back up and danced some more. When the next slow song came up they all returned to the table and Kate askedme to dance I tryed to decline but was forced up by the other three. My cock was still hard as a rock as Kate pulled my in. She instantly noticed it as she leaned into me and asked what had me all worked up. I just told her that seeing all these nylon feet hed me excited. She chuckled and we finished dancing. Kate didn’t join the others when the next song played,she stayed at the table with me and started talking about the wedding. It wasn’t long into the conversation when I felt her foot reaching out and rubbing up my leg. Not quite reaching where she wanted she scooched down in her chair a little until her foot rested on my cock. She fondled and teased my cock until the others returned from dancing.

Thank god things were winding down at it was time to leave, my cock was aching to explode. I knew I still had the ride home to deal with but at least then I could take care of business. We said our goodbyes and all pilled in the van this time Kate jumped into the far back so that she could lay out and it would give Ann and I more room in the back seat.

The first 20 minutes of the ride was filled with conversation about the wedding then everyone seemed to quiet down. Kate had fallen asleep in the back,mom wasn’t far off that in front and Ann had turned to lay out in the backseat with me resting her feet in my lap. Me being the good brother slid off her pumps and started rubbing her feet as she tryed to fall asleep. It was dark so I took a chance and slowly undid my pants to get my cock out and work her nylon feet on my cock. I pulled it out and placed her feet around my cock and slowly manuvered them on my cock. Whenever we came into a town the street lights gave me glimpses of Anns bright red toes encased in the reinforced toe nylons glistening with my precum. Knowing we still had anothe hour to ride I took my time enjoying the moment.

Deep in the moment a hand reached over the back of the seat,in it was a pair of nylons. I glanced to the front seat to see Aunt Jill was in a zone driving and then grabb the nylons from Kates hand. She must have been peeking over the seat I figured. I took one of the nylons and put it over my cock and the other I lifted to my nose and smelled the foot of it. The smell was incredible. Inhaling the sweet perfumey smell of the nylon Anns feet took over the manipulation of my cock. I was no longer in control of what was about to happen.

With a muffled grunt I shot an enormous load of cum soaking through Kates nylon. I then slid the nylon off my cock and used them both to wipe up the mess left over. When I had finished I did up my pants and was about to put the nylons in my jacket pocket when Kates hand tapped my shoulder and then opened flat as to ask for her nylons back. I descretly handed them to her and contently relaxed until we got home 20 minutes later.

We pulled into our drive and we climbed out of the van. Kate hopped out from the far back and slowly climbed into the front seat with her mom. As she did this I noticed she was wearing her nylons again. It was easy to see the cum on them as it glistened from the interior light of the van as she purposely stretched her legs getting in. She gave me a smile and closed the door. Walking into the house I thought, what a great time it is being the only guy around these women.


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