All throughout my childhood, I had known my love for women’s feet. And though nobody had ever mentioned it to me before, I knew exactly how strange my fetish was, even when I was a toddler. Of course, I had thought that masturbating was out of the ordinary too, but didn’t we all at one point in our lives? Anyway, I won’t get into that. I remember drooling as a little kid whenever I saw some beautiful 20- or 30-year-old sitting at a bench in the park, flexing her tired feet. I would never dare go too close to any of these women, and I absolutely dreaded that maybe someone would find out about my passion and ruin my whole life. What if a stranger notices me gazing at her feet and confronts me about it? What if my friends realize? What would my parents think?

Chapter 1

All of my fears kept my mouth shut about my fetish for a long time. Fifteen years, to be exact. I had just entered high school as a first-year, and was nervous as the rest of my grade was. We were going into the biggest, most crowded high school in the whole state, and had no preparation. Just trying to find a class would make us late. We sat through the day staring at the clock, praying for it to move faster so we could get home. Each period was 90 minutes long, and my story starts last period, on day one of my high school career.

I walked into the classroom with my head down, depressed that school was back, and wasn’t going away for a whole other year of work. So, I walked in the door with my head looking down to the shiny tiled floor, and to my surprise, two absolutely gorgeous feet in red open-toed high heels came straight into view. The toes were perfectly shaped, and were painted the same fiery red as the shoes. The high insteps of these spectacular feet were tanned the most dazzling shade, and down beyond them were two extraordinary arches. They seemed like some two mysterious caverns as they sunk into those red shoes. I could have easily right then got down on the floor and started to kiss every inch of skin on this woman’s tasty feet, whoever she was. And then I heard her voice.
“Oh no no no! This will just not do… A boy with his nose pointed to the ground? Now, honey, I’m not too sure how your first day of high school has been going for you so far, but I promise you won’t hate this class. So please, would you be a dear and raise your eyes to meet your new English teacher? Or would you rather stare at my feet all day?”

That last question did it for me. See, I never did get over my paranoia of being caught guilty with foot fetishism, so I had to respond to that, even though in retrospect I know she was just kidding around. Now that I think about it, I did stare at her feet for at least ten seconds, which is a pretty long time for staring at someone, let alone someone’s feet.

I looked up to see a beautiful 30-something-year-old smiling back at me. And when I say beautiful, I don’t mean hot, I mean beautiful! She had slightly wavy hair, which looked like it could have been cut by a highly paid professional. Her eyes were so dazzling that if you looked at them long enough, you could see right through into her angelic soul. So here I was, staring again at this incredible woman, gaping at her with a pool full of fresh saliva sitting in my mouth.

She giggled when she saw this and said, “Pleased to meet you too, my name is Mrs. Jocalynn, but I always tell my students to call me Mrs. J for short. And you are…?”
I tried not to, but I couldn’t help it. I stuttered, “M-m-my n-name is ugh, D-Daniel Stroxenb-burg, Ma’am…”
“‘Ma’am’? Enough with such strict formalities, hun. In fact, may I call you Danny? It just sounds so much more fun than Daniel…”
I usually hate it when people call me Danny. But for some reason, without even thinking about it, I responded, “Call me anything you like, Ma- I mean Mrs. J!”
“Ah, you seem to be catching onto my informal rule. Good job, Danny!” She giggled again when she said that last part.
Mrs. J then looked down at a clipboard she was carrying in her hands, so I turned my attention from her and had a look around the classroom. Just then the bell rang, and surprisingly we were the only two in there.
“Mrs. J, this is going to sound really stupid, but am I the only student who’s taking English class?”
She looked up at me with a smirk on her face and said, “No, Danny, I’m afraid not. I’m sure everyone else is still trying to find the class. They’ll be here in five minutes, I assure you. Ooh! Speaking of which, I need to be ready to take attendance when everybody else does get here. Dang, where did I put my pen?!”
“Mrs. J, you could use my pen…”
“Oh, that’s very kind of you, Danny. But what will you use to write with?”
“Well, I figure since it’s the first day of school, I probably won’t do much writing. I haven’t written a thing all day.”
“Oh, you’re right. This is very sweet of you, Thank you.”
“What? It’s really no problem. Think of it as a gift from me to you to celebrate the first day of school.” I was on a roll.
“Hehe, okay Danny. Thank you for this expensively lavish gift, then.”
“You are very much welcome, Mrs. J. Just be careful with it. You know how much pens can cost these days.”

And we laughed. And then about thirty teenagers crawled into the room, all exhausted from running, exactly five minutes late. Right on time.

Chapter 2

For the whole first half of the school year, I had probably been Mrs. J’s favorite student. She was the type of teacher that you could joke with about anything. And she made the class so much more enjoyable than any other. Of course, how could I forget her feet? Mrs. J had the best taste in shoes I have ever seen. Whether she was wearing a pair of stilettos, boots, sandals, etc. they always looks so savory on her. In class, I would only look at her feet for milliseconds at a time. Anymore, and I was nervous that she would notice and realize why I was looking down there. Ever since that first day, I would have dreams of worshipping Mrs. J’s feet, which is something I thought could never be a reality. I thought so, until I caught the flu and was out of school for all of Mrs. J’s mid-term.

Let me explain. Toward the middle of the school year, Mrs. J told the whole class that the mid-term would be in a week. So, she gave us each a study guide, and I worked my ass off the whole week prior to the exam studying for it. I was so ready to take the test on Monday of the next week, and then I woke up with a 102 degree fever. I begged my parents to let me go to school, but they forced me to stay home. So, I ended up missing 3 days: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Mrs. J’s mid-term was, of course, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. But, I felt much better on Thursday, so my parents let me go to school.

I walked into Mrs. J’s classroom first, as usual. She didn’t even have to look up from the newspaper she was reading to know it was me who walked in the door. Nobody else would come so early.

Mrs. J said sarcastically, “Skipping my class now, are we Danny? You don’t want me to have to punish you by making you stay after school today, tomorrow, and Monday to make up that test you missed, do you?” She looked up from the newspaper and smiled at me.
I replied, “Yes, Mrs. J. I’m free to stay after. I’m kinda mad I missed all three days, to be honest. I really was sick, you know.”
“I already got a note from your doctor, Danny. Welcome back, hun!”
I said, “Thanks, Mrs. J” and sat down at my regular seat touching the wall and right in front of her desk.
I looked down at her shoes. “Black stiletto heels with stockings,” I thought to myself, “It’s gonna be hard to take this test today.”

After class, I stayed seated and waited for everyone else to leave. A minute later, and it was just Mrs. J and me in the classroom. Somewhere down the hall, the chess club was having a pizza party, and was distracting, so I asked Mrs. J to close the door. She did, and then when she got back to me, she handed me a thick load of paper which had to have at least four hundred questions on it.
Mrs. J responded to my shocked look, “Don’t look at me like that, dear. Of course I don’t expect you to finish all of it today. That’s why you’ll be here tomorrow and Monday as well.”
“Oh, thank goodness!” I said, the color coming back to my face.
Mrs. J giggled at that and said, “I’ll be right here grading papers, so if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. I’m hoping you studied…”
“You have no idea,” I replied, and got to work.
About half an hour into the test, I was stuck on a hard question, and looked away from the test for just a moment. I shouldn’t have done that, because my eyes landed directly on Mrs. J’s dangling right shoe crossed over her left.
“No, don’t get distracted! You need to pass this test! Don’t disappoint Mrs. J.” I kept thinking to myself. It helped a bit because I had been able to get through 10 or so more questions… And then I heard something hit the floor by me.
Before I had time to see what it was, I heard Mrs. J say, “Oh shoot! Danny, could you be a dear and bring me my shoe? I kicked it off by accident. Sorry, this happens every day. I’m so clumsy!”
“Oh, ugh, sure Mrs. J!” I was nervous. I didn’t know what to do. Was I going to just ruin this opportunity and simply hand Mrs. J her shoe? No, I had to try my luck.
I got up and out of my seat, and picked up her stiletto. My gosh, it was light! That just made me all the more careful when I carried it over to her desk. Still, I was trying to think fast of how I could use this to my advantage. And then, it hit me. Mrs. J held out a hand to accept the shoe, but I dodged her and knelt under her desk.
I heard her asking, “Danny, what are you doing? Oh no, you don’t have to put my shoe on! I can do it myself. Danny, I’m sorry if that’s wha-”
I cut her off by saying, “Mrs. J, I understand that. But please, it’s the least I can do for you after you’ve taken time out of your day to stay after with me.” I could hear her trying to hold in a giggle. “Okay, Danny. I guess you’re right. Just don’t tickle me!”

I placed Mrs. J’s stiletto on the floor, and took her stockinged, right foot in both hands. God, it was beautiful. As she wiggled her toes, the nails sparkled through her stockings. They looked like they were painted purple. I bowed my head down and touched my lips to her sole. I knew if I had actually kissed her foot, she would have known, so I just left my lips nuzzled there against the underside of this gorgeous woman’s foot for a moment. “Heaven couldn’t be much better than this,” I thought. I inhaled slowly, and a sweet scent filled my lungs. Not strong like most women’s feet. Mrs. J stretched her toes again, and they tapped against my forehead. I remember thinking, “I could kneel here all day, pressed against Mrs. J’s foot.” But I knew that if I had stayed in that position much longer, Mrs. J would have realized that something was going on. I also had to get back to my test. So I carefully placed her foot inside her shining high heel shoe, and got out from underneath her.

After I had returned to my seat, Mrs. J asked, “What happened to you down there? Almost pass out from the smell?”
“What do you mean?” I asked politely. I thought that maybe she could feel me sniffing her foot.
“You just sort of held my smelly foot for more than a minute before putting my shoe on, hun. What happened, did you faint?” She giggled.
“Oh, that…” I had no idea I had been living off of her foot aroma for a whole minute! “Don’t worry, Mrs. J. Your feet weren’t too smelly.”
“Whatever you say… Oh, and thank you for that. You’re such a sweetheart, you know.”
“My pleasure, Mrs. J… Anytime, really!” I might’ve said that last part a bit too enthusiastically, but Mrs. J didn’t seem to mind.
“How about tomorrow, then?” She chuckled in between words. “As I mentioned before, this happens every day.”
“Okay then, Mrs. J. It’s a date!” I said jokingly, while wishing I wasn’t.

After that, I could barely concentrate at all on my test. I kept thinking about Mrs. J’s feet: The silky-smooth feeling of her stocking against my lips, the magnificent scent of her sole, her purple toenails shimmering in the shadow under her desk. I caught myself staring at her dangling heel, praying for it to drop to the floor again so I could have another go. This unfortunately never happened. All that did happen was me only answering about a hundred multiple-choice questions in the two-hour time period I had. When the late buses came to pick up all the kids who stayed after school, I sat in my seat for a few minutes. The truth is, I was trying to get my hard to calm down so that when I stood up to leave, I wouldn’t have something bulging out the front of my pants. Mrs. J walked over to my desk, now barefoot (God, help me) and took my test papers from me.
“Don’t forget to come to school tomorrow, hun.” She winked at me, and accidently knocked my pencil off of my desk. It fell onto the floor, right by her feet.
“Ooh! I’m sorry, Danny! I’ll get that for you.”
I got out of my seat before she even finished her sentence. “Don’t move a finger, Mrs. J. I can get it.”
When I was bending my knees to pick up my pencil, Mrs. J must’ve not been looking at said, “The least I can do is kick it over to you, dear.” She did kick it, and ended up kicking me right in the chin as well. It didn’t hurt; on the contrary I enjoyed having her foot touch my face again. It was just such a surprise, so my expression probably told Mrs. J that I was hurt. She said, “Ah, I’m so clumsy today! Danny, are you alright?”

I looked up at Mrs. J. She was smiling this sweet, sweet smile. All I could spit out was, “Nothatsfine!” My heart was beating a thousand times a minute, and to make matters worse, my dick was about to burst from all this swelling. I needed to get out of there, yet I couldn’t move incase Mrs. J saw my pants.
She changed her countenance to one of confusion as she said, “Well that’s good. But Danny, you know you’ll miss your bus if you don’t hurry along. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m kicking you out, and I’m not. It would be very sweet of you if you stayed here to keep me company, but I think you’d rather go home and get some sleep for tomorrow… Danny?”
I was still in a sort of daze, but managed to get out of it and said, “Yeah, yeah you’re right Mrs. J. Thank you very much for this. I’ll go catch that bus then.” With my hard still pulsing, I grabbed my pencil, stood up, and hunched my back over and out the door. I caught the bus as the doors were about to close. Just in time.

Chapter 3

That night, I slept like a baby. I think too much had happened in such a short time period the day before, so all I could do was collapse. I’d left my pencil on my dresser, and when I woke up the next day, I tried smelling it to see if any of that savory scent had been rubbed off onto it. Unfortunately, it just smelled like a pencil. That kind of disappointed me, since I figured any more chances of me being in contact with Mrs. J’s feet were pretty slim. Thinking of that made me a little depressed, so I went to go take a shower and went to school.

All throughout the school day, I kept thinking to myself, “How stupid could you be? Actually offering to put her shoe on for her?! She must think you’re some kind of freak! And what was up with that complete blackout you had going on right before you slouched your way out of there? What kind of a jerky creep are you?!” I just kept repeating these thoughts in my head the whole day long. So much so, that when I finally got to the last period of the day, I was a total wreck. I ran into Mrs. J’s class.
Still panting, I told her, “Mrs. J! I just, wanted, to tell you, how sorry I am, for the way, I acted, yesterday!”
She immediately responded, “What, dear? What are you talking about?”
Having calmed down, I said, “The way I ran out on you yesterday, along with other things… I didn’t even give you a formal goodbye.”
“Have we forgotten my rule about formalities, Danny? Besides, you were acting completely normal yesterday. Don’t worry about it. You were just being yourself.” Indeed I was.
“But I-I-I-”
She cut me off. “Oh, sweetheart, will you listen to yourself? You’re a complete mess. Just calm down. If you keep this up, you’ll never be able to concentrate on your mid-term after school today.” And Mrs. J winked at me. She always knows how to get me to blush.
My face still a light shade of red, I took her advice. “Alright, Mrs. J. You’re right.”
“I know I am, honey. You just have to learn to trust me.” She crossed her legs and smiled, and I blushed again.

I was able to make it through the whole class period without beating myself up about everything that had happened. Instead, I kept all of my attention on Mrs. J, and once in a while I could catch a quick glimpse of her precious feet. No stockings this time. She was wearing a pair of purple, strappy, satin high heels. They matched her toes perfectly. Mrs. J told the class that her back was aching for some reason that day, and it hurt to stand. What ended up happening was she taught the whole period sitting at her desk, with one leg crossed over the other, dangling her heel. I was watching it sway back and forth, wondering when it would fall off, if ever.

Toward the end of the class period, Mrs. J gave us a worksheet to do, which I finished in no time. We still had about 15 minutes before the bell would ring though, so I spent the rest of the class period watching Mrs. J play with her shoe. Five minutes later, and it hit the floor. This time, close enough for Mrs. J to simply reach using her leg. Nobody else in the classroom seemed to notice, but I certainly did. I looked up at her, and to no surprise at all, she was looking right back at me. She had this slight grin on her face, and gave me this nod that said, “Wanna help me put that back on, hun?” I simply blushed, and went on to act as if I was still working on the worksheet. The last ten minutes of class went by slow as a snail.

But, when the bell finally did ring, I was left alone again with Mrs. J. I looked to her for instructions, and she leaned back and forth in her chair. She looked a little in pain, and said, “Now honey, my shoulders and back are really aching and cause me pain whenever I get up to move. So, I would like you to walk over here and get your test off of my desk. Could you please do that dear, for me?”
“Does your back really hurt that badly?”
“Are you talking back to me, Daniel?!” Mrs. J said playfully.
“Hey, what happened to the formalities rule?”
“You are talking back to me! How dare you? Now come over here and get your test.”
I laughed, and said, “I’m sorry for disrespecting your authority, Mrs. J.”
Mrs. J laughed her normal giggle and said, “Apology accepted. Just don’t do it again!” She started tapping her foot impatiently to get me going.

So I walked over to her desk and looked at my test that I was supposed to take. Instead of grabbing it and walking back to my seat, I told Mrs. J, “The real reason why I was asking was because I was going to offer to give you a massage, but since you clearly don’t want it, I’ll just take my test then…” She stopped me in my tracks.
“Is that a serious offer, Danny?”
“Well, if you’d like that, then I could spare some time before working on the test. I’ll come in on Tuesday if I have to.”
“Oh yes! Of course, that would be wonderful dear! I just didn’t expect a student to be so kind. I mean, oh I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t mean it like that.”
“No, it’s okay, Mrs. J. Really, I understand what you mean.”
“But that came out completely wrong. I mean, if any student would do this for me, I knew it would be you. That’s what I meant, Danny.”
“Mrs. J, are you listening to yourself? You’re a mess. Calm down.” By this time, I was already massaging her shoulders.
“Oh, you’re right. You’re…you’re… this feels so good. Danny, would you mind if I backed my chair up a little bit so I could rest my feet on my desk? It would make me feel so much more comfortable.”
“Anything you want, Mrs. J. While you’re doing that, would you mind if I closed the door? I would feel really embarrassed if anybody walked in on me doing this right now.”
“Oh, of course, dear. I figured you would be embarrassed doing this sort of thing in front of other people. That’s why you didn’t offer to put my shoe back on today when it fell off. Do you remember that?”
“Yeah, I remember…” I was walking back to her now. Her feet were crossed on her desk with her shoes still on. They looked really pretty the way they were crossed. Mrs. J provided me with just enough space to squeeze in so I could continue with the massage. I did so, and she sighed with relief.
“Oh, thank you so much for this, honey. This is just what I’ve been wanting ever since I woke up. You really have made my day. This is the perfect gift!”
“Think nothing of it, Mrs. J.” I noticed her toes trying to stretch in her tight satins. So I added, “But ugh, Mrs. J… You’re shoes look a little tight on your feet there. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you took them off?”
“Well, yes I would. But if I tried to bend my back to take them off, it would cause too much pain. Unless you would li-”
“No problem, Mrs. J! You should’ve asked earlier if they were bothering you so much.” I circled around her desk and started to remove her right shoe. I wasn’t looking at her, but I thought I could hear a tiny chuckle come from Mrs. J. I didn’t mind, though. When I had taken off both of her shoes, she told me to place them on my desk so I could remember to put them back on when I was ready to leave. I was excited for that and carefully put the shoes on my desk.

I then went back to massaging Mrs. J’s back and shoulders. This went on for about half an hour, and then, I had an idea.
So I asked her, “Mrs. J… I don’t really know how to put this, but once I was doing a report in the library and a book I was reading said something really interesting that I think you’d like to hear.”
“Okay, you’ve got me intrigued. Go on, honey.”
“Well, the book said that there is one part of the body that is sort of… special. If you massage this part of the body, the whole rest of the body will feel much better. This can affect your heart, your lungs, even your shoulders and back.”
“I don’t like where this is going, Danny.”
“Oh no! Nothing like that, Mrs. J. I’m sorry! I-I shouldn’t’ve mentioned it at all!”
“It’s okay, Danny. What were you going to say?” She re-crossed her legs and was now rotating her left ankle.
“I was just gonna say that the part of the body that can do these things is the human foot. I was just suggesting that we try that instead as it could possibly make you feel better.” I said it nervously and fast. There was a pause before Mrs. J answered my question.
“Um, Danny… That would be very sweet of you, and I’d love you for it… but wouldn’t you rather be behind me massaging my aching back, than below me, rubbing your hands all over my stinky feet?” If only she knew…
“Oh, well, you’re right Mrs. J. But if it makes you happy, I’ll rub your feet no matter how much they smell. I’ll even kiss them.”
“Alright Danny, your choice. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I can’t tell you how happy I was that my plan had worked. Here I was, about to give this wonderful woman a foot massage. If I died right then, I’d have died the happiest man alive. Mrs. J pointed under her desk, and I got right down. She then took her feet off of it and felt around until she found my lap, which she rested her feet on. “There you are!” She said cheerfully, and I got to work. At first, it was really easy. I worked my magic on her sole and around her heel, and I heard Mrs. J moaning with pleasure from above.

Then, when I was switching feet, I accidentally dropped her right foot on top of the mountain coming from inside my pants. I didn’t know what to do. I just left it there for a few seconds, praying that somehow Mrs. J wouldn’t notice, or would think it was my thumb or something. Then, after some thinking, I pushed my dick down into the side of my leg. Unfortunately, Mrs. J wiggled her right foot around when I did that and ended up sliding it back down onto my bulging penis. That’s when I heard her really start to giggle. It’s almost as if she wanted to laugh really hard and couldn’t hold it in any longer. I felt so ashamed, yet I still wanted so badly to continue massaging Mrs. J’s feet, to please her.

I ended up doing the latter, and about 10 minutes later I heard Mrs. J’s soft voice.
“How are you doing down there, sweetheart?”
“Me? I’m just great. How are you doing?”
“I’m feeling wonderful! And you were right: The pain has gone away in my back. Thank you so much for this, it means a lot. And I know you don’t… enjoy doing this.”
“What? No, of course not! But I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying it.”
“Yes, I really am dear. This, you massaging my feet, makes me feel like a queen, and you’re just my…my…”
“Your servant?”
“Yes, that’s it! Oh, I hope I’m not making you feel awkward, hun.”
“No, you really aren’t. Go on.”
“Alright, well that’s what I feel like. Of course the servants of the queen would do other things for her feet. What did you say you would do to make me happy? Kiss my feet, Danny?”
“Oh, Mrs. J… That was an exaggeration! I couldn’t really.” I could, really. To be honest, I have no idea why I said this.
“Oh… Well of course. I couldn’t imagine any student, including you, kissing my feet and not being completely repulsed by it.” For some reason, when she said this, her foot pressed down a little bit harder on my boner. “My only question is, if you couldn’t really kiss my feet, then how did you manage such a long one yesterday?” So she did know!
“O-ah-I ugh I d-don’t know wha-” I kept babbling on while Mrs. J raised her foot from my leg. She then forced me to stop talking by pressing her toes on my mouth.
“Sweetheart, there’s no need to make up excuses. Don’t worry, your secret is safe. Trust me.”

And I did. I supported her foot in one hand and started laying big ones on each of her toes, while still massaging her other foot with my other hand. As I was doing this, I could hear Mrs. J saying things like, “That’s better… Keep going… Good boy…” About heaven, this is it. After I felt that I had worshipped her scrumptious toes enough, I moved down to kiss the rest of her foot. First, I kissed all over the sole, and then I moved over to her slender arch. As I moved down even further, Mrs. J pushed past my lips and used her heel to grind on my wall of teeth. It hurt, so I had to open them wide and let her heel come in to my mouth. When it got to that point, she left her foot dormant and said, “Honey, I hope I’m not intruding?”
I managed to mumble, “Not at all!”
Mrs. J laughed and said in a sweet voice, “Good boy!”

So I proceeded to lick and suck on her magnificent heel. It tasted a bit stronger than the rest of her foot had smelt. Still, it had a sort of pleasant taste, as if Mrs. J rubbed her foot with soft lotion before leaving her house. Either way, I was insanely happy with what was going on. How did I get here? I was ready to wake up from one of my dreams. Nah, this couldn’t be a dream. It felt too real! It was so strange, yet so perfect all at the same time. Bah, who cares? I was in this position, worshipping Mrs. J’s lovely feet, and we were both enjoying it more than anything else.

She let me stay in that position with her heel for quite some time before saying, “Okay Danny, one last kiss.” I felt sort of saddened that it was over, but I gave Mrs. J a kiss right below her toes before placing it on my lap again, where it slid to my hard spot. Mrs. J giggled, and I was about to get up from under her desk. But before I could, she lifted her other foot and stuck it smack-dab on my lips.
Mrs. J said, “Don’t you want to continue, dear?”
I managed to get out, “You know it!”
She laughed and said, “I thought so. Go on, then.”

Instead of kissing her toes like I did last time, I decided to step it up a notch. I took her big toe and slowly put it in my mouth. Once it was inside, I made sure not to bite or scratch her while I sucked on her toe. I licked all-around, and ate up any dirt that I could get to under her nail. While my tongue was wrapped around her pretty toe, I heard her say, “Oh, this feels incredible! Keep going, honey. Yes, you’re such a good boy.” When I moved onto her smaller toes, Mrs. J’s other foot became stiff. Now it was really starting to make me feel uncomfortable, so I took one hand off of the foot I was worshipping and started giving her a light massage. Thankfully, my handwork made her foot calm down. From her moans, I could tell that Mrs. J was really enjoying this, so I decided to keep going.

I finished up with her delicious toes, and moved onto her sole. I moved my tongue up and down, which made Mrs. J’s toes curl up and she accidently caught some of my hair and yanked at it. This, consequently, made me bite the inside of my cheek, and it took me a lot of willpower not to yell from how much it hurt. I didn’t want to disturb Mrs. J, but I did have to pause the licking session to get over the pain.
She noticed this and asked, “Is something wrong, sweetheart?”
“No no no! Nothing at all, Mrs. J! Sorry for the delay.”
“That’s quite alright, dear.”

She moved the foot around that was planted on my dick, hitting a soft spot. I made a slight yelp and felt like I was about to let off right then and there, but the feeling went away when Mrs. J started to laugh. Even down here where she couldn’t see me, I blushed. Mrs. J moved her foot from my trousers so I stopped massaging. She placed it on my head and started to rub around, making my hair frizz.
“Oh honey, I’m sorry. Forgive me?” She left her foot resting there now, and it was difficult to keep my head up, but I managed for Mrs. J’s sake.
By this point I was licking up and down her curved arch. I decided instead of answering her by stopping to talk, I’d answer in a different way. When she asked the question, I gave her arch long, loud, and wet kisses all over. Mrs. J giggled her usual giggle and said, “I’ll take that as a yes… Okay, you can move on now Danny.”

Then it was on to her divine heel. I let he know by kissing the bottom of it, and she knew to insert it into my already openly awaiting mouth. I went on for about ten minutes of licking and sucking this truly amazing woman’s heel. Halfway through, Mrs. J moved the foot that was using my head as a stool, and rested it on my shoulder instead.
“I’m going to assume you don’t mind?”
I answered her by taking her foot out of my mouth for a split second to give it a loving kiss.
“Oh, you’re too cute!”
When she finally removed her foot from my mouth, Mrs. J offered me the top of it where I started giving soft kisses. I laid big wet ones on each of her wiggling toes, and then ended the session by kissing every inch of her ankle.

I got up from under her desk, and Mrs. J asked, “How was it down there, hun?” For some reason, it could have been out of embarrassment or bewilderment or something else, but I couldn’t speak. All I did was grab Mrs. J’s high heels from my desk and smile at her. She happily said, “Ooh, you remembered! Good boy!” And of course, I blushed. I got down on my knees and put her shoes back on with ever-loving care. When I finished, I gave each of Mrs. J’s feet a long-lasting kiss on the big toe.
I got up and sat back down in my seat, and Mrs. J asked, “What do you think you’re doing, dear?”
“I need to get some of this test done, Mrs. J. Or would you like for me to give you another massage?” I was hoping for the latter; I didn’t want this experience to ever end.
“I understand that, but you have a bus to catch. We’ll discuss the test on Monday.”
I checked the clock. She was right! The late buses were leaving in 15 minutes. I said, “Oh! Thanks for the warning, Mrs. J!”
I hurriedly packed my things and was about to rush out the door when I heard her call, “Sweetheart, don’t you want to give me a little goodbye before you go?” She crossed her right leg over her left and stretched the right foot toward me.
“Oh yes, of course I would! Sorry about that, Mrs. J.” I put my book bag down and rushed over before kneeling at her feet once again. This time, I wasn’t under the table. Mrs. J had me in perfect sight. She lifted my chin with her right foot and held it there for four or five seconds. When she finally let my head drop, I let my lips go right to her toes. I kissed each one passionately, and I was suddenly pushed to the ground. At first I had no idea what had happened, but then Mrs. J placed the bottom of her left shoe on my lips, where I started kissing and licking until I had eaten up all the dirt and could taste no more.
“I can’t tell you how much I love how this looks, darling!”
“I know, I’m liking it too.”

Mrs. J then tapped my cheek with the tip of her shoe, which told me to get back to kneeling position. She then swapped feet and I repeated the process all over again. When I had finished, Mrs. J stood up and gave me her hand. I lifted my head to kiss it, and she said, “Aw, that’s sweet, dear. But I was holding this out to help you get up.” She giggled at me, but I didn’t care. All I wanted to do at that moment was kiss every single inch of her body. Unfortunately, I still had that bus to catch, so I quickly grabbed my bag and looked at Mrs. J.
“Goodbye, my queen.”
“So long, Servant Danny.”
And she winked. Can you guess what I did for the fiftieth time?

Chapter 4

That weekend was the longest weekend of my life. I didn’t eat much, and felt deep pain in my heart when I brushed my teeth. I didn’t want anything washing off Mrs. J’s signature. I felt as if my mouth was her territory, and nothing else’s. I kinda reminded myself of how dogs work with pissing territory. Mrs. J has left Her scent, and if anything else tries to take it, I’m responsible for guarding Her territory.

Thankfully, the weekend finally did end and I was back at school on Monday. I kept trying to guess what Mrs. J would do about the test. Would I have to stay after on Tuesday as well? I wasn’t too excited about this, because I would be completing the test, not submitting to Mrs. J’s lovely feet. When I finally got to Mrs. J’s class, however, I had just walked in the door when she grabbed me by my shirt and tugged me over to her desk.
“You won’t believe the good news I have to tell you!”
I was so confused, it wasn’t even funny. “What do you mean, Mrs. J?”
She stopped me right in front of her desk. “Well, what do you think dear? Isn’t this just great?”
“I don’t understand, Mrs. J. Did you rearrange your things or what? I’m sorry, but I’m completely oblivious to what you’re talking about.”
“Oh, come on! Look down further, hun!”
I looked down and noticed straight away that there was now a wall of steel covering the front and sides of Mrs. J’s desk. “Is that it?”
“What?! Come on, Danny! I thought you could guess what I’m so excited about. Think!”
“Ugh, I don’t know, Mrs. J… You got a new desk?”
“Yes, the whole school was shipped new desks for the teachers over this past weekend. But how can we use this to our advantage? Please think, darling.”
“Well, it seems like it’s a disadvantage to me. Now I have nothing to drool over anymore this period.”
“Oh maybe, but come on, think!”
“I can’t put your shoes on anymore?” It’s a good thing everybody was always late for her class except for me, because I was giving out some very private information.
“Oh, do I have to point out everything for you? Come on, honey.” She grabbed me by the shirt again and pulled me over to the other side of the desk. “Now, there’s only enough room for you if you lay down on your back, but I think you’ll be quite fine with that. Hurry though, we can’t let anybody see you get down there.”
Through my stupidity, I finally understood what she meant by “our advantage”. Mrs. J wanted me to worship her feet the entire period while she taught the class. “Oh, gotcha Mrs. J! But what if someone does see me?”
“Don’t worry about that, dear. Nobody will see you as long as you’re absolutely silent. I’ll make sure of it.”
“I know you will, Mrs. J. I trust you.”
“Aw, so you’re finally learning then, dear? That’s great, but you have to hurry before anybody comes in, or they will see you. Come on, be a good boy for me and lay down.”

Mrs. J winked. I turned red and quickly got under her desk. I found that the most comfortable position was with my head toward the back (or front) of the desk where the metal wall was. I had my stomach and chest in the middle, and my legs went under Mrs. J’s chair. Luckily, her desk was in front of a wall at the side of the classroom, and there were text books surrounding it. The plan was full-proof. Mrs. J is such a genius.

When I was finally settled, she crossed her feet on my chest. I could see that she was wearing the same red, open-toed high heels that she wore on the first day of school. This got me extremely excited, and my pants showed it. I took her right foot in my hands, and without making a sound, licked the bottom of her shoe twice. I was then about to take it off when I heard Mrs. J say, “Not yet, sweetheart. Wait until I say you can start.” She was tapping my forehead with her high heel. “I’ll be right back.” Her foot elegantly rose from my face and I saw her walk away from there in the darkness.

When I started hearing other teenagers come in and take their seats, it made me feel so crazily horny that I was about to do something so daring in a room full of people. It made me feel sort of special that I was Mrs. J’s secret, in a way. After a couple minutes of waiting, I could hear Mrs. J talk to the class.
“Settle down, class. Alright, today you’ll be working on a new project, so I’m passing out the rubric right now. Afterwards, you’ll group up with whoever you want. Only five to a group, though… Okay, that rubric has everything you need to know on it to start the project. But let me explain a few things. First…” As Mrs. J was explaining things to the class, I started to sweat. Just the sound of her voice made me go crazy for her. I couldn’t help myself anymore. Without even unzipping my pants, I started rubbing the outline of my dick with the side of my hand. I can’t tell you how great it felt. But before I had the chance to reach climax, Mrs. J came back to her seat and started feeling around for what should have been my waiting hand. Unfortunately, she found my hand, by it was rubbing furiously about myself, and she couldn’t help but giggle when she realized what was going on. I stopped abruptly when this happened, and was starting to calm down when I heard Mrs. J say, “You may begin, class.” She practically scratched my chest by kicking me with the heel of her shoe which made me understand that she meant “You too!” when she said “class”.

Mrs. J then crossed her feet on my chest and waved her right foot at me, almost touching my lips. I responded by taking it in both hands and, once again, licked the bottom of her high heel passionately. I did this until I dubbed it clean and then took her shoe off to reveal a beautifully tanned foot. The toenails were painted red, just like that first day. Already I was salivating like mad, and had to swallow before taking Mrs. J’s left shoe in my hand to lick clean. She moved her right foot to my crotch, which was still waiting to be finished off. She wiggled her toes around on my pants (on my penis), and I wanted to tell her to keep going. But then I remembered that this was for her and not me, so I started licking dirt and grit off the bottom of her left high heel. This was a bit harder than her right was to get clean, because she always crosses her right leg over her left. Still, I worked on her till my tongue was sore, and I have to say that I think I did a fine job.

With both of Mrs. J’s shoes sparkling clean, I took her left foot in my hands and started to give her a massage. I had been going for a minute or so when I felt an insane amount of pressure on my dick, and I could’ve sworn I was losing circulation. I reacted by sticking all of her toes in my mouth at once, but her foot didn’t ease. I then opened as wide as I could and let her foot slide down into my mouth, further and further, until her toes were touching the back of my tongue. It was then that Mrs. J let some blood flow to my crotch, and I thanked her by continuing to give her heel a relaxing massage, and by using my tongue to try to rub her arch and sole as well. Every once in a while, her toes would flex or stretch in my mouth. I needed so badly to gag, but I didn’t. For Mrs. J, all I did was as she wanted. If I did something wrong, she would let me know. She couldn’t do anything wrong, so I had nothing to worry about.

Our session had gone on like this for a little while before I fully took in the fact that Mrs. J had about three-fourths of her gorgeous foot literally inside my mouth. My tongue and especially my jaw were really starting to ache from all this strain she put on me, but I held my own for her. Also, of course I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world at that moment. Her foot tasted like a rose, and I wanted insanely to jack off. I can’t even tell you how hard it was not to start rubbing my dick like I had before. But, Mrs. J’s foot seemed very comfortable on that spot, and I respected her way too much to even consider doing such a thing. Instead, I just closed my eyes and continued to massage her lovely heel while moving the tip of my tongue around on her sole. And suddenly, I heard a student’s voice from above.
“Mrs. J? Can you help me and my group with the project. We’re kinda confused about this part.”
Mrs. J then rolled her chair in a couple feet, and needed further support from my mouth and crotch. I wasn’t expecting this at first, so I wasn’t prepared for her right foot to slide a centimeter or two more into my mouth. She wiggled her toes and I could almost feel them tickle the back of my throat. I swear to god, I almost threw up. But again, I was thinking much more about the sake of Mrs. J then of myself. I couldn’t let her get caught for this.
I heard her say, “Yeah, sure Matt. I’m always here with a helping hand.”
She pulled her foot out of my mouth and I stopped massaging her heel. I knew what was going on, so I instantly grabbed her shoes and slipped one onto her right foot. She took her left foot off of my groin, so I proceeded with that one, too. Mrs. J then stood up, with her left shoe still on my boner. And let me tell you something: It hurt like hell. I started slamming my fists on the ground. I clenched my teeth until I got a headache. I did anything I could not to holler out in the pain I was enduring. Mrs. J must have not realized at first that she had done this, because she nearly leaped off of me after five or so seconds.

When she had left my vision, I curled up into a ball under her desk and whimpered like a hurt puppy. Lucky for me, everyone was making enough noise with their projects that I was pretty much silent. A minute of pain and I was already starting to feel better. Mrs. J came back and sat in her chair. She didn’t offer me her feet, though. Instead, she tossed a small note to me which landed on my chest. I picked it up, and through the dim light I could make out what it said: “I’m so sorry about that!”

I didn’t want Mrs. J to feel guilty, so I immediately took off her right shoe and pressed her foot down on my groin. I gave each of her toes a gentle massage while she understood the gesture and wiggled around, with me about to explode. I was letting her do this to me for a couple minutes and had forgotten that her left shoe was still on. She let me know a lot less violently then before by lightly stepping on my face and rubbing my cheeks with the tip of her heel. I grabbed onto the tip using my teeth and pulled until it came off. Mrs. J then rested her sole on my forehead and I dropped the shoe to the ground.

With her heel covering my nose and her sole covering my closed eyes, I just laid there in that position for a few moments. All the while she was moving her heel up and down my crotch. It was just enough to make me feel good, but not enough to make me spill my load. I rubbed her soft leg and breathed in her lotioned scent. Paradise. I opened my eyes, and could see every little wrinkle on her skin. With my cornea just a millimeter or two away from her left foot, I didn’t care if Mrs. J decided to push down into my face at that very moment. If I went blind, the last thing I would have seen would be pure beauty.

I stuck out my tongue, hoping to reach the backside of Mrs. J’s foot. At first attempt, I couldn’t do it, but with my second try, I just hardly got a lick in with the tip of my tongue. She must have noticed this, because her foot moved down and her heel plopped into my mouth. As I started worshipping, I thought to myself, “This must be Mrs. J’s favorite part.” But then I remembered that her right foot was still playing away with my dick. “Fair enough. This must be her second favorite.” It really turned me on that I was pleasuring Mrs. J in her two most favorite things that I can give her. It made me feel like I had a purpose and wasn’t just some stupid teenager trying to get through high school. Down here, under Mrs. J’s desk, I was different. I was special.

To my surprise, I heard the bell ring while thinking that. An hour and a half never went by so quickly. Mrs. J took her feet off of my hard and out of my mouth. I took both of her shoes and delicately put them on her incredible feet. She stood up and gave me one final push on my boner. Well, that did it for me. Out I came like a flamethrower. It caught me off guard, and by the time I could think Mrs. J was out of vision. She must’ve been saying goodbye to all of my classmates. I kept under the desk and heard the door close.
Mrs. J said, “You may come out now, dear!”
When I was getting up and out, I felt my pants sticking to me and remembered my “accident”. I tried to cover as much of the stain on my trousers as I could. Mrs. J didn’t seem to notice and said, “I’m so glad I didn’t hurt you too badly.”
“Hurt me? Don’t mention it, my queen. I was afraid I was gonna hurt you by accident when you had practically all of your foot in my mouth. Jesus, that was spectacular!”
Mrs. J laughed. “Aw, thank you my little servant! I had to think of that one on the spot. I knew you’d appreciate it. Oh, Danny! Did I make you do that?” She pointed down at my pants. Damn, my shirt didn’t help.
“Ah, y-yeah. That happened a few minutes ago. I had no control over it. Sorry about that. Oh, and I did appreciate it Mrs. J.”
“Hehe, that’s good. Now, listen Danny. I’ve decided that you don’t have to make up the mid-term if you don’t want to. But if you decide not to take it, you’ll be doing something else for me instead.”
I played dumb. “What could that be, Mrs. J?”
“Oh I think you know, honey.”
“I do, my queen. I do.”
Mrs. J giggled. “And what is my loyal servant’s decision?”
“Oh I think you know, my queen.”
“Oh you good boy, you! Well, now that I’ve got you completely wrapped around my finger, I know exactly what you’ll be doing.”
“Mrs. J, I’ve been wrapped around your finger since the first time I set eyes on you, or more accurately, your feet.”
“I already know that, sweetheart.” And she winked.
And instead of blushing, I fell to the ground and started kissing my drop-dead gorgeous English teacher’s feet all over. She giggled, and I was back under her desk with her foot on my groin and her heel in my mouth. In no time.


That was ten years ago. These days, my life is going great. Mrs. J had passed me with a 95 average, and I had done very well in all my other classes. So when I graduated, I could pretty much choose any college my parents and I could afford. I ended up going out-of-state with a pretty nice scholarship. What I was going to college for was to become an English teacher. Freshman year, Mrs. J had opened my eyes up to the subject, and now I really enjoy it. I also figure if I’m half as good as Mrs. J was, then I’ll be a good teacher. I graduated from college a year ago, and since then I have been substituting at all the schools in the area that I live in. Next week though, summer vacation ends, and I got a full-time job as a real English teacher. Where am I going to be teaching? You guessed it, my old high school. Mrs. J still teaches there, and I’m really hoping she hasn’t found out about this yet. I want to surprise her by stopping by her room after school on the first day. I can’t wait to see what happens. I guess only time will tell.


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