A buddy of mine had a party last weekend and I needed to let off some steam, which I did by getting quite drunk. Now about halfway through the party, a couple of girls I’m somewhat friends with came in, Kristen and Megan.

Now Kristen is a redhead and kind of pale, but she has a nice body, is 6’0″ and what I’ve always noticed size 10 feet! Megan is a drop dead gorgeous brunette who has nice feet, but nothing compared to the rest of her body. Anyway, they end up at the party but don’t really know anyone outside of me and my friend throwing the party. So they ended up hanging with me the whole night, we caught up, got drunk and had a good night. I actually ended up making out with Megan, which was great as while I’m moderately attractive, she would be considered out of my league by most.

Now for the actual foot action. The party died down around three so we got a giant blanket and three pillows, then carved out a spot on the floor to sleep. All three of us passed out rather quick but at some point during the night, they must have stolen the blanket from me. Since there was extra room down by their feet, I must have went and slept down there but I dont quite remember it. I was not even thinking about the foot fetish angle, but it turned out great.

Around 5, I woke up because something pressed against my face. I woke up to see Kristen’s size 10 foot resting on my pillow and partially on my face. The smell immediately hit me, it had a pretty strong cheesy odor that wasn’t too overwhelming. After a minute to get my bearings, I located her other foot, which was leaning against the top of my head, as well as Megan’s feet. Those were resting on my shoulder area. All I had to do was stick my head under the blanket to be immediately greeted by two different pairs of feet, and it was great. I just drank in the smell for a while but eventually got curious as to what they tasted like.

Now normally, I’m not exactly a fan of the whole taking advantage of sleeping feet scenario but there was literally a foot inches from my mouth and three others in reach, not to mention the fact I was still a little drunk at this point, which might have helped me take that step. I started out lightly, not wanting to wake either of them up but I soon realized they were both passed out and not waking up anytime soon.

I devoured Kristen’s feet, they tasted salty and sweet at the same time. I spent about an hour on both of her feet, then moved to Megan’s. Unfortunately, despite having a decent smell, they had little to no taste. I spent a couple minutes on each foot getting what flavor I could, but eventually decided to go back to sleep, with Kristen’s foot pressed against my face of course!

Kristen woke me up around 10 by playing with my face using her toes and laughing, the best way I have ever been woken up. I was kind of groggy but made a joking grossed out face, which caused her to say “You couldn’t have been that grossed out by it, you slept with my feet on your face all night.” I just murmured something about being too drunk for it to wake me up or something like that, which was a lie.

She then said that the smell should have been enough to wake me up, seeing as she was wearing shoes without socks all day. She then smelled her foot, but commented on how it did not smell as bad as she thought it would, which probably had something to do with my hour licking session. She then jokingly had me smell it while saying, how did that not wake you up still? I just took a normal sniff and said it wasn’t bad enough to wake me up and we left it at that.

She made a joke to Megan later when Megan asked how I slept and Kristen said great, he got to smell my feet all night. That was about the last time it was brought up that day. A couple days later though, Kristen told me about a party this weekend and invited me, then said I could sleep at her feet again if I wanted too. I replied maybe, it was pretty comfortable.

At this point, I’m wondering if I should take it any further or just leave it as a great one time experience with the two and keep on being friends with them.


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