By yesmaam

I worked in the HR department for a corporation with several large office complexes in our city. Occasionally, I would work for part of a day in our main facility where my department had a small satellite office.

Roughly 80 people worked in the facility, all in different branches of Human Resources. Since the small satellite office was next to the women’s washroom, there was a lot of traffic in the hallway. It didn’t take long for me to notice the signature walk of one particular co-worker. She always wore high heels and walked with an authority that could be heard well down the hall. Lady M (I’ll call her) was in her mid 40’s, about 5’5” and average build, but with a superior, bitchy presence that made most folks keep their distance. An intelligent woman, she did not suffer fools lightly, and was often openly derisive of certain co-workers or management. Her reputation was that she was not to be trifled with.

At any rate, I would hear the strong footsteps approaching, position myself for the best possible view as she walked by and try to catch a glimpse of those lovely legs, high arched feet and extreme heels. She walked with her feet slightly turned outwards, in a way that seemed to accentuate her whole person …….and would often glance coolly in at me as she passed by. The dominance she projected gave me shivers and worshipping those heels and feet became a goal for me………but how would I approach her without putting my career in jeopardy?

Part 2….

While the scent is critical to my foot/nylon/high heel fetish, I am absolutely awed by the prospect of a haughty superior woman putting me in my place and making me worship her. The paradox is that whenever I have met a woman who seems to project the right qualities, I am a little dumbstruck and have found it almost impossible to make any type of intelligible approach……I just get too carried away with the fantasy. The giggly playful women who might also enjoy the fetish have little appeal. 

Lady M definitely projected the qualities I was looking for; great legs and feet, a wonderful collection of expensive stilettos, a dominant walk, a forceful personality, and an icy, penetrating stare. Scared the hell out of all the other guys but made me weak.
We attended the odd group meeting together, and I would make a point at the end of each to approach and spend just a minute with pleasantries, doing my best to break the ice, let her get to know me and make supportive comments to any issues she had brought up. In time, I felt comfortable enough when passing her office to stick my head in for a hello, and from there to going in for short chats now and again. I became a sounding board for her, listening to her complaints and gripes, and supported her by complimenting her on her hair, clothes…..and eventually her shoes. She mentioned that she had a high heel fetish, loved to wear them, had a huge collection (I already knew) and just kept buying. From that point on I was quick to compliment her on her shoes as much as possible and often as she walked past my office she would stop, extend a leg and asked if I liked what she was wearing today. I would always smile, say Yes Ma’am and see her satisfied look as she continued on. It was taking time…….but things were moving in the right direction.

Part 3…

As I came to know her, I realized that Lady M was not content at work. While she did have a good job in HR and represented the company in court on issues involving abuse of personal benefits, she felt superior to many of our Managers and was frustrated at not being able to crack the Supervisory ranks. Co-workers meanwhile, referred to her behind her back as “Her Highness”. I looked for opportunities to treat her royally and demonstrate that I was happy to serve and could be trusted to be discreet. 

Walking into her office one day to find her on the phone I turned to leave but she waved me in to wait. When done with the call, she stretched, rotated her neck and commented that lately she was on the phone or keyboard so much that she was having a lot of issues with her shoulders and neck. It was the opening I had been waiting for to provide some personal attention and I quickly commented that my family was full of massage therapists and I could give her a quick tune-up if she liked. She accepted and asked me to close her office door. As I did so, she rose from her desk and walked over to sit in another chair with a lower back. Lady M always dressed professionally and on that day she was dressed typically……..dark grey suit jacket over white blouse with matching dark grey knee length skirt, smoke colored panty hose and black 4 inch heels. She looked regal as she sat awaiting my attentions and I shivered slightly at the sight as I approached her.

I really do have a talent for massage and could quickly feel the knots in her shoulders and tightness of her neck. She responded with slight moans of approval as I kneaded the stiffness out and eased the trouble spots. After easing her neck and shoulders, and since she had complained about keyboarding, I took her left hand and began working on it, again receiving positive feedback through her quiet moans. Recognizing a perfect opportunity, I sat down on the floor at the side and in front of her chair saying that I didn’t want her to have to hold her hand up while I massaged it. It was heaven for me, pampering this Goddess as she sat above me looking down with half closed eyes as she was being served. Her right leg was crossed and the heel of her shoe was slightly off….not a true dangle, but close. My position put me less than a foot away, perfect viewing and a hint of that wonderful nylon, leather, sweat scent was coming my way.
As I worked I commented that I liked her shoes today, and looking up I saw her focus, glance down at her shoe, then me, rotate her foot a couple of times in my direction, give me that cool smile and then comment that she liked them too. 

I moved over to her right hand and she looked down at me as I served her. I had a distinct feeling at that point she was opening up to the fact that we were both happy in our roles.
After a few more minutes, she had me stop due to a meeting appointment, stood above me as I still sat on the floor, mentioned that she felt a lot better and would “use” me again. Her cool smile came out again as she looked down at me when I replied….” Yes Ma’am, whenever you wish.”


Part 4

As I mentioned at the beginning, I was not normally at the same office location as Lady M, but would usually be in her building a couple of times a week. Like many, when I fantasize about fetish encounters, everything just rolls out quickly and intimacy with perfect strangers occurs regularly. Wouldn’t that be nice. In the real world it had taken about two months to get to this point with Lady M…..caution was called for, and with each little victory the anticipation was mounting.

About a week after the shoulder rub, I received an email from Lady M stating,
” I want to see you when you are in our office next…..I have more for you to do.”
That was her style and it drove me wild. Direct, demanding, and fully expecting compliance…….a superior beauty.
I quickly replied, “Yes Ma’am, I’ll be in tomorrow.” and was happy to see her respond a few minutes later with, “I’ll expect you.”

I stuck my head into her office the next afternoon and Lady M looked up from her work and simply stated “Good, come in and close the door.” With that, she rose and once again walked over to the lower chair. Again, her superior nature was on display, no niceties involved, just the expectation that I was there to do what she wished……..and of course, I was. She walked like few women I have known and I was mesmerized……..forceful and lithe, dressed today in a brown skirt suit, tan hose and gorgeous brown slingbacks with a pencil thin heel and wicked long pointed toe. She stopped in front of the chair and started to take her jacket off. I quickly helped her with it and she directed me to hang it on the back of her door. As she sat down I mentioned that I was happy that she had enjoyed the last “pampering” and I knew that she worked hard and deserved it. She half smiled, nodded, sat back and said, “Start with my shoulders again.”

I kneaded her shoulders and neck until I felt the tension ease from them, paying special attention when I heard groans of approval, happy to serve in any way but hoping once again to be down near her feet, aching for the scent of that warm leather and nylon. I was happy to hear her say that she had enjoyed the hand massage last week and I had just sat on the floor once again to begin when the phone rang. My heart sank as she said that she was waiting for a call that she would have to deal with, but as she rose and strode away from me to her desk, she pointed to the floor as she walked and said “Come over here.” without looking back. I beetled over and sat near her desk while she picked up the phone and stood in conversation. After less than a minute, she put the caller on hold, looked down at me and said the the call might be lengthy, but that she wanted some more “pampering” which cause her to smile in a self satisfied way. She said she would have the conversation on speaker phone, and I could continue but would have to remain silent. My reply of “Yes Ma’am caused her to smile as she pulled the chair out from her desk and swiveled it sideways, sat down, crossed her right leg, then resumed her conversation.

I positioned myself slightly in front of her and to the side of her chair and gently worked on her left hand as she discussed an upcoming meeting with the caller. As often as possible I’d take in her gorgeous legs and shoes and was in the middle of a long stare when I noticed her rotate her ankle, then point her toe out like a ballerina, accentuating her high arch. I glanced up as her eyes locked into mine, no smile this time, just a look of haughty satisfaction. After more than five minutes on her left hand she motioned me to do the other but shortly after beginning she pulled away and began taking notes of the conversation.

There are times when inspiration strikes and this was one of the best moments of my life. I sat there for a few moments then noticed a box of tissues on her desk. As I stated earlier, Lady M was in many ways a formidable woman and a wrong move could put my job in jeopardy……..but I felt that enough groundwork had been laid to take a chance. With that, I reached up, grabbed a tissue and gently began dusting the toe if her right shoe which hung beside me on her crossed leg. After a few moments I nervously looked up to see her gazing intently at me and raise a questioning eyebrow. I worked away, carefully dusting the entire surface, even the narrow strap of the sling and the thin heel. At one point I moistened the tissue with my mouth as she watched, then removed a slight smudge near the toe. I was disappointed when after a couple of minutes she moved her foot and uncrossed her leg, but then overwhelmed when she rolled her chair around a bit to the right position, crossed the other leg so the long pointed toe of her left shoe was just under my chin then waggled her foot and gave me one nod to begin. My face closer to this foot now and with obvious approval, I happily worked away, frequently dampening the tissue and at one point briefly holding her foot up by the sole as I buffed the toe directly in front of my face.

After finishing her call, Lady M let me work for a few seconds more, then once again extended her foot, this time beside my head as she inspected my work. As I turned my face to the side, her high open arch was only an inch from my face as she stretched and preened. The whole mix was there, gorgeous slingbacks, a lovely ankle and instep covered with warmly scented nylon and me positioned at the feet of a woman who was dominant by nature. I was sure that she could feel my breath on her foot before she let it hang lower and I looked up again to see a confident smile. I said that her shoes were so lovely they should be dust free and thought that she would appreciate a shine. She said “When I put them on this morning I thought that you would like them, they were expensive and deserve special treatment. You are proving useful.”

With that, she gave my shoulder a light sweep with her foot, indicating our time was over, and mentioned that this was good for her and she would schedule me again.

I left her office on a cloud…………

Part 5

Back in my own office the next day I couldn’t stop thinking of the recent events with Lady M and was really starting to feel like my dreams were coming true. I was pretty certain now that she was accepting the turn our relationship had taken and was enjoying being treated regally. After several months of listening to her gripes about lack of recognition, I was now providing her with some very positive strokes. When I first started to approach Lady M I would often use humour to break the ice and lessen my nervousness, not in a raucous way but with subtleties that would hopefully appeal to her intelligence, and I now had an idea that I thought would entertain her and also help define things a bit. I composed an email thanking her for our meeting yesterday and noting that this morning as I reviewed my corporate job description I had noticed that one of my duties was to “assist co-workers with any tasks required to achieve organizational objectives.” I commented that I was happy to have had a small role yesterday in helping her meet her objectives……and would be available to assist whenever required, as after all, it was one of my duties. I reviewed the email before I sent it, a little nervous about using our corporate network but feeling that there was nothing in it to cause embarrassment to either of us…….and that she would be able to read between the lines. I can remember now how excited I was, waiting for a response, hoping that she might understand that I would enjoy being trapped in her web…….in fact I was even spinning the web for her.

A couple of hours later the phone rang and I answered to find Lady M on the line. She stated that after reading my job description it was apparent to her that I was in fact her assistant……and asked me if I agreed with that analysis. There was a superior yet playful tone in her voice which excited me with possibilities. I replied, “Yes Ma’am, that appears to be the case. ”
“Excellent!” she replied “You have shown promise. With a little work you might just turn out to be an acceptable PERSONAL assistant.” I shivered slightly at the edge in her voice when she said “personal”, already anticipating our next meeting.

She then went on to say that due to the confidentiality of her work, I would not be able to help with any of her cases, but would be required to help her with stress relief, and that in turn would help her productivity. She asked if I agreed.
“Yes Ma’am.” I responded. “I’ll be happy to do as you wish.”
“Very good, I like to hear that.” she said, “I’m busy reviewing a couple of cases for court early next week, but will have duties for you to perform after that. I’ll set up a meeting for us, keep your calendar free for Wednesday. I WILL need some pampering by then.” Her tone had me. Direct, dominating, sure of my compliance.

Lady M’s meeting request (more of a directive) came in late Tuesday afternoon…….

“It’s been a hellish week and the court sessions have been extended into tomorrow. I’ll be back in my office mid afternoon and want you to reserve your satellite office for 4:30 as we are less likely to be disturbed there. Expect to review elements of your job description.”

I immediately replied, accepting the meeting, then actually shivered in anticipation, not quite believing that this was happening. After years of dreaming of submitting at the feet of a beautiful woman in a real world situation, this was the closest I had come as an adult, perhaps the Domina persona was not just a myth after all. Needless to say, I spent a restless night, but did give some thought to anticipating Lady M’s needs the next day. I ran several scenarios through my head, preparing myself to recognize and act should she deliver any subtle cues. I understood that I would have to make the experience totally rewarding to her, boost her confidence in me, and allow her to control events. Hopefully, her pleasure would lead to mine, as she grew comfortable.

I arrived in Lady M’s building at about 3:30 the next day, opened the satellite office, logged into the computer and waited expectantly. A much smaller office than hers with simply a desk with chair against a wall and one other chair, I positioned things as well as I could to open up the floor area then logged into the computer and dealt with some email. Just at 4:30 I heard those magnificent steps coming down the hall. My temples pulse now at the recollection and I remember anticipating the sight of her…….wondering what she might be wearing and if it might indicate her mood or intent. She paused at the doorway and stood majestically as I drank in the sight of her. Stunning in a black pinstripe jacket and skirt, grey stockings and black stilettos with long, very pointed toes and small, interesting cutouts along the top providing a hint of her nylon covered toes. With such a dramatic mix of conservative suit and wicked pumps, I sat there overwhelmed. To my taste she could not have been dressed with more appeal. In this forum we all have our favourite’s for producing the scent we crave. From sneakers and gym socks for some, to bare feet and boots for others, but give me the essence of nylons and dress pumps every time, especially when worn by an elegantly attired woman with power. It must have been that strict grade school teacher I had…….but that’s another story.

She came in and sat down, then asked me to close the door she had just walked through. Of course I quickly complied then stood awaiting her direction. She told me to sit, as she did not like me looming over her, and waved me to my chair. Back in my seat I lowered the height setting to the bottom so that she was sitting higher in her chair, smiled and asked if she was more comfortable now. She looked slightly down at me and said “Much better, that will do for now.” Since she was sitting across from me with nothing between us and only a few feet away she immediately caught me looking down at her gorgeous shoes. She said “You like them don’t you…. I call them my ‘Court’ shoes. I’ve had them several years and wear them to court on the final day of difficult cases, they have an excellent record……and are special to me.” While speaking, she had extended her right foot and looked down at her shoe with pride as she flexed her toes and rotated her ankle for the display. Then she lowered her leg, crossed her ankles under her chair, looked at me and said “I’d like to discuss your job description.”


Lady M said that she had read about “attentive” men who willingly submit to the wishes of women and after our last couple of meetings could not help but notice that I was demonstrating a desire to please. She then asked if I agreed with her assessment……..which I did. She said that she was impressed by my willingness to immediately do her bidding and also anticipate her needs. She then admitted that she had found the meetings very rewarding and being treated in the respectful manner she deserved made her feel pleasantly empowered. She was looking forward to having me in the unofficial position of her “personal” assistant and had a small list of expectations. I replied that I felt honoured to assist in any way that she desired, and I welcomed her interpretation of my job description to ensure my compliance. “Assist me in any way I desire?” she asked piercing me with an unrelenting gaze. “Yes Ma’am, whatever you wish Ma’am.” I replied, dropping my eyes once again for a glimpse of the shoes I wanted to be near. I raised my eyes to find a slight smile and steely glint in her eyes as she simply said “Very good……..I like that. Right now, my wish is for you to sit down here in front of me while I list my expectations of your job performance.” She then changed her position and crossed her right leg as I got up from my chair, turned it around and slid it back tight under the desk to open up the floor space as much as possible. Then I sat on the floor cross legged like a schoolboy in front of his teacher. I shivered when she shifted her left foot and hips to the right, causing her crossed right foot to be perfectly aligned with the center of my chest, about a foot in front of me. I saw a look of evil delight as she caught my eyes darting down to her foot as it rocked gently. She had me positioned perfectly, sitting above so I had to look up as she spoke and able to catch me every time I looked at her legs or bobbing foot. I t was torture for me being that close to her and aware that she had been wearing those shoes and hose all day…….wanting so badly to inhale her warm moist scent. I hoped that I would get the chance but knew that being bold right now would work against me. She was obviously enjoying her initiation in controlling an “attentive man”, and I was sure that my patience and obedience would reward us both.

Now that we were both comfortably in our proper positions Lady M began to review the points she had wanted me to be clear about. I had come to know her as a woman who liked and expected order in all things so was not surprised that she had defined her expectations. She began to list them for me:
1. I was to ensure that I immediately caught up with any outstanding projects, tasks etc. that involved my regular duties with the company. She wanted me available to her on short notice and wanted me to have the flexibility to do so.
2. “Attending” her would always be at her request. She was too busy to have me become a nuisance and interrupt her at inconvenient times.
3. These duties were being added (unofficially) to my “Job” description, and were confined to activities at the workplace. My assistance in her personal life was not required.
4. Discretion was compulsory. I was to tell no one about my role as her “Personal Assistant” or any of the tasks she requested of me and was to ensure that she was never put in an embarrassing position.
5. My primary duty was to follow her direction. Obedience was a requirement.
6. I would receive no extra monetary compensation for the expanded job profile. An expanded skill-set and the personal satisfaction of providing service to her would be my reward.

After the last point she began slowly rotating her ankle and stretching her toes a little in her shoes, raising her foot up slightly then looking past the pointed toe of her shoe into my accommodating eyes. Close enough that I could definitely smell the warm leather, I controlled myself, happy with the direction things were going and content to follow her lead. Letting her foot drop back down she asked if the duties she had listed were clear to me. I replied that yes they were, and she then asked if I agreed to perform them to the level she required. She purred when I replied ” Yes Ma’am, my pleasure to do so.” I sat there close to heaven looking up at her while the steely look returned to her eyes as she said. “I think that you’ll provide me with some well deserved stress relief, but I am serious about the points I listed and expect your compliance. If I have any issues with your performance your assistance will end. Are you clear with that?”
“Yes Ma’am.” I replied……….then lowered my gaze to her now rotating foot.


Lady M uncrossed her legs and stood up in front of me, looking down, ” Now that we’ve agreed that you’ll be attentive and obedient, it’s time that I’m rewarded for all the effort that I’ve put into the case that we just won. It was so close that I’m sure my “court” shoes made the difference. It’s been a great day, and I’m really looking forward to this.” With that she smiled down and prodded me lightly with her toe. “I’d like to take my jacket off……now.” She took a couple of steps towards the door then just stood there with her back to me, waiting. I scrambled up and gently helped her off with it, and looking back now I still remember the light, fresh, subtle smell of her perfume as I got as close to her neck as I could while helping her. She paced elegantly around the room stretching a bit as I hung her jacket on the door. Watching her I could sense that our agreement had excited her and had the distinct feeling that she was anxious to test her new power. At last, she had someone to do her bidding. I found I was right, as a few seconds later she pointed down, “Back on the floor now, where you were.” I sat watching those toned legs as she strode around the room a bit longer, looking at a few charts and memos on the wall, until she turned and focussed on me, then walked slowly in my direction. From my perspective on the floor she loomed over me as she approached and I couldn’t take my eyes off those “court” shoes she was wearing. The severely long and pointed toe and 4″ heel emphasized her already strong persona. I was used to hearing and seeing her walk forcefully in the hall but this was new……slow, purposeful, and for me, extremely erotic. She was playing, I was her toy, and right now she seemed to want her toy to just watch…..and wait. I had a hard time believing it was happening.

She stopped in front of her chair and stood there looking down at me, feet slightly apart and splayed, revealing her high insteps and perfect ankles. I’m sure that I shrank to some degree before her as she posed. Then, saying nothing she sat down and I caught my breath when she raised her right foot and placed it lightly on on my left knee, using it for a footrest as I sat cross-legged in front of her. My gaze had been riveted to her feet from the moment she had stood in front of me, but after a few seconds of her foot on my knee I raised my eyes to look at her. Truly regal, I guess is the best description of her expression. Still not saying anything, she raised her left foot and placed it on my other knee, causing her legs to spread in front of me. My gaze shifted down to her inner thighs but a quickly uttered “Eyes up.” from Lady M prompted me to look to her eyes once again. The two words had not been harsh or loud, more encouraging in fact, with much the same tone as you would use when training a pet dog to “sit up.” She was testing me already and held my gaze wordlessly, sitting back in her chair and shifting her feet slightly on my knees as she got comfortable.

“I’d like my hands attended to now.” as she let her left arm drop from the armrest to hang beside her, sliding her feet from my knees so I was free to move around to the side. I moved to the corner of her chair, gently lifted her hand up and started softly kneading the tension from her. She closed her eyes as I worked on the flesh at the base of her thumb and the palm, then turned her hand over,stretched each finger and gently worked the back of her hand up to her wrist. After a few minutes, when I felt she might be ready to change hands I quietly raised and reverently kissed the back of her hand, hoping to please. She slowly half opened her eyes, and crossing her right leg so that the inside edge of her sole was tight against my side, prodded me with her foot and purred “Again.” She closed her eyes as I gently placed a couple of more soft kisses on the back of her hand, conscious of her shoe lightly rubbing against my side. Then I turned her her hand over, softly kissed the palm and lightly began licking it….. slowly and keeping my tongue as dry as I could. Lady M moaned contentedly at this and I continued to her wrist, lightly tickling the sensitive area with my tongue. A light snap from the fingers of her other hand stopped me, then I felt her hook her foot around the front of my body and pull, taking me wordlessly to her other hand. Her foot prodded me until I was positioned at the other side of her chair, then she crossed her left leg so the edge of that shoe was against my side, sat back, closed her eyes once again, let her arm hang from the rest……and lightly kicked me, to begin.

I was overwhelmed……..she was actually directing me with her feet and those shoes!

I carried on with her right hand, the same as I had done with her left as she sat there silently being pampered. Beginning firmly to work out the stress, I ended up with soft strokes and again when I felt the time was right, planted a series of light, respectful kisses on the back of her hand. No verbal direction from her this time, eyes still closed she prodded my stomach with the toe of her shoe until I turned her hand over and gently began licking her palm. At that she again moved her foot back to rest against my side where it lightly bobbed up and down against me, stroking her approval. I gently worked up to her wrist and after a brief time Lady M let out a contented sigh, opened her eyes, pulled her hand from me and raised both arms up to stretch. I sat where I was until focussing down on me she once again hooked her foot across the front of my body and pulled, indicating that she wanted me out from the side of her chair, “Sit in front of me…….where you started.” I regained my cross-legged place in front of her and I was happy to see her resume hers , shifting her hips and crossing her right leg, she slowly pivoted and adjusted herself until her foot was once again floating in front of my chest. Mesmerized, I watched it, almost forgetting to breath, lost in the beauty……..”You seem to treasure my ‘Court’ shoes as much as I do……maybe more. They’re well worn though, and have seen better days don’t you think?” She flexed her ankle, pointing her toe down, then swung her leg up so her toe came close to my face before relaxing and letting it hang down once again. Awakened by her question, I replied that I thought they were stunning and looking up at her remarked that like her shoes last week I thought they deserved to be dust free. A hint of smile, slightly arched eyebrow and “Of course they do.” came from Lady M as I reached into my pocket to pull out a small soft cotton cloth I had brought in anticipation.
“Good boy, nice to see that you have come prepared.”


I must have trembled slightly as I reached out to begin. Buffing her shoes last week had been the result of me acting on an opportunity, but our meeting today seemed as much driven and choreographed by Lady M as myself. She was focussing her strong persona on having me personally attend her and I was in awe, intent on pleasing her. I was thrilled as I supported her sole with my left hand, raised her foot a few inches closer to my face and gently started buffing the toe of her shoe with deliberate strokes. Lady M sat above, watching intently, eyes sharp and observant. I was sure that the image appealed greatly to her ego, sitting regally with me at her feet. Once I had carefully wiped the entire top surface of her shoe, I moistened the cloth with my mouth, as I had done last week and applied the dampened cloth to a smudge, working away the slight stain. I repeated the process to another spot as she watched, then once again decided to stretch things a bit. Raising her foot with my left hand I leaned forward and applied three or four long, slow, strokes with my tongue directly to the top of her pointed toe to moisten it, taking a close look at the hint of nylon covered toes through the small cutouts on the top of her shoe, then pulling back, I applied the cloth to that area. She commented “That is a MUCH more efficient method, don’t you think? And it does make me feel pampered……carry on!” Her eyes were bright as she watched me continue, trying my best not to get carried away and overdo things, licking in a controlled and respectful way then buffing with the cloth as I worked my way around her shoe. When I reached the instep I couldn’t resist and paused, massaging the leather with my tongue while the tip of my nose brushed her nylon covered arch. I inhaled slowly and deeply, drawing the scent of her sweat into my lungs, exhaled without moving away, then drew another deep moist breath, heady with the salty/leather/ nylon aroma I craved.
“Were you just smelling my foot???”
The curious question came from above as Lady M leaned forward and swung her foot away from my face. Sheepishly I looked up to see a quizzical expression and feeling like a boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar, simply replied, “Yes Ma’am.”
“And did you enjoy the smell???”
“Yes Ma’am….it smelled wonderful.”
“Hmm…..interesting. I want you to concentrate now and finish cleaning that shoe…….without any more sniffing diversions.” She moved her foot back in front of me and leaned back in her chair. I bent to my task, wishing for more of her scent but relieved that she had not been upset. Wondering in fact what she had meant by “interesting”, and happy that she was still permitting me to use my tongue as I finished her shoe. In a minute or so I was feeling like her first shoe was pretty much done and heard “That’s enough. Now sit up straight…..hands on your knees.” She slowly brought her foot up, placing the sole of her shoe on my chin and lips so the point of her toe was on the tip of my nose, then pushed my head back forcing me to look awkwardly up to her face. Keeping her foot planted on my face and applying pressure, her expression hardened, I suppose she was reveling in her new found power and perhaps testing my compliance once again. She let up after a few seconds, lowered her foot and flexed it, causing the heel to drop, her shoe dangling now from her toes. She raised her foot up again towards me, and snapped her her fingers with “Take my shoe off and hold it in your lap.”
I reached up thinking that yes, there must be a God as I had prayed my whole life for an event like this to happen to me. I slipped her shoe carefully off and as I lowered it to my lap automatically slid my fingers inside to feel the warm indented surface where the ball of her foot and toes had been resting, never taking my eyes from the lovely foot that was floating now in front of me. Long shapely toes, no polish, strong ball, that high arch and a smallish, smooth round heel covered with a damp, dark grey stocking with reinforced toe…..gorgeous, as I had imagined. “My Court shoes are at least three years old, well broken in, and I’ve had them on all day, so these stockings should have some of that scent that you say you like. A little reward for cleaning my shoe so well.” I was frozen as I watched her foot rise towards me……..she adjusted her position so her leg was fully extended, toes pointed, then as her foot came closer to my eager face she stopped, bent her toes back and flared them, airing them just in front of me. Unconsciously I leaned forward but “Stay Still!!” halted me just before my nose found the crease of her toes. I was less than an inch from her and could feel my breath bounce back from the ball of her foot , toes dancing in the nylon in front of my eyes. “Can you smell it from there?” I inhaled deeply, head spinning from the warm scent…..”Yes Ma’am.” Again with a very curious tone she asked “And you like that smell???” “Yes Ma’am, it’s wonderful.” I didn’t move as she lightly placed my nose into the moist nylon groove under her toes, then slowly moved her foot from side to side, not cupping her toes, but leaving them spread……my breath filtering through her nylons.
She purred “Mmmmm that feels nice and cool on my hot toes, that’s it, right there……..sniff there! ” She moved so my nose was between her smallest two toes “Now there……sniff!!!” And I did, my mind numb with it. In a trance I gazed up over her toes to see her excitedly looking down at me, her face wearing the expression of a sadistic school girl during a science experiment with a mouse. My face became her playground as she let her foot roam, looking for positions that gave her pleasure. My nostrils were first filled with the sweet scent of her toes, then as her toes bridged to my eyebrows the ball of her foot pressured my nose as she enjoyed grinding it as if she were putting out a cigarette, small grunts of satisfaction coming from her, between the directions of “Smell it…..right there!” or “Breath deep!” Changing her position a little, she pulled back and pointed her toes, then had me sniff the tops them, her hard nails dragging across my nostrils.

She worked my red face for a few minutes, then once more flared her toes and buried my nose in the crease and held it there curtly commanding “Look at me.” She was glowing with her new power, eyes flashing and lips curled into a crooked grin as she held me there. “This is truly satisfying after a hard day in court, I could quickly become accustomed to this pampering. And since you agreed before we began to follow my instructions, I don’t even have to ask how you feel about your role……now do I?” I moved my head from side to side, my eyes fastened to hers while I greedily continued to sniff that golden spot. “Good boy, one last deep sniff……….that’s it, smell it……smell it. Now put my shoe back on, you do have another to clean before we’re done.” She lowered her leg and smiled as I kissed the toe of her “Court” shoe before gently easing it on her foot. “You do indeed know your place.”……then she crossed her other leg, prodded me once lightly under the chin with the toe of her shoe…….”Next!”

My whole being shook……..dreams do come true.


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