You’re a huge fan of Supergirl but you’ve never had the chance to meet her. One day you hear on the news that she’s signing autographs at the local mall and you immediately rush over there hoping to see her. Sadly, you discover that the mall is packed with people who had the same idea. The line of fans is easily over 200 people. Getting her autograph might take a long time.
Knowing that if you start at the back of the line there’s a good chance that you’ll never get the chance to meet her, you take the dangerous chance of cutting in line. Casually walking up to the 50th person in line, you slide your way inside.

Suddenly a hand clamps down on your shoulder like iron. You turn to see a rather large security guard standing right beside you.

“Just what do you think you’re doing pal?” he barks.

“What are you talking about?” you say trying to play it cool.

“I saw you…you were trying to cut in line!”

“No I wasn’t,” you say, acting shocked.

“You’re going to come with me!” he says, grabbing your arm and dragging you away.

You don’t know what to do…that idiot is ruining your chances of meeting Supergirl. You desperately struggle trying to break his grip. Despite the fact that the guy is big and rather strong built…you’re putting up quite a fight and the guard has to radio for assistance. Three more guards arrive and they attempt to restain you. You continue to struggle. Years of fandom giving you the adrenaline you need to continue. A crowd of fans circle around and watch. The commotion gets so loud that even Supergirl herself takes notice. She leaves the autograph table to check on the situation.

“What’s going on?” she asks.

Upon seeing Supergirl, you stop your struggling. The girl of steel is even more gorgeous in person than on TV.

“Not much, just some douchebag who tried to cut in line,” The big guard says. “Probably just couldn’t wait get an autograph or something.”

Supergirl looks at you with her penetrating blue eyes. “Is this true?” she asks.

You’re slightly embarassed about the commotion you caused and you can’t bring yourself to lie to Supergirl.

“Yeah… I’m just a huge fan and I got carried away. I just really wanted to meet you.”

Supergirl frowns. “Well, even so…you shouldn’t be cutting in line.”

“I’m sorry,” you say.

The girl of steel looks at the guards.
“What are you planning to do with him?” she asks.

“Oh just take him to the security station, process him, and let the local authorities take over. It’s not that serious and I doubt he’ll do any jail time. But he probably won’t be allowed in the mall again.”

He places a fleshy hand on your shoulder and once again drag you away. You look at Supergirl pleadingly.
As the mall Security attempts to lead you out of the mall, Supergirl tells them to stop and that she’ll deal with you instead. Security shrugs and leaves. Supergirl tells you that since you’re a fan of hers, she felt somewhat responsible for you and she’ll be the one to punish you instead.
“You’re going to punish me?” you ask.
“Of course.” Supergirl says. “That type of fan obsession is unhealthy and you need to get it under control.”
You shudder at the thought of what a girl with super-powers could do to you.
Supergirl gently strokes your arm. “Don’t worry. It won’t be that bad. I just don’t want you to wind up in jail for trying something like that again.”
She tells you to follow her and you do so. She leads you to a table where she was signing autographs.
“I’m going to need to finish up before I can deal with you but I don’t want other fans to see you. The last thing I need is more fans trying what you did in hopes of getting to meet me,” she says. Suddenly an idea pops into her head. “Why don’t you hide under the table? I could use a footstool down there.”
“Please, Ka Ka, I mean Supergirl, I’m not trying to be disrespectful or anything, but, um, don’t you think that’s a little extreme?” you stammer. Grinning, the blonde Girl of Steel giggles and brushes your hair back playfully. “Hey, I already said that I’m not going hurt you! And, I promise not to step all over your sensitive boy parts either, if that’s what concerns you! However, until I am done here and can discipline you properly, you will crawl under that table and stay quiet until I’m through. I’m partly joking with you, but part of me is growing impatient. You wanted to see me so badly, here’s your chance to see me up close and personal. Now get under that table or I’ll grind you to mush beneath my boot!” Needing no more motivation than that, you dutifully crawl like a worm under her table. Thankfully, you were able to crawl at a spot out of the crowd’s sight. Also, a cloth covering goes down to the ground, keeping you hidden as you begin to try and make yourself as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances.

As you lay there, Kara stretches her long, taught legs out, catching your head between her red leather boots. She playfully gives you a tiny squeeze that feels like your head is about to explode. Placing one boot to your mouth, Kara applies enough force that the toe end of her boot slipped into your mouth. Using her other foot, Supergirl pushes you all the way down on your back and holds you there, completely immobilizing you. Thankfully, she does this for only a few seconds before placing both booted feet atop your face. You feel her scrunch her toes through her boots, as well hear the squeak of leather rubbing against leather as she continues to get comfortable. After a minute, the smell of leather mixed with the faint odor of sweat penetrates your nose, causing you to tremble with a feeling that’s between a mixture of desire and dread. Not particularly a foot fetishist, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe at what’s happening to you. Here you are, completely at the mercy, at the very feet of Supergirl, your absolute fantasy girl. Out of all of the female super heroines, you never would have dreamed Supergirl would do something like this to anyone, let alone an innocent teen that had just gotten a little too excited about getting the chance to meet her!

Then, much to your concern, you hear Kara speak. “Just a minute honey, I’ll sign that in just a second, okay? I dropped my pen.” You hear a tiny tink as Supergirl purposely drops her pen. Bending down, she flashes a smile at you. Much to your chagrin, you realize what she has in mind. Grabbing the pen, Supergirl looks you dead in the eye as she begins to slip one of her boots off. Unconsciously, you let out a whimper. Somewhere inside, you know that smelling this girl’s feet will be no ordinary experience, that a certain risk is somehow involved. Pausing for a second, Kara seems to consider this.
“Sorry,” she says with a smile. “This is the first part of your punishment and my enjoyment!” she whispers. “I’ve had a long day, and I need a foot massage!” she says in a cute voice. You think about it for a moment. This extremely sexy girl wants you to give her a foot massage, but something could be strange about this situation.
You shake your head vigorously as the girl of steel finishes taking off her boots to reveal a beautiful pair of bare feet. Despite the fact that Kara’s feet look silky smooth, without a foot fetish you’re not looking forward to spending the rest of your time under the autograph table massaging them.
Supergirl smiles.
“Don’t worry,” she whispers winking at you. “You won’t have to do any work. All I really need is your nose.”
You freak out…It’s exactly what you were afraid of. Kara intends to make you spend the rest of your time as her footstool sniffing her sweaty feet. Knowing that her feet have been inside hot boots for at least the entire morning, you don’t want to find out what they smell like. You immediately sit up trying to get away. Kara giggles and presses her barefoot against your chest forcing you back to the floor. While Supergirl’s foot feels incredibly soft against you, you can feel the power behind it and she effortlessly keeps you pinned to the ground. Grinning mischievously she presses her other foot against your forehead making sure that you stay there. You watch helplessly as she takes her foot off your chest and moves her other sole to hover just above your head.
“Almost got it!” she calls up right before her sole comes crashing down on your face. The smell of her feet hits you hard and you cough and gag under her feet. She’s obviously been wearing her boots barefoot for quite a while.
Luckily Supergirl’s soles are pressed hard over your mouth and they muffle your scream enough to keep your presence hidden from the rest of the fans.
“Sorry,” you hear her tell the fan above. “That pen was way under the table. Had to stretch out my foot to reach it.”
Her toes find and playfully pinch your nose as she says that.

For the next hour, Supergirl continues to sign autographs while gently rubbing her feet against your face forcing you to take in her foot odor. At first you struggled to turn your nose away from them but Supergirl would always use her toes to move it back into place (she probably used her x-ray vision to see where it was). Eventually you become too tired to keep up the struggle and you just lie there, breathing in the dizzying smell and functioning as a footstool for the girl of steel.
After half an hour of rubbing her smelly feet in your face as she signs autographs, Supergirl lifts her feet off your face. Finally, you think, an end to this. Unfortunately your relief is short lived as Supergirl presses her toes against your lips. It’s easy to figure out that the girl of steel wants you to suck her toes but you have no intention of doing that. You keep your mouth firmly shut. Kara prods your mouth with her toes for a few times before pulling them away. Yes!!! you think, no sweaty toe sucking for me! Suddenly Supergirl’s foot comes down and presses your stomach hard knocking the wind out of you. As you open your mouth to gasp for air, Supergirl quickly moves her toes inside your mouth with super-speed. Instantly, you’re assaulted by the salty taste of her feet as she wiggles her toes against your tongue. Clearly, not content to leave things there, Supergirl taps her other foot against your face impatiently. It’s obvious she wants to feel you suck on them. You don’t. After a little while, the tapping becomes more insistent. Still you don’t react, causing Supergirl to painfully smash her foot against your face. Humiliated, you slowly begin sucking her toes as tears flow down your face. You hear a slight moan above the table and Supergirl gently pets your face with her foot, like rewarding you for playing along. It seems the girl of steel is pleased with the sensation. She makes you suck her toes for a while before switching feet. Your cheeks burn red and you’re glad nobody can see you doing this. You find yourself sucking Kara’s toes for a full hour as Supergirl alternates between making you suck her toes individually and making you suck 5 toes at once.
After being treated like an object under Supergirl’s feet for such a long time you actually feel happy when she looks under the table to check on you.
“How are you holding up fanboy?” she asks moving her feet off your face and onto your chest.
“Let’s just say I’ve had better days,” you say dryly.
Supergirl giggles. “Uh yeah…sorry about the whole footstool thing but it was the best idea I could come up with given such short notice.”
“Is it over?” you ask hopefully.
Supergirl shakes her head. “They’re just giving me a five minute break to rest my hand. All that autograph signing can be pretty tiring.”
That’s nothing compared to being somebody’s footstool, you think angrily. You wisely keep your thoughts to yourself.
Kara smiles. “You know you’re really good when it comes to toe sucking. You might want to consider doing it for a living” she teases.
“Thanks but I think I’ll pass” you say dryly.
Supergirl laughs. “Don’t worry you’re almost done. I’d say we’re halfway through the line of fans.”
“ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH!!!” you say horrified.
Kara laughs. “Yup! As you can tell…I’m pretty popular.”
She begins moving her feet back onto your face. You cough still not having adjusted completely to the smell.
“Well I’d better get back to work. Just one more thing!” Supergirl tells you “See if you can lick my feet while you’re down there. It might help me relax a little bit more.”
“There’s no way I’m licking your f-mmmph!!” you try to say before she interrupts you by pressing her foot over your mouth
“Thanks, I really appreciate it,” she says ignoring your repulsion and pulling her head up from under the table.
Your heart sinks as you hear her call out sweetly to the line of fans “Next person please!!”
As you once again find yourself acting as Supergirl’s footstool, you have a decision to make…do you carry out her request?

Option A: Obey

Ignoring your disgust, you place your tongue at the bottom of her foot, and lick slowly up all the way too her toes. You hear Supergirl giggling above you as she signs papers.
You lap at her feet like a dog, licking her sweat away. First you licked the soles and arches of her feet, listening to Kara talking brightly above you, and then on the balls of her feet. Somehow they tasting any better as you licked.

You licked up and down her feet for quite some time, and just as you resigned completely to hours of this, you felt a fresh surge of disgust hit you. You had accidently started to lick the toejam from in between her toes. You cringed slightly but at the same time you were too afraid to stop now, so you dutifully cleaned between the girl’s toes and swallowed its filthy content. You felt her shaking above you, containing her laughter. She hadn’t asked you to do that, and she couldn’t believe you were actually eating her toejam without being forced.
Supergirl playfully stroked your face with her feet and then leaned down to talk to you.

She had an amused smile on her face.
“Taste good? You know, I wouldn’t have asked you too eat my toe jam! Gross, that’s disgusting!”
She laughs out loud at the horror on your face as you realized you ate the nasty gunk for no reason.

“Thanks anyway, though! It felt awesome.” She began putting her boots on her feet, giving you hope. “It’s all over?”
“Well, not exactly. Some left, but I thought I’d give you a chance to dry off your tongue. In a flash, Kara had slammed her boots on your chest, filling your whole vision except for her smiling face. She gestured to the boots, It was clear she wanted to watch.

As you looked at her, you killed the small remaining piece of pride you had left and started to lick your idol’s boots.

Supergirl felt better than she had in a long time. Somehow actually watching this poor guy at her feet made it more humiliating for him. The vision of his disgusted face as he licked her boots like a whipped puppy would be something to cherish for a long time.

She went back to signing autographs without a word, leaving you to your work. You licked the dirt and grit of her boots, and made sure to clean all of it. You saw a black spot that may once have been part of her insole, but you cleaned it anyways. After ten more minutes of licking, her boots were sparkling clean, and your mouth was bone dry and covered with dirt. Supergirl then rested the bottoms on your chest and nudged you upwards. You moved, bones cracking after laying for so long, and knelt like a servant to his master, licking the top of Supergirl’s boots.

Option B: Refuse

Supergirl did not like the feeling of not having someone follow what she wanted. While she is tending to her adoring fans, she decided to put some pressure to her foot, giving you the painful reality check of being a footstool. You’re now not only getting the smelling power of her feet more of a knock-out, but the pressure is threatening to crack your skull in half.
As Supergirl’s soft yet powerful soles are starting to leave permanent footprints on your face, you realize that you don’t have a choice. Giving up whatever pride you have left, you slowly stick your tongue out and begin running it up and down Kara’s right foot. You instantly hear a giggle above the table and the pressure relaxes. Clearly pleased, Supergirl brings her left foot down and begins stroking your face affectionately as if you were a dog who learned a new trick. Feeling completely humiliated, you continue to lick Kara’s sole doing your best to ignore the salty taste. As she continues to sign autographs above, Supergirl slides her foot around over your tongue making sure that you lick every area of her foot. The girl of steel really seems to enjoy the feel of your tongue on her bare feet, even moaning contently a few times. Once you’ve licked her entire foot from heel to toe, Supergirl turns her foot so that her toes are right in front of your tongue. You watch in horror as she spreads and wiggles her toes slowly moving her foot forward. No way, you think, she can’t expect you to lick between her toes? Can she?

Instinctively you withdraw your tongue inside your mouth. You feel really sick. Licking her foot was bad enough but cleaning between her toes is just plain gross. Supergirl’s toes playfully tap your mouth. You shake your head and look up pleadingly, begging the girl of steel not to make you do this. You hear a chuckle followed by a more insistent tap on your mouth. Sighing you reluctantly stick out your tongue. What happens next is one of the worst moments of this entire experience. Supergirl’s toes slowly move forward and wrap around your tongue. Gently, Supergirl pulls your tongue out till it’s fully extended and begins using it to clean between her toes. You immediately gag at the taste and once again try to pull your tongue back in but Supergirl doesn’t let you. Instead she makes sure your tongue remains extended long enough to lick between each of the toes on her right foot. Finally after ten minutes of agonizing licking Supergirl releases your tongue. By this time tears are again flowing through your eyes.

Mercifully, Kara gives you a 5 minute break before insisting that you lick her left foot as well. After another half an hour of being forced to clean Kara’s other foot, you’ve licked it completely clean. However, Kara enjoys the sensation so much that she continues to put your tongue to work only stopping to alternate feet every few minutes or so.

You’ve complete lost track of how long you’ve been doing the exhausting task when Supergirl’s feet suddenly pull away. Surprised you listen for what is going on above the table. Apparently Supergirl is taking to a bunch of fangirls.
“Well…um I don’t know if a group picture is such a good idea” Supergirl says nervously.
“Please,” one of the girls begged. “We flew all the way across the country.”
“It would really make our day,” added another.
“Uh…ok” Supergirl said . “Just give me a second.”
Kara stretches her feet out reaching for her boots.

You suddenly realize why Supergirl is hesitant about the photograph. In order to take the picture with a group, she’ll have to walk in front of the table leaving you alone. She doesn’t want anyone to find you. Now that you think about it, forcing a fan to worship her feet wouldn’t be good for her reputation. If you draw attention to yourself, not only could you get out of this situation but you might be able to teach Supergirl a lesson. Then again you’re pretty embarrassed about spending the last few hours as Supergirl’s footstool. Maybe if you help the girl of steel keep you concealed during this situation, she might take it easier on you. After thinking it over carefully you…
Deciding that it’s better to stay on Supergirl’s good side then to anger her, you attempt to help the girl of steel get her boots back on. Supergirl’s left foot recoils in surprise as you try to put her boots on her feet for her. Apparently your actions caught her off guard. Then realizing that you intend to help her out, she giggles, caresses your face affectionately with her toes and allows you to continue. You gently ease Supergirl’s feet back in her boots and give them a pat when you’re done.

“Girls let’s take the picture in front of the table.” Supergirl suggests. “You ladies go ahead and get into position. I’ll join you in a few seconds.”

“Sure!!” The fangirls say ecstaticly that Supergirl granted their photo request.

As the girls get into position in front of the table, Supergirl quickly bends her head down and mouths ‘thank you’ to you. You nod causing Kara to smile. Getting up from her seat, Supergirl joins the girls for a photograph. You hear a couple of clicks of the camera followed by a brief conversation before Supergirl comes behind the table again. The girls thank Supergirl for the group shot before walking off. As the next fan comes forward for an autograph, Supergirl once again places her booted feet on your chest. Much to your disgrace she slips off her boots again and continues to use you as a footstool. Sighing, you let the girl of steel do as she pleases. It’s not like you have the strength to stop her anyway and you’re too worn out to even try. Fortunately, Supergirl seems to have had her fill of humiliating you and seems content to just rest her feet in your face without forcing you to worship her anymore. After a couple of hours of having Supergirl’s feet pressed against your face, Supergirl slides her feet off of you and checks how you are doing.

“That was the last of them” she tells you. “We’re by ourselves again.”

“Can I get up now?” you ask.

Supergirl smiles and nods. “Go ahead.”

She slides her chair back allowing you to crawl out from under the table.

You see that indeed, they had all left, it was just you and her.
She stood up and stretched. “You are really good at that, I can’t believe you haven’t done it before.”

As you attempt to stand up, Supergirl presses her foot against your shoulder keeping you on your knees.

“Just one more favor,” she says giggling. “Could you help me get my boots on again first? It felt kind of nice when you did that before.”

You sigh. You’ve had enough of Supergirl’s feet in one day to last a lifetime but you nod and grab her boots.

Kara smiles and extends her right foot towards you wiggling her toes. As you attempt to put her boot on for her, Supergirl suddenly lifts her foot and brings it to your mouth.

“Don’t you want to kiss my feet goodbye?” she asks giving a playful pout.

“Fine,” you say frowning. “You know, you’re really pushing this right?”

Supergirl laughs. “Sorry…It’s not every day that I can get someone to worship my feet.”

You roll your eyes before gently kissing Supergirl’s right foot.

The girl of steel nods her head approvingly and allows you to place her right boot on her foot. Once that is done, you do the same for her left foot giving it a soft kiss before covering it in leather. Kara smiles appreciatively and finally lets you stand up.

“Thanks for being a good sport about this” she tells you. “I know I really took advantage of you being my footstool but you made my feet feel really great!!”

“Well it’s not like I had much of a choice.” you admit. “But I guess it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I just didn’t know that you had such a sadistic streak inside of you.”

“Yeah…Sorry about that.” Supergirl says apolegetically. “I love my fans but having to spend the day signing thousands of autographs brings out the worst in me.”

“So I noticed” you tell her jokingly. You straighten your shirt. “Now…if you’re done torturing me…Could I please go home now?”

Supergirl considers before answering “Well…have you learned your lesson?” Supergirl asks. “Do you promise not to cut in line again?”

You nod your head vigorously.

Supergirl smiles. “Ok then I’ll let you go.”

“Thanks.” you say breathing a sigh of relief. You turn to leave hoping to get out of there before Supergirl changes her mind.

“Just a second!” Supergirl says stopping you by gently placing her hand on your shoulder.

Your heart sinks. For a second…it really seemed like Supergirl was going to let you go.

Supergirl smiles as she takes one of her pictures and signs it. “Here this is for you.” she says.

You blink in surprise. You figured that your chances of getting her autograph had been shattered the moment you were caught cutting in line.

“R-Really?” you stutter in disbelief. “You’re letting me get your autograph after all?”

She nods. “If you still want it.” she says.

You look at her gratefully. Any resentment you have from being forced to be her footstool completely disappears.

“Of course!!” you say hugging her. “Thank you!!!”

Supergirl laughs. “You deserve it for doing such a good job looking after my feet. I never knew having someone lick my feet could make me feel so relaxed. I don’t suppose you want to be my footstool at my next autograph signing too?”

You shake your head nervously.

Supergirl giggles and indicates she was only kidding. “Oh well…I guess I’ll just have to figure out how to manage without you.” she says winking playfully.

“Phew…You scared me for a second!” you say giving a relieved smile.

Supergirl smiles and leans in and kisses you on the cheek. “Just remember to stay out of trouble.”

You nod and promise her that you will. The two of you say goodbye to one another and Supergirl takes off from the ground like a rocket, giving you a spectacular last glimpse from under her skirt. You head back home thinking about the day’s events. Despite being forced by the girl of steel to worship her feet, you can’t help feeling happy that you had the chance to meet her in person and, in fact, got the desired autograph.


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