By LeDaemon

Andrew was in his final year of school and up until this time had never been on a date much less acted on his foot fetish. Arriving to school early one morning and catching a glimpse of his English teacher Mrs. Steven’s beautiful feet in her sandals as she arrived to school was enough to send Andrew into scheming on how he could “borrow” her spare shoes she always stored under her desk. When he goes to swipe the shoes between classes he finds himself trapped hiding under Mrs. Stevens’s desk as she returns to the room early and students come in for class. Trapped under her desk in a compromising position he will act on his lust for feet for the first time. This is a short foot fetish short story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until its explosive conclusion.

Obsessed. That is the word that best describes me when it has anything to do with a girl’s feet. I can’t remember a time in my life when h wasn’t this way even in my earliest memories as a child in preschool I can remember crawling under tables while everyone was coloring with crayons and tickling feet or sniffing shoes left on the floor by cots during nap time. However, I am going to fast forward this the present day. I’m 18 and just started my senior year of high school.

I don’t consider myself a bad looking guy, but I’m definitely not one of the popular kids. Shyness has been holding me back from getting even one date. Girls just consider me as a friend and will confide in me about their problems with their boyfriends or parents. I just pretend to mostly listen while trying not to look to obvious as I steal glances down at their feet. Since where I live is pretty warm most of the year and the school dress code is fairly relaxed as far as footwear goes flip flops are usually worn and feet are often adorned with jewelry like silver toe rings or leather beaded anklets and fresh coats of nail polish.

Things can sometimes get awkward when I’m sitting with my friends eating our lunches in the cafeteria and between our conversations about music, gaming or comics the topic switches to girl’s. Where they start talking about Jen who is sitting at the table behind ours and her low cut shirt showing “cleavage” I am checking below her ankles because I immediately think “toe cleavage” showing. I keep my lust for feet a secret from everybody. The shame of them finding out and using it to torment me as just a joke between friends would be too unbearable. For now I was content keeping it private and while doing my homework I would actually be looking for foot porn at home on my computer in my room and rubbing one out while my family was busy watching TV after dinner.

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Things seemed like they would go on like this for another school year. Nothing would probably change and then it would be more of the same when I went off to college. At least I thought that would be the case until the day I got to school a little early on Friday morning.

I woke up too early. At least a half hour before my alarm was set to go off. Instead of laying in bed I got up and went through my morning routine of brushing my teeth, washing my face, running a comb through my unruly hair, and taking the morning piss. I walked to the closet and without putting any thought into grabbed the first pair of pants and shirt within my grasp. I never needed to make an effort to dress to impress anyone. I grabbed a box of juice and tried to kill a little time before I decided to just leave for school. Perhaps I’d meet up with one of my friends who would get there early to just bullshit before class. However, sending out texts to the usual suspects with no response made me realize that they were all probably busy doing their morning routines as well. I got in my late 90’s model sedan and drove to school.


I was way too early. One of the first students to arrive in the student parking and it looked like the faculty parking was half full from where I was. I grabbed my back pack and started my walk to the front door. First period was my least favorite class. English literature. The teacher, Mrs. Stevens, was always there early so I figured I would just go straight there and kill time listening to music on the phone since I brought my headphones along. Just my luck I beat her to school this one time. I stand outside the room and wait for her to arrive to open up. Well, it wasn’t probably more than a minute later when she is walking down the hall as other students and faculty are just beginning to stream in through the halls though it is still early enough so that there is not congested with people.


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