Sandy came to our office to fill out some paperwork before beginning our program. I got the forms she needed and directed her to the small conference room in our suite. Pulling up a chair, I indicated the chair across from me and asked her to please sit down. I got her started on filling out the forms and then sat back to wait for her to finish.

As she worked I looked down to see that she was wearing short white boots, the kind that come up just above a woman’s ankle. Her boots were kind of pointed at the toes and had short heels. Still filling out the forms, she absentmindedly bobbed her boots up and down, rocking them on their heels.

I couldn’t help but tell her how much I liked her boots. She smiled and seemed very pleased. Turning her chair, she picked up her feet and placed them in my lap.

“Go ahead and touch them,” Sandy said.

I reached down and allowed my hands to move over the smooth, hard, white leather as she ground her heels into my crotch.

“Kiss them” she ordered, and I leaned down and kissed the tip of each boot…

“How much do you like them?” she asked next.

I told her I liked them so much that I was ready to come right then and there just  from seeing them.

“Then I want you to come now. Take yourself out of your pants and come for me right now.”

She shifted her feet so that I could release my cock, already erect and dripping. Once my cock was free and waving in the air shemoved her white boots so that her heels were right at the base of my cock, her dirty soles facing me. I took my rod in hand and began to stroke it. As I did she moved her back and forth a little, occasionally rubbing them against my cock and balls.

“Are you going to come for me,” Sandy asked. I said that I’d do anything she wanted.

“Then I want you to shoot your load on my boots and then lick them clean.”

I continued to jerk off,  feeling the pressure inside my balls building.

“Kneel on the floor,” she ordered, taking her feet from my lap and placing them on the floor.

I got off of the chair and positioned myself  in front of her so that my cock was right over her white boots.

“Now come for me,” she said.

I pumped as fast as I could, my hips bucking hard, feeling electricity in my back, and soon my cream was shooting out and falling on the tops of her sexy boots. I continued to milk my cock until the last drops had fallen onto her boots and the floor.

“Now lick them clean for me.”

I leaned forward and taking one of her boots in hand, I touched my tongue to a smear of come, tasting the sweet-salty, fresh-smelling fluid that coated her heeled boots. I licked across the top, scooping up the come with my tongue and swallowing it. When I had finished with the first boot, I lifted the second and performed the same service. As I continued to kneel on the floor, my cock hanging out of my pants, Sandy pushed her chair back, stood up, and walked out of the room without a work. As she neared the front doors of our office suite, she did turn to say:

“There are a few drops of your come on the floor. Lick them up.”

I leaned forward and cleaned the  carpet as she asked. When I had finished and looked up she was gone. Leaning back against a table, trying to recover my senses, I looked down to see that juices had continued to leak from my now softened rod and had soaked the front of my pants.


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