by trotter155
Its Thursday nite, my wife Kate and I are at our local bar for wing nite. We rarely ever miss a wing nite, its always good friends and fun. We were sitting at a little table off to the backside of the bar having a few drinks waiting for our wings to come out. When the bartender hollered our order was ready my wife went up to the bar to get them. I sat there checking out all the guys that were checking out my wife as she walked up to the bar. Kate has legs to die for and in her little cut off shorts and flip flops she turns alot of heads. She returned to the table with our order and we began eating.
As I was finishing up my last wing when I heard my name. Looking up ,there stood an old buddy of mine Joey. I hadn’t seen him in almost 15 years. We were always best buddies through school and after until he left for a job out west and then we lost contact over the years. I jumped up giving Joey a hug and asked what the hell he was doing back in town. He told me his job transfered him back home and now we could hang out again like old times.
I introduced Joey to Kate and told him to sit and join us. Joey said he was going to grab a round of drinks and would return in a few minutes. While waiting for our drinks Kate asked if that was the same Joey from high school that I had told her about. She gave me a smile when I told her it was. Joey had been mentioned many times in stories about my youth. Growing up Joey was known for being hung like a horse and from a few situations we had been in as kids, I can tell you he had the biggest cock I had ever seen , soft or hard.
We sat around catching up on things and from what could tell Kate and joey seemed to hit it off pretty good. We finished the round Joey bought so I went to the bar to grab us another round. While I waited for the bartender I glanced back at the table to see Kate and Joey laughing and carrying on. Upon a second glance back Kates movments caught my attention. From where I was it looked like Kates legs were stretched out under the table with her feet in the direction of Joey’s crotch who sitting across from her at the table.

I finally got our drinks and headed back to the table. After I had sat down the drinks and took my seat next to Kate I place my hand on her thigh. I could feel the muscles in her leg working as she turned and gave me a wink. We continued to chat it up when Joey excused himself to go to the bathroom. After he had left Kate told me she was totally astonished by what she had felt with her feet. She said it felt like a baseball bat in his pants. I could tell from our conversation she was starting to feel the effects of the drinks.
Joey returned to the table a few minutes later with another round of drinks. He had no sooner sat down and Kate was repositioning herself to get a better feel of Joey with her feet. Again I placed my hand on her thigh to feel her as she manipulated her feet against Joeys crotch. I could also tell Joey was enjoying this by the way he was smiling and squirming in his seat.
My cock was really starting to get hard as I imagined the scene under the table. The drinks were starting to go down faster and faster as they had me grab the next few rounds. It was about the third round I had gotten when I could see not only was Kates feet in Joeys crotch but now Joey had his massive cock pulled out as her feet rubbed his cock. I looked around to see if any other people had noticed what was going on at our table. To my surprise no one was wiser to the sexy event happening underneath the table.
When I returned to the table with the next round and sat down, Kate placed her hand in my lap. I could tell she was pretty buzzed and really getting horny  by the way her hand fumbled around finding my stiff cock in my pants. She squeezed my cock gently on and off while focusing most of her attention on Joey with her feet. With the conversation now on a pool party we were having on the upcoming weekend, I noticed Joey’s hand were going under the table in between sips of his drinks. I assumed he was guiding her feet as they work on his cock.
Half way through accepting the invitation to the party Joey closed his eyes , letting out a muffled moan as his body jerked and twitched several times. At the same time Kate had let out cooing sound that she makes when I cum after she has giving me a hand or footjob. Again I looked around to see if anyone was watching or had noticed. With a satisfying smile Kate sat back up in her chair as she gave my cock a hard squeeze and gave Joey a wink. Joey fumbled around in his seat for a few seconds as he regrouped himself.
After a few more sips of our drinks Kate excused herself to the ladies room. I looked down at her feet in flip flops as she stood up to see her feet were pretty well soaked in Joeys cum and watched her walk towards the bathrooms. While she was gone Joey told me Kate was a keeper for sure and he would love to come to the pool party. He then apologized for what had happened. I laughed as I told him that we had dabbled in the lifestyle some since we had been together.
Kate returned and we had a few more rounds before we got ready to leave. Joey threw a hundred dollar bill on the table, saying he had to get going. Giving Kate a quick kiss he got up and left. I went to the bar to pay the tab. When the bartender came over he was smiling as he told me the tab was on him for the show my wife had put on. He said I had one hell of a wife with talented feet and went back to working the bar. I turned to Kate and handed her the hundred. She asked me what that was for and I told her it was for the footjob she gave Joey. She blushed a bit as I explained it to her as we left.
On the short ride home Kate couldn’t stop talking about Joey. She was still so hot when we got home she practically raped me when we got to the bedroom. I can’t wait until this weekend to see what might come at the pool party.

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