By taxman418

My girlfriend Lisa is a knock-out. She is 5’8” 125 lbs with brown hair and blue eyes. She has nice long athletic legs and beautiful soft slender feet. She gets regular pedicures. She loves to have her feet rubbed, kissed and smelled. One of her favorite things to do is have me lay down at the opposite end of the sofa so her feet can be in my face while we watch TV. She likes to play footsie with my face and curl her toes around my nose as we watch TV.

Her feet smell so sexy. She is a footman’s dream except for one thing.
She has this ex-lover Joel who is a fireman and women are always chasing the guy. She said they could not have a relationship because he was the type of guy that could not commit and he really was not too crazy about her feet. However, she still maintained a friendship with him and he would come over for dinner from time to time. I didn’t mind because we always had great dinner conversations and generally a good time.

One night Joel came over for dinner and Lisa looked really good. She had on a nice v-neck blouse and these tight fitting turquoise shorts that really profiled her butt and athletic legs. She had on these flats that really turned me on because they made her feet smell sexy and showed a lot of toe cleavage.
That night she was really flirty with Joel. The funny thing was that every time she flirted with Joel she kicked-off her flats and played footsie with me under the table. She eventually ended up putting her feet on my lap while she continued to flirt with Joel. At one point she grabbed my hand with toes and had her toes curled around my fingers under the table while she bantered about with Joel. After we finished the bottle of wine we decided to retire to the living room. Joel sat on one end of the sofa and I sat on the other end.


Lisa brought in another bottle of wine and filled our glasses. Being playful Lisa sat in Joel’s lap instead of the chair next to the sofa. Lisa kicked off her flats and put her feet in my lap. Joel and I both looked at each other. Lisa acted as if it was nothing and continued our discussion. After finishing the glass of wine things went a different direction. Lisa put her hand over Joel’s mouth and grabbed my face with her feet. She said to me “Darling you know how much I love to have my feet worshipped and I know you love my feet. It would make me very happy for you to make out with my feet while I make out with Joel. Then Lisa started to softly rub her feet all over my face and lightly pinch my nose with her toes. She then removed her had from Joel’s mouth and replaced them with her lips.

Although it pained me greatly to see my girlfriend making out with another man I could hardly protest because her soft sexy feet were all over my face and they had the sexiest smell from the flats she had been wearing. Lisa played footsie with my face as she was kissing Joel. She curled her toes around my nose for about ten minutes as she was kissing Joel. She looked at me and slightly smiled indicating her approval. She loved to have her toes curled around my nose. She always said it made her feel like a princess. The make out session finally ended and Joel went home. Before I had a chance to voice my displeasure Lisa defused the situation by softly put her hand over my mouth and saying let’s go to bed. That night we had the hottest sex of our lives!!

A few weeks later we ran into Joel an outdoor concert. It had been a hot day and Lisa had been wearing her flats barefoot all day. After the concert Joel invited us back to his house for some nice cool Margaritas.


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